Bet Me

Bet MeMinerva “Min” Dobbs was done with men after her boyfriend dumped her because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Min wasn’t expecting another man to come into her life though it wasn’t by chance as it was all because of a bet.

Cal Morrisey did not want to take the bet especially when he met Min. She was too difficult to charm as he normally did with woman. Though as he spends more time with Min he finds that he starts to really want this woman.

Bet Me is a novel by Jennifer Crusie. So a while ago someone told me to try Jennifer Crusie and they told me to try this book. I haven’t had the time until now. Well I will have to say that I liked the book. It was charming and a little crazy but in a fun way.

I liked the relationship between Min and Cal. They actually didn’t like each other. They were opposites in most way but that changes as they spend time together. When they are starting to spend time together its actually sweet. Of course Min tries to fight the attraction especially as she knows about the bet. Though Cal really didn’t make the bet with David but I liked that Min does know so she isn’t blindsided when it comes out.

There were many side characters that were part of the story. Some were great, some were annoying but needed when it came to telling the story. There was one thing I really liked at the end which was the epilogue. Crusie fast forwards time to tell the reader what was going on with these characters. I will be back for more books by Jennifer Crusie.


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