A Convenient Bride

A Convenient BrideLord Richard Ellerby was in desperate need to find his sister who disappeared. He will be taken back when a young woman asks him to marry her and will soon find that this woman is the daughter of his friend. He will send her packing but find that will not be the end.

Lady Brenna Harrington needed a husband and fast as she had no desire to marry the man her brother had chosen. She will get her chance when she propositions a highway man to marry her, only she will make a mistake as this man was no commoner.

A Convenient Bride is the fourth book to the School of Brides series by Cheryl Ann Smith. This story seemed to be a clash of the headstrong characters. Both Brenna and Richard are unwilling to bend to others and will push each other through the story. There is also a certain attraction that is followed between them but they do not act upon it without holding back their true feelings.

The plot is kept simple with the act of married life and what comes from the relationship and those around them. There are betrayals laced through the pages of the story to keep it going. The villain is not who you expect which will leave you surprised.

Looking over the entire book I thought this story was more or less one that I have read before but the story was still enjoyable to read nevertheless. I am interested in reading the fifth book when it comes out.

The Scarlet Bride

The Scarlet BrideSimon Harrington heard a cry for help and instantly came to the rescue of a woman. Later he found out she was a courtesan and decided to bring her to his cousins school. Little did he know this would not be the last interaction they would have.

Laura Prescott was on the run from her protector who wanted to sell her in an auction. Laura would fight but she was saved by a man who gave her a place to be kept safe. But the danger was far from over for Laura as her protector soon ended up dead and she was first on the inspectors list.

The Scarlet Bride is the third book from Cheryl Ann Smith’s series the School for Brides. Since revisiting this series I remembered why I liked this author just from reading her first book. This book brings a little more danger to the school and more intrigue with a mystery of a murderer. The character Laura was a shell throughout most of the book and Simon was overbearing but Smith makes you cheer for them to find a happy ending.

This book for me went towards a darker path with the killer walking the streets and you weren’t sure until the very end, but there was also a twist I didn’t see coming that brings a happy ending for Laura.

The next book and last one I have from the author is A Convenient Bride where Brenna’s story is next (the fifth book comes out in September). In The Scarlet Bride we are introduced to Brenna who is wild and head strong. I am interested in how she will avoid the impending match that her brother has ordered her to marry.

The Accidental Courtesan

Lady Noelle Seymour only had to sneak into the earl’s bedroom and put back the necklace one of the courtesans had stolen. She didn’t expect to find herself in the arms of the earl and to enjoy the brief yet steamy kiss. She will get away but she will encounter the man once again but only this time she will know his real identity.

Gavin Blackwell brief encounter with the courtesan in his bedroom only led him to want more. Gavin was able to find his courtesan only to discover she was not all she seemed to be. He will help her as a danger lurks in the shadow.

The Accidental CourtesanI had read The School For Brides a while ago which is the first book to the series. I wanted to read more from the series but at the time there were none available. I decided to wait until the series, School for Brides, had several for me to take and read. I requested the second, third and fourth book of the series and it did not take long for them to all come my way.

The Accidental Courtesan takes us back to the sisters, Eva and Noelle but this time it will be Noelle helping out a courtesan in trouble. I liked that Noelle had not changed. She stayed a strong woman with her own convictions but there was a sensual side that Gavin was able to draw out. Gavin was also a strong character. I liked that he came from savage lands of America as they called it. He had charm and wit that would make you fall for him but there was also determination and he was a gentleman at heart.

Cheryl Ann Smith writes a well developed romance that holds a little danger and mystery in The Accidental Courtesan. I can’t wait to see where the series will led. The next book is The Scarlet Bride.

Mistress by Midnight

Mistress by MidnightMerryn Fenner had revenge on her mind since Garrick Northesk killed her brother in a duel. She will be getting her chance but a problem will occur when her thoughts start to drift romantically towards Garrick.

Garrick Northesk wanted to make amends for the past for the sisters who he ruined by killing their brother. Garrick will though have a secret he must hold on to as too many people would be hurt over the news.

Mistress of Midnight was more than I had thought when I first started reading, but it seems that all the books from the series Scandalous Women of the Ton have that element. Nicola Cornick does a good job writing Merryn’s and Garrick’s character and how their past and present are connected without them knowing all the details.

First of all I loved this book. There was anguish and guilt from both characters that had driven them to do penance for years. You don’t understand for what reasons right away but Cornick will slowly give us clues until the very end when you will know everything.

The love story within the story is not an easy thing. There are certainly steamy scenes in the story but the path is not an easy one. Of course once you get to that point Cornick romances Merryn and Garrick’s relationship.

What I have found out throughout the series is that Mr. Churchward, the lawyer, has always been there in the background helping someway. He does the same with Merryn to help her find the truth without telling her.

Now that I am done with the series leaving me now to go on a search for another series from Nicola Cornick.

Werewolf in Seattle

Werewolf in SeattleLuna Reynaud was out of place most of her life as she was a half human half werewolf. Now she has found a place she belongs but with the unexpected death of her employer Luna hopes her future will not be in ruins when the new heir comes to the island.

Colin MacDowell had not visited his aunt in years and was astonished he was left the property. Knowing that he had no use of it his first thought was to sell. Meeting the staff and especially Luna he was rethinking everything.

I had grabbed the first two books to Vicki Lewis Thompson to refresh my memory of the series Wild About You. The nice thing is you can read these stories out of order as you will still hear about what had happened in the previous book.

Werewolf in Seattle is the third book to Thompson’s series Wild About You. True to the other two books Thompson writes these stories with humor and some quick wit with these characters. Its really the side characters who are probably the ones with the most humor among them but Luna and Colin will take part of that humor with the playful banter. You are pulled into this supernatural world easily as the story is kept fun and light with the exception of Luna’s troubling past and secret she holds.

The past from Luna or really her parents past was an interesting side story that develops Luna into who she is. I also liked the introduction of Duncan, Colin’s brother, who will be involved in the next book. He seems a little flighty so it will be interesting to see if he changes.

One Wicked Sin

One Wicked SinLottie Cummings had lived a lifestyle of temptation choosing a new lover at whim, but now her husband has divorced her and she is shunned. All is not lost for Lottie as she will find a way to survive in the arms of Ethan Ryder but at what price.

Ethan Ryder is known to the English as a traitor and bastard. Ethan will ignore the ton as there is only one thing on his mind and that is his mission. To complete the mission he will find help from a notorious woman of the ton, Lottie.

Moving my way through the series Scandalous Women of the Ton I got my hands on One Wicked Sin which is Nicola Cornick’s second book to the series. This series has got me hooked since reading the very first one.

I was hesitant with this book as Lottie’s character wasn’t one I loved as she was unusually selfish and flighty doing only things for herself. She did not have many aspects of a heroine but there is reforming of her character where in the end she has changed slightly. She didn’t change all the way as it wouldn’t be her character. The history of her past was also added making you understand why she acted as she did which gave you more compassion for her. In the end I found that she grew on me.

Now Ethan’s character was a hard man. He was not adverse to using people for his own uses, which actually made me think of Lottie. They were a great pairing for a relationship. As with Lottie there was more to Ethan. I ended up liking him as the story progressed.

As I had said I was apprehensive of reading this book but I wanted to finish this series and surprising enough I did end up liking it, especially how the book ended as it was a very romantic way to complete Lottie’s story. Now only one book left to go, which is the third book Mistress of Midnight.

Wicked Seduction

Wicked SeductionKit Frazier was free and back to London but he was no longer the man he was even if he wished it to be. He will soon find himself in the company of his own angel who will stop at nothing to help him. He knows that he is a broken man and in need of no wife but he can’t seem to stay away from Maddy.

Maddy Wilson knew her time at her Uncle’s house was almost up especially when her Uncle gave her no other option than one that would ruin her for marriage. Maddy will find help in Kit and his need to protect her from the world and from him. Maddy will understand Kit and knows not to give up on the possibility.

Wicked Seduction is the second and looks to be final book of Jade Lee’s series Wicked. I am wondering if she is going to continue with Kit’s brothers or if she has already in another series. Either way this book was fun to read. I found that I enjoyed it more than the first one. For me I think it was because I really did like Kit, even though the first book left him to be little immature. Now with all the tragic things that happened he is a changed man. I liked how Lee writes him to in pain and to struggle as you felt it was real for someone who went through such an event. There is hope that is generated when he starts to find more of himself later in the book. Now Maddy was a diamond in the rough. She was a character you cheered for as she was always helping and had a sunny disposition and soon lustful when it came down to Kit.

What I wasn’t too thrilled on was the character of Rose. She wasn’t a villain but a very silly cousin of Maddy who didn’t think before she did something. What she did for the book was to keep things lighthearted, even though at times I found her very annoying. Now the villain was clearly the Uncle as he propositioned his niece, who was not related by blood but nevertheless this made him a man of low morals. I liked that in the end he got his dueThere was victory all around especially at the end when Maddy and Kit will be writing their own happy ending.

Running Wild

Running WildCarlin Reed was on the run. She hid herself from her family, work and friends all to stay away from a stalker ex-boyfriend. She stayed off the grid and landed in Wyoming where she knew Brad would never look for her. She finds salvation in Kat and Zeke to give her a way to live. It would be easier to move on if she didn’t feel things for her boss.

Zeke Decker needed someone to cook and clean at the ranch after his longtime housekeeper left. He knew that hiring Carlin wasn’t the best thing to do as he felt nothing but lust for her but he knew she was in trouble. Zeke would do his best to protect this woman and get her life back on track.

Running Wild is written by Linda Howard and Linda Jones, and this is the first book to the series Men from Battle Ridge. After putting down the book I wanted more. Sadly as this is a new series so no more books are available to read at the moment. I hope with the next book that Kat will be the next one to be written about as I really want to know more of her story.

I have only read one book from each of these authors but they are both strong writers who make compelling plots to read. You are drawn into the plot wanting to know the complete story as it was missing pieces. The puzzle is solved as you go through the plot. What I liked from the book was how believable Carlin actually was. I think all of the characters had seemed real throughout the book especially with Carlin being cautious in everything. I liked Zeke’s character as he looked to be and acted like a man who knew how to intimidate but he was alone in the world wanting someone to be with. Now both Jones and Howard know how to write sex into the plot and it was done well in the book. I liked that it didn’t overshadow Carlin’s problem in the book and what she had to deal with.

Men from Battle Ridge is a series that I can’t wait to read more on.

Wedded in Sin

Wedded in SinPenny Shoemaker has been given many obstacles to last a lifetime. The first starting with her parents murder, her home taken away and an unexpected brother. She will find help from a group of woman and a determined man who will help put her life back.

Samuel Morrison is a second son who drifts through his life finding his purpose now that he is on his own. He will find that with Penny who is in need of help. He will be involved with a mystery of villains who want what they think they can obtain without consequences.

Wedded in Sin is the second book to Jade Lee’s Bridal Favors series. Penny Shoemaker intrigued me as a character as she held more and was not one to be messed with as she was tough and not to give up. I liked how resilient Penny was made to be but I also liked there was a softer side that was shown. Samuel was a character as he was a dreamer walking through life. It was interesting that he was the second son. Usually the hero is an established rogue or of high class like a Duke or an Earl, not usually a second son. I liked that he found a his purpose through helping Penny and it was a perfect solution. Once again I felt that the story drifted more towards the heroine but as I loved Penny’s character I was okay with that. Bridal Favors is a series I will look out for in the future.

Wedded in Scandal

Wedded in ScandalLady Helaine left society due to her father and the scandalous reputation he acquired with becoming the thief of the ton. To survive she becomes a dressmaker for the ton. She keeps her head down hoping that no one will ever recognize her.

Robert Percy or known as Viscount Redhill is in over his head when it comes to dealing with his family. He much rather loose his head over the dressmaker and he will. But soon he will find that she is not all she seems and holds a secret that would ruin her.

I liked Wedded in Scandal by Jade Lee. This is the first book to the series Bridal Favors. The series reminded me right away of the series Dressmakers by Loretta Chase, but Jade Lee holds her own with her voice in the story.

The story held backbone as it was about survival after ruination fell upon the family. I liked that Helaine did not back down and stays true to the person she is and has become. Robert is a good big brother and I liked that he was not conventional. I felt that Helaine was more featured than Robert but for me I loved her character so I was content. Lee will also keep the plot light with a little humor especially from the roguish Robert along with some silliness with how they all behaved.

I got the second book, Wedded in Sin, to the Bridal Favors series as I wanted to know more on the next character Penny who was introduced in this book.