Sweet Talk

Sweet TalkClaire Keyes a renowned pianist is coming back home to her estranged sisters and a home she had not seen in years. Claire wanted to make things right starting with helping her twin sister get through the surgery. She helped at the family bakery but it seemed everything she did she was told it was wrong. Claire was determined to become a family again with her sisters.

Wyatt knew not to trust Claire as he had listened over the years from Nicole about the estranged sister. He tried to keep his distance and dislike but she surprised him. Wyatt did not want a relationship but wanted to be with Claire who was willing to do the same.

Sweet Talk is the first book to the series Keyes Sisters from Susan Mallery. I was taken back from the book, first off I should say that I really liked this book. All the sisters were talked about, Claire, Nicole and Jesse but it was really Claire’s story. Now with that being said I have to say the main emotion was hate in this book, most of it coming from Nicole who has a lot of resentment to both of her sisters. There are plausible reasons but for hating Claire it seemed that Nicole’s hatred over the years only grew. It was interesting to read about all the sisters and what problems they had gotten into or what they had to deal with over the years. I am interested in what Jesse’s story is as I think there is more to it as no one is really listening to her.

So back to Claire I liked that she seemed real as she was pulled from her home at the age of six years old. I liked reading about how she grew a backbone when dealing with her sisters, her manager and even Wyatt. Now Wyatt was a great character but very jaded over what he thought would happen if he tried. There is a little surprise that comes about towards the end which results Wyatt to be pushing further away from Claire even more.

With the book there was a lot of hostility in the beginning with Nicole and Claire along with Claire and Wyatt. I liked the transition Mallery gives as that hatred does loosen up and becomes friendly.

The addition of Amy, Wyatt’s daughter, gave the adults a way to bond particularly Nicole and Claire who both had taken care of the girl.

These sisters have me hooked which is why I am happy to have picked up all three at the same time. The next book is with Nicole in Sweet Spot. I am curious if she will cool down her sarcasm and forgive her baby sister. Then again that might happen in Jesse’s story.

Christmas on 4th Street

Christmas on 4th StreetNoelle Perkins wanted to live life. She wanted to make the Christmas Attic work and find a man she could share her life with. It seemed she was not to be lucky that was until she encountered Gabriel, Gideon’s brother, who will be helping her at her store for the season but quickly feelings will start to form at least for Noelle.

Gabriel Boylan needed a break from all the work he had done. He was looking forward to seeing his brother but not his father as he was the person who forced him into the military. Gabriel will find himself again as he spends time with Noelle but he knows that he is leaving after Christmas.

Christmas on 4th Street is the fourteenth book of Susan Mallery’s series Fool’s Gold. After reading the previous books this one took a different spin being a milder passion but lots of sentimental heartwarming feelings. It felt on the verge of a little too sentimental but being that it was on Christmas it was appropriate.

The characters of Noelle and Gabriel were both a little lost, Gabriel more so, but they were both healing. Noelle was so happy at all times so it was interesting to read what had happened to her a couple years ago. Her tragedy explained her need to live life her way. Gabriel was a man who didn’t know what he wanted anymore. There was a constant battle between him and his father. It was sweet that everything does get patched up in the end, maybe a little too quickly but it brought us to that happy ending.

After reading Christmas on 4th Street I decided to go to a different series of Susan Mallery since this looks like the last book that is until the next is published. I checked out all three books from the series Keyes Sisters and since it is only three books I don’t have to wait for any of them.

Three Little Words

Three Little WordsIsabel Beebe was back in Fool’s Gold but only for a short time to help out in the store and get a little more money. She had plans to go back to New York and start a store. Isabel was not prepared for Ford to be living in the rental above her or having a chance to explore those feelings that had never left.

Ford Hendrix was back in his home town and not looking forward to his mother and her ways of trying to find him a date. Ford will ask Isabel for help on being his fake girlfriend. Soon things will start to heat up but when a relationship starts to form Ford wants to run as he is not ready.

Three Little Words is the thirteenth book from Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold series. I had been waiting to read this book as from the others Ford’s name had been mentioned. I was surprised as it was split up with his brother Kent who was another main character. Back to Ford he was one you wanted to have your back and one in your bed as he was no slouch. He was a dangerous man who was adjusting to civilian life and was not doing the best he could. I liked that it took Isabel to help him open up and have a relationship even if it was pretend. Now Isabel was the girl you wanted to have that happy ending with Ford. She kept getting stepped over for different possibilities. A happy ending does happen but it will take a person to nudge Ford into the right direction.

The other main characters were Kent and Consuelo. Kent was mentioned earlier in the series like his brother but it was now that we really got to know him. Consuelo we learned about in the last book but once again you learn more detail about her. They are complete opposites which works for them. Consuelo seemed very real with her intense background and trouble getting back to normal. Kent might not have been perfect with muscles but he was real.

So between the two couples written into this book there is a lot of steamy sex and lots of sexual tension. Ford is proficient with his strategy with Isabel in the bedroom. Kent and Consuelo are pretty much the same when written about.

There is a sappy but well meaning ending that wraps up everything perfectly. I am used to these endings since starting the series but I also like them. I want my hero and heroine to have a happy ending because throughout the book they punish themselves with all their own tragedies they have to conquer.

Christmas on 4th Street is next on my pile to read.

Two of a Kind

Two of a KindFelicia Swift wanted a new start with Fool’s Gold. She wanted to be normal as she was considered a freak because she was very smart. Felicia will hear that Gideon was back and before she knew it they started back up but she knew he was not going to want a relationship. She still found herself staying with him.

Gideon Boylan was in Fool’s Gold to act like everyone else but he knew he was not like everyone else in the town. Gideon will be surprised to see Felicia showing up and the sparks that flew four years ago were still igniting. He knew she was looking for the forever kind of guy and as he was not that guy he should stay away but he could not take his own advice.

Two of a Kind is Susan Mallery’s twelfth book from the series Fool’s Gold which I can’t get enough of since I started. Mallery is on a role with these strong men from the Black Ops who have now come into town. Felicia is part of the team but for reasons that she is very smart on a genius level. I loved Felicia. She seemed so authentic with how she was written in the book like her dialogue or the actions she takes. Then there is Gideon who is a broken man from two years of torture. He was the hero that you wanted to hold and tell that everything would get better. You hoped from the start that Felicia and Gideon would be together but it was not an easy transition and it almost did not happen.

I liked the added surprise of Carter who showed up. Carter is Gideon’s son who gives his dad a surprise especially as Gideon did not know about him. Carter brings in a sense of normalcy for Felicia and Gideon. I liked that Mallery writes Carter to be similar to his dad with a sense of loss plus the nightmares he has.

With Fool’s Gold series Susan Mallery keeps bringing up the characters from past books which is nice. You also have a feeling that you know which character will be a couple just from the subtle clues, which I actually don’t mind because she creates the books to be well rounded and ones you want to curl up and just read. I have the next two books in my pile so Three Little Words is next to read.

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MacKenzie

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MacKenzieDaniel Mackenzie has grown up in a wealthy, scandalized family but was never unloved by any of them. He grew up generous and smart with an eye for beautiful women which led him to Violet. He knew she was not gifted with a sight to see beyond but that did not make him stop wanting her. She will drift away but Daniel will find himself following her only to find there is much more to this woman.

Violet Bastien is a professional at what she does. Being a medium is the way she and her mother makes a living. Her job was easy and that was to entertain, to read people which she got good at but it came with a price. She learned long ago not to trust thanks to a man who ruined her. Violet will learn all men are not the same thanks to Daniel but it will not be an easy journey.

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MacKenzie is the sixth book to Highland Pleasures series that is written by Jennifer Ashley. I had become obsessed with this series thanks to the very first book with Ian. Through the series you heard about Daniel and I have been waiting for his own book which is now here. First off I loved this book. The story was everything I wanted and more. You had Daniel as the lead but there was also the MacKenzie men and their wives that made an appearance through the book which kept me remembering why I love this series so much.

Then there was Violet the fake medium and she was one who suited well with the clan even though she did not think it would go down that path. Violet had her innocence ripped from her at sixteen years old and it has traumatized her. She was not someone who cried in the corner but she was also not able to open herself up to anyone that is until Daniel. Now Daniel was someone you wanted to have interest in you and to take that chance. He was generous and an odd mixture of his Uncles and his father but it made him to be a good man. I liked there was the sensual side, a dangerous side and a caring side. Daniel has many layers and all are shown throughout the book.

I love how Jennifer Ashley writes Violet and Daniel’s relationship from start to finish. There was no broken feelings between the two but there was Violet’s past that had to be gotten over and Daniel’s family. The family wasn’t much of a obstacle but Hart would not stay silent like always.

The ending gave a justice to all that Violet had gone through which was satisfying. I will keep on the look out for the next book which is sadly comes out next year at some point. There are some novellas that are part of the series which I am on the look out but can’t seem to find. I have been thinking of trying out another series from Jennifer Ashley like Shifters Unbound which sounds like it goes towards the supernatural.

Fat Free and Fatal

Fat Free and FatalSavannah Reid was always looking for work and her friend, Detective Dirk Coulter, and ex-partner on the force got her a bodyguard gig for a celebrity. Savannah figured it would be easy until dead bodies started to show up.

I haven’t found many mystery novels that I liked to read or wanted to read more after the book was done. I am always searching for something that peaks my interest with a who done it plot. I think I found something with the book Fat Free and Fatal. Picking up the book I did not know it was a continuing series from the author G A McKevett. The series is called Savannah Reid. I started the series at the twelfth book and even though it was a book in progress with the characters you are able to read it without feeling like you are missing everything.

So about the book, it was fun to read. The mystery had characters who were a little quirky. I liked the character of Savannah obviously. She was snappy with her comebacks especially with Dirk, had some wit, humor and was good at her job. I liked Dirk as well. He was the cliche of an overworked cop but was a good man. There wasn’t any romance between them but you can tell that there is something there and I look forward to reading about how it will progress.

The murder/mystery aspect kept you on your toes with misdirection and it wasn’t a doom and gloom type of mystery. There was humor and the mystery was kept lighthearted especially with the type of characters in the book.

I think that I found a mystery series that I like, now I just have to start from the beginning to see how Savannah Reid got her start. If the beginning is as good as the twelfth book then I will have a new series to read.

The Season

The SeasonLady Alexandra Stafford was having her come out into society and was dreading the entire day. There will be help to make the day enjoyable as Blackmoor will be close to her side, but things start to unravel. Alex will hear a curious conversation that eluded to murder of the previous Earl of Blackmoor.

Gavin, the Earl of Blackmoor, was not ready for becoming the Earl but had to do it as his father was taken suddenly. Gavin will stay close to his friends the Stafford’s and will start to notice Lady Alexandra and that she was not a child any longer. Gavin will yield his attraction as a danger starts to follow.

The Season is a standalone novel from Sarah MacLean. I have read several books from her and really have gotten into them. I liked this one. It was good with the protective brothers, kind friends, and a mystery of murder to solve. I will say I am more drawn to her series Rules of Scoundrels which has a little more grit to it.

As the book lacked some grit it did make up with how a seventeen year old would be acting. They were silly and a little naive which sounded reasonable. MacLean keeps that up with the whole story. Of course Alexandra “Alex” was not just silly but inquisitive about the new information that was heard about Blackmoor. Now Gavin is everything that is dull or at least that is how he portrays himself to be. He will show a new side of himself as he soon finds himself thinking differently of Alex.

The danger that is following Blackmoor will have Alex falling into the crossfire and stumbling onto the secret. Through the words written the villain had a voice without being acknowledged. Now I had a strong hunch of the villain just as it seemed how the story was unfolding. I picked the villain pretty early on but it was interesting to read the dialogue.


JoylandDevin Jones is a college student in need of a summer job. He will find one at an amusement park called Joyland. He will find work as a carny but that summer will change him forever.

I don’t read a lot of Stephen King novels and thought to give Joyland a chance since I kept seeing it on the new fiction shelves as I walked the library. Knowing that King is good at writing the strange I was prepared to understand that this book was going to be a little out there and not surprisingly it was.

The story takes place in this strange amusement park that Devin is recapping. He will find his life will be changed forever as his heart will be broken and find new meanings of life. The book reminded me of Water for Elephants with the carnival aspect but this had more of a spooky outlook to it. I did like the book as I thought it was interesting with all the characters that were part of the book. They were all woven into the plot well.

Things I didn’t like was Devin’s ex girlfriend. I don’t know why I concentrated on her but she was really annoying and the funny thing is I can’t remember her name. I just remembered that she was pretty selfish when dealing with Devin. I was happy that Devin was able to move on.

Finishing Joyland I know that I will keep going with Stephen King novels to keep trying them out.


StardustTristran Thorn desires the woman he loves, Victoria but she does not share those feelings. He goes on a journey over the Wall to prove his love and bring back the fallen star they both had witnessed. Tristran will travel over the Wall but will discover much more on his journey to the fallen star.

Stardust is a novel written by Neil Gaiman. When first hearing this title it was when the movie premiered. I saw the movie in the theater and soon after it came to DVD I bought it. The movie was in my opinion fun with a good amount of humor and adventure. I was told about the book from my cousin and then I happened to find it at a book sale. I figured since I loved the movie I would most likely love the book.

So I tried the book and it was good. I was thrown by the added facts that the movie definitely did not include from the book. Tristran had a sister and a mother (stepmother). At the end Victoria wasn’t as bad and the ending for Yvaine and Tristran was a little different. Those are to just name a few, but with the difference this was still a good fantasy genre book that was inventive and fun to read.

Getting Rowdy

Getting RowdyRowdy Yates had everything he needed in the bar but he could not get the bartender. He always asked but was rejected. Things change and soon she wouldn’t be saying no but Rowdy will find that Avery is hiding things.

Avery Mullins has wanted Rowdy since she saw him but she has taken a step back and denied him. Her life was too complicated to add another but soon she will find that will be unavoidable as her past catches up.

Getting Rowdy is the third book from the series Love Undercover by Lori Foster. So I had said before that I liked Rowdy and I still do but from the first scene in the book where he was with yet another woman, not Avery, it kept getting hard to warm up to him. You wanted him to stop messing around with other girls. He is a player through and through but it is nice when he turns all his attention to Avery. Avery I wanted to know more about her. You knew that she was running but from what or from who. Then clues start to show up and the danger is starting to be revealed. There is also the heat between her and Rowdy which does not extinguish anytime soon. There is non-stop attraction, desire and yes eventually sex that gets down right steamy but with Rowdy involved there was no doubt.

It was interesting to learn more and more about Rowdy and Avery’s past. It was not all laid out for you to know. Their background left the reader with a new understanding of their characters and Foster did a good job keeping them consistent.

The villain was pretty obvious from the start but there was a surprise villain that also took part. The motives were clear but it was pretty clear the other villain lost their mind. A happy ending does come into play with all three couples and now with the little boy Marcus who is in the group.

I had said that I was waiting for the book to come out thinking I was finishing the series. Now Dash will have his own story which I really can’t wait to read especially with Margaret who is not exactly the straight laced Lieutenant she displays. I am now wondering if Cannon will have his own story afterwards. I really liked his part with protecting Avery and being another tough guy who could hold his own. Well whatever the case I can’t wait to read the next book coming in March, Dash of Peril.