Giving A Lesson On Love For A Second Chance

From the first page I was quickly immersed into the story, The Rake, and could not put the book down if I had even wanted too. Suzanne Enoch will steal your breath away with her wit and story dialogue through the entire book.

Lady Georgiana Halley was not an innocent as six years that was taken by a man she thought she loved. That love left as she found the act was because of a wager. Georgiana though will come back with advenges and take her revenge on Dare as she will seduce him, break his heart, and teach him a valuable lesson.

Viscount Dare wanted Georgiana but after he wronged her it was hard to be in the same room as they always fought. But fate gave him a chance to try again and it seems this time she was willing with some seduction. Dare will get to Georgiana but things turn as seduction is not the only thing on this mind.

The Rake is the first of the trilogy series Lessons in Love. I loved how Enoch created the three friends who are out to get the three of the worst rakes in London. The story plot was humorous and entertaining which will keep the reader involved all through the entire book.

I love Georgiana’s character she is feisty and fights tooth and nail to stay indifferent. The passion between her and Dare sizzled the pages and their playful and angry banter spiced up the pages.

Dare was fantastic as a rake but what made him great was his family and how he had changed. His family was out of the norm and funny to read about. I hope that Enoch gives more to the family in another story they deserve to be talked about. And if she did already I guess I will find out as this is my first book I have read from her.

I liked the underlying issue which was trust on Georgiana’s part and it was refreshing to read she did not abandon everything that meant something just to be with Dare again. She had a mission even as she was swayed.

I am looking forward to continuing the series Lesson in Love and finding out more stories from Enoch.

A Quick Bite

Going after a long series like the Argeneau Family by Lynsay Sands is something I’m looking forward too. With many books already in the series you don’t have to wait for the next book which you are longing to read. I have already tried The Rogue Hunter, the tenth book of the series and I decided to try the very first book. A Quick Bite was the first novel which started the whole series that is right now seventeen novels and growing.

Lissianna Argeneau is the youngest daughter of her family. She is loved by them and mostly happy but Lissianna is she has a problem. Lissianna has a phobia of blood, not so bad if you are mortal but she is not. Her family will try to help her but they go about it the wrong way when they kidnap a man, a doctor.

Dr. Gregory Hewitt thought it was time for a vacation but he didn’t think it would be going into a trunk and then tied to a bed. Gregory didn’t think it could get worst until he started to hear he was the present or dinner, but all things looked up when the woman Lissianna shows up at his bedside. Gregory will find out the real reason he needs to help this woman but what he will find out about her will make him want to run.

Reading the first book of the series gave insight into what and who the immortals are which you were missing from the other book I read. Here you were given the details which were the basis of the series. The plot was simple and straight forward with no real enemy, well there is one but that is not the focal point. The focal point is all about Lissianna and Gregory coming to terms with what they mean to each other.

I like how the phobia for Lissianna is blood it was quirky and gave humor to the story. Gregory’s character was lighthearted as well as he was able to accept immortals with a little help.

After reading the first novel I am interested in continuing Sands series to find out more of the Argeneau family especially of the Uncle Lucian.

Vampire Mine

Almost immediately after finishing the ninth book of the series Love at Stake I went and got Vampire Mine . Though I couldn’t read it until I was finished with the ones due beforehand needless to say I made sure to read the other books quickly.

Connor Buchanan has been a vampire for almost five hundred years and is a hard man. With his past he keeps himself closed off and only doing his job but when he finds a woman in pain Connor can’t deny helping her. When he finds out that she is an angel he knows that she is forbidden, but sparks are going to fly between them.

Marielle was a banished angel as she could not help but disobey the heavenly fathers commands. She never did anything bad just listened to the pleas of the humans. But now she is banished. Marielle’s goal is to get back into heaven but knows it is almost impossible. Then she meets Connor who has saved her and she knows that if she can heal him she could get a place back in heaven. The question she will have to ask herself is does she want to?

After the book was finished there were a lot of things that had finished for the vampires, enemies destroyed, loved ones will face death, new vampires, past revealed, and new enemies. This book was one you will want to read but I do recommend to start at the beginning so you can really get into the characters of this series.

The characters of Marielle and Connor worked perfectly. I liked how Sparks intertwined Marielle to have made an impact in the lives of selected characters from the series. The fact that she was an angel banished from heaven gave the book a different spin from just vampires and shifters. And the choice/burden she had to go through gave the book a lot of depth.

Connor’s story I had been waiting for and you are not disappointed as you finally know what had happened to Connor. You will end up feeling for the vampire and want him to be healed and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

The series is a fun one to get into and keeps things light with the quirky writing which Sparks gives. You are drawn into the story and want to continue, and by the way she is going the series can keep going.

The next book is going to be all about Gregori in Sexiest Vampire Alive.

The Language of Flowers

A couple days ago I went to my very first book club. Now this was not something I ever really thought I would do as I don’t always like to speak up in groups but then again the topic would be about books. So I tried it out. The library in which I grew up going to hosted the book club where it will be around the town in different local restaurants where we can sit back and relax.

So ‘LIT’ as the book club is called I thought was a very good success. Lots of laughter, a good book and of course a glass of wine. The only thing missing was a couch but maybe the next location will accommodate.

Now the first book, The Language of Flowers, we read was from a new author Vanessa Diffenbaugh. From the first book I have high hopes of this new author and hope there will be many more books from her.

Victoria has been in the system and tossed around from one foster family to the next. Elizabeth is her last chance for a family but Victoria will discover that family doesn’t exist and she needs to only depend on herself.

At eighteen Victoria will be out of the system and on her own to finally find what she is looking for. She will find her passion, her way of living through flowers.

Diffenbaugh writes Victoria as a harden girl who was never given the chance to grow. Every time there was a chance it was taken away from her. I found that because of her past the first part of the book was hard to get through as I became frustrated with her character. You wanted her to open up and care but it was not something she really learned. Caring came to Victoria in the form of flowers.

I think the author did a beautiful job with the magic and the language that the flowers have and how they shaped the character. Victoria was able to spread the word of flowers with each customer that bought from her. She was able to help each of them.

There are several characters who all come into Victoria’s life who will have an impact on it and I have to say each one is dynamic and all a little damaged.

I waited in the book if there would be a love story. I almost thought there should not have been as it could cheese up the story. Diffenbaugh though does not ruin it with a love story. Grant who is the boy Victoria will find is damaged and content with his flowers. The flowers brought them together and gave them a chance but it is far from perfect.

There were moments I wanted to put down the book as our main character kept thinking she failed herself and those around her but I kept with it. The ending I wouldn’t say is a happy ending as that would not fit the mold of this book. The ending is uplifting as there is hope for the future.

I definitely recommend The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

Finding a Highlander

I have just recently come to find Hannah Howell’s name and I randomly picked a book. I didn’t know it was the twelfth in the series until afterwards. The twelfth book is Highland Protector in the series Murray Family.

Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong is wrongfully accused. Her dagger was found in a man of the King, his cousin but Ilsabeth did not do this. She knows who but she can not prove. Her family sends her to the one man who will seek the truth.

Sir Simon Innes is the Kings man who seeks truth. That is his job. He looks at Ilsabeth and his gut is saying she is truthful but he had been burned before by a woman. Simon will help uncover the truth but will get himself tangled up in old wounds.

After reading the book out of order, which it appears to not be a problem as you can follow the story perfectly, I was already thinking of picking up another. The one right before is about the cousin of Ilsabeth who is of course a rogue. Of course I think I should start at the beginning to really understand how Howell started the series as I found the book Highland Protector riveting to read.

Hannah Howell does a fantastic job bringing in the reader as the dialogue speaks to the time of the people and who they are, while the plot will keep you cheering for the truth.

Find out whose Wanted!

Trying a new series, Sons of Chance from Vicki Lewis Thompson will leave you wanting more after you finish the first book. Wanted!  starts out steamy and ends the same way.

Dominique Jeffries is fed up with how life is going except for her career. But Dominique wants a vacation and to see if her old self is still around. And she finds out in Wyoming with a hot cowboy.

Nick Chance is a vet and also work horse for his brother and their ranch. Nick thinks its going to be just another day but when he gets proposition for a roll in the hay Nick jumps at the chance. Nick though doesn’t want it to end there he finds out. He wants more from Dominique but she is not exactly able to let herself get into another relationship.

Thompson starts out the story with a steamy scene from the two characters and doesn’t stop throughout the whole story. You’ll get wrapped up in the story as surprises reveal themselves which interrupt Nick’s life he thought he lived.

I was surprised how the events went and thought they were a little too perfectly wrapped up but this is a shorter novel. So having things wrapped up made sense.

Wanted! is a great steamy start to the series Sons of Chance. Can’t wait to read more on the brother and see where Thompson takes the series.

Crystal Gardens

Not knowing that Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz had a new release I happily took the book from my grab and go section in my library. Crystal Gardens is the latest paranormal romance book and the first book of the new series Flint & Marsh.

Evangeline Ames is a paid companion but that is not all she does. She  is a writer and secret investigator in high society, but now she is on break. Two attempted murders in the same year is tough on a person. Evangeline manged to avoid the second attempt by going into her nearest neighbor, the Crystal Gardens.

Lucas Sebastian owns the Crystal Gardens and takes intruders seriously especially with the recent passing of his Uncle. Lucas helps the damsel but the danger doesn’t stop when the intruder drops dead. Lucas will help protect Evangeline but he will soon find out the villain might want something of his as well.

With passion, the Crystal Gardens and their paranormal abilities in high gear Evangeline and Lucas will come together. But there will not be a moments peace as treasure hunters are around at every corner and would be murders.

Reading and loving most of Amanda Quick’s books I knew that Crystal Gardens would be enjoyable before I flipped to the first page. Now saying all that I am torn as I went to read I found myself thinking of the other arcane society books and how this feels familiar. That was a little disappointing until I went further into the story and you are swept into the story.

The story line yes is similar to the others with a mysterious item or powers and the two main characters are both powerful with their abilities, but Quick brings in twists or little surprises to keep you invested.

With Quick she gets you in with the intrigue the plot and characters generate through the pages. You want to know more of the danger and the villain. Or will the two characters ever find that love they were not looking for.

Quick also brings humor and wit to the pages with Lucas’s family and Evangeline’s friends. Without those side characters Crystal Gardens would be a good story but I feel incomplete.

I look forward to how Quick will continue this new series and what other problem will occur in the paranormal way.

Wild child is running back home

Pepper Prescott is running away. After witnessing a murder she ditched her fake name and went back to her original. She knew there would be little left for her at her old place but she had nowhere to go. Pepper did not expect to find Dan there or that the only person she loved had died on her but Pepper was determined to make best of a situation. She would get Dan to leave so she could hide out and hope the General wouldn’t find her, but those plans would not be easy with Dan kissing her all the time.

Dan Graham was on a mission and that was to lure the bad guys so they could get them, but he didn’t expect to see Pepper. Kissing her would be out of the question but there he was as like nothing had changed. But Dan had changed. He knew he couldn’t trust her and he had to get her out of there but the temptation was driving him crazy where he just wanted to give in.

I was excited to read the second book, Almost Like Being In Love, of the series Lost Texas Heart. I wanted to know more about the wild child Pepper. I liked on the side the story of Hope was being told within the pages of the book. Dodd let the reader know how close they were to finding Pepper.

Dodd brings in the past of how the two characters, Pepper and Dan, had ended up with their own past. I liked how Pepper was in control and strong but very weak when it came to following the heart and Dan was the same way. They parralled almost exactly and it was interesting to see who would come out on top.

The villain gave a good twist as you didn’t know who would be working for who and which character would they be after. Dodd kept you in suspense as you read through the book.

As a second book to the series I was thrilled by the story and the dynamic characters. I want to read more but can’t as I read all of the series. Lost Texas Heart series is one you want to check out from Christina Dodd’s collection.

Getting Lucky with Bounty Hunters

The way in which Lorie O’Clare describes Marc King bounty hunter you will want your own after you finish Get Lucky. She will drive you into overdrive with the steamy scenes and the intense way in which Marc and London succumb to each other. The high risk situation will leave each other in their arms only wanting more.

Marc King needed some down time and a month at a ski lodge sounded good. When Marc got a look at London who worked there it sounded even better. With only one glance Marc knew he wanted to be with her.

London Brooke was a good employee and followed the rules but when Marc comes into the lodge she wanted to throw them out the window and does. London opens up to him but she is hiding the one thing in her past which haunts her. When she finds out what Marc does it is almost ironic. Now trouble is knocking at London’s door literally as packages of her parents are being sent to her along with cryptic messages. This means trouble London knows without a doubt. She knows Marc will help her but will be surprised that he is in trouble with the same problem. Together they are going to help each other fight for the ones they love.

I really liked this story. The intense feelings and passion was not too over the top and kept the story flowing. I like how London is more than appears to be. The fact she has criminals for parents and Marc’s were cops/bounty hunters was priceless. A perfect Romeo and Juliet story.

Having Marc’s family in the business was a good side story and brings in a good sense of who Marc is and how protective he is of people he loves. I liked the suspense of these packages. The one thing that threw me was the mad scientist. It was a little strange, it worked but a little weird.

Get Lucky is the second book of the series Bounty Hunters.

The Rogue Hunter

After getting into the series the Madison sisters I decided to try the ever growing series of the Argeneau Family. I have not tried them but know it is all about immortals or as we call them vampires. As a lover of supernatural I am definitely interested in how this series is written.

Samantha Willan is a lawyer who has worked her butt off to be where she is, but for two weeks she was taking off to be with her sisters at their family cottage. What Sam did not expect was their next door neighbors. She had a suspicion they were not part of a band but she had no idea who they could be.

Garrett Mortimer is not a lead singer of the band as his friend told these woman. No they are immortals or as the mortals call them is vampires. Mortimer just wants to do his job and find the rogue immortal but that will not be too easy when there is a hitch in his plans. Mortimer is going to find his lifemate in the form of Sam.

I started this series with the tenth book. After reading I found myself wanting to read more. The characters were well thought out and I liked the concept of lifemates and how the immortals were able to go into the sunlight and not burn, only they need more blood to maintain strength. So they are a little different from the classic idea of vampires.

Sam’s character was whimsical and someone you wanted to read more about. I liked how Sands kept the ending open as you know they will make an appearance later in the series.

Mortimer’s character was interesting as he did not like the idea of Sam as his lifemate but he soon changed his tune and wanted only her. He was dark and brooding like most immortals and he kept that way even as he found his lifemate but Sands gives him likability.

The plot of The Rogue Hunter was simple but very enjoyable. Since Sands kept it simple reading the novel was fun to do and left me wanting more from the series. After reading the book I found myself looking for the first one of the series as I want to know how Sands started this immortal series.