Not Quite A Gentleman by Jacquie D’Alessandro

Browsing the aisle of the library I came upon an author Jacquie D’Alessandro. The mask on the front cover intrigued me enough to pull it from the shelf. Not Quite A Gentleman:

Lady Victoria Wexhall was livid when she heard her father was sending her to Cornwall. She did not want to see a certain man there, a man that gave her the very first kiss, a kiss she remembered too well. But on this visit Nathan would get a taste of his own medicine. She would tempt him then leave him high and dry.

Dr. Nathan Oliver was a man of little means. He was also a spy, still to this day but he was in hiding. The Crowned jewels he had were taken and he was blamed. Hidden from his family he now was back and he was surprised as a certain girl was now on her way to stay at his home for a time, a girl he remembered all too well as he gave her a kiss three years ago. He did not expect to find Lady Victoria changed but he was going to be surprised and with the help of Victoria his name just might be cleared.

From beginning to end this was a delight to read. The characters were rich in description and witty from the very first page to last.

Jacquie D’Alessandro gives a modern look on regency romance with a little more romance interwoven into the pages and characters more spirit. I liked the added plot involved with spies. It was cute as Lady Victoria wanted to get involved and was too stubborn to stop until Nathan conceded.

Not Quite A Gentleman is worth reading.

One Whisper Away by Emma Wildes

Lady Cecily Francis knew who would be her husband the point that she did not want him meant nothing to those around her. She knew full well that she could not marry him as her sister was in love with him but then a solution came in the form of Earl of Augustine or the Earl Savage.

The Earl of Augustine, Jonathon, was a half breed born on the right side of the blanket. His father Earl of Augustine loved his mother. Jonathon earned his title by his fathers death. He had a daughter out of wedlock and loved her. He was a half breed and despised London and their formality until he came upon Lady Cecily. He knew he shouldn’t toy with her but he couldn’t help himself.

I love the fact that Emma Wildes creates her plot all because of a sensual act and one whisper. One Whisper Away captures your attention right from the first page.

You fall in love with the main characters and their families who will all become tangled into the plot which Cecily and Jonathon have gotten themselves into.

One Whisper Away is the first book of the series Ladies in Waiting. Lily will find herself the center of attention as she will be in the following book. Find out who Lily will give her heart too but the question is did she already meet this man in the first book?

An Indecent Proposition by Emma Wildes

From the title and back of the book summary I was sure of what this book would be about but Emma Wildes created this plot to be misleading in the most delightful way. An Indecent Proposition will leave you breathless as you read.

Lady Caroline Wynn is dubbed the ice maiden as she is chilly to many suitors. As a widow she has no need to enter a marriage as the first one was not something she wanted to be repeated. But the idea to discover more is what Caroline wanted and she was going to get her wish as the wager created by the Earl of Manderville and the Duke of Rothay was all over London. A wager to see who was the better lover.

The wager of these two friends was not a serious wager but the game went on as the mysterious woman sent them a note. Caroline would find out what she was missing.

At first I thought this would be an erotic romance, a woman setting out to have sex with two different men but that was not the case. Instead the book held a deep concept of love and betrayl which spoke volumes through the pages.

The characters were perfectly characterized all with their own problems and they were interwoven perfectly through the story. I liked how Emma Wildes separated the parts in the chapters to give each main character a chance to reflect and have their moment.

An Indecent Proposition was a unique story which will leave you wanting more.

My Lord Scandal by Emma Wildes

The first book, My Lord Scandal is from the series Notorious Bachelors. Emma Wildes I have not read and from the first book of the series I like her characterization and the plot which grabs you as a romeo and juliet story but there are many clues that will be unmasked as the story continues.

Alex St. James was a younger son and would not inherit. He is fine with that. With more than enough woman and money he was content but now he has a mission. A missing key which he must find for his grandmother. He must breach the home of his families sworn enemy.

Amelia Patton is the daughter of earl and is now thrust into the marriage market. She does not want to be there especially now that she has had a forbidden kiss from a would be thief. She will find his identity and their lives will be interwoven as love blossoms between them. But family will make it difficult as their families are sworn enemies all because of a past discretion.

Alex and Amelia were two characters that pulled you into the story right from the start. Forbidden always brings desire and lust and in their case love will form. I like how Emma Wildes creates these two characters to belong to families which have had a feud for many years.

The feud is not what it appears to be and it is tragic as parts are revealed but for the most part a happy ending is given.

Wildes does a good job as she uncovers the past for our present characters. All side characters were also well written and involved to make sure they were not forgotten.

My Lord Scandal was a delight to read with the sensual characters and interwoven plot that pulls you into the world of forbidden love and the consequences that go along.

Get A Clue by Jill Shalvis

Finding new authors is always an interesting process. You hope that one book will peak your interest. Get A Clue by Jill Shalvis certainly did. Her writing is fun, sexy, smart, wicked in a sense and just a lot of entertainment.

Breanne Mooreland was done with men. No more she wanted to shout. After her third engagement ended with her at the alter she did not want them. But finding a man in her honeymoon suite was an intriguing display of man.

Cooper Scott had to have time that is what they all said so he took time. Never did he expect to find a woman staring at him while he was in the shower.

Breanne and Cooper start off to an interesting start as they are stuck at the cabin with no way of leaving and to make things worse a man turns up dead. Cooper is off to work again while Breanne stays by his side. But who killed this man?

The characters in this story made the story. I love how they intertwined with the plot which was heated with sensual desire as murder and snow keeps everyone on edge. I think one of the best parts of the book is the humor which Jill Shalvis brings to the pages. You will laugh along with the tough cop and the feisty bride to be who was left at the alter and the rest of the staff which are hiding more than expected.

Get A Clue was actually a great romance and mystery that leaves you entertained from beginning to end.

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

After reading about the siblings Turner and Olivia I was happy Quinn wanted to keep going with Sebastian, the cousin of Harry who married Olivia. Julia Quinn sets the stage comically but there is a sensual side and serious one that should not be ignored.

Sebastian Grey is happy in his situation. He is the published author under another name, free to be with who he wants and not a care in the world until she comes his way.

Annabel Winslow has a lot on her mind but it all comes to a hault as she meets this shocking man. They kiss but then she finds out his name. Sebastian Grey would be her nephew if she ended up marrying Lord Newbury but she did not want that. She only considered it to provide for her siblings but that would not be enough to marry without love.

Annabel and Sebastian will find each other to be irrestiable. Only thing stopping them is the courage to stand up for what they want.

This was fun and smart writing. I was enthralled from the first page and finding out right away he was the author was icing on the cake. From the last book it did not seem possible but looking back it was right in front of your face.

I love Sebastian’s character and how Annabel was so quiet but with him she was not the normal female.

The grandmother was a surprise, a little annoying at times but her part at the end was humorous.

Ten Things I Love About You was a delight to read.

Now will Winston be taking a turn in the pages of Julia Quinn and follow his siblings to the alter?

You Only Love Twice by Lori Wilde

At first You Only Love Twice seemed like it was just going to be a story that is not well rounded but once you turn a few pages you are put through a story that had been already in play.

Marlie Montague’s life is pretty dull but not when she is writing about her adventures character Angelina who will kick your butt. She will need to channel her as the tables turn and Marlie’s life is about to be turned upside down.

Joel Hunter is not loving life. He is out of the Navy Seals and this babysitting job is annoying. He knew this woman as a girl but did not know why she was so important only that they were enemies along time ago.

Joel and Marlie will have to join forces to find out who is after them and why. All the conspiracies will have to be looked at.

It can be a little frustrating as Lori Wilde writes because it seemed that the story already had started and you were behind. But you continue on with it and you are pulled into the lives of these characters.

There are twist and turns which will leave you guessing and wanting to know more about who is the bad guy.

I like that there are multiple stories going on and you don’t know what really happened on that one mission which is what is and caused a lot of problems. And the fact that the main character was a comic book writer was pretty funny. She is not your typical heroine but she will mold herself to be.

You Only Love Twice held a punch with humor and lots of nonstop action.