A Wicked Gentleman

A Wicked GentlemanLady Corneila Dagenham wants to travel to London to spend a month in the city but her family denies it. Corneila will be out of luck until her friend inheritance a house. Corneila, her children and her two companions will travel to London and find the house in disarray but there will be more to discover as they are not the only ones who want the house.

Viscount Bonham, Harry is after the house but he is too late as it is occupied. Now Harry must find a way in and he does that by seducing one of the women who resides there. Harry will find that his ploy is not easy as feelings start to stir inside him. He will want more from this widow but he also has the mission he must complete.

Going back to Jane Feather I found the series Cavendish Square Trilogy. The last series I had read was with three brothers  and it seems I am switching it up as this series is about three women.

A Wicked Gentleman was a very good book. I liked the immediate intrigue which pushed you into the book as there was mystery with this house and what it contained. All three women are featured in the book but Corneila is the main character with Harry as the suitor. I thought Feather does a fantastic job with how Harry and Corneila interacted throughout the book. There was a battle between them but a surrender every time. I liked the concept of codes and espionage that circled the book’s plot, it wasn’t in your face but subtle. I knew that once Harry embarked on his mission there would be trouble when Corneila finds out and I was not wrong, but then when you keep things hidden they always get uncovered.

I will have to say that I am interested in what will else will happen with these woman at Cavendish Square especially as we do not know everything about the last proprietor, Lady Sophia. Since I have picked up the other two books in the series the answers should come quickly.


Rajmund Gregor is a powerful vampire and unofficially is in charge of New York as his master is slowly becoming weaker and weaker. Rajmund will be summoned by his Sire back to Buffalo, New York to help find out where these missing girls have gone to and more importantly if vampires are the ones responsible. Rajmund will take on the task but will find himself being helped by Sarah who is not all she says she is.

Sarah Stratton is on a new job in Buffalo, New York as a professor. She should feel great but that is not the case as Sarah is not sleeping well with nightmares of a girl named Regina screaming for help. Sarah has been down this road and thought it was over, she will find that its starting all over again but she can’t let anyone know. This includes her best friend and the new vampire in her life, Rajmund.

RajmundD B Reynolds third book to the Vampires in America series is Rajmund and it was fantastic like the last two books. I have to say that I was a little surprised to find Cyn and Raphael interacting in the book as well as Sarah and Rajmund which I did not mind at all as I love Cyn and Raphael’s characters. I thought their story would be over but it looks like they will be continuing throughout the series which would be fantastic.

The main characters are Sarah and Rajmund. Sarah was unique with her dreams as they were real woman who were scared and in trouble. Sarah though was not the hero you would expect. She was scared of those dreams and ran away from them. She still is cowering from these dreams but has a little more backbone as you go through the book making her character grow. Rajmund was running from his self as well. He did not like who he had been and vowed never to be that way again. He was a hard man who took responsibility very seriously. In the beginning Reynolds gives this couple a flirtation and lustful feelings it grows almost cold and untouchable throughout the book. There was lust and attractive but it was like it was never the right timing. Of course as the reader you pleaded with the characters to find a way to make that happen. Reynolds will not disappoint but it’s a close call as it happens right at the end.

 Now what got me glaring at the book was the very last page right before the dreaded to be continued and that was the shock of what was happening to Raphael with all the blood and pain. Reynolds does not give us any answers on that situation but I am sure the answers will be given in the fourth book Sophia at least I hope.

Touch of a Rogue

Touch of A RogueJacob Preston has a set of rules he lives by but in one night meeting Julianne he is going to break the most important one. Jacob will find Julianne enticing but when danger starts to get closer to them he will do everything to protect her and keep the danger and the dagger away from her.

Lady Julianne Cambourne has a problem and goes in search of the rogue Jacob but not for the obvious reason. She will need Jacob’s help from the use of his special gift. She will not completely understand the gift but will put her trust in him as her life will soon be in danger.

I thought Touch of a Rogue from Mia Marlowe was very engaging to read. With the first book already read I understood and liked this unusual gift that this family seemed to have. Marlowe makes it a little different as Jacob possess these powers of touch but for metal which gave this book its own identity apart from Viola and her power. Marlowe is not shy about the sensual scenes with Jacob and Julianne and they definitely keep the fire going between the two characters. I also liked that Julianne does have a past that is full of guilt and was not just a happy one as it makes her well rounded. Now the villain was obvious from the start but I thought Marlowe adds to this regular villain with the added supernatural. The powers which filtered through the book was suspenseful with what other powers would start showing up. I am definitely on the look out now for the third book to this series.

Courting Carolina

Courting CarolinaAlec MacKeage happens upon a woman being abused and immediately rescues her. He is helped by a wolf that appears to be on this woman’s side. Alec will know immediately that this woman is not Jane Smith as she claims. He will figure out the truth only to know that they can not be together.

Carolina Oceanus is on the run from her kidnappers and is given safety from one man. She will keep her identity a secret from her savior but soon she will have to tell him the truth as her family is looking for her.

Courting Carolina is the third book to Spellbound Falls series which started off strong and kept going strong throughout the book. I liked finding out more from Carolina as the story went on. She is an interesting character that I have grown to like. I thought the paring that Janet Chapman did between the highlander and the princess was the correct one. You got to see Carolina grow into the woman she was supposed to be and not the wilted flower everyone saw. Alec was stubborn but I liked that of the highlander and he gave her value that others had not seen. Once again a heartwarming story between the characters with magic on their side.

Charmed by His Love

Charmed by His LoveDuncan MacKeage has been charged with the task for watching out for Peg and her children. He has no desire to tangle himself with this group but Duncan will find himself falling for the widow.

Peg Thompson does not want charity from her friends. She works hard and earns her own way in the world. She will be infuriated with Duncan who is barging in, but will simmer down and soon let him in. But with letting him in her children will start to fall for him as she is but she has to worry about her family curse and a different kind of magic altogether.

As the series of Spellbound Falls continues I find myself liking it more and more. In Charmed by His Love you are getting to know the characters more and knowing more about their past. I loved Peg and her stubbornness as well as the curse. It was unexpected thing to read especially as she is mortal.  What I found adorable was the heathens (Peg’s four children). They were all strong characters as a family and added humor to the story. As this story is surrounded by magic and time traveling highlanders it was an interesting twist with Peg’s own curse. The story is heartwarming as our hero Duncan will not back down once and sooner than later he will be hooked with Peg and her children.

Spellbound Falls

Maximilian ‘Mac’ Oceanus was on his own to find a bride with his son Henry. They had a year or he had to marry a woman his father had found. He was not going to let that happen. Mac will find his potential bride in Olivia Baldwin from almost the first moment he set his sights on her. He will find a way to get himself involved with Olivia on a business level then a personal level winning her over with his slow seductive ways.

Olivia Baldwin is a widow raising a daughter on her own and running a camp for its new season and doesn’t have time for any suitor. Olivia though did not except Mac to instigate himself into her life and Sophie’s. She will find it hard to say no to him with every smoldering look he gave her. She will surrender only to find out there is much more to Mac than she believed.

Spellbound FallsAfter finishing up the series of Midnight Bay I knew that Mac would be the main character of Spellbound Falls series. I had grown to like him as a character throughout that series and interested in how he will be portrayed within his own book. I loved that Janet Chapman wrote Spellbound Falls, featuring Mac and his son Henry in the story. Chapman does a wonderful job at creating the father and son relationship seem off in the way it needed to be, but in a good way. She does the same great job with Olivia and her daughter, Sophie, as well. I instantly liked the interaction between Olivia and Mac as there was lust but it was not throwing it in your face, which was good as that was not in her character. I also liked that the magic was around as it was portrayed in the Midnight Bay series. This is a different type of magic that is definitely unlike something I have read before picking up Chapman.

The story had heart that collided with the great characters who were alongside with Mac and Olivia making the story well rounded. Now what made this story comical was having the parents of Mac around. It was highly entertaining to read about the man who created Atlantis to be a softy to his grandson. Then there was Carolina. I have to say when she was in the other series I didn’t really like her, now I find her character much more likable and look forward to when she has her own story.

Finishing up on the first book of Spellbound Falls series I picked up a couple more only to notice that this is a series that is starting to grow. It will be fun to find out what characters will be part of this series.


JabrilCynthia Leighton needed a break from her ex vampire lover, Raphael so she heads down to Texas to take a job. The moment she meets Jabril she knows she made a mistake as this man was not to be messed with. Cyn will need help rescuing the sisters and finds that with her ex and his men.

The moment I got Jabril I started to read the book. After reading the first book from the series Vampires in America I was hooked. D B Reynolds has a way with her writing that got me in a trance and I only wanted more. Jabril brings us back with Cyn but she has a new case in Texas and she is still a confident bad ass when she is around the undead. Now this plot I liked a lot. It was not original but Reynolds creates her characters extremely well and you want to know more. I loved the two sisters that the plot surrounded and how Cyn found a way to help both of them out. I would love to read a story on Mirabelle later on. Along with locating the sister Reynolds adds in an investigation on several other murdered girls which are linked together and gave more to the story.

Now the characters Cyn is still fantastic. I loved the steamy dreams she has with her ex vampire lover, Raphael but thrilled he is still in the picture as I knew he had to be. Raphael is still perfect as always and I will have to say when he declares himself to Cyn it will make your heart melt and yell at her to be with him forever. Of course everything is not perfect as the enemy who is Jabril will be a fierce competitor and only wants power and money, but his sights will be set on Cyn. Reynolds doesn’t joke around with the villains, you knew perfectly well who the villain was and how evil he was. I wasn’t sure about his number two but wasn’t surprised with what happens. Reynolds makes sure that the villains will get what is coming to them. What I was surprised at was how Cyn handles the situation. She is still a very fierce woman in battle and one that can take care of herself. Now there was one other villain I was surprised about but once again they were handled.

It looks like the next story is going to be on Sarah, Cyn’s friend who is mysterious in her own way which I can’t wait to find out more.

To Scotland With Love

Enjoying the first book immensely I wanted to know more about the family and found the second book, To Scotland With Love where Gregor MacLean will be featured.

To Scotland With LoveVenetia Oglivie was in trouble as her kindness was overtaken and she found herself being abducted by a suitor. She was hoping to find a way out of the situation as she knew if it was not handle delicately she would be ruined then Gregor MacLean urged his way into the situation.

Lord Gregor MacLean wanted to roar at Venetia’s father for letting a suitor kidnap her. Gregor rode in hot pursuit after them and was successful but was not greeted with thanks from Venetia. His mission was to bring her back to London safely but soon found himself thinking differently as he saw Venetia in a new light. He would avoid temptation but for how long he did not know.

The MacLean Curse series stays strong with the second book from Karen Hawkins. She keeps it fun throughout the book which adds enjoyment to the book. I loved the interaction between Venetia and Gregor as they were both stubborn and the spark between them was instantaneous once Gregor let himself see her that way. The plot being staged at the inn was funny with all the characters who ended up to stay the night because of the snow which I loved as Gregor was the cause. I found it amusing with this curse as Gregor would make it snow and a lot of it as he was annoyed and worried about Venetia. And once again the brothers interaction was fantastic as they all come together to help out one another. I found myself missing the sister, Fiona, interaction in the story. I don’t know if Hawkins will bring her back into the stories but we will have to wait and see.

The MacLean Curse series is definitely so far one to read. Can’t wait to get to the next brother.

An Unexpected Gentleman

Adelaide Ward is in need to marry and marry quickly. Her family will soon be over run with bills which have been acquired thanks to her brother. She is on the brink of a proposal until she is thoroughly compromised with a kiss in a garden thanks to a rogue.

Connor Brice wants Adelaide as he has seen her from a far and now he has his chance especially as it will be up tohim to protect her from Sir Robert. Connor will lie and cheat to win Adelaide but will be stunned when some of his plans back fire. He will have to find a way to win the heart of his wife.

An Unexpected GentlemanThe first moment did not grab me with intrigue, it was a slow build for An Unexpected Gentleman as the story itself is simple. There is no great duel or affair, it is a simple story of a woman trying to find a way to stop her family being ruined financially. I remember liking Alissa Johnson with the first book I had picked up from hers and this second novel was very similar especially as the characters from that novel have an appearance in An Unexpected Gentleman. I liked Connor and his men I thought they were a good added element to the story giving a little more humor. Adelaide was a fierce woman and one with strong convictions along with being naive.

Throughout the story I wanted to slap the brother on his head or shake him for acting like an idiot but Johnson will make sure he learns a lesson. Now the villain Sir Robert was more or less a bully. I have expected him to become more villainous but he was pretty tamed. Of course he did get what was coming to him at the end.

An Unexpected Gentleman was a cute and simple romance story from Alissa Johnson.

Twelfth Night Secrets

Twelfth Night SecretsTwelfth Night Secrets from Jane Feather is certainly a holiday novel and one to enjoy even though it is past the holiday season. I had not thought I would read a holiday novel with romance but I found Feather and since I have liked her one series I figured to try it out.

Lady Harriet Devere was on a mission for the Ministry. She thought her work was done when her brother was killed but now they asked her to uncover the possibility of a double agent who was Nick’s partner. Uncovering what happened to her brother was priority but Harriet will be unnerved when she meets the supposed double agent.

Julius Forsythe, Earl of Marbury was taking this holiday time to complete a mission but he will soon find himself distracted and intrigued with Nick’s sister who he had heard plenty about. Julius would watch her but soon will have a hunch that Harriet knows more of what is going on as she starts to follow him.

I found myself reading this novel very fast. The plot was fun as with the characters. Twelfth Night Secrets led with a little mystery and some good steamy scenes. At first I figured there was going to be no sex as I found the novel following the older regency romances but I was wrong. As I have read before in her books I know that Feather does steamy scenes well and this holiday novel had it. I found myself liking the spy concept. It was cute and simple with intrigue as I wanted to find out who was responsible for Nick’s death and if Julius was a double agent. Twelfth Night Secrets was a wonderful holiday novel to read.