Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the WolfBella, a Red werewolf, was raised as a gray which was her adoptive pack. She will last a while with the pack that is until the pack leader will start to do anything to get her. She will runaway from the pack as she can not protect herself against the leader. For a while she will be safe but after 150 years of running she will come face to face with Devlyn who will be taking her back to the pack. She had been in love with Devlyn but knows that they can’t be as their leader would kill him.

Devlyn follows his pack as it is his family and he knows no way else which leads him to follow orders. But Devlyn will break the rules this time to help Bella, the woman he has always loved. He will do all that he can to protect her from the Red werewolves who wanted her as a mate and his own pack leader who wanted her.

Heart of the Wolf is the first book to Terry Spear’s series Heart of the Wolf. This author was recommended to me by my mom. She has been reading this series and keeps talking about it to me, so I figured I would have to try the first book. So my first thought was I liked the book. It grabbed me at the beginning and it moved along pretty well. There were no real slow parts that stopped you from reading the book.

Bella is a strong werewolf but is no match for her alpha which is why she had to runaway from him especially as she loves another. Devlyn has loved Bella from a far and knew that he couldn’t have her. I kind of wanted him to just get over this follow the orders of his alpha, who was a villain, and go for the woman he loved. Well that didn’t happen quite as quick as I would have liked but then there wouldn’t be a story to be told. Needless to say they do find a way to be with each other but danger will be very much in their path. There is the threat of these Red werewolves and also the Gray pack whose pack leader, Volan, wants nothing but Bella. There is a lot of violence in the book but that would be expected as it is about werewolves and I thought Spear wrote it well. There was a lot sex that is between Bella and Devlyn but once again that is expected as this is about werewolves and lust happens when there are two that mated and when the full moon comes.

As far as werewolf books go this one was good and it was interesting with these two packs, the Red and Gray. You don’t always read about the laws that are followed in the packs so I liked that part in the book. It was kind of horrible how easy it was for the Alpha leaders to claim their mates especially if they don’t want to be claimed like Bella. But she is not without resources and chooses her own mate not the villain Volan.

I wouldn’t mind trying another of her books from this series to see where it will be going. I looked at the list of books in this series and there are plenty to read.

The Unexpected Duchess

The Unexpected DuchessLady Lucy Upton has a sharp tongue and will use it which will make her unappealing to most of the ton. This time she is using it to help her friend discourage a suitor that Cassie does not want, the Duke of Claringdon. But Lucy will find it will take more to discourage him.

Lord Derek Hunt, Duke of Claringdon, has made a promise to a dying friend to marry Lady Cassie. He will do his duty and marry the girl but there will be her friend that keeps getting in his way. She also gets in his head and stays there making him think only of her.

The Unexpected Duchess is the first book to the series Playful Brides by Valerie Bowman. Alright now even though this story was fairly predictable with what was going to happen between Derek and Lucy, also who the sick friend was I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story just made me smile. I know I will be back to enjoy the sequel of this series and the third when it comes out.

So now back to the first book which was a book I loved reading. I thought the characters were fun. There was some silly characters but it wasn’t that annoying silly which was then fine with me. I loved Lucy and her spirit. She was a firecracker with her attitude and she was not afraid to back down from challenges. There is the softer side which you find out with how she was neglected by her parents which made sense to how she became. Then there is Derek who is all about decisions and his duty. I liked that about him but it made things difficult with how he would get to Lucy.

Bowman makes it happen as this is a romance and she makes sure there is a lot of it in this book. The dynamic between Derek and Lucy is fueled by annoyance which is really just that attraction that is there but they are trying to hide it. As that never works the characters will find themselves in lust and coming to love. I was happy that this did not break Cassie as she had no love for Derek only her Julian.

As the book is finished I want more especially the second book to the series because I really want to read Julian and Cassie’s story and read about their happy ending, which might be hard to do as Julian doesn’t know she loves him. Though I will be waiting because I really want to have the third book available to read.

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days

How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysStuart, Duke of Margrave, had a brush with death and knows he needs to come back home to his wife. He wants to make his marriage real but he will have to convince Edie. That will be a hard task as his wife will resist him but when he gives her a wager that will either keep them together or split them up forever. All he will need to do is convince his wife to kiss him.

Edie, Duchess of Margrave, has lived five years without her husband as he was off in Africa. The situation was perfect for Edie but that will all change when Stuart will come home. Edie needs to run away as her husband has set out to seduce her and want her in his life which is the one thing she can’t do. With the wager in place Edie will have ten days to stay away from her husband as a kiss is the only way she will lose. But with every day she spends with him she is healed more and more.

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days is the second book to the series American Heiress in London by Laura Lee Guhrke. I loved this book and love this author. Really with every book that I get of Guhrke I fall into a nice rhythm where sit down and just read the book enjoying every page.

This is a book full of charm and flows very easily as the story was just a really good one to read. Edie and Stuart were doomed from the start when they walked into the relationship. Edie wasn’t ready for what Stuart might have wanted and Stuart was not ready for more at least at this time. Then five years happen and even though Edie is still broken she is opened for more, she just didn’t know it. Stuart came home because of a brush with death which had him thinking. He wanted more out of life which meant his wife. I liked that he only had 10 days to convince Edie to kiss him, to give him a chance.

Now even though there were characters that I loved there was a darker part to the book with what happened to Edie. With what happened to her I knew it was bad and pretty much knew what it would be but it was not confirmed until about half way through the book. How Stuart handled this new situation was the right way of doing things. I hated that her character went through this trauma but she grows stronger through the book and once she opens up it gets easier. Now the villain gets what he deserves and I was happy with the outcome as it gives Edie a piece of mind.


ReachedCassie is back searching for Ky as they were split up again. Cassie will be working for the Rising inside of the Society while Ky is outside on the border. They are running once again towards each other and away from the Society. Things will start changing as the Rising is coming and the pilot is coming forward.

Reached is the third and final book to the series Matched by Ally Condie. Well as this is the last book Condie wrapped up the series. To be honest I liked it but I just wasn’t into the story. It was a little over 500 pages and personally the last couple hundred pages were what I was concentrating on as it was wrapping up this story. Now I was happy to that Cassie and Ky did have that happy ending and that Xander had his own happy ending with another.

So this idea of the Rising and the Pilot were interesting concepts and I did think that Condie wrote about the Pilot well giving stories and poems to describe this person. The Pilot is a legend that had been told by many and is part of the Rising, the person who will lead people to freedom. I did like the message at the end of the book that is said about the Pilot. Now this is not an easy journey to take for this group with sickness spreading and plenty obstacles in their way and the inevitable battle for power between the Society and the Rising.

I felt that this book had a different vibe from the previous books but this one definitely gives an ending. So overall it was a decent trilogy and I would try out another book from Ally Condie to see what else she is writing.


CrossedCassie has been separated from her family and is now in search of Ky. She needs to find him and with leads she will be turning towards the canyons. Cassie will be armed with some poems and blue pills along with a girl she met on the way. She will find Ky and some others who were following him but that will only lead to more questions with the Rising and the Pilot.

Crossed is the second book to the series Matched by Ally Condie. I liked the story like the first book. There was more mystery to this plot and a lot of things that were not being said but you know that it will be revealed in the third book. I still have to say that I wasn’t blown away by the book but I liked it for what it was and thought it was a good survival story.

Now for the writing I did like the structure of the chapters as it alternated between Ky and Cassie giving us different points of view and more info that they might not share with each other. That really goes for Ky as he is not being entirely truthful. Once again though his being untruthful is not to be hurtful but some things can’t be said right away.

The mystery of Ky and Xander is a draw that pulls you into the book with wanting to know more. Also about the secret which is already partly known though Cassie will have to hear the truth from Xander himself. Then there is the Rising and the Pilot, who is the leader in this Rising, which is the main focus of the entire series, and its coming their way.

So the ending I was a little disappointed with how Condie left it as once again Ky and Cassie are separated but with the third book you know that they are going to make their way to each other again. I am reading the third book next which will be the final one in the series.

Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the WolfKathryn Avinger had to endure ten years of marriage to a sadist man who could have been her grandfather but is now a widow. She had prayed for someone to save her but as the love of her life had abandoned her, she had to save herself. Or save what was left of her and thanks to the wolf inside of her, but now she will need help as someone is after her.

Renjiro Roesner was exiled ten years ago but what kept him away was the fact that the woman he loved had married another. He is back ten years later to find her widowed and now in danger as someone wants her dead.

Heart of the Wolf is a standalone novella by D B Reynolds. I really liked this novella but that wasn’t a surprise as with all of Reynolds books I get hooked on them and absolutely love them. This novella was not with vampires instead with werewolves. It was a change from these charming Vampire Lords but not a change from the world of supernatural.

As this is a novella it is a pretty short story but throughout it all I didn’t feel that I was missing anything along a story line as Reynolds gives enough details. I only wanted more just to enjoy the story more and to find out more about these characters but from what was given you certainly were able to learn about them. I was horrified with what had happened to Kathryn and inside that sham of a marriage. What horrified me more was the fact her father did that and nothing was done to help her. I didn’t like that the father wasn’t really in the book and getting what should have been coming to him. Now Ren who was our hero of the story. He was there to protect Kathryn and nothing would stop him from finding out who was after her. I liked his determination and how he handled the situations to keep her safe.

I was kind of surprised that nothing more was written about them or about werewolves. Don’t get me wrong I love the Vampire Lords and only want more but I wouldn’t have minded more to be written about these wolves.


AdenAden will soon be taking the spot as the new Vampire Lord of the Midwest which means he will be getting rid of some of the old Lords dealings. Aden does not want any of the drugs that were sold by the old Lord to be in his territory. When he finds out there is slavery happening in his territory he will be furious and will do anything to stop it.

Sidonie Reid needed to stop the slavery which killed her friend. She will seek the new Vampire Lord of the Midwest to help stop this from happening to anyone else. She will find herself too close to danger as she keeps in on the investigation.

Aden is seventh book in the series Vampires in America by D B Reynolds. I really liked this book. It was a great addition to this series and now I can’t wait for more.

Aden is a vampire that has a past he would like to forget as he was sold into slavery and not only slavery but he was a sex slave. He was broken by it but became stronger. I liked that he will do anything to stop slavery from happening in his city and he is true to his word as that will be his quest. He will stop it as he is a very strong Vampire Lord but there will be a lot of bumps in the road that happens with stopping the slavery ring. Now Sidonie is another strong character as she has ambition and determination to find the bad guys who killed her friend. Being too brave though can get dangerous as she doesn’t realize the danger of the situation. Sidonie will learn about the danger when she will be considered a threat and the bad guys will be after her as well as Aden.

Now once again the interaction between Aden and Sidonie is explosive. They are like all the other mates in the book where the sex is mind blowing for this couple and all consuming where they will not get enough of each other. Reynolds can write these scenes very well.

Then there are the villains and thanks to the old vampire lord there are many out there that think the slavery business was the best thing they had. It gets a little dicey with the danger that will be following Aden around as he gets closer to stopping the slavery ring but there will be another danger that gets close to them as well. That was a little of a twist that I thought Reynolds did well in the book.

So the next book will be called Vincent which is out now and I can’t wait to read it though it will sadly not be right away. However, when I was buying some of Reynolds books I bought a novella on my kindle titled, Heart of the Wolf, which I will be reading next to continue more with Reynolds.

Betrayed and Hunted

BBetrayed (Vampires in America,  #5.5)etrayed

Raphael is one of the most powerful Vampire Lords out there and with one wrong move a war could breakout. Raphael will have to make choices about territorial lines and whether some allies will be strengthened or weakened but there will be an attempt on his life. They will have to find the traitor and stop him.

So I screwed up and read the sixth book first before Betrayed which means I know what has happened as Reynolds talks about the assassination attempt on Raphael. Now we know that it will take a lot to kill this vampire and hopeful the author will not want to kill off Raphael as he is one of the characters I love reading about. I thought that this novella added a good amount of detail considering it was a novella and it was a good intro to the sixth book and the problems that were going to occur.

HunteHunted (Vampires in America, #6.5)d

The Vampire Lord of the Midwest has fallen to his death and the new territory is up for grabs. Only the strongest vampire will be able to hold on to this territory. Aden will be wanting the job and by helping the Vampire Lords he will have a chance at the territory but first he will have to get rid of the competition and the one who wants vengeance against the Lords.

I am reading Hunted in the correct order this time. Once I finished Betrayed I started to read Hunted as it comes right after the sixth book. I liked this book as it gives us a good idea of who Aden is but I have a feeling there is much more to this vampire and I can’t wait to find out. So the act of revenge was pretty simple and it was a woman scorned, Magada who was an lawyer for Lucas. She has been angry as he assigned away from him and she wanted him to suffer. She will make the wrong move when Raphael’s mate will be in danger. It doesn’t go well for the lawyer.

So the next book I am reading of D B Reynolds is obviously the last book to the series which I own is Aden. I am excited to read his story to find out more about this man and because it is located in Chicago. I have been waiting for Chicago to be part of the series as I am an Illinois resident. Chicago was where I went a lot as a kid for museums and watching professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey live from the stadium. I am wondering what type of detail she will put in for this book to reference the city. I will find out soon as I am reading the seventh book next.


LucasLucas Donlon, Vampire Lord of the Plains located in the Badlands of America, is at war with the Midwest Vampire Lord. Lucas is someone who enjoys life and can be charming but when trouble is coming to his borders he will do everything to stop the intruder.

Kathryn Hunter is Special Agent of the FBI and has gone off on her own to find her brother who went missing in the Badlands. Armed with her gun and knowledge Kathryn knows that she will have no help from the FBI but she will be surprised when help will come her way in the form of a Vampire Lord, Lucas.

Lucas is the sixth book to the series Vampires in America by D B Reynolds. Since starting this series I have found myself very impressed with the plots and characters that were detailed in these books. There is that instant sex appeal but also a lot of good action that has the characters having to find a way out of the trouble that is getting too close to them. So basically Lucas was really a fantastic book just like the others in the series.

Lucas I liked a lot as he was very charming and he had that personality that made you feel like he was your best friend but get on his bad side and he would do what needed to be done. Kathryn was a strong woman, all the woman in this series are strong in their own ways, and was determined to find her brother. I liked that she was not one to back down especially when facing Lucas who could be intimidating.

Like the others in the series Lucas and Kathryn will find themselves intensely attracted to each other and they will succumb to that attraction. It would be hard for these mates to resist each other and Reynolds writes those scenes between them very well. Now lets not forget about Daniel who will have a good ending which has Kathryn rejoicing to have found her brother.

There is an enemy that has been identified at the end of the book which was not a stretch to the imagination as Reynolds will let you know that she is one pissed off vampire. At the end of the book there will also be Aden who is mentioned right on the last page. This of course intrigued me and now I really want to know more about this Aden.

So I have the novellas Betrayed and Hunted on my kindle and as I was trying to re-read and read the first time these books in order then I screwed up because I didn’t read read Betrayed before the sixth book, Lucas. I have a feeling it will still be a very good read as Reynolds has not disappointed me with her books. Hunted is right after the sixth book so I will be reading that in the correct order and then it will be on to Aden which is the seventh book to the series and last one that I own, at least for now.

Vampires in America-The Vignettes Vol 1

The Vignettes Vol 1Vampires in America, The Vignettes Vol. 1 is a book that is filled with very short stories all about the vampires and their mates by D. B. Reynolds. There are nine vignettes and I was happy to say that a lot of them had Cyn and Raphael who are of course my favorite couple of the series and probably always will be.

These stories varied in the number of pages. A couple were only 2 pages long while the longest was around 20 pages which was the last story with Sarah and Raj’s wedding. So I loved all the stories as they followed closely to these great characters that Reynolds created and wow a lot of sex even in these short stories. It was pretty much sex for Cyn and Raphael as they can’t get enough of each other.

As far as my favorite of these stories I liked them all, especially Cyn and Raphael’s, but I will say that the last one which was titled The Wedding was probably my favorite. There was more to the story as it was 20 pages so there was more detail and more of a plot with a wedding and a kidnapping.

So I am excited as I have bought Lucas and Aden well the whole series a while ago. I was going to read these two books right away but with all the piles of books I had to read I figured these two could wait as I owned them. Well now I can start reading these two books like I wanted to a while ago. I also got the two novellas, Betrayed and Hunted which I will be reading as well. I don’t have the latest one which is Vincent though I will be of course buy it eventually. I am going to be immersing myself with Reynolds series which will have me reading¬†Lucas next.