Bound by Blood

Bound by BloodKaitlyn Sherrad was out on her own from the protective shield of her parents. She wants to experience life all the while searching for her uncle that had disappeared right before she was born. Kaitlyn will be distracted when she meets Zach Ravenscroft who was a casino owner. There will be an instant attraction that will consume the couple but there will also be a danger that lurks in Kaitlyn’s shadow.

Bound by Blood is the second and final book to the series Bound by Amanda Ashley. I thought this was a good book to read. I liked that Amanda Ashley wrote about Elena and Drake’s daughter who was a little different. Kaitlyn’s character was a half breed which was half human and half vampire. I liked that she was different than the average vampire as it gave the story something more than just a vampire book. I liked Kaitlyn. She was strong willed, a little spoiled but was a good woman. Zach might be a player but he certainly didn’t act like it especially when he saw Kaitlyn. Now Zach is a vampire but he is also a little different type of vampire. His kind is called the Others. He is able to make a vampire. For Drake’s kind the vampires are born.

There was without a doubt a villain which was one of the wives of Drake’s father. She wanted revenge and was after Kaitlyn to get that revenge.

Towards the end there will be a surprise that involved Kaitlyn’s family. The situation would have been very sad if the tragedy occurred, but Amanda Ashley made sure that a happy ending happened.

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