The School For Heiresses

I have seen this book it seems every time I walk the rows of library in the romance section. Finally I decided to check it out to stop the curiosity of what the book was about. Now with a title of The School for Heiresses I already had a feeling what this was about, heiresses.

The School for Heiresses is a collection of four short stories (around 100 pages each) by four different authors. Each story is placed in the regency time period and has one girl from the school who is finding themselves in trouble.

The four stories are Ten Reasons to Stay by Sabrina Jeffries, After Midnight by Liz Carlyle, The Merchant’s Gift by Julia London, and Mischief’s Holiday by Renee Bernard.

Each story was cute, sweet and had an adventure or situation where the heiresses would find that love they weren’t searching for. Overall I was happy to pick up the book and fulfill my curiosity.

Highland Promise

Following up on the third book of the Murray Family series I wanted to find out how Hannah Howell was going to write Eric’s story.

Eric Murray wanted to branch out and meet his mothers side of the family to get their support and on this quest he comes across a very small woman with a baby. Eric is insistently protective of this woman and wants her with a fury. He will help her and show her the ways of the world but life is not easy for these two new lovers as her family is after her and he is trying to regain what has been taken away.

Bethia Drummond knew that her new family had killed her sister and brother in law. Bethia fled from the home with her nephew only to come across her knight. She found herself to be captivated by him. They shared mutual lust which turned into love but Bethia was wary. People always looked down on her and never proved to truly love her. With woman flaunting themselves at Eric she knew he would loose interest in her, but Bethia will prove herself worthy to those around her and herself.

Highland Promise was engaging right from the start. I liked how Hannah Howell started out with Bethia fighting her way out of the place that wanted her death. Howell creates Bethia to be a fighter but unsure of herself. I liked how Howell let her grow and believe in herself. It was a steady growth which fell into the story well.

Eric was a fun character. I liked that he found a place but still was an outsider in a way. He was easy going but fierce and a little naive in some aspects. I liked that he found love and a way to protect Bethia through the story, it gave a sweet side to the battle.

The family was entertaining with the wives now with plenty of children and advice. I am looking forward to continuing the tale of the Murray Family as now it will be all the children of the three brothers and their wives which is ever growing.

The Naked Viscount

With a couple of books of the series I have the idea of how Sally MacKenzie writes and I really only want more. Reading the series out of order does not matter because the series can be picked up from any order.

The Naked Viscount is the sixth book of the Naked Nobility series.

Lady Jane Parker-Roth is on the shelf according to everyone even to her but Jane doesn’t care as the man she wants doesn’t pay attention to her. For eight seasons she wanted Edmund Smyth to pay attention but now tables are turning. With catching an intruder she finds that Edmund is sneaking about and together they are going to be together in a mystery of Pan.

Edmund Smyth is trying to find the scandal and is gathering proof but Jane gets in the way and will be caught in the same trouble. Edmund doesn’t mind as he is seeing Jane a little differently. All he sees is the woman she has become and he wants to get to know her better. With the active search of the statues of the god Pan, Edmund and Jane will be thrust into a dangerous mystery.

This series is very addicting and you want to know more about the characters and what makes them tick. I liked how the shy Jane gets the courage to be more wanton. And of course the straight lace Edmund will fall under Jane’s spell once he now sees her for the woman she is.  The added effect with secret meetings where the woman are used was interesting to read as it lead to mystery and intrigue with danger lacing through the scenes.

The added characters of the aunts of Edmund and mother of Jane brought the story alive with their witty banter and their pets.

The Naked Viscount was a fun addition to the Naked Nobility series and I can’t wait to continue with MacKenzie’s series.

Scandal Becomes Her

Nell Anslow has been damaged for ten years after a riding accident. She is known as an heiress and men are trying to find a way to carry her off to marriage. Nell found herself in that dilemma until she was able to find a way to escape to a cottage but Nell will find herself not alone in the morning and soon she will find herself engaged to a man she knows nothing about.

Julian, Earl of Wyndham swore marriage off after his first wife. She made him miserable and he had no need to do that again. But when he found himself in a new marriage to this woman, Nell, he was not so unhappy. He could start seeing a life with Nell as she was not the normal quiet woman and made him laugh. But marriage would be hard as they are trying to a way to get to know each other and to avoid the family problems.

Scandal Becomes Her caught me right in the beginning. I actually really liked the book. It started as a regency novel but it took a different turn and into the paranormal. Nell finds that she is able to see into this killer but she doesn’t know it is real. These visions had been thought of dreams, nightmares, and nothing more. I liked how Shirlee Busbee blended paranormal as it was not the focal point but an added addition which gave the novel something unexpected.

Busbee’s playfulness in the character of Julian was surprising and gave the novel a fun outlook on the novel even with the dangerous accidents which follow the characters. Nell was not much of a surprise in her character but what happened to her with her dreams gave her much more intrigue and I wanted to know more about what did happened to her.

Shirlee Busbee’s first novel of the series Becomes Her was well written and I am left wanting to know more after reading Scandal Becomes Her. There are so far five novels to the series, Scandal Becomes Her, Seduction Becomes Her, Surrender Becomes Her, Passion Becomes Her, and Rapture Becomes Her.

It makes me wonder though if Busbee will bring in the paranormal through the rest of her novels.

Vacation or Survivor?

Out of this World was not what I was expecting. Knowing that this book is from Jill Shalvis I should have known it would not be the average story and in this case it dealt with another dimension altogether.

Rachel Bond is a free spirit and doesn’t take responsibility seriously that is until she inherits a bed and breakfast from her great aunt. Rachel is going there for the weekend with her best friends brother. She expects it will be simple but once they get to this isolated B&B in Alaska nothing is what it seems along with the sudden interest she has for Kellan.

Kellan McInty took his sisters place to help Rachel. He wanted to spend time with her, always but she never noticed. Traveling to Alaska will let Kellan be shown in a new light for Rachel but it is not that easy. Kellan will soon understand that something very different is going on.

Jill Shalvis is an author who is a creative writer with her witty and at times strange plots with lots of sexual desire. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was quirky and you didn’t know what was going on but learned as the story was being told.

The sexual desire of Rachel and Kellan was very exposlivs and exciting to read. I was sad to think it was all because of the situation but Shalvis gives an ending you will be happy with.

Now how Shalvis wrote the book was fun to read. I liked the first person point of view with Rachel but she also gave it from Kellan. The switch of point of views was clear and not confusing.

Out of this World was fun and quirky novel to read and will get you into the mood to want to read more of Jill Shalvis.

Highland Honor

Nigel Murray has been gone from his family fighting for seven years. Thinking its time to come home he stumbles upon a girl dressed as a boy. Nigel soon finds himself wrapped up in helping this woman from the people she had been running from and from herself. Nigel will find himself enthralled with her and wanting more from life that she was now in it, but he had to first keep them alive and away from her family that wanted her dead.

Gisele Deveau is on the run for murdering her husband. Of course she did not murder him but wanted him to rot in hell. Gisele will find herself on the run with Nigel and sooner than later she will find herself in his arms. Love will blossom but she doesn’t want him hurt and will do her best to keep them both alive.

Highland Honor is the second book of the Murray Family series from Hannah Howell. I liked this book as it held the intrigue of an adventure to fight for the truth. Howell also speeds up time to seven years later that Nigel has been away from home. I liked that as it gave Nigel the time to work out his own issues.

Gisele and Nigel were well matched in the book as each were strong in surviving what life was giving them. Gisele was a little hardened from what life has given her while Nigel was a little more lighthearted.

There was a betrayal on Nigel’s part that didn’t make you hate him in the least but frustrated that he was being an idiot. I liked that Gisele made him work for his penance and did not take him back with the first attempt of wooing.

Eric will be next in the clan to rescue the damsel in distress.

Watch Out For The Naked Earl

So from trying that one book in the series I went and found another one. Again not in the correct order but I just wanted to read her book. The next book I found was The Naked Earl. Robbie and Lizzie are going to get to know each other a lot more and since I have read The Naked Gentleman I already knew going in how these two characters are in the future which was actually nice.

Lady Elizabeth Runyon “Lizzie” is only twenty but she knows who she wants to marry and hopes that one day he would actually come to see her in the same light. But come to Lizzie’s surprise she just might get her wish as a naked Robbie comes stumbling into her bedroom and opps she was naked as well.

Robert Hamilton “Robbie” was Earl of Westbrooke and was avoiding the marriage mart and anyone trying for him especially like Lady Felicity. That is why he ended up naked in the one window he did not want. Lizzie has been in his thoughts but he could never marry her, never marry anyone. Robbie suffered from an alignment but he will be surprised who will be the one to help.

I could not wait to get into the story and like the one I had read before the wit and humor were steady in the entire story. I liked that Lizzie was brave and would not give up which is something Robbie needed.

Sally MacKenzie will have readers wanting to turn each and every irresistible page of The Naked Earl.

A Small Town Sheriff Meets Hollywood

Reading Nora Roberts you always come up with a new plot and characters in each story she writes. In The Law is a Lady the small town sheriff will get a sight of Hollywood.

Victoria Ashton is the new sheriff as her father has passed away. She does her job the best she can but is this were she wants to be for the rest of her life? Victoria though will have a new challenge in her life when a out-of-towner comes into her small town.

Philip Kincaid is entertained being pulled over by a lady sheriff but not so much as he gets put into jail by her. Philip though soon forgets and knows this town is the perfect place for his movie they were going to film. The road block will be the sheriff but she could be one to get through with the power of seduction. Philip comes to the conclusion that the sheriff is the perfect lady for him and he always gets what he wants.

The story was sweet and simple with fun characters that carried through the entire novel. I liked how each character was something more than they appeared to be which gave depth to the novel. Roberts description let readers get right into the story with the very first page.

Finding your own heiress

The sixth book, Surrender to a Scoundrel, is part of the American Heiress series and so far is the last one but one never knows. I picked up Julianne MacLean’s book for the heck of it.

Evelyn Foster now known as Evelyn Wheaton is now off to find a husband. She is an heiress and is wanted for that but that will all change when the boy who saved her life comes back into it. But this boy is still that scoundrel who is all charming and a rogue.

Lord Martin Langdon is known to be a scoundrel and reckless ever since his days a school. Martin is in for a surprise as he finds himself face to face with the one woman who they say cannot be tempted. Martin will try his best to tempt that woman who has haunted him.

After reading I have to say it was a book which held your attention. MacLean keeps the plot simple but the characters complex with their own inner demons that are threatening them. I liked how the past paved the road for these characters and who they have developed into.

Evelyn’s character was comeplling to read about as she makes a judgment about Martin and keeps that fresh in her mind to remind herself to hate him. But I liked how MacLean allowed Evelyn’s character take back her words and truly see from a new perspective.

Martin’s character was the normal rogue and rake but reformed and then back again. I liked how MacLean shows the pain not in the words but by actions which happen in the book.

The villains in the book are described well and are played out. The reader knows exactly who is at fault but all you can do is read how it will unfold.

After reading Surrender to a Scoundrel I know I will be checking out the earlier additions to the American Heiress series to see how the series started.

Get Tempted By the Night

Picking up the book Tempted By The Night I expected a regency romance not paranormal especially as the back of the book does not reveal any other worldly activity.

Lady Hermione Marlowe is known to be part of an odd family and it made making a match harder especially as the man she wants she ends up making a fool over herself. What is worst is she is not even on his radar. But with a wish and a ring she will find her world will get a little different.

Lord Rockhurst is a rogue and a rake at least that is what they say but Rockhurst has other things to worry about. He has no time for a woman as danger surrounds him but that will change as a shadow starts to follow him and temptation will rule his emotions.

Since I was thrown it took a little longer to get into the book. I love paranormal so when you do get into Elizabeth Boyle’s book you end up enjoying the book. It does get a little confusing with what is going on with all the other worldly creatures but if you hold onto the end everything does make sense.

Boyle brings a lot of passion. The pages will sizzle as Lady Hermione and Lord Rockhurst fill the pages. She brings regency, paranormal and wit through the book which makes it enjoyable to read.