Megan’s Mate by Nora Roberts

The fifth and final book, Megan’s Mate, of the Calhoun Women was an amazing finish. Megan a sister in law will come to know the family in the final chapter of The Calhoun Women.

Megan O’Riley is the sister of Sloan who married Amanda Calhoun. Megan had a hard life getting pregnant at seventeen by Baxter who was Suzanna’s husband. She comes to makes friends with Suzanna and moves to the Towers with her son Kevin to become their bookkeeper but things will not be smooth sailing. Megan will find trouble in the form of Nate who is willing to uncover her passion she has buried.

The characters were all back and witty as ever. There was never a dull moment in the story as the characters discussed and the plot unraveled.

Nate and Megan were hard to resist especially when Kevin was pulled into the mix. There was love and romance that you yearned them to reach for.

The last book of the series was a perfect finish. I personally thought it was over when the emeralds were discovered but was surprised there was more to find for the Calhoun women.

The Calhoun Women series by Nora Roberts was a worthwhile series to read for any romance lover.

Suzanna’s Surrender by Nora Roberts

The fourth book, Suzanna’s Surrender of the series The Calhoun Women is a thrill to read. This time it is Suzanna’s time and the emeralds are closer than they think.

Suzanna is a mother of two and after having a brutal marriage and divorce she is making it back on her own but she will get sidetracked with the new comer. Holt is back in town after several years away. He had the biggest desire for Suzanna when he was young and the years have only made it stronger. He will help bring passion back into Suzanna and help discover the location of the emeralds.

I couldn’t wait to read the story with Suzanna. I love her character as the good mother and hated to read her hardship. But when she gets the chance to find passion with Holt I was thrilled.

The secret of the emeralds is coming to an end with the help of Holt who is the grandson of Bianca’s lover. I liked the tie between the past and present.

The theif I thought was a good touch. He is coming closer and watching every move. But in the end good still will triumph.

The thing that I really liked was the ghost. It was interesting to learn about the lives of Bianca and now you got the insight of Christian which was fun to read.

Suzanna’s Surrender leaves the reader with a smile as the story is coming to a close but there is an addition with Megan when she will find the Towers as a new home in the fifth and final book of The Calhoun Women.

For The Love of Lilah by Nora Roberts

The third book, For The Love of Lilah, was amazing as all the other books so far in the series by Nora Roberts. The story of the sisters have intrigued me throughout all the pages so far and the mystery of the necklace is getting closer.

Max is a Professor at Cornell and Lilah works at a nature preservation. The two are completely opposite but fate brings them together when Max is shipped wrecked and Lilah dives into to save him. From the very beginning the two are at each other but Lilah needs more than his lust. She needs him to love her. The two will have some problems as the thief is still in the picture and trying to get the emeralds and he is not working alone.

I like the new addition of Max being with Lilah I like their dynamics in the story. One is a philosopher and the other is about the elements and fate. Perfect opposites. There scenes get steamier than the previous one.

The family are all in the picture still and they learn some new things about the past and who Bianca’s lover was which lead into the next book.

I like that throughout the books you are going back in time to hear the thoughts of Bianca but in the third book it is getting more pronounced. I like the past since Roberts blurs past and present together. It is interesting to read how things are repeating and the family’s of the past are coming into play with the present.

A Man For Amanda by Nora Roberts

There is something easy to Nora Roberts books. The second book of the series Calhoun Women is A Man For Amanda. The second book was a fantastic continuation of the series.

Amanda Calhoun is the practical sister who is the assistant manager at the hotel in town. Sloan is the new architect who is going to help transform the Towers into a functioning hotel. The two automatically butt heads right from the beginning but they will find each other through their own stubbornness and a sneaky new character who wants more than Amanda’s companionship.

The second book of Calhoun Women was a blast to read. There was romance, wit, and humor that drifted through the characters.

I liked that the plot was only a few weeks apart from the first book. It kept the reader in the story and the lives of the sisters. I loved that it was Amanda’s time to find love according to her Aunt and it was in the form of Sloan.

The two characters were a blast to read. There stubborn streak kept the book filled with wit.

I liked that the plot had a little suspense to it. A sneaky character was trying to find the emeralds that had been leaked to the papers. He is not someone you think would do that but very quickly you know his desire. I actually liked that you knew who the bad guy was in this book but you didn’t know his strategy which left you to enjoy the book and to read on to find out his plan.

A Man For Amanda is a delight to read for romance readers. You will fall in love with the Calhoun women.

Mystique by Amanda Quick

Mystique is a charming tale that Amanda Quick tells that takes place in the Medieval period.

Lady Alice was left with nothing of her brothers inheritance until the meeting with Lord Hugh who was called Hugh the Relentless. Together there mission is to find the stones that have been taken each claiming ownership. Hugh offers for her hand as a scheme to have her help find the stones but he wanted a marriage he just had to let Alice know.

The story delivers a great twist at the end that you didn’t see coming which gave the story even more intrigue.

The characters are fantastic. I love how Alice holds a lot of the cards and does not back down when Hugh issues an order. And even though Hugh is the lord he does compromise with his lady.

Surrender by Amanda Quick

Amanda Quick writes an engaging story of a young woman who does not want to surrender her heart or her fortune in Surrender.

Victoria just wanted adventure but not a husband. Lucas Colebrook seemed perfect for that purpose. She liked him and he indulged in her whims but all goes wrong when she gives over to one indulgences that will lead her marry this man. She does not want a man after her fortune and now that is what seemed Lucas was as he now prohibited her spending in different projects and from her adventures. But there is a bright side to this relationship as Victoria will find herself in love with her husband only will he find love with her?

The two dynamic characters in Surrender lead the reader to enjoy their bickering and plotting of adventure. The twist of murder lead the reader to be surprised by the motive which was not revealed until the very end.

Courting Catherine by Nora Roberts

The first book of the series Calhoun Women is Courting Catherine by Nora Roberts. This is a fantastic book to read. Romance book lovers will devour the story of Trent and Catherine “C.C.” Calhoun.

Trent St. James III is in the hotel business and is looking towards the Towers for his next investment. Getting  there he is all about business but things will be leading a new direction when he continually butts heads with Catherine or known as C.C. who is the fiery mechanic and one of the owners of Towers.

This is a series that made me smile as the contrast between Trent and C.C. was very clear but it was perfect. Everything made sense but the characters were not easily gotten together.

Through the interaction of the book I love all the sisters and their aunt. Each character has a unique detail that makes them different and Roberts does a great job distinguishing those unique attributes.

As an avid romance book reader I love reading about the endless love and the passion that is igniting to a love affair which is why I loved reading this book. The two characters were on their way to a great love affair but were always stopped. Throughout the book there was no sex involved. With romance it comes natural but it was fun to read that two attracted people were going towards that way didn’t. There was romance and passion which filled the pages and gave you an insight with the characters without sex to sizzle the pages.

In the plot Roberts gives a delightful and witty performance that leaves you smiling while reading the book.

I found the first book to be a page turning and a great plot to start the series with. You got an inside look at the feisty sisters who are all different but share a home and their lives to the Towers.

Times Change by Nora Roberts

The second and final book in the series Time and Again was Times Change by Nora Roberts and the sequel was a hit for me. I loved it was Jacob’s turn to come to the twentieth century.

Jacob Hornblower is the younger brother of Caleb and he is on a mission to bring his brother home. He gets to the twentieth century and is automatically tossed over a girls shoulder literally. Jacob fights back immediately for any feelings that he has right off with Sunny who happens to be Libby’s younger sister. Jacob must find his brother and try to find the will to leave Sunny behind.

The sequel was a delight to read. I loved that Jacob who is the stubborn brother finds frustration and love in the arms of Sunny and she the same.

The characters of Jacob and Sunny were witty, fun and stubborn. They were enjoyable to read about. The fact that there were problems to begin with I didn’t know how it was going to end. I was leaning towards one way but wasn’t sure. But in the end the ending was a well rounded romance tale that was worth reading and the epilogue was worth reading.

Each book was a blast to read and a worthwhile series to devour over.