Some Girls Lie

Some Girls LieJemima Jane “JJ” Ericson has been in love with Ethan for as long as she could remember. She knew that she could never have him that way which was why she remained his best friend. Though things will change when their ex’s start to cause trouble.

Ethan Weston lived his life for his daughter and when that livelihood was being threatened he knew to act quickly. He will find the solution with his best friend, though things will get quickly complicated when he starts to notice JJ as a woman.

Some Girls Lie is the fourth book to the series Outback Heat by Amy Andrews. Out of all the books I would have to say that this one was my favorite. I really liked JJ and Ethan’s story.

Ethan’s character was the work hard, driven man who was devoted to his daughter. You couldn’t fault that about his character. Though what you could find fault with the man was that he could not see who would be good for him. Ethan kept fighting his attraction to JJ once they slept together which was because he didn’t believe in love any more. Then there is JJ’s character. She was again a hard worker and loyal friend. She always tried to take the high road and protect those she loved. I liked that she was finally able to be with Ethan even if it was not on a permanent basis. Although there is one part in the book that will make you want to hit Ethan really hard and cheer JJ who finally expressed her feelings. What surprised me about JJ was her back story which had been about domestic abuse from her ex-husband. Well he will be back in the picture and up to no good.

Delia (Ethan’s ex and Connie’s mother) was a piece of work and she was making life difficult, which made it hard to like her. Things will change though and at last Delia will figure out what truly needs to change, her, otherwise she was going to loose her daughter forever.

Overall this was a fun and steamy series to read.


Some Girls Don’t

Some Girls Don'tSelena Durrum was back in her hometown to give a speech. She was nervous, but not because of the speech. It was because she would see Jarrod who had been the love of her life. When she sees him for the first time in fifteen years she knew that there was the fire and love they shared but Selena did not want to be trapped.

Jarrod Weston was a firefighter and loved what he did. Though Jarrod was never complete since Selena had left him. With Selena back only for a couple of days Jarrod knew not to get reattached but it will be hard as he still loved her.

Some Girls Don’t is the second book to the series Outback Heat by Amy Andrews. I liked this novel. It was very fast paced and entertaining to read.

Selena’s character is a driven career woman, it was all she wanted. I liked that about Selena but that meant she had distance herself from others especially in the relationship department. I wanted her to realize that keeping a hold on Jarrod didn’t weaken her. She had lived her life and to be with him would truly make her happy, she could have it all if she gave it a chance. Jarrod’s character was also a driven man and I liked that he was stubborn which could be a problem. Although when he was around Selena he turned back into a seventeen year old who had been in love with her.

What made this very fast paced was the amount of sex that was in the book. It is explosive between Selena and Jarrod. They are full of fire that is great for chemistry but they tend to butt heads together and say things before thinking. Though even with all the bumps in the road I was definitely cheering for Selena and Jarrod being together.

I am reading the third book next.

Dirty Rowdy Thing

Dirty Rowdy ThingHarlow Vega liked to experience life and took all that it had to offer especially having fun with guys but since her quickie marriage she hasn’t been successful. Then Finn Roberts will come back into her life on business. They make a deal to have fun while he is in town but when things start to get real between them they start to back off of each other and question what they want.

Dirty Rowdy Thing is the second book to the series Wild Seasons by Christina Lauren. I liked this book. It was a good addition to the series.

Harlow’s character is very loud and says what she wants, when she wants. I liked that she was protective and someone who fixed things for those she loved. She was perceived as a wealthy socialite by Finn when she was actually not a snob. Though one things Harlow does wrong is act first, think later which will get her into trouble. Finn’s character was quiet and had an attitude. He was always saying the wrong thing or he was bantering back and forth with Harlow. I actually liked the bantering but I wanted them to find that they were good together because initially it was like they were oil and water.

I found that they are actually very similar as they are the take charge kind of people. That is good and bad because they are both wanting to help or to take charge of the situation. They will work it out but it takes some time.

I am reading the third book next.

Bet Me

Bet MeMinerva “Min” Dobbs was done with men after her boyfriend dumped her because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Min wasn’t expecting another man to come into her life though it wasn’t by chance as it was all because of a bet.

Cal Morrisey did not want to take the bet especially when he met Min. She was too difficult to charm as he normally did with woman. Though as he spends more time with Min he finds that he starts to really want this woman.

Bet Me is a novel by Jennifer Crusie. So a while ago someone told me to try Jennifer Crusie and they told me to try this book. I haven’t had the time until now. Well I will have to say that I liked the book. It was charming and a little crazy but in a fun way.

I liked the relationship between Min and Cal. They actually didn’t like each other. They were opposites in most way but that changes as they spend time together. When they are starting to spend time together its actually sweet. Of course Min tries to fight the attraction especially as she knows about the bet. Though Cal really didn’t make the bet with David but I liked that Min does know so she isn’t blindsided when it comes out.

There were many side characters that were part of the story. Some were great, some were annoying but needed when it came to telling the story. There was one thing I really liked at the end which was the epilogue. Crusie fast forwards time to tell the reader what was going on with these characters. I will be back for more books by Jennifer Crusie.

In Your Dreams

In You DreamsEmmaline Neal had to go to her ex-fiance’s wedding otherwise it would look like she was still pinning away. Emmaline wasn’t, she just didn’t have anyone to go with. She will find help from Jack Holland, who was someone she had a crush on.

Jack Holland needed a way out of his town for just a little and he will find a way when Emmaline needed a date for a wedding. He will jump at the chance and will be surprised that the trip will bring on feelings for Emmaline.

In Your Dreams is the fourth book to the Blue Heron series from Kristan Higgins. Once again another fantastic book from Kristan Higgins and addition to the series. Since the beginning of the series I have loved these books. They are mushy, heartwarming, heartbreaking and feel real with the problems that happen as not everything is perfect. I like that she makes her characters with flaws or quirks which make them real.

So there was Emmaline. She was a character which was heartbreaking. She lost the love of her life to another woman and has been unlucky in love since then. You want things to work with Jack but there are definitely ups and downs in this relationship. I wanted them to have a chance at love because of their past, they deserved some happiness that would last. Now there is Jack who is a hero but in his eyes he is not, that attribute made him feel real and the situation. Jack was a man that everyone loves and was a very kind man which got him in trouble especially when trying to move forward with Emmaline in a relationship. The problem was that his ex wife was back in his life and wanted to try again. He can’t just say no to helping his ex wife but you know there are no feelings there anymore.

The people that I disliked was Kevin, Emmaline’s ex, and the new woman Naomi. They were a little too crazy with their workouts. Those two were perfect for each other. They both treated Emmaline poorly and I wanted her to stand up and fight back but she is too scared to do that. Another person I didn’t like was the ex wife of Jack, Hadley. She was much to immature for him and liked to play the victim a lot. She drove me crazy in the book but I knew that she was not a threat to Jack and Emmaline’s happiness.

Now as the books before Higgins goes into great detail of back story’s on Jack and Emmaline. I love that about these books. You really get to know the characters and when she goes back into the past I have never been confused with the switch of scenes.

Blue Heron series is one that I will keep reading. I can’t wait for the next installment which will be featuring Connor O’Rourke. His story, Anything for You, will be coming out in December.