Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary's BabyRosemary and Guy Woodhouse were in luck when they landed one of the most exclusive apartment buildings in New York. Little by little this perfect place started to become a nightmare at least for Rosemary who swore their was something sinister going on in the building thanks to her friend Hutch. Rosemary will find that it will be too late to find a way out.

Rosemary’s Baby is a book by Ira Levin. I have wanted to read this book for a while since I saw the movie years ago, I just never got around to trying it. The drive to read the book was because I watched the movie once again. I liked the book for the most part. I will say at times it read a little slow but I kept through it till the last page.

The book is like the movie and it is a lot of the little things that are happening in the book and movie. Everyday things are happening but with each page the plot because more sinister. There were not many characters that were good in this book, with the exception of Rosemary, but one that I really disliked was Guy. He was someone who wanted more and was willing to use his wife to get what he wanted. Now this is not a happy ending for the Woodhouses at least in the traditional sense but I guess if you look at it another way they got what they wanted in the end.

The Stepford Wives

The Stepford WivesMoving to Stepford was a new start but the moment they moved Joanna knew that something wasn’t right. First with the Men Association and then with how all the wives were only concentrating on doing housework and not what they used to do. Joanna knew it was only a matter of time when she would be next.

So as I finished The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin it had surprised me that I had never picked up the book even after I had seen both of the movies that were made. It also surprised me how short this book was, as it was only 123 pages, and it didn’t take very long to read. The book was interesting with the idea of these men creating their wives to be the perfect women for them which of course was degrading as all the woman were to be the perfect housekeeper who looked perfect and acted perfect.

I have seen the movies, both versions, and liked each other them. The first movie which was made in the 70’s was more suspenseful, but I felt it went a little slow at times. This movie was closer to the book in the plot. Now the other movie with Nicole Kidman was definitely different and not the suspenseful movie but a comedy of this story. I do like that version of the movie but what drove me crazy was how the plot was inconstant. Were these woman robots or where there chips put into their brains to act like it? It kind of drove me crazy but as I said I still liked the movie.

I wouldn’t say that this book was the most amazing thing I have read but it was good to read and something I have wanted to do for a while. I have checked out another book, Rosemary’s Baby, from Ira Levin which I am reading next.

A Cowboy for Christmas

A Cowboy for ChristmasLissette “Lissy” Moncrief was having one of the worst days of her life. With her being recently widowed she just found out the news that her two year old son was going deaf. Lissy was going broke and defeated. She will meet a man who she will find out has a connection to her husband and could be the person to help save her.

Rafferty Jones didn’t want to deal with cleaning up his brothers mess but he would do it because it was right. Rafferty will be surprised by the widow as she was the woman he met earlier that day. Rafferty will want to help and will find himself staying longer as each day passes.

A Cowboy for Christmas is the third book to Lori Wilde’s series Jubilee, Texas. I skipped the second book as my library doesn’t have it but I figure I will find it eventually. So back to the third book, I really liked the story. Once again it was sentimental and I felt for these characters as they felt real.

I liked Lissy for her ability to not fall apart even though it looked like she was going to. She was strong for her son and she was growing a backbone which she kind of lacked. Rafferty was not a perfect man thanks to his background but he was a perfect man for Lissy. That realization doesn’t come into play of course till the very end but they do get it right. I loved that Rafferty knew how to sign and that he helped Kyle, Lissy’s son, learn sign language.

Guilt seems to playing a big role once again but it makes sense as Wilde created her characters to be in a tough situation. All the characters had some sort of guilt. I felt that Claudia, Lissy’s mother in law, had the most. I felt that even though what she did years ago was bad, justice had been made. She had been punishing herself for over twenty years.

I am going to have to check out what other books my library has available from Lori Wilde. I don’t want another three years to pass without me trying one of her books.

The Cowboy Takes a Bride

The Cowboy Takes a BrideJoe Daniels lost his wife and now his best friend in a matter of two years. Still grieving Joe is trying to get his life together and then Dutch’s daughter, Mariah, shows up. Being an ex bull rider Joe is strong but Mariah will have him falling to his knees.

Mariah Callahan is now unemployed and found out that her father who she was estranged from passed away. Soon afterwards she will find herself saddled with a ranch her father owned. She will find life to be very different in Texas and more challenging especially with her next door neighbor.

The Cowboy Takes a Bride is the first book to Lori Wilde’s series Jubilee, Texas. I liked the book. It was a very fast paced story for where I just kept flipping the pages. Its funny because I haven’t read anything from Wilde in several years but from this book I can tell she is a good writer. She creates her characters to have some spunk and created like real people. The heartache over a lost one is very real and touching. I guess I will have to revisit some of these authors I have neglected. Its difficult when you are reading and finding new authors all the time.

I thought that Mariah’s character was well written as she was a woman who needed a new beginning, she just didn’t know where that was going to be. She goes toe to toe when she needs to be but there is still that element of damsel in distress she has. Now as a cowboy Joe is up for helping her but getting too close was not in the picture as he was still mourning his wife. Of course they will clash but come together to find that they both have a chance at happiness.

What I noticed in the book was that Wilde racks up the guilt that these characters are feeling but I feel that was done well as it is only human to feel that way. She is giving the characters realistic feelings that are going to pop up when a tragedy happens or you are trying to move on.

On a side note there was a character Ila who was Joe’s sister in law and I swear she was acting a little too devious for me. Like she was planning something to happen to get Mariah out of the running. Well as you see how my mind works thanks to suspense novels and movies, she wasn’t a bad guy just a heartbroken woman who wanted her own happy ending. Don’t worry she gets it right with another man in this book.

Now instead of waiting several more years I have another Lori Wilde book to read next which is the third book of this series Jubilee, Texas.

Camelot Series

Ruthi Knox is an author I have read only one book from, which I loved so I grabbed the Camelot series. For the whole weekend I went through the first book to the fourth book reading all about these Clark siblings.

How to Misbehave (Camelot, #1)How To Misbehave

Amber Clark has a big crush on the construction worker in her building but has no guts to let him know. She will have a chance with Tony Mazzara when a tornado threats to cause harm and she will be stuck in the basement with Tony.

Along Came Trouble (Camelot, #2)Along Came Trouble

Caleb Clark is a security specialist and is good at his job but this newest one would be challenging as he wanted Ellen Callahan, the woman he was supposed to protect. Loving this woman would not be easy as Ellen was not one to trust.

Flirting with Disaster (Camelot, #3)Flirting With Disaster

Katie Clark wanted to make something of herself after a disastrous marriage. Katie wanted to move on and have fun in her life which would be easy as a musician wanted her. The only problem was she kept thinking about Sean Owens who worked for her brother.

Making It Last (Camelot, #4)Making It Last

Amber Mazzara feels that she is losing herself with all the chaos in her life and will be surprised when she is given a gift to be left alone in Jamaica. She will not be left alone for long as a man will be there to seduce her, the man will be her husband Tony.

Overall I liked this series and Ruthie Knox can write steamy scenes and scenes that actually felt real as they were hard to get through and worth it in the end.

I liked all the siblings as they were a little different but always there for each other. When reading Amber’s story I thought there was missing something when I finished the book. Then I read the fourth book which revisited Amber and Tony’s story but some years later. You got to know her more in this second novella.

Caleb’s story was one that didn’t take long to get into. There were four main characters, Caleb, Ellen, Jamie and Carly. Caleb and Ellen were the main story and their relationship was not easy as they had plenty of ups and downs throughout the entire story. I was cheering for them but knew that it would be up to Ellen to make up her mind. Carly was very much like Ellen as they were women who did not trust easily and certainly did not let others into their lives. I liked how Jamie pursued Carly relentlessly and of course he wins but it was a battle. At times I was thinking that these two women needed to chill out with the aggression but they did have a point to be angry, they were just coming on a little strong with that emotion.

Katie’s story was one I fell into as you were already introduced to her and Sean in the previous book. I liked the story. There was a threat of a stalker or someone who was making threats but it turned out not to be too sinister in the end. I was happy that the egotistical musician did have his happy ending. He only got his happy ending thanks to Katie and Sean who were interesting to read. I liked that Sean was not your typical hero as he had a bad stutter which only made me like him more. Katie I liked but she was a little annoying at times. I warmed up to her character when she started to go for the right guy. I will say that this book I think had the most sex in it by far. Sean and Katie could not get enough of each other.

I am certainly coming back for more of Ruthie Knox’s books.

When She Was Wicked

When She Was WickedMiss Anabelle Honeycote was a seamstress and very good at her job only the money was not very good. Anabelle found a more lucrative way of earning money which resulted with her blackmailing clients. She had done this only three other times before and on her fourth try she will be stopped by the Duke of Huntford. Her life will for the better because of his generosity but she will start to lose her heart to the him.

Owen Sherbourne, the Duke of Huntford, cares deeply for his sister and family which was why he would stop the extortion plan. He will surprise his blackmailer, Anabelle, and have her make his sisters an entire wardrobe. With every moment he has Anabelle in his house he will want to help her, to protect her and want her. Owen knows he can’t marry her but he knows he can’t lose her either.

When She Was Wicked is the first book by Anne Barton’s series Honeycote. I loved this book. I thought the writing was well done and even though the story line was not very different from ones I have read, it flowed and kept me reading until the very end.

What got me were the characters in Anne Barton’s book. Owen was really actually loveable. He was a very good brother who took care of his sisters. He wasn’t a blackguard but he was charming especially when it came to Anabelle who he wanted more and more. Anabella was a seamstress and blackmailer which was pretty interesting. I really loved her character as she was a survivor and she also loved her family as she would do anything to help them.

Romance between them was seductive and charming at the same time. I wanted them to have that fairytale ending and I wasn’t disappointed with Barton at the end.

I really liked the sisters on Owen’s side, Olivia and Rose. I was cheering for Rose to find her voice again and for Olivia to find happiness. Of course Olivia’s story will have to wait as that will be coming out in October of this year. No word on Rose’s story but I am sure that will be written eventually. The other sister is Daphne who is related to Anabelle. I liked her but I felt I didn’t get to know her that much so I am definitely looking forward to reading her story to find out more about her when I get it from my library.

The Thousand Dollar Tan Line

The Thousand Dollar Tan LineVeronica Mars is back in Neptune working on a new case leaving her future in New York behind. She will get a case of a girl who went missing on Spring Break. Soon another girl will go missing and Veronica will have to search quickly to find out what is going on.

Veronica Mars was a television show that I watched years ago, all three seasons, and I have watched it numerous times over the years. I could not and still cannot get enough of Veronica Mars with her sleuth skills and her quirky wit. So then this year a movie was made with Veronica Mars and it was 10 years later after the series was finished. Needless to say but I will do it anyways because I was so excited to see this movie. I saw it and own it. I just re-watched it the other night which got me in the mood to read this book. I bought the book about a month or two ago and with all the books I read from the library it just got pushed to the side more and more. To be honest I was a little scared that it would not be as good as the series and movie since I have loved watching them. Well the book The Thousand Dollar Tan Line was better than I could have ever anticipated. Rob Thomas writes this story with the help of Jennifer Graham and it was fantastic writing. It was full of quick wit, some danger and overall fun. For me it was like walking back into the world of Veronica Mars, like I never left.

This book takes up right after the movie which I thought was pretty awesome. She has a big case with one missing girl and danger will be at every corner as she starts to mess with the cartel. But then another girl will go missing who was at the same party with the cartel. So you think these two girls are connected with the party well just remember this is a mystery and things don’t go always as you would think. Just when you think you know who is the one behind it another twist shows up. It is all about misdirection with Veronica Mars.

In the book Logan is back in the military but he will still be around connecting with Veronica which made me happy because since the beginning I was always a Veronica and Logan fan. Keith Mars is there who I loved as he still played the whacky father but had that serious side who was a concerned father. There was also Wallace, Mac, Weevill all part of the cast and the idiot Sheriff who made himself known in the movie. I thought as a whole these characters lived up to how they were portrayed in their memorable roles.

Amongst all the twists and turns in the book there was another surprise. A person from Veronica’s past will show up. I was torn with the character because of how Veronica was treated by this person but I wanted to see how and if they changed.

The ending is true form of how Veronica handles danger which usually means she gets hurt in the process but the bad guys are always gotten. There is another book to this series which is fantastic. I did not know if this was going to be a one time book, but it appears that it isn’t. Veronica Mars might be gone now from the television but will be alive in print and I can’t wait to read the next installment to the series. My only hope is that Rob Thomas continues to write these stories.