A Wedding Wager

It has been a while since reading Jane Feather but I ended up stopping at the library finding several new selections from her series. A Wedding Wager was one of those options.

A Wedding Wager 2Lady Serena Grantley does her stepfather’s every command until now. She is determined to make sure he keeps from harming another innocent but she will need the help of one man. The one man she let into her heart and broke his in the process.

Sebastian Sullivan was devastated when the woman he loved left him brokenhearted three years ago. Thinking he was over her Sebastian will come face to face with the woman instantly knowing nothing has changed only the fact that they were both a little older and wiser. Sebastian will head his brothers warning with getting involved with Serena but when she needs his help he is helpless to stop himself.

This book is from the series Blackwater Brides. I had found the first book of the series enticing to read and something different. A Wedding Wager was no different from the first book. The characters were well developed and had a lot of detail from their background which gave a well rounded character. Serena at first I wasn’t sure if I was to hate or not. Then once you find out more about her then you understand why she reacts that way and instantly you will want her and Sebastian to be together. Sebastian you wanted him to realize that he still loved Serena even after everything that happened.

The villain is quite clear and you hope for Serena’s stepfather to have a painful death as he is a monster. Jane Feather does a good job at creating the General to be loathsome.

I am interested to find out who Perry will chose for his bride in the third and final book, An Unsuitable Bride, to the series of the Blackwater Brides.

The Raven Prince

Anna Wren is a widow who is now on the brink of financial ruin. She must find a way to make money for herself and her mother in law. Anna will find a job as a secretary to a man who is anything but pleasant, but that will not stop her from soon wanting this man as he draws her to him.

Earl of Swartingham, Edward de Raaf has a way of frightening people with his rude behavior but soon he will find that is not sending his newest secretary away. Edward will find that he wants her more and more which leads him away to his other intended. Though two nights in the famous brothel will have Edward thinking of another which will drive him crazy not knowing her identity until he finds that his mystery woman and Anna are the same.

The Raven PrinceVeering away from the Maiden Lane series (at least until the next one comes out) I picked up the first book, The Raven Prince, of the series Princes Trilogy before I move on  to a new author. I wanted to find out if another series of hers followed the same pattern.

The Raven Prince did not follow the same pattern of the Maiden Lane series as it stayed out of the slums of England. After reading four books of the Maiden Lane series this one left me hoping for more. The characters were interesting, the plot intriguing and no doubt about the sex scenes which Hoyt does well, but for me there wasn’t that element that drove me to the read book. In other words the book was not bad. Once I was half way through it picked up the pace. Elizabeth Hoyt leaves you with a happy ending which was nice but still I wasn’t drawn into as I was with the other series. Still I will try out the rest of the series but at a later point.

Thief of Shadows

Thief of ShadowsWinters Makepeace has been hiding a secret from his family for nine years. Winters is the St. Giles Ghost. He protects those who can not in this area of crime but now Winter’s life is being thrown off its axis. He will meet a woman who has his heart beating faster and a bigger problem as his secret is no longer his own. He will have to protect the children, protect Isabel and then himself.

Lady Isabel Beckinhall is a wealthy widow with money to spend and plenty time on her hands. She starts to invest in the foundling house for children but then her attention diverts to the manger of the house, Winters. He is too quiet and not dignified for her taste but soon she starts to wonder about him. She is shocked to find that he is the Ghost who she saved and even more shocked to find that he was getting under her skin.

This Maiden Lane series keeps going strong with each book Elizabeth Hoyt writes. The fourth book Thief of Shadows was entertaining as the previous ones have been. The masked ghost of St. Giles is unmasked! Reading the series you had a feeling that Winters was going to be playing a bigger role. I liked Winters as our masked vigilantist for St. Giles. Winters it appeared had a split personality when it came to this series. For me it was a little strange with his control that threatened to burst his composure. He fought two sides of himself like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Then we have Isabel who was a feisty woman throughout the book that had backbone with her own faults.

In this story I have to say I wasn’t sure of the villain with any of the hints. I had a couple on my list but none were the correct villain. Now the next book to the series does not come out until the month of February in 2013 which is not too far away. Hoyt leaves us with a twist at the end with our next character that I did not see coming. I am interested in how Meg and Godric will get along in Hoyt’s fifth book Lord of Darkness.

Scandalous Desires

The third book, Scandalous Desires, of the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt was certainly worth reading as it will have you turning the pages right from the start.

Scandalous DesiresSilence Hollingbrook has lost her husband at sea but she is comforted by Mary Darling though now she finds the little girl is taken by none other than Charming Mickey O’Connor, the man who ruined her relationship with her husband. Silence though will take on the task and make another deal with Mickey. She will find things have changed as her eyes are starting to open to a new man in front of her. Though not all is well as her life and Mary Darlings life will be in danger from Mickey’s enemy.

Mickey O’Connor was calculated in his thinking and knew that by taking his daughter Silence Hollingbrook would follow right into his palace. Mickey had wanted Silence since the night they talked in his bedroom and now she is in his grasps. He will find himself at ends with this woman as she is not like any other women he has encountered before. She would not obey or sit meekly while he gave orders but rebel at every turn. This only made him want more of this woman. Mickey would make her his as he protected her from his enemy but things will start to look bleak as a traitor is found.

Since starting the series I was wanting more on Silence Hollingbrook as I felt that Hoyt was building up her story with each book. I was not surprised with the male lead as Mickey, he made an impact in the first book. I liked the two together as they were the complete opposites but if you looked deep within they were similar. They both were changing throughout the book in their traits, not a complete 360 but enough to show a difference. Mickey not so much as his was a change that happens much more at the end which was more plausible as he is a hard man. The scenes between them was a sizzle on the pages as Hoyt has done so in the previous books. Now the villain in this one is known but there is a twist with this villain. I had a feeling but did not think of it almost until the secret was about to be revealed.

With both books before this has a happy ending coming to the characters but we are left with a problem as the ghost of St. Giles has become injured and soon to be unmasked by none other that Lady Isabel Beckinhall but that will all come to play in the fourth book Thief of Shadows.

Legend Hunters

Spending time with family during the holidays is always fun and time consuming but as the reader in me I always like to curl up on the couch with a book at the end of the day.  Now I have not been one to remember my anniversary for this blog so starting at this point I will try better. Today is my third anniversary and I thought what better way to celebrate than to go back to the book which started the blog. Since reading Seduce Me back on December 25, 2009 I had not ventured on to Robyn DeHart, not that she was a bad author quite the contrary. I think it was because there are so many authors that I wanted to try. Of course now that her series Legend Hunters has three books I thought it would be appropriate to go back and read DeHarts books, a book for each year.

Seduce MeSeduce Me starts us off with the series Legend Hunters.

Fielding Grey is a treasure seeker and has come upon a task from The Men of Solomon to retrieve Pandora’s Box. Fielding will take the challenge but will find himself collecting more than the box. He will help protect the woman, Esme Worthington, who holds the key to the box. Esme will be grateful to Fielding but problems will occur when temptation is too much for Esme and she looks into the box.

Since reading the book before I remembered certain details but it is always fun to go back to novels and revisit their stories. I love DeHart’s story as it played to a mystery and paranormal romance. Fielding and Esme are both strong characters and I love that they are both scientist in their own way. The twist for Esme at the end was comical and gave a happy ending.

The second book to the Legend Hunters is Desire Me. I have to say when starting out the book I wasn’t so impressed but once you get to know the characters you are sucked into the story. Sabine is a strong female who has a head on her shoulders, not a weak girl. Max was a the strong hero who lived on his own for too long as he did not know what it meant to connect with others until Sabine comes to him.

Desire Me

 Max Barrett found the map of Atlantis years ago making him an instant member for the Solomons. He joined and continued his search for treasure but now something has intrigued him and it goes back to his map as Sabine Tobias comes into his life. Sabine wants, needs the map to understand the prophecy. When she entrust Max’s help it will be to safe her family but she is shocked to find that she started to fall for the man. With danger lurking Max and Sabine must hurry to uncover the prophecy.

Treasure MeThird book of Legend Hunters is Treasure Me which sounds like the final book of the series but one never knows.

Graeme Langford is the new Duke of Rothmore who is part Scottish and English. The adventurer in his sole longs for Scotland as its lands are wild and untamed but there is where the trouble will start. He will find himself handfasted to a woman, Vanessa Pembrooke who was unlike anyone he had ever known. She is bookish and loves adventure of new discoveries which is where the trouble will occur. Several cursed stones will draw out a murderer and it is up to Graeme and Vanessa to protect these stones as the danger keeps building threatening to destroy their lives.

I am not sure if the series Legend Hunters will keep going but it is certainly one to read as Robyn DeHart brings in mystery and intrigue with legends of priceless artifacts and curses. You are swept away with the characters and plots that are detailed throughout the series.

Notorious Pleasures

Notorious PleasuresLady Hero Batten has now become engaged to a steady and solid man what some would say boring. Hero wants safety but things will start to change when she meets her fiancee’s brother. She will find a passion in his arms that scares her as she only wants more.

Lord Reading, Griffin Remmington has seen a woman who is all together perfect and she is marrying his brother. He knows they would never suite but Griffin can not stop thinking about her or how passionate she becomes in his arms. Griffin will though have another problem on his hand as his distillery was in danger.

Since I love to find new series I had grabbed the first four books of the Maiden Lane series feeling this would be a very intriguing series to read. After the first book I wanted more and personally the second book, Notorious Pleasures, did not disappoint. You are brought back to the family that started the series but encountering new characters. This is truly a worthwhile series to read at least so far. I am hoping that this will continue.

Hero was the dutiful sister always doing the right thing. At times that got annoying as you wanted her to break free and find a way with Griffin. I loved how very much of a rake Griffin was that is of course how he acted. The true man was yes a rake but not as much as everyone thought. Thomas, Griffin’s brother, I actually felt bad for once I came to the end of the book as he too wanted more. There is a happy ending for all even if they cut it close.

There is certainly no holding back with Elizabeth Hoyt as she lets her characters explore in the basic desires. You will get caught up in the moment as Hero and Griffin will not be able to keep away from each other. Hoyt also continues the theme of sin in theses characters life as they are told to stay away but it is there taunting them. Within the book I found it was not filled with as much debauchery that Caire had displayed in the first book. Griffin is a rake but I did not think him villain like at first as I did with Caire. There is of course that grit displayed from the slums of St. Giles which follows the book. Hoyt does describe the darker side of London that most romances do not place themselves in.

Silence and Winters are still around along with Meg who was introduced as Griffin’s little sister. Silence’s story is now making headway and I am interested to find out more especially now that a certain pirate is back. Silence and Mickey will have their moment in the third book Scandalous Desires, which I am looking forward to reading.

Wicked Intentions

Elizabeth Hoyt is a completely new author to me. On my many trips walking through the library it seemed strange that I had never seen her books but thanks to a recommendation from La Deetda Reads I started with the first book, Wicked Intentions, of the series Maiden Lane.

Wicked IntentionsLord Caire, Lazarus Huntington needs a guide. He follows this woman knowing she would be the one to help him find the murderer. Lazarus did not expect to be blindsided by this woman. They investigate she starts to get under his skin drawing out a need he has never felt before.

Temperance Dews is in need of a benefactor for her foundling home or they are doomed to be evicted. She will find help with a strange offer in the night by Lord Caire. His proposal was simple. She would be his guide to St. Giles and they would find the murderer he had been searching for. Temperance will find herself being lured into Lazarus life and giving into temptations that she had suppressed.

Reading late at night my eyes were crusting over but I had to read more of this book. I don’t know what was compelling me but it was screaming me to read.

Wicked Intentions is on the darker side and a little gritty as it really takes place in basically the slums of England. Lazarus I wasn’t sure if I should hate or love. He was very much the silent type with his lets say interesting sexual appetites. This was very much a hot and heavy romance as Lazarus and Temperance come together. The character Temperance was a fantastic heroine but she was flawed which made her that all the more real as you read about her. She was one who punished herself and ignored her basic instinct to feel as a woman that is until Lazarus opened her eyes. I find that sin seems like a main theme in the book.

The other characters I could completely see each having their own story as they are all not the polished people of the ton. They have backbone and flaws coming from a broken home or scraping everything they have to survive. Like Silence, Winters or even Godric St. John.

Through the story Silence was having her own mini story being told. I liked this sister but felt sorry for her. I hated that her husband did not believe her but have a feeling her story is not over especially at the end when she finds something on her doorstep.

The last question in my head is who is the ghost? From reading the book he makes his appearance helping out and it looks as if he will be a character who will be revisited throughout the series.

After reading Wicked Intentions I only want more. On a whim I had grabbed a couple more from Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series knowing that once I start a series I like to read all of the books. I had a feeling I would like this series. Fortunately Elizabeth Hoyt has three more books in the series to read right away.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I had told myself I would try Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter before I saw the movie. The movie is out on DVD now so I figured it was time to start the book. Its been several months since I first read Seth Grahame-Smith and his Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which still to this day I am not sure I loved or didn’t, so going after this book was a something I wasn’t still sure.

The premise of the book is basically Abraham Lincoln discovers vampires at an early age and swears to destroy each and everyone as they covered his life with death. Abraham becomes one of the best vampire hunters until he is stopped by John Wilkes Booth or is he?

So now that I have your attention I will say this Seth Grahame-Smith is a very interesting writer, strange but still interesting. I wasn’t enthralled with the book as it didn’t grasp my attention as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies did even with is absurdities. Now I am not saying this book is horrible as it is definitely not. The history of Lincoln’s life was intriguing but at times I felt a little bored with the history. The added aspect of vampires was kind of funny when Smith adds it into the text. I did like a little twist at the end of the book and actually the introduction that was written. It was clever to read and gave a certain mystery to the novel.

Overall again I am indifferent but can appreciate the idea behind this novel. Now as it happens I found myself picking up the movie the same night just out of sheer curiosity. The movie did grab me as I watched it. There were plenty of things that were cut out and the ending was okay. They ventured away from how the book ended but the movie was fun to watch all the same.

Truth or Demon

Killian O’Brien is one of the baddest demons around so how did he get in this situation. A group of teenage girls were now ordering him  to find a man for Daisy’s sister Poppy. How hard could that be?

Poppy Reed was a loner who took care of her sister and had little time for dates. That is until when a new man shows up in her life making her think differently.

Truth or Demon by Kathy Love was fun to read as it was a little strange but fit well with the New Orleans Vampires series. This looks to be the last book of the series but you never know if the author will come back to the series. As with the rest of the series Love keeps the plot simple and lighthearted making it a joy to read as well as fast. I was done quickly with the book as the plot was easy to get into and devour.

As I have read most of Kathy Love’s series with the exception of the series Devilish, I have only read the first book to the series,  I will just have to wait for more  to get to the shelves.

Definitely Not Mr. Darcy

Chloe Parker is a complete Austen fan. Most days she feels as if she is from a different time period as she longs for those easy days of Austen’s. Chloe will have her chance to live the life with a documentary that will have several women dressing, acting and living the part of the Victorian lady. What Chloe did not know was this was not a documentary but a dating show to find who will win the heart of an English lord.

My cousin lent me the book giving rave reviews as we are both women who love the Victorian time period. Ironically I had seen this book before. The cover intrigued me and I had put it on my list of books but never went to find the book again.

The character of Chloe was wonderful. She was not the youngest heroine but a mature woman playing a game full of girls. Personally I thought all the characters were very intriguing to read about and how they interacted in this mock Victorian time period. The brothers were interesting when you read this book you will find out which one you like the most and I had my favorite. I liked Henry right from the beginning with his quiet ways but he had sarcasm down perfectly.

I had my suspicions with this story on what would happen. You read enough romances and you will have the clues to lead you. I had found out early or at least suspected but the journey was well worth the ride. I am a complete Jane Austen fan and this book was perfect. After reading this book I now know there would be a few things I would miss if I were truly back into the Regency time period.

At the end I had hoped for more but the ending gave you hope and a way back. This was a wonderful first book for the author Karen Doornebos and for those who love Jane Austen.