Get Comfortable on the Masterson’s Bed

Once Upon a Pillow is a collaboration between Christina Dodd and Connie Brockway. The story all takes place on the bed which would become famous, The Masterson Bed.

There are three stories from three different time periods. The first one is a Medieval story where a knight comes home and who now is trying to woo his reluctant bride. The second book is Elizabethan where an impoverished cousin is taken instead and set to be ruined. The third is Victorian where a lady plans to get her revenge on the man she loves. Of course these stories are the side stories for the present day story which is happening as the stories are being told.

These three stories took me a moment to get into as they don’t start at the beginning but as someone whose already been reading the story. But nevertheless these stories were short, to the point and fun to read how the masterson bed was created and used throughout the family.

I did like the present day story. The authors gave a little twist which you half expected but was not sure until you were told. I liked how the two came to know each other and what transpired between them. They had good chemistry that could melt the pages.

The heat between the pages will entice you along with the witty fun characters which Christina Dodd and Connie Brockway had created.

Seduction of a Highland Lass

After reading the first book to Maya Banks series Highlander I wanted to find the second book right away, Seduction of a Highland Lass. As the first one was with Ewan now the second book will be about Alaric and how he will have to perform his duty to his clan.

Alaric McCabe has been told he will marry Rionna McDonald and Alaric will do his duty. But Alaric will find a complication as he is left for dead but an angel will be the one to heal him.

Keeley McDonald is a healer and has been exiled for years from her clan. Keeley will across a warrior. She will heal him and feelings will start to stir but nothing will be able to happen. Alaric is bethrohed to her childhood friend. She will give her heart to Alaric knowing they will not have a happy ending.

I was excited to find the book as every time I looked it was never available to check out from my library but finally I got it. This trilogy is not the most original but then what is. With Maya Banks I seem not to be able to put them down. Maya Banks has created her characters to be irresistible and you just want to keep reading. And of course that is what I did. I could not put Seduction of a Highland Lass down. I had to finish the book once I started that first chapter.

The brothers are irresistible, Ewan is still strong, Alaric dutiful and Caelen mysterious and I love how even though this is about Alaric they are all involved within the story. Alaric is the dutiful brother and keeps that appearance even though he will loose the one that he truly loves.

Keeley’s character is another strong female which is being brought into the story so of course she blends right in. Her love for Alaric is sweet and you want them together but the destiny is already played out. Of course with any good story there is a twist and Banks will write it well.

Seduction of a Highland Lass is a fantastic second book to the series and I can’t wait to read the third book. Caelen is going to have his chance at the of being the lead and I am looking forward to what will happen.

In Bed with a Highlander

Maya Banks is a new author who after reading I found myself wanting to know more, to read more of her books. She delivers her book, In Bed with a Highlander with a plot which will make you want to know more and follow through with the rest of the laird’s family in the series.

Ewan McCabe is the oldest brother of his family. He is the laird of a poor clan. He is a great warrior and will find himself in trouble as his son disappears but comes back with a young woman. A woman he can’t stop thinking about. But who is she as her identity is being kept secret. All he knows for now is his son swore to protect her and his enemy wants her.

Mairin is the illegitimate daughter of the king. She has been hiding and seeking for the perfect man to marry one who will protect her and her would be kingdom. But Mairin is trapped with no way out. Her salvation is in the arms of a warrior, Ewan. She is drawn to him but wants to leave so she will not bring any harm to their door but it is too late. She has found herself with Ewan who is not letting go.

Ewan is the atypical warrior male. Mairin is the spirited female. They are a match in every way that is right. Banks delivers these characters to have tension, fury between them and not to mention passion. They heat up the pages with their sexual scenes but what I like the most is how defiant Maririn is too her warrior husband. She keeps him on his toes which is enjoyable to read.

The little boy Crispin is a perfect warriors son but will his innocence still. The uncles/brothers were also fun to read and I can’t wait as they are the man characters in their own book.

I found myself really wanting to finish In Bed with a Highlander to see how Mairin and Ewan’s story ended. Maya Banks starts off the series well and readers will want to read the rest of the series.

The Kidnapped Infant Is Found

Christina Dodd is an author which I will always want to read from as her stories are entertaining and thrilling that you will want to find the conclusion to. I read Close To You which is the third book of the series Lost Texas Hearts and it was unbelievable. I immediately want to find the first two and start at the beginning but sadly they are not available at the library I go to. Of course this means I will just have to wait.

Caitlin Prescott was taken away from her family at infancy leaving her no memory of her actual family. Twenty four years later Kate Montgomery is happy with her mother and a new job but this job will come with a cost. Kate will find herself with a stalker watching her every move and her past will start coming uncover but Kate will not be alone as she will have her bodyguard.

Teague Ramos is a professional with his own security service. He plays bodyguard and keeps his past hidden but his new client will be making that hard to do. Teague will find Kate too attractive to leave alone but his one goal must be to protect her from her stalker.

Dodd’s characters and plot development are fantastic. You follow along in the plot hoping one thing happens, that something will be explained but Dodd keeps you on your toes. Caitlin and Teague were fantastic together and I loved the villain. He was someone you wanted to hate and could very easily.

Close To You will capture your attention from the very beginning and this novel can be read on its own. It is always more informative to read from the beginning of the series but you will be able to get the gist of the story with how Christina Dodd writes the plot.

Nerds Gone Wild

A strange title but nevertheless I was intrigued to know more about this book and author Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Ally Jarrett has come into a fortune thanks to her grandmother who recently passed away. Ally is an heiress but wants nothing to do with that. She wants to become a wildlife photographer. And that is her plan except Mitchell Carruthers is starting to hover again.

Mitchell Carruthers is known as a personal secretary who worked for Ally’s grandmother. A nerd to the core but in reality he was a PI/Bodyguard. His job was to protect Ally and her inhertiance from anyone who would take it like her Uncle Kurt. But sparks will fly as they get close in a snowstorm.

With an assorted cast of characters Thompson creates a funny plot in Nerds Gone Wild. Each character brings humor in their own way which will leave you laughing at their antics while they are stuck in the usual snowstorm of Alaska.

I liked the plot of Nerds Gone Wild as it was original and brings in a lot of wit which will not leave as the reader plows through the entire book. This book is number three in the series Nerd.

Never Trust a Rogue

With a simple IOU Lindsay would be free of Wrayford’s attention. It would show he was a gambler and not the man for her but something goes wrong when Thane Parker, the Earl of Mansfied gets a hand on the note.

Thane Parker blackmails Lindsay in to a betrothal but what she does not understand is Thane will collect. As he chases the strangler he has to protect Lindsay as she could be the next victim. But with her stubborn ways she will put herself right into the mist of trouble.

I liked the adventure Olivia Drake sends Lindsay into with Never Trust A Rogue. As a sequel the plot and characters will hold your attention.

The villain looked to be one but then Drake shows a whole new angle which you did not see coming.

As the second book to the series Heiress in London it was intriguing to read as you wanted to uncover what was really going on and how these characters played a part in the unraveling.

The last book will conclude with the youngest sister taking her turn at love and adventure.

Seducing the Heiress

Seducing was never a heard thing for Colin Byrd, Viscount Ratcliffe. His next target was the heiress Portia Crompton and he wanted her and her dowry. But things changed as Colin got to know the heiress and she was not what he expected.

Portia was used to all the men flocking toward her. It was normal as she is an heiress but her heart will never be tainted from her first love. She knew she would marry Arun and would ever be denied by her family. But Portia didn’t anticipate Colin and his determination. He was something who could steal her away.

The first book, Seducing the Heiress, is from the series Heiress in London. Olivia Drake has an ability to captivate the reader. From the beginning I wanted to enjoy the story as the characters and plot are shown up front but secrets are uncovered.

I liked how Drake did uncover what the older generation hide. And it was comical as the past was revisiting with same and new characters in its place.

As a romance novel you will love the how the self servering Colin starts to play a different tune as love comes a factor, and how Portia’s love for another seemed only as a distant memory.


I have been looking at the book, Quicksilver, on the shelves for a month wondering if I was going to pick up the book. Anything by Amanda Quick I will read but with series I hate the waiting process especially if there is a inclusive ending. Fortunately with Quick’s books there are always endings which will leave you satisfied but even with no cliff hanger it is sometimes torture to wait for those books to arrive.

But with Amanda Quick she is worth the wait. Quicksilver is the second book to the Looking Glass Trilogy and it is riveting to read.

Virginia Dean is in a dilmena when she wakes up next to a dead body but trouble does not end there as she can’t remember how she got to be in the bed. Virginia will be saved the a man she met once but would never forget.

Owen Sweetwater hunts down killers and he is hunting one now only to find Virginia Dean in the mist of a very big problem. Owen helps out Virginia and asks for her assistance. He knows she has true power and he needs that help with finding a killer.

The arcane society took more of a step back and let those who still have paranormal powers take the stage. I liked the characters of Virginia Dean and Owen Sweetwater. They are written well and intriguing as they use their powers and how their lives are intertwined. Virginia’s powers seeing through the mirrors is haunting and you want to know more. I liked also Owen and how his family is explored through the story. There is wit that is hinted through the story.

The plot is like many of the arcane society but there is something about the characters that makes you want to read and see how their fates with end.

I like how Amanda Quick (really Jayne Ann Krentz) has several identities and how they are cross refrenced through the series she writes. It was clever of Krentz to create series that travels through the past, present and future. I have yet to really get into the future series but I guess at times I am still stuck in the past as the Victorian Period is just where I love to read.

Quicksilver was fast and thrilling to read and a great addition to the arcane society books.

One Kiss from You

Although not reading the series in order you are are still captured by Christina Dodd’s characterization in the plot. The second book, One Kiss From You, to the series Switching Places is its own complete story.

Eleanor de Lacy’s one mission was to fool her cousins almost fiancee. The job was going to be simple but Eleanor was blinded by hope. Remington Knight is not a man to be dealt with lightly. He is coarse and determined but Eleanor found herself enticed by him but she could not be threatened by passion. She had to fool this man to make him think she was the duchess.

Remington Knight had a mission and that was to get his duchess, Madeline. He would have revenge on her family but what startles him is the lust. He did not expect to feel that for this woman. But he would not be misguided by those feelings as he needed the de Lacy family to suffer.

I was thrilled by this book with Dodd’s characters of Eleanor who was shy and quiet to Remington who was hard and determined. Eleanor comes into a new woman while Remington will take a step back. There characters were perfectly intertwined together.

As the reader goes through the book you will notice it goes up and down. You want one thing then it goes to the next. You think finally they will be happy but then another road block comes into play. Dodd is very good at keeping the suspense and the plot interesting for the reader to continue throughout the book.

Readers will enjoy how Eleanor fools Remington but looses her heart at the same time.

Who’s the next Bachelor?

The was the question that Erin had to come up with. Who’s the next bachelor for their Prince Charming? It was a hard job but Erin loved it but something happens on this trip as they come upon to the broken down castle with Dylan as its innkeeper.

Dylan Chrisholm is the owner of the broken down land and doesn’t want anything to do with the Prince Charming show that is until he sees Erin. Sparks fly as they get close. Dylan and Erin are not ready to take the plunge but it could be coming whether they are ready or not.

The Great Scot is the second book to the series Chrisholm Brothers. Donna Kauffman creates the plot that many have used before but it was twisted with many witty characters, two of which are fighting the attraction.

Kauffman pulls off the hot and heavy scenes that aspire as Erin and Dylan are together but the story of their past pull off the story. The reader will be intrigued about the past and where these characters come from.

The Great Scot is a steamy squeal for the oldest Chrisholm brother.