Almost an Angel

Almost an AngelCarolly Hanson is a angel in training. She must help others to redeem her past life and move to become an angel. So far her experiences have not worked out as well as she hoped, but when she meets James, the Earl of Traynern, Carolly is determined to earn her wings. She will help James find love, she just has to make sure not to fall in love with him.

James Oscar Henry Northram, Earl of Traynern, was riding his horse when he will stumble upon a woman who had been beaten. James will take it upon himself to help this woman but he will quickly find that she is not all that she appears.

Almost an Angel is the second book to the series Regency Rags to Riches by Jade Lee. I liked this story. It was completely different from the first book as that one had spies. This one was on the verge of supernatural with Carolly who was an angel, well an angel in training.

I liked the character of Carolly for the most part. She was training to be angel because in her past life she was a little too selfish. I liked that she was all in with helping, but I felt that her past life was still very relevant. She was still a little selfish and acted out at times, but for the majority of the book she is mending her ways. James character wants to help Carolly but to help her understand that she is not an angel. I liked that although he didn’t believe in Carolly he believed that she was a good person and was falling for her. With everyday that James was by Carolly he was starting to change and so was his niece and household, for the better.

The idea of Carolly being an angel in training was interesting. I liked that she had to work to be an angel. It wasn’t that she was bad in her previous life, just a little too selfish. It was interesting when she starts a new life that she doesn’t always remember her other missions or her original life. Pieces of those past come back to her but it gets scrambled.

Jade Lee will give several surprises that happen more towards the end. There will be a couple surprises that will show how bad one character was but the other surprises bring a happy ending to the story.

I am reading the third and final book to the series next.

No Place for a Lady

No Place for a LadyMarcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, has been on many missions and wondered if it was time to give it up. Though he will accept the mission that his old friends offers him. Marcus doesn’t like the idea that he will have a partner, but this partner will intrigue him, and everyday he is close to Fantine he wants her more and more.

Fantine (Fanny) Delarive plays a role. Some days she will be known as Rat, a barmaid, or a servant. Her latest role will be playing the lady she should have become. She will help a lord who is trying to change England in a good way but she wouldn’t be alone in her mission. She will have Marcus right at her side.

No Place for a Lady is the first book to the series Regency Rags to Riches by Jade Lee. I really liked this novel.I don’t always like spy stories but this one intrigued me, especially the characters.

Fantine’s character intrigued me right away with her double identity. I liked that she had so many identities she used in order to survive on the streets. For all the hardship I wanted Fantine to give in and just ask for help but you knew that was not her. Her character was very strong when she was faced with hardship but when it came to matters of the heart she is vulnerable. Then there is Marcus who was a lord, but also a spy. He was a little stuck up but that was due to his upbringing. I liked that he changed to become less stressed and that happened because of Fantine.

The mission to save one of the lords was well done. There was some underhanded characters stopping them along with some betrayals and a couple of twists.

I am reading the second book next.

Wrong Number, Right Guy

Wrong Number Right GuyMay Wexler will find herself stepping into a biker bar thanks to some strange texts she got from her sister. May will soon find out that the texts were not from her sister but a man named Ozzie, who was undercover. Because of the wrong number May will find herself on the run and needing protection, Ozzie will provide that protection along with an opportunity that will change her life.

Wrong Number Right Guy is first book from Bourbon Street Guys by Elle Casey. I took a chance on this story as I have never read anything from this author. From the reviews I was optimistic about the story because the majority had said the story was funny and well done. I will have to agree with the statement as I thought that this was a funny story with strange but interesting characters. I can see all of these characters having their own story.

May’s character was such a surprise. She might have been scared  about the danger but when she needed to be strong. I really liked how she got the upper hand when it came to some combat skills. The problem with May I thought was with her feelings about Ozzie. I guess it was normal especially in such an extreme situation, it just got a little annoying at times. Now Ozzie’s character was a badass and almost like a mystery. He is quiet but his quiet is respected. Though there is another side to him which can be funny. He is playful when it comes to May and that helps her when they get together.

The bad guys that the team are after sell drugs and of course deal in murder. The team will be doing surveillance which is where May will come in. She will be taking pictures of the bad guys. There is not a lot of interaction with the bad guys but in the end I do like how Elle Casey has one of the bad guys being stopped.

I am looking forward to continuing the series when the second book comes out.

Body Heat

Body HeatAndi O’Roarke is the fire chief and has been for fifteen years. She loved her job but it was hard as she had to work hard to make sure the men respected her since she was the only woman in the firehouse. When she meets the arson investigator sparks will immediately fly between them and that will leave Andi wanting something more.

Tucker Fields is an arson investigation sent to a firehouse to look over a case. Tucker will be ready for his job but what he wouldn’t be ready for was Andi, the fire chief. He will want her instantly and will pursue her but they had to be careful to make sure the other firefighters did not get wind of their relationship.

Body Heat is the first book to the O’Roarkes series by Katherine Garbera. I liked this book. There is certainly a lot of heat from the fires and from the two characters. This was a free book that I had gotten on my kindle awhile ago.

So the character of Andi was a woman who fought hard and she had to because she was the only woman in the firehouse. Andi is strong with her command and she had gotten that from her four brothers and father who are all strong willed men. But she had a softer side it was just well hidden. Now, Tucker was a player. He was a love them and leave them kind of guy, and was a very take charge kind of guy. I liked him anyways especially as he was very charming, and he got Andi to open up.

The connection between the two characters is very explosive just like the fires that are written in the book. I will have to say that I thought the fires did get put in the back seat with the book. But I liked that it was character driven.

I liked the O’Roarke family. They were a bunch of big men who protected Andi but also argued endlessly with each other. I can’t wait to read their stories. So the second book to the series is with Rory, Andi’s brother. His is the only other book that is written, I assume the other two brothers will be written eventually, at least I hope. I will be on the look out for the book at my library but I am not sure they have it. I figure I will read it eventually but it just might not be right away.

Tough Love

Tough LoveVanity Baker wanted Stack and with each day of seeing him around she started to fall for him. She made a plan to offer him a one night stand in hopes that he will want them be together longer. Her plan will work but there will be trouble that Vanity will find herself in the middle of with Stack.

Stack “The Wolf” Hannigan was a man who enjoyed woman and only for a short period. Though with Vanity he started thinking a longer period of time, but before they could really get started his dysfunctional family comes into the picture, and trouble follows.

Tough Love is the third book from the Ultimate series by Lori Foster. I loved this book. I seem to be a broken record with this series, but then Lori Foster is one of my favorite authors.

Vanity’s character was a carefree woman, but that was how she made herself appear. She was timid with relationships and she was vulnerable. I was horrified with what happened to Vanity’s family, it was so sad. I was happy that she was getting together with Stack because she should have someone to love, and Stack was that guy. I think the way she went about it to get his attention wasn’t the most honest but it really didn’t hurt anyone. Stack’s character was a good guy. He took care of his family and he hated liars, this fact will come back to be a problem between Stack and Vanity which was predictable. Though the outcome in the end was worth the problems.

I really liked Stack’s dysfunctional family. At first I thought that they were bad but they were the complete opposite. The sister needed toughing up but she was a good person, and she does get better at the end. The mother just wanted to make sure her children were happy. The trouble that comes after Stack and Vanity is related to Stack’s family. Things will quickly escalate for Vanity and Stack.

I am done with the series, that is until February. That will be when Armie’s story will be out. I can’t wait to read his story. His character has been outrageous and mysterious. There was something that happened in his past and I think I have an idea, then there is Rissy who will be the woman that will have Armie falling for. Well he already is, he’s just too afraid to take that chance.

Holding Strong

Holding StrongDenver Lewis had wanted Cherry but he didn’t like the idea of sharing her, and she flirted with every man. Denver though will soon learn that Cherry was just a natural flirt and that there was much more to the woman. She will bring out his protective side and Denver will do anything to protect her from harm.

Cherry Peyton wanted Denver since the moment that she saw him, and everyday she fell a little more in love with him. Though every time she came close to him, he avoided her at all cost. Cherry will get her chance to be with Denver, but the next day things will start to get out of hand especially when her past comes back to haunt her.

Holding Strong is the second book to the Ultimate series by Lori Foster. I loved this book. I could not put it down even though I had to put it down and go to work.

I thought that this book held a little surprise with the character Cherry. You wouldn’t have known that she was a shell of a girl back when she was a teenager. Or that she survived so much tragedy and abuse when she was growing up. Cherry was stronger than she believed. Denver’s character was a man who was not closed off but cautious. He was of course sexy but he was also caring especially when it came to his fight family and Cherry. I thought he was a little judgmental and caveman like at times but you forgave him for that behavior. Denver also had a trauma in his past, wasn’t as bad as Cherry but still bad. Together they healed each other which let them move on from their pasts.

The villain/villains were horrible and disturbing men. The leader was the worst especially with what he wanted from Cherry.

Then there was Denver’s stepmother who was a piece of work. I didn’t think that she should have been forgiven that easily but it was possible she changed. She was alright in the end but I don’t think I would ever really like her character.

I will be reading Tough Love next which will be with Stack and I am excited, though Armie is a character I can’t wait to read. I want to know more about him and his past along with him finally getting together with Rissy.

No Limits

No LimitsCannon Colter’s goal was to go for the title but there will be a bump in the road that he will first have to get through. Cannon will find out he is part owner of a house and pawnshop with Yvette. Cannon will take this opportunity to get to know Yvette again and to protect her from danger that will surround her.

Yvette Sweeny did not want to come home to settle her grandfather’s estate but she has to. She will be shocked that Cannon was named as part owner, but will be even more shocked when Cannon wants to stay. She knows that he is being a hero again, but after a while she will start to wonder if he truly wants more.

No Limits is the first book to the Ultimate series by Lori Foster. I could not put this book down. It completely reminded me of the SBC fighters series which I have devoured over and over. When I read the prequel I knew already I would love this series and it was reinforced when I completed this book.

I think you can guess that I really did love this book, I am a big fan of Lori Foster. The thing that I liked about this book were how the characters were written. Yes the fact that Cannon was a fighter and extremely sexy was a big plus, but that was not the deciding factor. If an author can make me like the characters then I know that I will really enjoy the book. With Foster’s characters they are not just there, there are emotions and a very detailed backgrounds that for the most part are not pleasant. The tragedies that she gives these characters give them more depth.

Cannon’s character was a tough and caring guy. He made sure to back off when he needed and went all in when it was needed. I was excited to read his story especially when he was introduced back in Love Undercover series. Yvette’s character had been through hell three years ago and it haunted her still. That made Yvette very guarded, which led her to being closed off when it came to sexuality. Cannon will be able to help Yvette open up and feel things that she had been trying to stay buried. I also liked how Yvette’s character faced trouble. It was realistic, a little naive, but it felt real.

So there was a twist with who ever was after Yvette. There were a couple choices that I had thought were the bad guys, but Foster blindsided me with the person who ended up coming after her. Well the people I thought were guilty were still guilty, they had their own part in the twist.

I am looking forward to reading more about these fighters. I will be reading Denver next and then Stack. I will have to wait for Armie’s story but not for long as it comes out February.

Hard Knocks

Hard KnocksHarper Gates has loved Gage since she was in high school but he never noticed her until now. Harper will get the chance to be with Gage but she is scared to let him in completely and be heartbroken the moment he leaves again.

Gage “Savage” Ringer is a fighter whose goal is to keeping fighting until he gets the title. Though with one injury he was out of the fight he had been training for. Gage will not have to worry long over the disappointment with Harper distracting him.

Hard Knocks is the first story in the series Ultimate, well actually its a prequel to the series. I loved that Lori Foster went back to the SBC fighters. I had loved reading that series and yes I re-read them over and over, I can’t get enough of the characters. Now she is introducing an all new cast of fighters, there is Gage who is the main character in this book. Then there is Armie, Stack, Cannon, Miles, and Denver. Those are the fighters that have been introduced.

So now onto this novella. I really loved the story. It was short and straight to the point. Gage wants to go forward in his career but got a little sidetracked. Then there is Harper who wants the man she had always loved but doesn’t want to get in the way of his career. It would appear that a relationship might not be Gage’s priority but he will make it so when it comes to Harper.

The story was sweet but there was also a steamy side, which Lori Foster writes really well. The two characters are like tiptoeing around each other, not sure of what they are doing, but wanting each other without a doubt. The lust keeps building and building between them and the pages will start to sizzle between them.

I am reading No Limits next which will be with Cannon who had been introduced in the series Love Undercover.

All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue

All the ways to ruin a rogueLady Aurelia loved Max when she was nine years old but was shattered and brokenhearted at fifteen when she found him to be a rogue. Because of that night Aurelia made it her mission never to get along with Max. For year they bickered back and fourth but thing will start to escalate from heated arguments to heated embraces.

Max, Viscount Camden, had been friends with Lady Aurelia since she was a young child. He was astonished when she ruined his reputation some years later. After that he made sure that rumor was gotten rid of. He made it his mission to fight verbally with Aurelia whenever she was around otherwise he might do something he would regret, like taking her for his own.

All the Ways to Ruin a Rogue is the second book to the Debutante Files by Sophie Jordan. I really enjoyed this book. It was hard at times because of all the fighting. I thought that they should be adults and really talk about the problem, but that was never going to happen. I did like how Sophie Jordan wrote the bickering between the two. It seemed real. There are times in books when enemies go to lovers and its a little too unbelievable. I thought that she did a good job because when they became lovers all was not forgiven, at least yet.

Aurelia’s character acted like a child at times but I still liked her.  Aurelia is also an artist and she is gusty for leaving her drawings for others to find. I also liked that she finally was doing something more for herself in the book. She was not necessarily a wallflower but she didn’t really go against the grain often. Then there is Max. Max was a scoundrel and he was good at it. I didn’t always like Max because I felt he was throwing his life away. I was happy to have Max finally be with Aurelia because then you knew the scoundrel would slowly disappear.

As I said above the romance between them starts but doesn’t heal all things between them. That will need time and for both characters to learn to trust one another, not just lust after each other and it does happen.

So to me this sounds like the end of the series but one never knows if another book will be written.

An Heiress for All Seasons

An Heiress for all SeasonsViolet Howard did not want a husband who had a title. She wanted her father’s man of affairs but she was forced to come to England. Violet will be surprised by the Earl of Merlton and will find herself liking him, but she will try to avoid him.

Earl of Merlton, Will, did not want to marry but found that he will have to for financial reasons. He will be surprised by his mothers latest potential bride as Violet will be the first woman he was interested in marrying. He will have to work hard to woo his potential bride.

An Heiress for All Seasons is the 1.5 novella from the Debutante Files series by Sophie Jordan. I thought that this was a fun and quick novella.

Will’s character was a player but not a cruel one. He did right by his family and that meant he would marry for money. I liked that Will didn’t declare that he loved Violet right away because it wasn’t true, though love will bloom and rather quickly. Now Violet’s character was determined not to marry a man she didn’t want and I liked that she was not backing down the moment that she saw Will. She will but there will be some persuading. I will say that she was persuaded rather quickly to forget the man that she claimed to want. Of course that is because this is a novella and everything has to move fast to get to the end, and the ending was great especially with how Will proved himself to be truly a good guy.

I am reading the second book next.