Sheep vs. Wolf

Reading some of Donna Kauffman’s books I have found she has a lot of quirk in the characters and plot. That is not lost in The Big Bad Wolf Tells All. First off the cover is humorous and secondly it was not what I expected from this novel.

Tanzy Harrington is the most read romance columnist and she makes a whole new hit with her sheep/wolf theory. But that kind of attention also creates a problem for Tanzy as she will start getting threats of a stalker who wants her. Tanzy will get that help from her great aunt.

Riley Parrish was hired by Millicent Harrington to protect her grandniece. Riley figured it would be over and done with and he would leave. But Riley didn’t know the effect Tanzy would have on him or just how serious this stalker would be. Riley will play the sheep to Tanzy’s wolf but it will be Riley in sheep’s clothing.

Overall the plot was entertaining to read. You had several side characters who went along nicely and the idea of the sheep vs. wolf was comical and made you want to read more.

I like that both characters played the wolf but at times in sheeps clothing it was clever and fun. Kauffman also creates the villain to be unexpected but not so out of left field that you are confused.

After reading this book you will wonder if you are the sheep, the wolf or a whole new hybrid of the two.

Bodyguards in Bed

A genius, a driver and a model all have one thing in common they will need their own bodyguards. In Bodyguards in Bed is a collection of three authors (Lucy Monroe, Jamie Ann Denton and Elisabeth Naughton) with their own short story all about bodyguards.

In each story it almost seems as you are starting with the book in progress as you don’t know some of these characters. As each story could have its own series instead of a separate collection but each story is very well written and engaging with their steamy scenes and the quick thrill.

The three stories in the collection are Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brothers Bed?, Hot Mess, and Acapulco Heat.

L.A and Napa Collide

Christie Ridgway’s book Crush on You is the first book of the series Three Kisses Trilogy. Reading the summary I was interested. There was something about the book that makes you interested and want to know more.

Alessandra Baci is known as the Nun of Napa through the town because of a tragedy which left her with a broken heart. Five years have past and Alessandra keeps up her vibe through town but there will be one man who will threaten to break what she has been holding on to.

Penn Bennett is known in Hollywood and is back with his half brothers in Napa. Starting a new job was not in this break but he ended up with that and working with the Nun of Napa. Penn doesn’t believe in Alessandra and finds ways to rattle her. Working with her on saving the winery seemed like the solution as he knew she needed him. But Penn will start something much more.

The book was slow to begin. Christie Ridgway brings you into the story but it is slow going. I liked the characters and you get to know them but not as much to stay completely invested. Then as you are diving into the story you get that connection. Penn and Alessandra’s characters start to make sense and you want to see how it plays out.

I liked the other characters of Gil and Clare being told at the same time. The one thing that I didn’t like was Alessandra’s weakness to stay the same but through the plot she grows and changes into the woman and all is changed at the end.

Nearly a Lady

Winnefred Blythe has been a burden all her life as no one wanted to take care of her which is why she learned to do everything herself except for the help of  Lilly. Surviving on very little Winnefred and Lilly are unexpectaly visited by one of the family members who have but them in this lifestyle close to poverty.

Gideon Haverston knew his stepmother had done wrong to these women but he learns just how bad it was as he visits. Gideon will be overwhelmed with wanting to help these two women especially Winnefred. He does everything he can to help repay these women for what they had to endure. But there is something that is blocking Gideon from letting her all the way in, a past wound that has not healed.

Nearly a Lady is a novel written by Alissa Johnson. I was not sure of how the story would go if the women would be believed or if Gideon would just brush them off, but this is a romance so of course Gideon is our hero. How Johnson writes the story the author is involved with the characters and you feel for them all.

Winnefred is quirky and afraid of society but the thing that the reader will like most is she is a delicate girl with seasickness. Johnson brings humor to her character that she is not as tough as she appears.

Gideon is hiding from his past and only towards the end will you hear the whole story. Johnson makes it hard for Gideon to get over the past and right down to the wire to get Winnefred back.

I liked how the side story of it all was about Lilly and the man she had lost who will happen to come back into her life.

Nearly a Lady is a fantastic novel by Alissa Johnson with humor within the ton of society.

Marrying in Lies

To marry is a serious step but to marry in a lie that spells trouble. In Scandal They Wed the characters will find themselves in a new web of lies as one of them is not being completely honest.

Evelyn or Evie as she goes by gave up everything to help her sister and that resorted in her getting her sisters abandoned child. She raises the child as her own and lives the lie but the lies come back to haunt her as a ghost from the past comes her way.

Spencer Lockhart was the cousin of Ian. Ian fell in love with a beauitful woman Linnie and they created a child. Ian’s dying wish was to have Spencer take care of them. Spencer saw Evie and thought her to be Linnie. Evie let him believe the lie but things escalate and Spence and Evie find themselves husband and wife.

I liked the confidant woman Sophie Jordan created in the novel. Evie was strong and willing to sacrifice but still had a voice even. Spencer’s character was driven and you end up frustrated because he is in love with a lie and you want it to be real, not this imaginary Evie.

The back story to Evie was intriguing and you wanted to know more about what had happened to her in the past. And of course as you find out about the past you warm towards her character.

The not so easy path they took gave the book a tender feeling towards the end when Jordan commits to a happy ending for the characters which will leave you smiling.

In Scandal They Wed is the second book to Sophie Jordan’s series Penwich School for Virtuous Girls.

Survivor Continues

After the first book of the series Demon Hunters I couldn’t wait to dive into the second book,  Hunting The Demon. After reading about Derek I was interested in finding more about Nic, his thought to be lost brother.

Nic Diavolo is lost but does not know it. He was kidnapped at eight by his father who is a demon lord but all Nic knows is he is rich and his father is now missing. Nic is a surfer and does not take many things too seriously that is until he meets Shay and is tangled up in his own past which starts to reveal.

Shay Pearson is part of the group now of Demon Hunters and her job is to get to Nic and bring him in. She feels guilty as she uses Nic at first but he pays her back. The two hit heads until Nic figures out the truth but by then it could be too late. Shay is connected to Nic in ways she never new possible. Shay will use her psychic abilities and help her crew members to find a way to save Nic from himself and his demon family.

As a sequel Jaci Burton does not disappoint as new and old characters are placed in to Hunting The Dream. I liked how Nic’s character develops in this novel and how Shay taken into one of the leading roles. Their intensity plays through the entire novel which leaves the reader thrilled by their interactions.

The demons are taking a bigger role with some surprises and they are taking their role to a different place.

A fantastic second novel in the Demon Hunters series.

Survivor but with a twist

The game of survivor has become very popular on the television as people watch what will the contestants do next. Jaci Burton will give readers a thrill in Surviving Demon Island. The book is just the first in the series Demon Hunters.

Gina Bliss loves the action, the thrill of danger so when she hears about the new reality show that involves danger and the use of  survival skills Gina is all for it. Surviving Demon Island was all supposed to be a game but Gina will soon find out differently with her new crew members and trainer, Derek Marks.

Derek Marks job is to get them ready for what they are not even prepared for. Surviving Demon Island was a crazy idea but he had to follow what Lou said. Derek is instantly attracted to Gina but things are going to get chaotic as the contestants find the truth and the enemies start showing their faces.

This novel surprised me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to play and needless to say I liked the beginning of the series. Jaci Burton had a purpose for where the characters were going and what happened in their past connected them all. I like the ploy of the demons and the crew’s mothers disappearing. Derek’s part in this was a good twist and will be interesting to read as the series continues.

The element of light and dark creates the a plot which will drive the reader to want to know more. And of course the sexual tension and scenes from Derek and Gina were filled with passion. The idea which it started as a reality show was humorous which adds to the lightness of the book.

As far as a first book of the series it is a great start to building an intense series.

Viking Heritage

Whenever anything to do with vikings my interest peeks as that is my background. The Reluctant Viking from Sandra Hill was a surprise when reading.

Ruby Jordan knew her marriage was over as he told her so. She did not want to give up but did not know what to do. With the self help CD Ruby drifted off to a very distant past to a pack of Vikings. Ruby is confused and scared but shocked to see a younger version of her husband Jack. And Ruby herself was a new younger model of her former self. But this man is not Jack.

Thork the look a like for Jack is a Viking in charge of many with two sons and a strong desire not to wed. Meeting Ruby he knew he was in trouble as she constantly thought her to be his wife and from the future. Thork will try to rid himself from her but the harder he tries the faster he falls.

Ruby tries to find a second chance with Thork one she knew she needed but the Viking would not be kind and Ruby would have to fight to keep what she wanted.

Although this book got my attention I was put off by the crued way the men treated the woman but that was the way back then. I liked the idea of the time traveling without real time traveling. I liked Sandra Hill’s style and how Ruby Jordan’s character was linked to the viking heritage. She was seeing her family from another time.

The story itself though was intriguing even with the cruel way they treated their woman without feeling. It made the story more believable. The end was predicateable but it was sweet and redeeming for Ruby.

I am intrigued to go on with the Viking Series I. I am interested in seeing how Sandra Hill will keep the story and will one of them actually time travel and stay in the past?

How To Marry a Duke

With a title like, How To Marry a Duke, it is no question to what this book is about but Vicky Dreiling will throw some surprises for the reader in this witty romance novel.

Tristan, the Duke of Shelbourne is now officially looking for a wife and his list will not be overlooked. He doesn’t want a scandal and will fight to marry a woman who will follow all of his guidelines. To do this he will go to a woman who fascinates him, a matchmaker.

Tessa Mansfield is in no need of a husband as she is rich and wants only to help those young woman to find love. Becoming a matchmaker only made sense of her past. She had made many matches but her challenge would come in the form of Tristan. Tessa will make the match but soon will find out that Tristan could be the man for her and the feeling is mutual but scandal will stand in their way.

As all romance novels go we have a young woman who is a spinster and a rogue coming together but in this case it is not for a fling. They work together. I liked how Dreiling created her characters to be polar opposites but completely a like at the same time. I also liked how Tristan was a rogue he did not display these characteristics when he set in mind for finding a wife. Dreiling did a very good job creating Tristan to be the character the readers want to cheer for.

Dreiling also prolonged the secret of which Tessa had been hiding until the very end which makes you want to know even more. The secret was what I thought but how it was revealed was well done.

How To Marry a Duke is the first novel of Vicky Dreiling. I am looking forward to Julianne’s turn of love with the next rogue Hawk.

The Secret Desires of a Governess

Abby is not the governess everyone thought. Abby is under a disguise running away from her family and what she needs to do. She has no desire to wed and wants to do things her way but marriage is not looking so bad when she meets her employer.

Earl of Brendall, Elliott is in need of a governess for his son. Many governess’s have come and gone but none have stuck. Elliott knows what is wrong with his son as it is the same with him. He doesn’t want Abby to know but she keeps getting too close to the truth. Of course that will not be the only secret which is hidden inside.

The Secret Desires of a GovernessTiffany Clare surprised me with The Secret Desires of a Governess. There are many secrets inside the book. The main one which is obvious but there is another that is revealed discretely throughout the entire story which you didn’t see coming. The other thing I didn’t see coming was the amount of sex which was steamy and filled with passion almost in the ways of erotic text.

I loved the characters of Abby and how she found love in the person she least thought would be possible. Elliot’s brooding and flaws kept his character genuine.

So if you want a novel which will get your heart bumping with the thrilling scenes and intense characters pick up The Secret Desires of a Governess.