Love in a Mist

Keely Glendower has just lost her mother and is now in search of her father who abandoned them eighteen years ago. She traveled with her two cousins only to have the door closed on her face by her half sister. Keely though would not give up meeting her father. She will find that all is not lost as she will be accepted into the family but more is to come especially as the prophecy her mother told her was coming true.

Richard Devereux wants a wife and heir so he can go to Ireland. He sets his mind on a daughter of an earl but soon he will change his mind when he sees a Welsh beauty. Richard will find out that this beauty is the Duke’s other daughter but still he set his mind that she would be his wife. Richard will though be dumbfounded as she does not swoon at his smoldering looks. They will be married but wedded bliss will not be easy for Richard as his wife test him with her beliefs.

The fourth book of the Deveraux series is Love in a Mist. I was definitely interested in this book as now the only brother of this family was having his chance in the novels. What surprised me was Patricia Grasso goes a little supernatural with the story. The supernatural though was not in your face making this a true paranormal romance. Grasso subtly inserts Keely’s pagan beliefs but these details bring life to Keely’s character and intrigue as her mother gave her a prophecy of her future husband. Now Richard was definitely the opposite of Keely. She was everything naive and sweet while Richard was a seducer at heart but of course the differences made the book enjoyable to read as they did not have the most perfect first meeting.

Aside from the characters Grasso continues to write her plots with several twists which in this case were delivered early on in the book. Her twist kept you thinking what would happen when the secret would be revealed. Another surprise was the villain. The villain was revealed early on as their thoughts were spoken and of course through Keely’s feelings.

The fifth book will be going back to the MacArthur’s in Courting an Angel.

Desert Eden

Heather Devereux is sailing away to meet and marry her French husband. She follows her families wishes but has no liking to her betrothed and longs for adventure. Soon she will find herself with all the adventure she will be able to handle as the ship is taken over by foreign warriors and Heather and her cousin are taken captive. Heather will find herself in a strange land, no family, and a slave to a Ottoman Prince. She will fight with all her strength but will soon find the adventure she has craved with the Prince.

Prince Khalid Beg is known as the “Sultan’s Beast”. His fierce fighting abilities and scar has proven his name and those around him cower in fear. But soon Khalid will find one woman who does not look upon his face in disgust. Thanks to his men he is given a new slave who is the answer for his revenge. He will use Heather and humiliate her in order to teach her obedience but when he is about to be rid of his slave Khalid will rethink getting rid of this woman.

The third book of the Deveraux series is Desert Eden and it was a whole new adventure from Patricia Grasso. So far the sisters of the Deveraux series have been fantastic. Grasso keeps them strong and not wilting flowers when they have to fight. Heather continues the theme of disobedience even more than her sisters making the story very entertaining to read.

Prince Khalid was a character that developed well. You disliked his cruel behavior of Heather in the beginning but throughout the book he changed. She developed that change really well. I liked that she built in the past for both Heather and Khalid that brought them closer together healing each other. Grasso keeps most of the book series with attacks on the sultan or Heather’s dreams but there are comical times especially with Heather’s tactics of disobedience.

The side characters of course were well developed. I especially liked Khalid’s mother. I disliked her but as she was kept in the picture she became a much stronger character and one you wanted to read about. At first I thought she was going to play a villain but that thought had been wrong. The main villain you will know but there are surprises on who are the other villains.

Richard Devereux will now have his chance next in Love in a Mist. 

Emerald Enchantment

It took my library longer than I wanted but finally I was able to get the rest of the series Deveraux in my hands (book 2-6). After reading the first book with Brigette I needed to know what would happen with Kathryn and the rest of the family.

Kathryn Devereux O’Neil is widowed and with child. She has no desire to marry as there are two men who are telling her she will marry. Kathryn will choose the lesser of two evils in Hugh, and she will even find love but it will be tested.

Hugh O’Neil wants what is rightfully his and he will take it along with the widow Kathryn. Hugh will soon discover that Kathryn is everything he wanted in a wife but it will be ripped from his grasp and will have to fight to win her back.

Emerald Enchantment is the title of the second book from Patricia Grasso. From the sound of the title the book sounded as if there would be love and romance, but this is not a all assuming love story. There is tragedy, betrayal, abuse, love, and finally trust. I also noticed that Grasso gives a certain theme for the sisters so far and that is obedience to those giving them orders are most of the time ignored.

For me I was quickly drawn into the story and completed it in one sitting as I needed to know how it was to end. To be honest I was thinking it would be a tragic ending for the characters at least emotionally but I am happy to say Grasso pulls out a happy ending. Of course this happy ending only happens at the last moment and very last chapter.

So the story is a love hate one. You love the characters and the plot gets to you but hate all the injustices Kathyrn has to endure. She is certainly fiery and will fight even when cornered. I liked her determination in the book even when she is facing her tormentor. I have to admit through the story I was hoping for her to get a break.

Hugh is a fierce warrior who knows what he wants and goes for it. He is fun to read about even as he acts like a male chauvinistic at times, but Grasso redeems herself with writing as Hugh expresses his feelings.

The villain was a typical villain but he was really only in the beginning and end of the story which I thought was a little strange. His name is brought up through conversation but he is almost an after thought until he makes his play.

Heather will be the next sister in the series and she will have not drowned as everyone had thought.

Taming an Impossible Rogue

Lady Camille Pryce made a decision to runaway not walk down the aisle  She could not live with a man who had not bothered to say one word to her in her twenty one years of life. Camille found hope in a gaming club where she worked and for over a year she was happy but now her heart is in trouble as she meets a man. That is before she finds out that this man is her fiancees cousin and he has been sent to retrieve her.

Keating Blackwood did not like his cousin but for ten thousand pounds he would do as he asked. Keating needed the money but when he meets with Camille and interacts he is finding this more difficult than expected. But Keating had a mission and that was to provide for the woman he ruined and his son, no woman would stop him even if he was falling for her.

Taming an Impossible Rogue was a fantastic sequel to the series Scandalous Brides. After reading the first book of the series I knew now what to expect. I liked the characters of Camille and Keating as everything they said was honest. There was no lying that hurt each other at least that was true except for feelings they felt for one another.

The book was a very quick read and of course I only hoped for the perfect outcome but Suzanne Enoch keeps you biting your nails until the very end. There will be a twist that you didn’t see coming and only will be revealed at the end when all is about to be given up. There is definite satisfaction for the annoying fiancee Fenton that readers will laugh. Another character is the Duke of Greaves or Adam will be playing more of a part and will have his story told next.

At Last

Amy Michaels is the bad girl of Lucky Harbor. Garbed in black military boots she serves food as a waitress at the Eat Me dinner and doesn’t let anyone get close to her. But one person gets to her, the local forest ranger who makes her blood sizzle. Amy brushes him off but one night in the forest will change everything.

Matt Bowers has had several jobs in his life but now he has settled in Lucky Harbor as a forest ranger. He takes his job serious especially when hikers are lost or hurt. Matt will find pleasure in this rescue as Amy, the one girl he had been lusting after, is in trouble. He will rescue her and things will start to take a turn as Matt will find out he is not invisible to Amy.

At Last the fifth book of Lucky Harbor series was a really fantastic book to read. I think Jill Shalvis wrote a really well character development that blended very well into the plot.

I loved Amy’s character. She was one you wanted to cheer for as you discovered the hard life that she had lived and survived. You wanted her to take the chance and become the good girl with Matt. I liked the role reversal as Amy was now in the hot seat and had to learn to be a good girl instead of the bad girl. Matt was a great character as his harden past made him slow to trust but irresistible. You wanted him though at times to give Amy a chance and really let her in just as she needed to let him in.

I loved Riley’s character as she was a younger Amy. You immediately wanted someone to help the girl and I was thrilled that Matt and Amy were the ones to try and help. Shalvis also expanded more on the lovable characters of Lucky Harbor but I do miss the sisters involvement in the story.

Grace will be next when she finally finds a job with Josh.

A Beginners Guide to Rakes

Diane, Lady Cameron is back in London after three years in Vienna. Left penniless and jilted by two men in her life Diane became hard and determined to survive. Her goal was to open a gaming club where woman ran the club and only the most exclusive men were entered. Diane though would need help to finance the club and that left her only to one man who hurt her the most.

Oliver Warren is an accomplished gambler and lives freely enjoying what is to offer but when he is blackmailed he is furious, a little intrigued. His blackmailer was no other than the woman he fled from two years ago. He watched in curiosity as she said her plan and Oliver agreed. Soon he finds himself in the same situation two years ago but this time she is not the young girl but a determined colder woman.

A Beginners Guide to Rakes by Suzanne Enoch is the first book of the series Scandalous Brides. I have only read a couple books from Suzanne Enoch and have certainly enjoyed them. The title of the book is what drew me to it. Firstly when I read the back I was intrigued but wasn’t sure how I would like it.

After I concluded that this series is something I haven’t really read before, a woman owning and operating an established gaming club, not a brothel. I liked the plot and it was a book you wanted to keep reading even if it was a tough read as it was not your average romance novel. There were no young lovers only hated rivals cursing each other at every turn.

Personally I thought the two main characters were almost like villains in the book. That was my first thought as they were not very nice but then Enoch reveals what they are thinking and why they are acting as such. You are brought into the characters life’s and want more for them.

I liked that Diane was strong enough to continue on the venture but you wanted to shake her to trust that Oliver had changed that is once you were certain he had. Now that is the romance reader in me as I like everything to have a happy ending, and Enoch does provide. The ending though takes its time to get to that point with some very good teamwork of the two characters as they are working together to get rid of the bigger problem.

I am interested in how Enoch will continue this series and which girl in need of help will be next.

Fire and Ice

Reading now my third novel from Anne Stuart I have come to realize that she writes romances but they have a tendency to be dark, as a thriller and mystery should be. Now I don’t know if this follows all her books but it seems certain this is the case in the series Ice and others like the House of Rohan.

Jilly Lovitz is a typical California girl except she is a genius, done with high school and college by eighteen. Jilly has a weakness though and he has bright red hair, tattoos and dangerous if crossed. Reno was her crush as an adolescent but nothing has changed. Now with danger breaking down the door he will be the only one to save her.

Reno is a dangerous man and a has a new mission, protect Jilly at all costs. He doesn’t want to be around her as she makes him forget she is off limits. When he first saw her he was intrigued but was told to stay away. Now he is all that is left to protect her from the thugs who are after her.

Fire and Ice is the fifth book to the series Ice. This book held no quiet moment for the characters as there was nothing but gun fire or brutal attacks. For me the plot was one you wanted to keep reading even if there was a lot of violence and cruelty in the book. The character Reno held the most cruelty at times which made you want to hate him but as Stuart gives him a voice through the book you understand his motive.

I was intrigued right away with Fire and Ice but felt I had missed a little interaction that was in previous books. For me the story was already in process but you still could understand the story and characters. I am interested in going back to the beginning to find out more of the committee.

The Wolf Who Loved Me

Have to say it took me a little to get into the book, The Wolf Who Love Me. This is the fifth book of the series and I remember liking the first four. Now I did like this book its just that it took a little longer to get into. I think the main reason was I was trying to remember if I had heard about the Hadley brothers but once you push it aside you will then start to enjoy the story.

Lady Madeline is to be married to a man who is as privileged as herself. Her father would make sure of it but why then is she now looking towards penniless Weston Hadley. She will find herself in a bind as they will be paired together.

Weston Hadley has been in love with Lady Madeline since he first saw her but he could never have her. It is not just for being penniless either as Weston changes to a wolf. He will find though himself with a problem. Madeline will find out his secret and his only solution is to marry her to keep her quiet, but things will not settle as Weston would hope.

The characters were entertaining but I have to admit Madeline bugged me a little. Her character was flawed in a way that made her too whinny at times. She annoyed me at times but that was how Dare created her to be. If you remember she is from a privileged background then it makes sense and more intriguing as she breaks from that hold.

I loved Weston’s character in the book. He was fierce and not afraid to share his feelings or to make an action that was needed.

I think it is interesting that Lydia Dare is extending this series to go beyond the original family to the extended one of the wolves. I will be interested in reading the ones after the Hadley’s and who will be next.

Scandal’s Bride

After reading the second one I wasn’t jumping up and down for joy to continue the series, but with any series I keep going even if it is to settle the idle curiosity of the Cynster cousins.

Richard Cynster (Scandal) is a bastard but never thought as one by his family. His mother had died right after he was born and was left on his fathers doorstep. Richard was taken in and loved. Now he is back to hear the Will of his mothers husband. Richard is surprised that anything is left to him and will be even more surprised at the stipulations of the reading. Richard will look upon the reading of the Will as an opportunity to get the woman that has him under a spell.

Catriona Hennessy loves her freedom and abides The Lady. She wants no man to tame her which is what the Will stipulates. She will be forced to marry the man if he says he will. Catriona is infuriated but she also must abide The Lady as Richard is the man who has been claimed to give her children. With conflicting dilemmas she will come to Richard but will still be against as she thinks he will be going back to London and she will never leave her home.

Scandal’s Bride was a breath of fresh air after the second book. Immediately I was brought into the story and thrilled to find out that Richard is Devil’s brother/half brother.

The plot line was comical with the stipulation that Richard and Catriona had to make in order to save the rest of the family. I liked that Richard did not become the all bearing type of man who wanted to take over her land. He actually left it up to her and waited until she truly trusted him. Catriona was full of fire but also understanding. She healed and soothed away injuries.

The villain was not in your face but you knew who it would be just not the reason why until the end.

The family is around more as well towards the end of the story which is fantastic as you get Devil back into the book.

The Glass Castle

Memoir’s are not usually something I read but I was recommended to read this story by a member of the book club I am in. I was hesitant to pick it up because autobiographies were not the sort of book I went for. The Glass Castle written by Jeanette Walls was a surprise to me. From the first page to the last I was riveted by the story.

Jeannette Walls tells her life as a young girl living in poverty with her sisters, brother, and parents. Life is hard for all of them living on very little and surviving on even less. This is a story of survival for Jeannette and her siblings. How they conquered what life and their parents had given them.

Throughout the story personally I was appalled by the parents and their thoughtlessness for providing for their own children. They did in a way but more could have been done. The children had to go the extra mile and make something of themselves.

This book is truly inspiring and takes a hard look at what life is like in true hardship situations. There is a silver lining at the end. It was an ending that left hope for the author and her family.