Devil’s Bride

Starting a new series is sometimes hard as you don’t know whether or not this book will fit to your liking. Luckily Devil’s Bride which was recommended to me and was one that did not fail.

The Duke of St. Ives or between known as Devil is on a mission which takes a step back when he stumbles on a woman leaning over a body. A body that is his younger cousins who is now barely living. With the help of the woman they make Tolly’s death peaceful but now Devil has a few more problems. One is who killed his cousin and what is he to do with this woman that he has now sworn to be his wife.

Honoria Wetherby is a governess with a mission. She readies young ladies for their coming out. Honoria was built for this life and uses her knowledge to help others out. Honoria’s plans were going well until she stumbled upon a boy. She tried to help him along with the assistance of a man but the boy was lost to them. Honoria will find herself staying overnight with a man she doesn’t even know his true identity. She will be infuriated to know he is the Duke and then tells her she will be his wife. Honoria will not sit quietly but the mystery to help uncover the murderer will keep her there.

Stephanie Laurens is an author I can definitely see myself reading more. The series Cynster started off great with Devil. They are a family that you could easily fall in love with like Julia’s Quinn Bridgerton series.

Now at first I will have to say it was a little hard to adjust with all new members of the family. The thing that will confuse me the most is their names and then the other ones they use. I have to say though the names of Devil, Demon, Scandal are pretty funny and I’m sure they will live up to them.

For the two characters Honoria and Devil you will love their stubbornness. She doesn’t want to get married as tragedy has made her scared to open herself up to the possibility. He wants her and will do anything to have her and to protect her. He was a rake but an up standing rake who wanted this woman for more than a roll in the hay. Cynster men’s role is to protect woman and to take care of them but Honoria will give them a run for their money.

Now the bad guy I had guessed early on but I didn’t know why. I thought it was jealousy but there was more thought put into it.

I already looked at the list of books contributed to the series and I have high hopes but I wonder if all these all family members of the Cynsters or will Lauren’s be branching out and accommodating new members to sustain the growing series?

Nevertheless I am looking forward to finding out more of the Cynster family and reading of their adventures and the woman who snag them.

The Duke’s Perfect Wife

Skipping over once again the second book, Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage, of the series I have gone to the fourth book. The second book is one I just can’t seem to find anytime in my library. It gets frustrating but with Jennifer Ashley’s series Highland Pleasures you can read the stories by themselves easily enough. I went on to find the fourth book The Duke’s Perfect Wife.

Lady Eleanor Ramsey was once engaged to the Hart MacKenzie. She lost her virginity to him and loved him but when she found out the Hart was not telling her the whole truth she ended it. Now years later she is back to help Hart and get out of being blackmailed by scandalous pictures that were taken. She will also soon find out that feelings for Hart have resurfaced.

Duke Hart MacKenzie has lead a hard life with the responsibility he takes on. He cares for his family and now going after the Prime Minister. He is a hard man and does what he wants. When Eleanor comes back into his life he will lead the seduction once again to show her that they belong together. It will be a fight as Hart will have to give up some control for the woman he loves.

As far as the stories go I will say the fourth book is very engaging to read. I wanted to hate Hart and did from the previous books in the series. You understand that it is his responsibility for everyone that has made him harder but you wanted him to lighten up. I was happy to read about the woman Eleanor coming back to help him. There was no happy reunion only pain as they kept coming back to each other. You wanted Eleanor and Hart to find that happy ending desperately, and you are not disappointed. Ashley gives a happy ending at the end but it was worked for. There is also a twist with the blackmailing photos which I liked. You are left not knowing until the end of the book who sent Eleanor the photos.

I am excited to read more on the series and how Jennifer Ashley will continue with the MacKenzie’s.

Any Way You Want It

Maggie Gallagher is on vacation from her work with her two friends. After a break up with her boyfriend her friends encouraged a fling with a musician who started to pay attention to her. Maggie will throw caution to the wind and follow the music.

Renauldo D’Antoni now goes as Ren Anthony for a modern take on his name. As a composer years ago music has been his passion and as a vampire he has had plenty time to work on his music. Now Ren will find a woman who is not like the others. He will find himself wanting her but is scared by keeping her would be unfair.

I really liked Any Way You Want It by Kathy Love. I had started the series a while ago with the fourth book. This book was fun in the sense that Love keeps it lighthearted with humor and an easy plot to follow. I liked the different take she did on vampires. In the book Ren was a vampire but he was also a lampir, a vampire that sucks the energy instead of biting the person. With most of the vampire books it is a bite on the neck. Its nice to read about vampires with a little twist, but still the classic vampires will always be wanted.

Kiss the Dead

From reading the last book I was excited to open up the pages of the next book in Laurell Hamilton’s series Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Kiss the Dead kept you wanting to read. This book is the twenty-first book of the series and still going strong.

Anita Blake’s next mission with the U.S. Marshall’s is to find a kidnapped girl who is going to be turned into a vampire. Under the law she is too young to turn as a fifteen year old and Anita will stop at nothing to seeing that the girl will survive. They will find the girl but will stumble on to a whole new can of worms as a new nest of vampires have been created and they are not willing to submit to any master.

I was excited to read this book after Hit List. I thought and Kiss the Dead confirmed that Hamilton is back with Anita and her work with the U.S. Marshall’s. I really liked the crime fighting and the new case which Anita had taken. As usual she is there with her fellow policeman like Zebrowski. I have to say over the years with these books he is a funny character and keeps things light and entertaining with his witty comebacks.

It was nice to have Hamilton narrow down all the men in her life where only a few were focused in on. The character of Sin is a little weird but we will see how that one turns out later on as the series continues. Detective Arnet is pissing me off a lot. You start to dislike her a lot and Hamilton writes good reasons for the reader to want to smack her. Asher is another character you wouldn’t mind smacking every now and then. He will step out of line now and I’m not sure if he will be able to get back into good graces with Anita. The one character I missed in the book was Edward. I hope in the next one he will be there along with his family.

So now what will happen next to Anita? Is Asher going to be back? And will Edward be around?


So my second meeting for my first book club was last night and the book that was chosen was 11/22/63 by Stephen King. Now in my years of reading I have never read anything by King. I’ve seen movies but never ventured into the unknown with his books. When most people say Stephen King I shrug and usually say he isn’t for me as I don’t really read science fiction/horror. Now having really only read several books in the category doesn’t make me the most reliable in the field. I guess I just read what I know I like which is why I am happy to be in a book club as Stephen King would be someone I would not have glanced at.

So now the book. I have to say that it was yes long but enjoyable. For a starter book into Stephen King I was surprised and the book read rather quickly for a book that was over eight hundred pages.

The plot of the book is rather a simple one and a little strange all at the same time.

A teacher gets the chance to travel through time that is in the pantry of his friends diner. Jake will walk down the steps and travel to September 1958 where he will have a chance to save a family he knows. The main reason for the trip will be to save JFK in 1963 as his friend Al had tried. Jake will take on the mission. He will become George in the past. He will find out what is worth saving and that there will always be a consequence to your actions.

When I first read the summary I wasn’t all too impressed but once you get into the story King hooks you in for the long haul. If you wipe all the time travel away the story is about finding yourself and letting yourself love and live. Knowing that there are consequences to everything you do. I liked that there was a love story and towards the end I started to get misty eyed from what happens to the couple.

As far as science fiction/horror I have to say it wasn’t prevalent in this book. There was obviously time travel and what the distant future would be like but it was really more on the history and how he weaved it into a story. There were of course parts that were not very clear especially with the yellow card man but overall it was a really enjoyable book.

So now that I have ventured into the land of Stephen King I will have to say that I will try another one of his books, which ones are up in the air. Does anyone have any suggestions? One of his short stories or earlier books?

The Immortal Hunter

Decker Argeneau is an enforcer for the council and is good at his job. He thought it was over when they found Grant but it turned out he wasn’t the rogue they were looking for. Now Decker and Justin will find themselves going after a group of rogues now know thanks to an immortal who used to be on their side. Decker will find Dani and problems will follow as she is the lifemate and her sister has been taken.

Danielle “Dani” McGill had been taken along with her sister. She thought the group of men were crazy but she knew they were definitely dangerous. Getting away with her sister was the only thing she could think of, but then she is saved and her sister is still kidnapped. Dani will have to put her life and her sisters life in the hands of Decker and Justin even if they think they are vampires.

The eleventh book, The Immortal Hunter, of the series Argeneau Family was yet another great book by Lynsay Sands. If you haven’t notice once I find an author I like I devour all their books. Now as I read this I truly liked it, it was just a little slower than most. There was a lot of action following the same procedure as the others but I felt something was missing.

I think it could have been the characters were now giving a new dilemma and it was drawn out a little too much. But I liked the new concept of the no fangs. It was different and gave new possibilities to the series.

The book followed right after The Rogue Hunter so rereading it was a good option for me. I liked Decker as a character of the Argeneau family (I need a family tree to know whose kid is who) and the same with Dani. The missing sister was a good plot and Sands will have a twist to show that the bad guys are far from over as the ever growing series continues.

The Girl That Nobody Wanted

Going after the final and third book of the series the Devil of the Highlands I had to go to another library to find The Hellion and the Highlander. It was frustrating locating as I wanted to find out all about Kade and his journey he had taken in the Crusades, and of course the love interest in the book.

Lady Averill Mortagne is tired of being set up by her father. No Englishman wanted her due to her flame colored hair and birthmark but now there is a man she has interest in and he feels the same way. It confused Averill that her brothers friend who at the moment is injured has interest where no other man has not. Soon Averill is swept away by Kade and taken to his land.

Kade Stewart has been away at the Crusades, captured but he was able to make an escape. For three years he was from home and now he is coming back. But first he was recovering at his friends house and there he sees Averill. He knows she is the one for him and makes it happen. As Kade travels with his new wife Kade is happy to note that life will be good as soon as they find the person who is causing accidents.

I loved Averill’s character. She was soft spoken and considered not attractive in England. Of course in Scotland she was more than pleasing with her red hair. She grew confidence with Kade helping her.

With Kade he was a warrior you couldn’t help but love. Having him attracted to Averill was an obvious choice but I loved that he wanted her after seeing her fiery side.

Sands creates the villain was not known until the very end. All Sands gave were small hints but nothing really concrete.

With all the books Lynsay Sands gives humors but here you will be laughing at how Averill will go about pleasing her husband and all the advice she is given.

As the end of the trilogy I really liked how Sands finished the story. This series was fantastic to read with strong warriors and strong minded woman. Its a series you will want to read curled up on a couch.

The Guilty Don’t Run

Why if you are innocent would you run? That is what Abby has been asking herself when she sees Hawk shoot their boss point blank. Hawk says he is innocent that it is Gaines who is behind all of this. Abby doesn’t know what to believe as Gaines was the one who saved her but soon a sick feeling in her gut tells her she might be wrong. Abby will have to learn to trust Hawk as he tries to prove his innocence and keep her safe.

Jill Shalvis creates a hit with Shadow Hawk. The book brings enough adventure, sabotage and steamy scenes to make your body melt. Shalvis creates another story alongside of Hawk and Abby which is Logan and Callan.

The villain you knew right away which was fine because you wanted to know how Hawk was going to prove his innocence.

Shadow Hawk was a book worth reading.

Taming the Shrew Didn’t Prepare Him For This

Merry Stewart has been taking care of her family since sixteen years old and now her chance of getting away and starting her own family is so close. What Merry hoped the most did not happen. Her soon to be husband was just like her brothers and father, drunks. She dreaded the marriage but soon found out that all is not what it appeared to be. But now Merry will have to survive her new marriage between drunken nights and accidents which kept happening.

Alexander d’Aumesbery hates the thought of indulging alcohol but it appeared he had lack of self control once he found himself with his new bride. All his manners left him and he acted like a drunken fool. Soon the thought was planted that there was sabotage going on as Alex knew he would not indulge. With helping survive the attacks and keeping his wife happy it was a long journey to see his sister.

The second book to Lynsay Sands series Devil of the Highlands is Taming The Highland Bride. From reading the first book I was anticipating what would come from the second one. I was happy with the result of the blend once again with the Scottish and English.

Merry had her fiery temper and was referred to as a shrew. In a way I guess she was but only to have certain things come her way which was always placed on her shoulders. I liked Merry as she was able to find a way to let Alexander help her through the book, as he took a few loads off her shoulders. Now Alexander you knew what you were getting with Sands description as he was a very loyal man and wanted to do right by most people. I liked that in his character. Then of course together they blazed up the pages and only left you wanting more.

Now as with the plot it was engaging but you were left wondering who the villain was. Of course throughout the book I was shouting its Edda as she could not have changed her spots that quickly, but then came the question of how could she when she was on English soil. The villain was the one responsible for all of the attacks on the road so it had to be one person who was blending in. Sands gives the identity of the attacker with a good twist that you saw coming but not with whom helped.

Now I can’t wait for the mysterious Kade to have his own story in the third book of the trilogy the Devil of the Highlands.

My Antonia

Joining a book club is still new for me as my first meeting for LIT was a lot of fun and something I think I will be continuing. Going on that luck with the first one I ventured on to trying another book club with my roommate this time. The book the club had picked was My Antonia.

My Antonia is literally about Jim Burden who is the narrator telling about his life as he encountered with Antonia and life in Nebraska at the turn of the century.

Now this is a classic novel from Willa Cather and I have to admit I’ve not heard of this novel before the club. Finding different authors is always a goal so I tried the novel.

First impression it was like pulling teeth to read. At least to get into the story and the problem was it was hard to get into. I liked the description which is written very well by Cather. You will be able to imagine all that the author writes. For me I was annoyed by the character of Antonia at times and confused with the jumping of the gaps in Jim’s life. I liked the subtle life they lived and the character of Jim’s grandmother.

The one thing I do not like about this novel is that there is no real climax in the story. This was literally a story that was surrounded by one woman. The story to me at times felt a little empty. In these days we are used to a man and woman finding love, fighting through a dilemma and then happiness. This was not the case with the narrator for Jim. Antonia did find happiness at the end but I wanted the same for Jim.

This wasn’t my favorite but I can appreciate it as it was written for its time.