BreathlessMiranda Rohan had wanted an adventure but will pick the wrong man for the task as she will have her innocence taken and her reputation ruined. Her life might have been over in society but her family stood by her. Miranda will find herself in trouble again when Lucien De Malheur sets his sights on her.

Lucien De Malheur otherwise known as the Scorpion wants revenge for his sister who killed herself thanks to the Rohan’s son. He will find revenge when he sets his sights on Miranda and will start to weave a plot that will keep her by his side forever and hurt her family all at the same time.

Breathless is the third book from the series House of Rohan from Anne Stuart. This story centers in on Adrian’s daughter Miranda. He had three other sons, Charles, Benedick and Brandon.This was once again a story that I loved. It was gripping and I could not put it down just like the other two. I think so far out of all the books this one was probably the harshest and with the most cruelty. It is a book that will draw you into to its story and keep you until the end because you hope that the characters are redeemable. That is the hopeless romantic in me and personally I was half wondering if another hero would be coming into play because Lucien was at times too cruel to be redeemable but he was still the main lead to the story. He had a need for revenge as his sister killed herself after a broken engagement. I understood the need for revenge but I wonder if there was more to the story. Now his abducting Miranda did not make him a hero but more like a villain and he does stay that way throughout most of the book. Miranda’s character had been naive in the beginning of the book with her spoiled ways but she learned that is not enough as she gets tangled up with Lucien. She does have backbone and fights this man at every turn. There will be passion but it starts out with cruelty for most of the times.

There are plenty of betrayals throughout the book especially at the end when Lucien wants his final revenge which does not go exactly the way that was intended. A happy ending does come into play for Lucien and Miranda but at the end they almost could be at odds. Though from their interaction it seemed that heated arguments was something that would be present in their lives.

There was once again another story being told with Jane and Jacob Donnelly. Their story was unlikely as she was a lady and Jacob was a thief, a rather known one but together they did find a way. I was happy they did and that she got away from her fiancee as it looked like he used his fist when angered.

I liked how Stuart keeps this series going with the offspring of the previous Rohan. It looks like Benedick will have his story next so it wouldn’t be Miranda’s child but a continuation of Adrian’s children. This is fine with me because I am interested in how Benedick’s past and what will change as he is married and already has a child and another on the way.


RecklessViscount Adrian Alister Rohan wanted pleasure and was going to have it with any who was willing but his attention soon will be fixed on an innocent. Adrian will think that by taking Charlotte for the night that drive to be with her will be gone but one night becomes two and he can’t stop thinking about her. Adrian will try anyways and find that it will be hard to do as she tries to provoke him at every turn.

Charlotte Spenser had been in love with Adrian for some time but knows that it would never come to be. Then she gets her chance to be with him as he seduces her into his bed. Charlotte may have been an innocent and in someways still, but she will turn out to be the seducer to Adrian and the tables will be turned.

Reckless is the second book to the series House of Rohan by Anne Stuart and one I couldn’t put down. I had read the first book of this series a couple years back so I wanted to refresh myself with Stuarts style of writing and the story. Now the first story was about the Viscount Rohan and Elinor back in 1768. The second book takes place in 1804 and will be with the next generation of the Rohan family. I was excited to see where this story would take us. The story was similar to the first as Stuart keeps that debauchery very clear in the book and the games that are played with the Heavenly Host. With all the harsh acts and words that are displayed in the book there are good people behind the facade which is why I loved reading this book.

I rather liked Charlotte and her continual fight that she had even though she was clearly in love with this man. Now she was never truly forced to be with Adrian but he does push the boundaries with her. Charlotte does not break even though there will be tears of her heartbreaking. Adrian is almost like a villain with his cruel words and vast appetite for pleasure from anyone who would give it. I liked that this man was being taken down by a woman who was an innocent and two years older than him. Their passion will be explosive with anger and lust every time they find a moment to be together.

Now once again the story is split with Charlotte and Adrian along with Simon and Lina. Simon and Lina had their own quarrels that had to be dealt with. There was a surprise with the good vicar, Simon Piagett, that was humorous and will give Lina her own happy ending like her cousin Charlotte.

The villain was Eitenne, Adrian’s father’s cousin who was from the first book, which I didn’t really expect in a way at least how he was in the first book. Through the dialogue it is clear that he has hatred for his family. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants but as with most villains he wouldn’t get what he wants in the end.

I am starting the third book next which will be with Miranda Rohan and I will have to see if she follows the same path of her father and brother.

Five Days at the Memorial

Five Days at MemorialFive Days at Memorial is a nonfiction book written by Sheri Fink. This was my April book from my book club. I had read the description of the book and from the listing of the nonfiction books I thought this would be interesting to read. It is not primarily about the Hurricane Katrina but the aftermath and what happened in Memorial Hospital for those five days.

So first off nonfiction books that I read are very few. I have to have a topic I would really enjoy to keep my attention especially as they are sometimes written like text books. Now Sheri Fink’s writing I thought was well done and you could clearly tell that she knew her topic. She wrote a compelling tale of what happened in those five days at Memorial Hospital or at least pieced together what happened after doing extensive research and interviews.

As the book was discussed there were no breaking moments as there was a lot to talk about. I think as we talked and as I had read the book I was shocked by all that had happened. There are many points in the book when you are shouting at these doctors and nurses, shouting at them to stop. Towards the end euthanizing patients was discussed and followed through with some patients. At that point you are horrified. I thought how could they do that especially with some of the patients who would have made it out.

The biggest question that my book club asked was, “was this right? What would you have done?” Now that would be impossible to answer because you are not in that situation. I would like to say I would never do that because it is inhumane, but as through the description of Sheri Fink’s writing I can see from the doctors/nurses point of view as they thought to help the patients. But not all of them were trying to help at least that is how I viewed it.

Within this book there are many doctors, nurses and patients that are mentioned which got a little confusing. Dr. Poe was one of the man ones as she was the one accused of this horrible crime and I would have to say there was merit for that but there were others involved. I was kind of shocked that the one nurse who brought up the idea to Dr. Poe was not brought to trial which I thought was unfair. There is so much that goes on in this book that leaves you to wonder why wasn’t there protocol that was set up for these kind of disasters especially in a state that has that kind of weather. If there was protocol and communication things might have been a little easier, no guarantee but anything would have been better than what happened.

When the Marquess Met His Match

When the Marquess Met His MatchLady Belinda Featherstone is an American matchmaker making her living in London where she had been married almost a decade before. She vowed to help those who were heiress find the right match and not go through what she had to endure. Belinda will find herself challenged when the Marquess of Trubridge was in need of her service of matchmaking. Being challenged will not be the only thing that she feels especially with those stolen moments with him.

Nicholas, Marquess of Trubridge, need a wealthy heiress to help get his business started. He will go to a renowned matchmaker who was the widow his his friend. He will be shocked to find that the woman he had seen a decade ago had changed into a more beautiful woman. He will want the woman but knew that he needs an heiress. Although that does not stop his lust towards her or those few moments he takes in her arms.

When the Marquess Met His Match is the first book to the series American Heiress in London. Laura Lee Guhrke is a brand new author to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. There was some wit between the characters and light humor along with of course that passion that is between Nicholas and Belinda.

Belinda was a determined matchmaker who will finally meet her match with Nicholas. She dislikes him on sight because he reminds her of deceased husband. She will find that she is wrong in her assumption and find him a much better man. Now Nicholas was carefree but he had a serious side and wanted to do right with his business. It was sweet that he had feelings for her a decade ago but he didn’t try to seduce her then. Now she was fair game being a widow. Fireworks will spark between the two when they go against each other in words and in passion.

As this was a book that I really did enjoy I will be out to find more on the author like Edie’s story, the second book to this series, and other books from Laura Lee Guhrke.

Montana Bride

Montana BrideKarl Norwood was looking for a wife with children of her own. He wanted a family and will get that when his mail order bride comes, but he will know that she is hiding something from him.

Hetty Wentworth needed to survive and the only way was to become a mail order bride. She will take the two orphaned children with her and keep up the charade but knows that it can only last so long.

Montana Bride is the third book to Joan Johnston’s series Mail-Order Brides. Reading the third book kept my interest much like the second. I did however come to the same conclusion that at times the characters were a little annoying, mainly Hetty. I was thinking that she was a little too ungrateful for wanting the handsomer man than the man who would be kind to her, Karl. It was like she did not learn any lesson she received with the duel that ended in tragedy. Now I was happy to read that she does become a better person and comes to love her husband, of course she is still being untruthful to him. The truth would come out as it was expected. Karl was a man who you would want for a husband back then. Johnston describes him as average but with his personality he was a prince to these kids and Hetty until he finds all that she had been lying to him. Karl will learn to love his wife again and I liked that Johnston had Hetty working for that trust again.

The addition of the brother and sister, Griffin and Grace, worked well into the story. I liked both their characters as they were yes children but they had to adapt to what was given to them. They didn’t trust easily but it was sweet how they finally excepted Hetty and Karl in the end.

What I didn’t expect was Denis. I figured he was a showoff but he was pretty vindictive when it came to what he wanted. I was hoping that Johnston would not have Denis and Hetty have an affair and they didn’t since Hetty was growing up and learned from her mistakes. Denis gets what is coming to him in the end, once again justice is served.

As I finished this book I found out that I was right in my earlier assumption that Josie was not in the picture but I am definitely looking forward to reading her story and the first book with Miranda.

Wyoming Bride

Wyoming BrideHannah Wentworth McMurtry had gotten married to Mr. McMurtry out of need to free her two other sisters from the orphanage. She never thought her husband would die on the trial or that she would lose track of her sisters. She will find help from Flint Creed who saves her from death. She will agree to marry the man to protect her baby.

Flint Creed watched the woman he loved leave him and become his younger brothers fiance. She did not know that he loved her and Flint would keep it secret. Soon his mind will be on a woman he finds who is almost at deaths door. He will help save her and get her to marry him but life with this woman would not be easy especially when he loved another.

Wyoming Bride is the second book to the series Mail-Order Bride from Joan Johnston. She is a brand knew author to me and from the looks of it she stays in the topic of the Wild West for a couple of her series. I am not always the biggest fan of the Wild West which is because I read a very long series and there was the happy ending in the beginning only to be met with more betrayal and heartache. The people never got a break. I like happy endings so that series kind of tainted Wild West books for me. So I am happy to say that this book had me liking it again.

Now this wasn’t a book that I absolutely loved right away, it was one that I grew to like. The characters were hard and flawed but sweet at times. Johnston switches between the brothers and their wives for whose story was being told. I was at times annoyed with the characters because they weren’t being truthful and you know the truth will always come out, especially for Flint who thinks he loves his brothers wife. Well Flint’s wife is not too happy with that thought but she comes out of it alive and so does he.

It was interesting also to read about life back then. Thinking about how childbirth really could lead to death for the mother and the child. It can still today obviously but with hospitals we are much more equipped than back in those days.

Now the villain was clear as it was the rich man of those parts who was a not a very nice man to the people. He does get what was coming to him, Wild West justice.

I am looking forward to reading the third book that will be about Hetty which I have next to read. The first one I am on a waiting list so that could be some time before I get it. I suppose there will more than likely be a fourth book that will be with Josie unless she is in the third book which is unlikely as she is with a British lord. I am assuming that wouldn’t be out until much later this year or the next but I will definitely be checking it out.

Beauty and the Blacksmith

beauty and the blacksmithLady Diana Highwood has loved Aaron Dawes, the blacksmith, from a far for two years. She finally is going to show him that she wants him, that she loves him even though she knows there will be obstacles in their way.

Aaron Dawes is the blacksmith for Spindle Cove and since meeting Lady Diana he has been in love with her since he saw her helping Finn at the tavern. Aaron will resist her as best he could but temptation and love will soon to be too hard to resist.

Beauty and the Blacksmith is a novella from the series Spindle Cove by Tessa Dare. I have loved this series since reading the first book with Susanna and Bram. I was very excited to find this novella as I have been looking and waiting for it to be available at my library.

Diana has been a character since the beginning of the series and I have been looking forward to reading her story. I wanted her to have a chance at happiness and it was interesting that she found it with a blacksmith. There romance was sweet and lustful but there was actual love that had been hidden away as they were both scared at being rejected. Aaron was a man who worked with his hands and did well on the things he created. I liked that he became braver and was more gusty when approaching Diana instead of brushing her off and almost ignoring her.

Lady Highwood was hilarious as all she wanted was a rich man for her daughter Diana. Now she has a blacksmith for a son in law. I guess there is always hope for Charlotte to land a rich suitor. I hope that her story will be told and others with Spindle Cove but I will just have to wait to find out. I only have one more novella from the series which I am on the waiting list for at my library.