Hidden Star by Nora Roberts

In this gripping series Stars of Mithra by Nora Roberts three friends will find trouble in the form of three diamonds. The first installment is Hidden Star.

Private eye Cade Parris is a man who is good at his job but is hounded by his family. Then in walks a women who was drop dead gorgeous but had no idea who and what she is doing. Bailey is the women but she has no idea how she came in possession of a tote bag with a million dollars, a pistol and a priceless diamond. With Cade’s help she will find out the truth.

The first page of the book got me involved. I like the concept of the main character getting amnesia and the reader has no idea who this person is.

I was impressed with how long Roberts had Bailey go with amnesia. You find out little facts of Bailey’s life as the story goes on. I have to say I was pulled into the story needing to know who she was and what happened to her. And finally at the end of the book you know who she is but the trouble is not over.

I like that Roberts leaves the book to a finish for Bailey’s memory but the story is not over. Her friend M.J. and Grace will have to get help as well.

Lovers and Dreamers by Nora Roberts

This is a collection of three books in the series Dream Trilogy. Three young friends who have grown up together will stand together as women and help each other find their dreams.

Daring to Dream

Margo Sullivan is the housekeepers daughter with friends of the people her mothers serves. Wanting to be better than her station Margo does everything to do that. She becomes a famous model only to fall rock bottom. But with the help of her friends she makes it and it doesn’t hurt to have a certain boy Josh helping her out as well.

Holding the Dream

Kate Powell was orphaned at a young age and raised by the Templeton’s as their daughter. With two best friends she needed and wanted to be the best for her family. Kate is now a CPA with a lot on her plate but all that will change when she is charged with crimes she didn’t commit. Crimes that will be bringing up the past. With the help from Bryon Kate will be able to breath again.

Finding the Dream

Laura Templeton has had a hard marriage but survived it with two beautiful girls. Laura is eager to start her life again but is tired from all the work. She will not take handouts and want to work but it is taking a toll on her. Michael Fury is back and is watching Laura as she works. He thinks that she is just living life normal but soon he will find that he is wrong. The young carefree girl is gone. He finds her riveting and wants to get to know her better but there will be troubles coming their way.

This was a fantastic series to read. Roberts lets in the reader with each book letting you understand a new girl. In each book Roberts also gives a bit of the past for the main girl in the book. You get to know the person better which will let you connect. Each friend is completely different but have stayed best friends through it all.

Each character had a lot of wit and humor that packed a punch when you read. The series was fun to read and worth picking up.

Mind Over Matter by Nora Roberts

This story was all about a psychic connection but can anyone really predict the future. Read Mind Over Matter by Nora Roberts to find out.

Aurora Field is a tough agent for Clarissa. She protects her at all cost since she is her mother but that is not the only secret she is hiding. Clarissa who is the claimed psychic is not the only one in her family. David Brady will be the one to find out and will not be running away like others before.

This was a very fast paced romance. I liked that there was a psychic connection but I wished it was more active and used more. Still the book Roberts created was fun and romantic to read.

Island of Flowers by Nora Roberts

Island of Flowers is set in a seductive setting but it is anything but. There will be heartache and problems but underneath everything there is a young girl seeking comfort and a father.

Laine Simmons has not known her father for fifteen years but now is her chance to know him. Only person standing in her way is herself and a man named Dillon O’Brian. They will be up against each other only to protect Cap, Laine’s father and Dillon’s friend and business partner. But together there will be something that can’t be ignored only if prejudice gets in the way.

This was a quick romance novel but in this instance I wished it was longer with a more drawn out plot. I wished there was more detail about her family and more courting. I found that it was romantic but it seemed to easy in the end that all is forgiven. There would have been better for a little more detail giving a little more fight.

But then again this was still a great romance book by Roberts that will want you to believe that romance is not dead only hidden.

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn

The Lost Duke of Wyndham is the first book of Julia Quinn in the series of the Two Duke of Wyndhams. She is a new author I decided to try. I always saw her by the books Amanda Quick but never took her book.

Jack Audley is in for a surprise as he tries to rob the wrong carriage. In this carriage he finds a young woman and an elderly one. Instantly he wanted to know this young woman but there will be trouble as the elderly one seems to recognize him. Jack does not know it but he could be the actual Duke of Wyndham.

Grace Eversleigh who is the compaion to the Dowager who could be Jack’s grandmother is stunned by the highway man. The one kiss gets under her skin but she knows that if he is the Duke nothing would ever come of it.

Julia Quinn is definitely becoming a favorite of mine after just one book. Her wit in the characters is refreshing and intriguing. They make you laugh at the byplay they have, Jack and Grace.

Quinn brings humor to the pages throughout the whole book. There is trouble between the characters and the side characters are just as important like Amelia and Thomas who will be in the sequel.

Romance readers will love to read of the flirtation between Jack and Grace and how the plot unfolds to find out who is the real Duke.

Unfinished Business by Nora Roberts

If you want a quick romance check out Nora Robert’s Unfinished Business.

Vanessa Sexton is an accomplished pianist coming back home to rest. But there are troubles that Vanessa will now have to face. She will have to find out what really happened with her parents and then to the boy that she loved.

This is a romance from Roberts gives the reader a look inside a family that has been estranged for reasons that are still unknown to the daughter. I liked how Roberts delviges into the story and leaves the last clue to the end. You stay involved with Vanessa’s character and throughout the story.

Considering Kate by Nora Roberts

The sixth and final book of the series The Stanislaski Family was a delight to finish up. The entire series is worth reading from start to finish. Each and every character are worth reading and coming back to.

Brody O’Connell is a single dad construction worker. He runs his own company and has an amazing kid. Kate Kimball is a ballerina and now settling back home with her family and new dance studio. Instantly the two meet and Kate is hit hard. Brody is as well but he has things to consider, first and foremost is his son Jack. Kate understands but will not be dismissed. She is falling in love with both of them and wants to have them in their lives.

As far as romance series goes this was a great one to finish. I love that the last book goes back to Natasha’s youngest and last child, Kate. I love her fun loving character and how strong she comes of and how shy Brody is but there is intensity.

Roberts refreshes the plot with new and old characters in this final story. I love reading how the families of Brody and Kate are complete opposite. Kate’s family always made an appearance which was nice to still hear the family dynamics.

The Stanislaski Family series is a worthwhile series to read. Pick up the first book Taming Natasha and take the journey through all six books to finish with Considering Kate.

Waiting For Nick by Nora Roberts

The fifth book of the series finally gave me what I wanted with one set of the characters. Nick is in the picture and going to find the love of his life is a girl he has already known for many years.

Nick was a kid who always had trouble following him but he has reformed. He works as a composer and is loved by his extended family. Freddie is now a grown women and wants one thing, Nick. She wants to work with him and to be with him. She has loved his since she could remember and now she has to show him.

I waited for their time. Once Roberts showed that attraction on Freddie’s side I hoped that she would explore that attraction and she does in the fifth book, Waiting For Nick.

With Nick comes some trouble and it was interesting to read as old trouble is following Nick and will interfer with Freddie.

Reading about these two was a joy. Roberts also tangles in the O’Hurley kids which is another story of three sister and a brother. Another great series to read. I like it when she brings in characters from other books. It made me smile remembering their story.

Waiting For Nick was a blast to read and another great addition to the series of The Stanislaski Family.

Convincing Alex by Nora Roberts

With every story of the Stanislaski Family series I find myself devouring them faster and faster. They are filled with such plot detail and characters that you are pulled into the lives of this ever growing family.

Alex Stanislaski is a hard cop but a loving son, brother and uncle. He dates women a lot but soon he will meet his match with Bess. Bess is a writer for a soap opera and loves getting into her characters and giving it depth. She will go undercover to learn as much as she can which is how she will meet the handsome Alex Stanislaski. Sparks fly and Alex will find himself attached to Bess before he knows what happens.

I loved reading how Alex the womanizer meet his match. Bess was no slouch and she was very entertaining in her character traits.

Roberts continues to keep the reader involved with the books by bring the characters from all the previous stories. It is fascinating to read still how their lives have changed.

Convincing Alex was a fantastic fourth book to the series of The Stanislaski Family.

Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

I was recommended this book a few months ago and finally I read it, this is right before the movie came out. The book Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen is a gritty story on the circus set in the past.

Jacob Jankowski is a boy ready to graduate and become a veterinary but tragedy will strike. His parents will meet an untimely death. He ditches the test and jumps on to a train, a circus train. Jacob is wrapped up in the world of the circus and is put to work.

He will find the circus a wondrous place. Some people he will avoid others he will watch like Marlena who is married to the ring leader August. Jacob will find himself in many tight spots before the circus will be shut down.

I was in awe by the detail, by the characterization and plot. Gruen keeps you reading and cheering for Jacob hoping that a good ending will come.

The characters of the book were all very detailed and had their own personality. You had the onces you hated, wanted ones as friends and the ones you cheered for like Jacob and Marlena.

The animals like Rosie you hoped for the best but the elephant will see hard times in the circus.

The ending was perfect is all that can be said. Sara Gruen knows how to write an intense story that brings in all the elements.

After reading the book I instantly wanted to see the movie just to see how they portrayed the characters. Once you have read the story it is hard for a movie to compete, of course you shouldn’t not judge but it is impossible not too. But I have to say that the movie followed the book very well. The movie portrayed the visual gritty, sensual side of the circus which the book was all about.