The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

I am still relatively new to this author I have read the series Two Dukes of Wyndham and found her an author I wanted to read more. I have seen her name by Amanda Quick but just never took the chance. The first book to the series Bridgerton is worth the read. The Duke and I is the first of the eight book series.

Daphne Bridgerton is plagued by her mothers ever need to parade her around to find a suitor. Daphne wants a husband and a family but none had captured her attention. All will change when Simon Basset who will recently become a Duke helps her out of a problem. Sparks fly but are quickly masked on both their parts.

With a deal done out of conveniance both will find themselves together and getting closer to love.

The characters are funny and smart and have more depth than you think. I started to read and immediately was enchanted by the family Bridgerton. Simon Basset was not a boring character either.

Julia Quinn kept the characters going with Simon’s past haunting him and Daphne’s over protective family hounding her every step.

Quinn creates that family to be lovable but very meddlesome to the point of annoyance but it is all done out of love. You can’t help but love her older brothers which you get acquainted with.

The mysterous gossip writer also will make a play in this book. She writes and sees all but her identity is unknown. Something tells me she will be playing throughout all eight books.

The Duke and I is a great start to the siblings of the Bridgerton series.

Mr. Cavendish, I Presume by Julia Quinn

After finding the author Julia Quinn I was excited to read the sequel to the first book to the series Two Dukes of Wyndham but I was surprised with the second book of Mr. Cavendish, I Presume.

Thomas Cavendish has been the Duke all his life until his cousin comes into the picture then everything changes. The race to find out if he is truly the real Duke begins but for Thomas it seems that there is no doubt. He regrets this since this is the only thing he knows. He will loose his house, title and is engaged to Amelia Willoughby whom he had been betrothed since birth. He soon finds though that thought scares him as he is now seeing Amelia in a different light.

I was eager to read this book because the first one was amazing to read. The characters had depth and wit while the plot was fun to read.

I was confused at first how Quinn would write Thomas’s story and I was surprised that she started back to the beginning but from his side and Amelia’s. At the end of the first book you got what had happened in the future but Amelia and Thomas were not known if they were together which I thought Quinn did well. She didn’t give the second story away by giving that fact.

It was fun to read but at times I was bored because I read this part but then when you got to read Thomas’s and Amelia’s thoughts it explained parts into the plot. It was a creative way of writing the plot.

I love to see how Amelia’s and Thomas relationship was revealed and grew because of this new heir stepping in and the reader got to see how their characters really were.

Mr. Cavendish, I Presume was a great sequel and final book to this series.

The Golden Season by Connie Brockway

I found a new author and was intrigued by the plot of this book. New authors can fizzle but Connie Brockway created an entertaining book to read in The Golden Season.

Lady Lydia Eastlake reigned the ton. She was born into society and thrived in it but her world will turn upside down when it all crumbles from her finger tips. Left with little money to live on she must now find a husband.

A man, Captain Ned Lockton finds himself in a similar situation thanks to his family who has blown a lot of the fortune. Now he must find a heiress.

The two will find each other and instantly sparks fly but what will happen when they find out that neither are wealthy. Will their love continue?

The characters were like many characters that have been created but the plot was cute to read, original something I have not read before. The wit added to the book which was fun to have.

The ending is what surprised me though. I didn’t think Brockway would create the problem at the end which was interesting to read because you wanted to know how love would come out of this problem.

Overall a really fun book to read and worth reading.

Seduction by Amanda Quick

Seduction was the last thing Sophy wanted but that is what she will be getting when she is arranged to marry Julian the Earl of Ravenwood. She had been in love with him since she was eighteen but her motives are to first find her sisters lover who abandon her after ruining her but Julian will have a lot to say about the fact that his wife will not do anything dangerous.

The playfulness of Seduction was fun to read. Julian’s character gave the book edge with his own roughness which lead the reader to want him to find a happy ending with his wife this time.

Sophy was an absolute delight to read. She was not your average female. She read and wanted her own rights in the marriage which she demands and gets to a point. But her bravery is what drives Sophy as she is looking for her sisters lover and trying to have Julian find love with her. Her strength has the reader cheering for her.

Seduction is wonderful to read with blackmail, murder, ex-mistress, the ton, a wives duty and love.

Ravished by Amanda Quick

A scarred man holds mystery but not when he has a horrible scar lashed around his face with a reputation that will make you think twice of dancing with him. This was Gideon’s problem which occured six years ago but Harriet is soon to find out that Gideon is the only man for her. The scar does not worry her only that he is closed off from love but between her discovery of fossils she will find a way to show Gideon there is a upside to love.

Ravished held excitement as the idea of thieves who were intruding in on Harriet’s caves and what really happened those six years ago.

I liked the cleverness of Gideon and Harriet’s character who were funny to read about as they interacted with each other. The book went by in a flash and there was a twist that you did not see coming which ties up the whole story.

Desire by Amanda Quick

Lady Clare is used to taking care of her people but things are getting tough as he father has past and people want her land. Garth comes into save the day to become the husband of Clare. But wedded bliss will not come easy there will be struggles and fights but Garth and Clare will have to solve their own problems to help their people.

Desire was not very fast going until you got into the characters lives. I liked that Quick created the characters into the medieval time period.

Garth I thought would be the warrior who did not really respect his woman until he found love but I was surprised. Quick makes Garth a lot more understanding with Clare which was a nice touch. I also liked Clare’s attitude within the story as she is a tough woman but very kind to her people.

Through these characters the reader will enjoy the story’s interaction between the two and wanting a happy ending.

Scandal by Amanda Quick

Scandal brings the characters Simon and Emily together but will they stay that way. Find out in Amanda Quick’s book Scandal.

All he wanted was revenge from these men who made his childhood disappear. His way of doing that was simple but for one man he went further. He went to find his daughter to make his. Simon was in for a surprise as he found Emily and she was not what he thought. Emily with her intellect and whimsical idea was ready to fall in love with Simon but would she give up everything for him.

This novel held the reader through the book because you wanted to know what happened in Simon’s life that was so devastating and then when you do know it comes all about Emily and Simon. His true attentions will be made known to her and it will have to be a choice she has to make.

I liked Emily tenaciousness and whimsical quality and Simon’s motivation and coolness that will get thawed out.

Rendezvous by Amana Quick

The Earl of Graystone is looking for a wife there is a list he requires which is why Augusta Ballinger is confused as to why she is picked by Graystone but she is. Graystone and Augusta do not see eye to eye but will find comfort with each other. Augusta sooner than Harry.  But there would be troubles with their relationship as Augusta is prone to frivolous nature on her side of the family and needs to keep the memory of her brother alive as an adventurous honorable man. Harry will help but everything he is finding leads to her brother being a traitor. Will Harry find Richard to be a traitor and break Augusta’s heart?

First reading the book I wasn’t blown away by Amanda Quick’s in Rendezvous. You were brought right into the plot but the character of Harry seemed a bit dull. Then you start to read the book and understand how the characters are supposed to develop and help each other out with their flaws.

The further you read into Rendezvous the plot thickens to a new mystery and new and old ones will be solved.  This book will thrill the read as they try to solve the mystery of the spy Spider.

The River Knows by Amanda Quick

Quick’s book will come at no surprise as two characters will find love in the mist of murder and blackmail.

Anthony Stalbridge is hunting for his fiancee murder. He knows that she did not kill herself jumping from the bridge. His suspect is Elwin Hastings. He will come closer to the truth with the help of Louisa Bryce. She has he own reasons for searching Hastings. Anthony will help Louisa with her search and they will find companionship within each other.

Amanda Quick writes very playful characters that are entertaining to read and interact well. Anthony’s family is a delight as they are not the usual set of society and Louisa is not the usual widow.

The plot keeps the reader involved as the blackmailer is slowly unmasked and those who were thought to be murdered by one was not who you thought.

The River Knows is a great mystery romance book that will take you back to the Victorian time.

In the Company of Vampires by Katie MacAlister

Fran is coming to save her mother because she has now gone missing. While she tries to save her the ex, Ben, will come back into her life. Fran was named his Beloved five years ago but she didn’t want to have her life bonded to a person out of force. Fran wanted love from Ben. When Fran comes into Ben’s life things have changed but they are not all what they appear to be as Fran will find out.

The nineth book, In the Company of Vampires, is another one by Katie MacAlister in the Dark One series. I found myself frustrated and really hooked on Fran and all the crazy things that were happening in her life.

Through the book I wanted to throw the book because of the character Naomi but I was happy that I found not everything was how it appeared. Ben and Fran were fantastic together, they didn’t need anything stepping in between that relationship, especially now that they are older. MacAlister created them sweet and humorous throughout the book.

A fantastic nineth book to the series Dark One.