Table for Two by Nora Roberts

Summer Desserts and Lessons Learned are the two books that have been written by Nora Roberts. She combines them in this one book called Table for Two. The two stories are all about two chefs making their food for enjoyment and love.

Summer Desserts

A young woman Summer Lyndon is an amazing pastry chef and is wanted everywhere she goes. Blake Cocharan wants her for his kitchen and for himself. The two will fight each other the whole way and past mistakes will come into play.

First book of the series was very cute to read and puts you in the right mood to read more romance. Summer and Blake’s characters are feisty and entertaining. You hope for a happy ending the entire time. I like the addition of the parents which leads to aggravation and happiness.

Honestly I love reading Nora Roberts books because they are always entertaining and I know that there will be a happy ending through the struggles. The hopeless romantic in me thrives on those endings. Starting the first book out it is a little slow but then everything starts to pick up. The characters are described and the plot is thorough.

Lessons Learned

Summer’s friends Carlo who is a lover of all woman. He is very charming and nows it. Juliet will be along for the ride but working with him. Sparks will fly but Juliet will only go so far as she can’t trust love all the way. Carlo will try to help her but it will take the two of them to finish it.

I loved this story. Carlo is the perfect classic romeo. I love how Roberts makes him charming even when he is making a mistake. I also really liked how Roberts created Juliet to be a very vulnerable and strong at the same time.

I am naturally a fast reader but when I was coming to an end of Lessons Learned I didn’t want it to end. There were struggles and cliche moments that you come to expect. The man is a player and the woman is too trusting or can’t trust him but the book need those struggles and conflicts to make the characters believable. To make them relate able to the reader.

Arcane Society series by Amanda Quick

Going back to reading books over is something I love to do.  You get sucked into the characters, the plot, and the dilemma which follows the characters.

Amanda Quick is one of my favorites because she has yet to really disappoint me with her writing.  As a reader you can easily imagine the setting and the characters within her books.  She gives them depth and relatable.

Her three book series the Arcane Society is set into the victorian time period.

Second Sight brings in the characters of Gabe Jones who is a big part of the arcane society.  Each person in the society has some sort of powers which results on different levels.  Jones family has a unique family history thanks to Sylvester Jones.  Gabe is alone in the world and the next leader of the arcane society but when he is introduced to Venetia Milton sparks fly.  The couple spend one night together but that night changes everything and sets Venetia’s life in a new direction.

Third Circle takes us to the extend family of the Jones with Thaddus Ware.  He is a unique man with a powerful talent that scares many of his family.  He became an investigator using that specific talent but things become tense when he gets tangled with a woman.  He thinks she is a murder but in reality she is a thief trying to get back what belongs to her.  A crystal that has a mystic power and something that is hard to wield.  Leona is one who has that ability.  Leona and Thaddus team up and each will use their powers to help one another.

The Perfect Poison is when Caleb Jones gets his chance with adventure in regards to the formula that has haunted the Jones family thanks to Sylvester Jones.  Jones is one for the laboratory and dislikes when he as to get involved with Lucinda but that soon changes.  Lucinda and Caleb team up trying to battle an enemy trying to get the formula.  Caleb finds he needs Lucinda for more as their adventure was coming to an end.

The three books all were well written and had a gripping tale that involved you with the story.  I love her detail that she puts into the books and her scenes for the two characters coming together were steamy but not overly descriptive.  Quick lets you use your imaginative.  Quick is a fantastic storyteller and will capture you in the tale of the Jones and the Arcane society.

Irish Gallagher’s Pub Series by Nora Roberts

Short series are one of my favorite because I know where they begin and end.  I do not have to wait long for authors to finish their story.

Irish Gallagher’s Pub series consist of three stories:

  1. Jewel of the Sun
  2. Tears of the Sun
  3. Heart of the Sun

All three books are placed within the Irish land following a loving and very Irish family the Gallagher’s who work in their pub to make a living.

The first book is with the oldest brother Aiden finding love with a yank coming to find her family in Ireland.


The second book is Shawn the second oldest brother who finds love with the girl he always has seen but now really sees.


The third book is Darcy the youngest Gallagher.  She finds love with another yank and he will give her everything her hearts desire but the one thing she really wants.

Throughout all of the books we have two spirits who are lovers but separated. They are trying to bring these young couples together so they will find that happiness the spirits long for.  In the end there is happiness for all couples and even the spirits.

Overall I liked the Roberts series.  It took me a little to get into the first book.  I wasn’t sure of it but once I met the characters I wanted to see how the fiery bunch would interact and come to their choices.

Lords of The Underworld by Gena Showalter

The series  Lord of the Underworld consists of seven books to the series.  I have not read the first one yet but I was able to read the rest.

The series of books:

  1. The Darkest Fire
  2. The Darkest Night
  3. The Darkest Kiss
  4. The Darkest Pleasure
  5. The Darkest Whisper
  6. The Darkest Passion
  7. The Darkest Lie

The story line behind the series is tortured immortals are suffered with demon spirits inside them.  Have to endure whatever demon they are.  Violence would have to be killed, Death to take peoples souls and so on.  These men have been like this since a thousand years after opening pandoras box.

In each book a woman will come into the picture and somehow help one of the immortals that she seeks or wants to be with.

Showalter has a way of telling a story but for some reason I just was not into this series as her others.  The story line was interesting but it didn’t hold my attention.  I read the books at times just to read them.   I think that their was too much detail and should have been condensed into a shorter series.

Of course Showalter still has amazing scenes for her description and sexual sences which give the series something but that is really it.

The Vampire’s Bride by Gena Showalter

In the long battle between allies and enemies of Atlantis it is time for Layel, King of vampires to have his time in the spotlight in the fourth book.

He is Layel, king of the vampires, a master seducer no woman can deny.  But since a rogue horde of dragons killed his beloved over two centuries ago, Layel has existed only for vengence…until he meets Delilah.

Wary of love, the beautiful Amazon wants nothing to do with the tormented vampire.  Yet there’s no denying their consuming desire every time he nears her.

Neither trust the other-nor can they survive alone.  For in an impossible game of the gods’ devising, they’ve been trapped on an island, about to face the ultimate challenge: surrender to the passion that will bind them forever…or be doomed to an eternity apart.

The series of Atlantis intrigued me since picking up the first book and since then I have liked reading about the characters and their interactions they have through each book.

The love story is of Delilah and Layel but there is a few others that are fighting the attraction which is being felt.

I liked that there was the tension and the attraction right away but I found it more meaningful that Showalter doesn’t automatically throw them into bed.

The plot had some interesting twists and it was a real survivors game where the losers are killed and only one can be the victorious.

The fourth book was entertaining to read and enjoyable but I am curious about the next one.  I believe it will follow up with Nola and Zane and see where their destiny lies.

Reap the Wind by Iris Johansen

The thrilling trilogy comes to an end as Reap the Wind ventures into the twentieth century. Johansen gives a fantastic finish which leaves the Wind Dancer a home but before it can be final there is still a fight that must be had.

Reap the Wind:

Some would kill to know what Caitlin Vasaro knows.  For the secrets she’s kept hidden all her life are the kind that the rich and the powerful will do anything to possess.  Yet not even Caitlin knows how much danger she is in-or how far someone will go to hunt her down.  But she is about to find out, when she enters a business deal with the mysterious and charismatic Alex Karazov and joins the hunt for one of the world’s most coveted treasures, the Wind Dancer, and ancient statue of legendary beauty and power.  But Karazov is a dangerous man who has an even more dangerous enemy, and suddenly Caitlin is thrust into a shadow world of intrigue and deception, unable to trust anyone, not even the one man who can help.  Now she must outsmart the cleverest of killers, a psychopath obsessed with the Wind Dancer whose ruthless plan spans continents and whose lethal rampage won’t stop at one death…or two…or even three-not until he finally gets what he wants: the secret Caitlin will die to keep.

This was a fantastic finish.  Johansen is an amazing storyteller with plot and characters.

Through the books I found that Johansen is a very detailed writer which gives them a certain complexity to the story. You devour more information because she gives you that.  You learn more about the past, how the characters work.

I have been finding out that Johansen carries her characters forward in her other books, series or regular novels which is fun to read.  In a previous book I found out that Andreas was indeed President and married to the movie star but it was fun to see how they first started.

Also Kemel is a character from Fatal Tide with Melis and it was interesting again to see how they started from the beginning and grew into the people they became.

Johansen creates her plot to be intricale and devious with twist and turns.  You do not know who is bad or good sometimes.  The line is blurred.  The series is a great mystery.

The villain in the book is truly horrible and gives the heroes a fight to keep their lives and to save those they love.  The Wind Dancer is tangled all up in this all because of perfume.

The plot of the book left me intrigued and fascinated by how the characters came around.

Some of the characters I liked were…

Caitlin who is the main character.  She is a strong woman with ties to Vasaro and only wants it to grow.  She gets tangled up in the web of lies but she is strong.

Alex is another strong man but he is unsure.  Doesn’t want to hurt Caitlin.

Jonathon Andreas is charming and I love his character how he doesn’t take no for an answer.

Chelsae is a perfect movie star who is strong and stubborn.  She is the loving mother and not perfect in any way.

Marisa is a sweet girl who had a trouble past.  She is strong in her own way and I love the end where she meets the man she is to be with forever which is told to you in Fatal Tide.

Kemel was a strange character.  You didn’t know what side he was on.  He was like Francois from Storm Winds.  He was helping those around him but for a great purpose but still a little selfish.  He finds the woman at the end, Marisa, who he knew she was the one.

All the characters were filled with complexity and depth which created a dynamic storyline to read.

Reap the Wind is a perfect finish to the trilogy and a worthy series to read.  I recommend this series.

Storm Winds by Iris Johansen

300 years later the Wind Dancer residing in France is sought after once more but by the family that wishes to get it back.

Storm Winds:

Storm WindsJean Marc Andreas wanted what was his by right.  He wanted the Wind Dancer which belonged to his family but the French held the statue.  Juliette was a young lady no one seemed to want around in the court of the French royalty until the Wind Dancer which brings them together.

Juliette and Jean face many hardships with the friends of Catherine, Philippe and Francois.

I was blown away by this heart pounding thriller.  The second book of the series The Wind Dancer was entertaining and amazing to read.  For me the second one held more of a depth to the characters.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time that I was reading the book.

The Wind Dancer once again brings trouble to those who are trying to find the Wind Dancer.

The main characters, Jean and Juliette are fantastic together.  Jean is strong and wants the statue more than anything but as always he finds what he truly needs with Juliette.  He holds everything inside of him and shields any pain away.

Juliette’s character is fun to see go.  The entire book was intriguing because you got to see how the characters progressed and became who they were.  Juliette is strong but not as all she appears to be, which gives her character a depth which will bring her further into the book.  Gives chance to have her break and become stronger.

The playboy is Philippe and he annoyed me in the book.  He is kind but not very bright when it comes to protecting those around him.  Why do that when he can enjoy a woman.  Catherine has the crush on him and he fails to protect her when he should have.  It made me sick to think how selfish he truly was.

Francois also goes by William his real name.  He is a man that has a secret identity and is trying to save the queen and the royal family.  He encounters the Jean, Juliette, and Catherine.  He is a mystery man and will be very invested with Catherine who he feels guilty but soon enough also love.  He does not set out to hurt anyone but is doing the best he can for the common good.

Catherine is an amazing character.  She goes through the tragedy which Juliette endures as well but not to the same degree.  She endures a rape by two men and suffers greatly.  I was mortified when I read that scene.  Johansen makes you feel for Catherine and Juliette but more for Catherine.  It was a very good job describing the feelings of Catherine.  Francois helps her like no one can.  She is an inspiring woman as she goes back to her home which was created by Lorenzo.  I like that he was brought back into the book as he gave over the garden to the Andreas family as long as they named her Catherine.  The garden is a strong place that heals and Catherine soon discovers what is truly in her.  I love her character.

Johansen gives a strong description of characters and the plot.  The book progressed nicely along the pages and was thrilling to read.

Storm Winds is truly a fantastic tale of tragedy, adventure, heart pounding, a love triangle and finding true love.  There is still hope and new life with every tragedy.

I recommed this series.