Music of the Heart

Giving time to others was hard for Cassandra to do but when it was for charity she was willing. Thrust into the limelight Cassandra played many concerts at a young age but now Cassandra does not play concerts. She stays in her house only to do as she wants but now the Greek tycoon will change her life.

Neo Stamos had a goal to be a billionaire and he made it so with his friend. But now Neo has lost a bet and must take what his friend has offered. A years worth of piano lessons with a prodigy. Neo did not know what to expect with Cassandra but soon she would fill his world and complete what was missing.

The Shy Bride which is written by Lucy Monroe is a modern day short romance novel. Neo is the strong, cultured man with little love in his life. While Cass is the shy, innocent woman who has not had the chance to love. Together they make the connection and blossoms a relationship that starts from friendship.

I liked that Monroe creates the characters to become friends first as it was needed to let them take the final plunge into love.

Lucy Monroe will continue the Traditional Greek Husband series with the sequel and last book which will have Neo’s friend and business partner finding love.

Simply Irresistible

Lucky Harbor series has so far four books that are to be part of the series. I ended up picking the only one available which was the first book, Simply Irresistible. If I was not already a fan of Jill Shalvis I would have been after reading this book. This was a book I didn’t want to put down. I had to which was annoying but definitely didn’t want to stop.

Maddie Moore is just one of the sisters of Phoebe but Maddie was the one that knew her mother the least. She was considered the mouse too quiet, but all that was going to change. With one third of the ownership of the inn Maddie will venture into restoring this inn and trying to change her life without men but that will be short lived as she meets Jax.

Jax Cullen is a man who has found what he had been missing five years ago. Jax is an ex lawyer who is now a contractor and mayor, and who happens to own a lot of property. But Jax is going to find something to distract himself with. Maddie and Jax will let the steam in but will it be too much to handle as their pasts get in the way.

I loved how Jill Shalvis sets up the next book. You know certain things but now you need to know especially about Tara the older sister. But I did like how Shalvis is separating the sisters with their own story. Each sister will have a chance to be the focal point but the others are not forgetten.

Shalvis does well with not being afraid to show that sexual desire which steams between the two main leads. And her continual use of secrets will lead the reader wanting to know more. Simply Irresistible was purely that, irresistible.

Sweetest Thing is the next book in the series and I can’t wait to find out about Tara and her secret past.

Hard To Handle

With Foster you are always going to get steamy no matter what it appears and that is fine with me as she gives her characters to be intriguing and well detailed. You want more out of her characters but always happy to get what you are given. Hard To Handle is just the book that will make you squirm with wanting more for both characters but you will be satisfed at the end of the book.

Harley Handleman is known as a fighter, an up and coming fighter who will be going all the way. Harley likes what he hears and will stop at nothing to get it. But Harley is never sure how things will turn out as he has had those chances but those cirumstances were out of his control. And contol is something Harley tries to maintain especially in the bedroom but that control will slip with Stasia.

Anastasia Bradley will always have her heart start beating at the sight of Harley but she knew better to try and mix herself with him. But that will not stop feelings to get into the mix. Stasia finds herself  getting wrapped up into Harley’s world and his body as she is trying stay clear of an unknown enemy.

With re-reading Hard To Handle I knew the outcome and all the details but I still love to read it. Out of the books for the SBC Fighter series this once is a favorite and I tried to prolong the ending of this book.

I think what it is you get wrapped up into that fantasy of the very strong, protective man who wants nothing more than to protect you and help you in anyway. Which is how Foster created Harley exactly to be with the added bonus of his sexual desire in the bedroom. I liked how she also gave him a past which made him the hero even though he didn’t want to be labeled as such.  Foster also created Stasia right as she was independent and wanted more. Her character was true throughout the book which made it all the more interesting to read.

I also liked how Foster created the side story of Barber, the musician, and Jasmine. They weren’t really side characters as half the book was probably about them as well. I loved the sexual tension and the fierceness of Jasmine. They were fun to read about.

Hard To Handle is definitely a book you will want to check out and is the third book to the series SBC Fighters.

Following Simon

The second book to SBC Fighters series is Simon Says from Lori Foster. Re-reading books make them go faster but never looses the enjoyability. I love how Foster created her characters and how they are followed through within the books that continue in the series.

Simon “Sublime” Evans was not a man you wanted to mess around with. After a couple years out of retirement Simon is getting back in the ring but he will be distracted. He will be distracted by a woman named Dakota Dream. He doesn’t know what to make of her but knows she is in trouble and it all steams from her past.

Dakota Dream does what she needs to be done as she has been on her own but now her stepfather is blackmailing her. Dakota does not want to do his bidding but she is excited to meet Sublime. Dakota though did not suspect she would fall for him or that her past would be making its comeback into her life.

After putting down the book you will want to continue with the series right away as you will want to know what happens to the characters and who will be next in Foster’s list. The next one is going to be Harley and of course I already have Hard to Handle in my hand ready to read again.

In Simon Says I love how Foster created Simon to be hard headed but falls for the outspoken Dakota who does not listen to a word he tells her. I also like that she gave Dakota to have the hard life in her past but it created her to want to be strong and to fight which gave her spunk.

Now of course with Foster’s book you have the heated romances that verge on erotic and she does not disappoint as Simon and Dakota will heat up the pages. You will melt at their scenes and want more.

Simon Says will make you want to follow Simon anywhere.

The Prince and the ex- Agent

Susan Mallery brings a humorous group of characters together in the series The Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road. I took a chance and picked a random one which happened to be the last book of the series, The Marcelli Princess.

Mia Marcelli’s live was turned upside down watching her lover die. But that was five years ago and Mia is with family and her son she adores. Things change quickly though when Mia finds herself in bed with Diego who was dead and claims to be Raphael a Prince of his country.

Raphael has on mission and that is to see his son that he has now discovered. Seeing Mia brought back old feelings but he could not get side tracked. He will go up against the entire family to win their love and approval but he will shack their trust when his plan is out in the open.

You certainly will get caught up in the story. The characters specifically the Marcelli family will have you laughing and fighting for family. Mallery brings a sense of a strong family bond which does not get altered only stronger when one is threatened.

I loved Diego but really Raphael who happens to be a prince. He is really there under false pretense and has no remorse whatsoever which is horrible. You really end up hating him for trying to split a perfectly happy family and for lying. But of course everything changes and as the reader you will give Raphael the chance but it better be a good groveling.

Mia’s character is fantastic. I love the interaction of her with the family and especially with her son. She does not falter completely to Raphael but then gives in to get her heart broken again but this time anger is there instead of remorse. She acted just as any woman would.

I was pleasantly surprised with how Mallery ended it and after reading the last one and getting to know everyone in the family I definitely want to read how it all started from the beginning.

Causing Havoc

As I was looking through several authors I have read I noticed that I had not put down the first three books of the SBC Fighters series from Lori Foster. I had no idea why as I had read the books before but since I was in the mood to read them again I picked up the first book of the series, Causing Havoc.

Dean “Havoc” Connor is a fighter for SBC and he is known for his unpredictability in the ring which is why it should not have surprised anyone the next move he made. Dean took a short vacation to meet up with the family that he had been pulled away from. Dean will have a chance to get to know Cam and Jacki and what happened years ago to pull them apart. But that will not be the only thing to occupy Dean’s mind as Eve will be part of his plan in this small town.

As usual whenever I finish a Lori Foster book I just want more which is of course why I already have the next book to the series picked out, Simon Says. The first book of Fosters series sets the mood to what the SBC Fighters series will become.

Foster creates these dynamic, multidimensional characters who you will fall in love with like the tough fighter, shy/assertive sisters, and a gusty best friend. She also creates the villain to be cruel and in a disguise which you will feel sorry for but at the same time despise.

As I already know the SBC Fighters series is a captivating series which you will want to devour every page and word. It only gets better as the series progresses.

A Billionaire’s Not A Bad Thing

A contract was all she had to do. Get him to sign to their company and they would have one of the biggest companies to their name.  Celia Taylor knew what she had to do it didn’t help that Evan Reese was a very attractive man but she would keep her attraction hidden or at least try.

Evan was impressed by Celia long before he was formally introduced. He liked her mind but wanted in her bed and he would find a way to it. Evan though finds himself going to wedding that he loathes and Celia will make it worth the torment. They find their ways to each others bed but their past will give a pause to their relationship.

I have tried one other novel from Maya Banks and I was hooked. Billionaire’s Contract Engagement is steamy and provocative. I liked how she brings in the sexual desire with the plot to make it flow and not some random scene. The characters of Evan and Celia complemented each other and I liked each had their own baggage.

Banks created Evan’s character well. I liked how he was not heart broken but came to be when he found he was loosing more when he let Celia go. On Celia’s side I liked her strong brothers and father. It was an interesting take on the family and would love to indulge more into the brothers stories.

Billionaire’s Contract Engagement was entertaining and is a fast paced story which will leave you wanting more. This is just one of the books to a collaborated series of the Kings of the Boardroom.

Back with the twins

The sequel to the series Wrong Bed: Again and Again is Twin Temptation but this time its Maddie’s side of the story.

Maddie Farrell is used to be only with her dad. Now that he passed away she had no family expect that was not true. Maddie soon found out she had a twin sister and not only that but they have to switch places according to their mothers will. Maddie will travel to New York and her sister to Santa Fe for three weeks but almost immediately as Maddie gets there trouble starts in the form of a man Jase Campbell and a robbery.

Jase Campbell knows the woman in his bed is not Jordan but this woman has her face. Jase soon finds the whole story from Maddie and no sooner does trouble start to find their way. A shooting and another almost hit and run will have Jase protecting Maddie.

Cara Summers delivers a hot sequel to the series that will leave the readers wanting more of Maddie and Jase as they steam the pages with the sexual desire and dangerous plot they intertwined themselves into.

I liked though how Summers now delivered the second half of the story on Maddies side. It was interesting to read as you already knew some of what happened from Jordan’s point of view.

Wrong Bed: Again and Again is a fantastic quick two book series.

Valentine’s Day That Never Ends

Reliving a day over and over is not something that is always positive when trying to find what to fix. Stephanie Bond will bring in her character Carol Snow to find out just how hard it will be to relive days in Her Sexy Valentine.

Carol Snow is not loved at her job. She is know as the Ice Queen with her chilly attitude. Carol had been in love and reckless but that was long gone as she got her heart broken.  A rugged coworker Luke Chancellor now threatened that reserve but today was going to be long as it will never end. Carol relives her day Friday the 13th, a day before Valentines day. Carol is reliving to change her attitude about love and giving chances.

Stephanie Bond gives a spin off of a Christmas Carol in this modern romance story, Her Sexy Valentine. I like Carol and how she is playing scrooge. It was cute that is was about Valentine’s day and all about finding love and herself. Stephanie Bond gives a heated and passionate story which heats up the pages between Carol and Luke. You will want to finish to find out how Carol will prevail and find herself.

Breaking the Eternal Curse

Lucky Break is the third book of the Carly Phillips series Lucky. I have only read this book but from seeing how it ended I am definetily wanting to know how it started and how the cousins found a way around the curse.

Jason Corwin is the big man on campus as he is an ex Olympic Snowboarded but a rumor ended his career and sent him packing home. He started as a carpenter in his home town and as luck would have it a new job would be coming his way. Lauren Perkins was home and things will now be settled between them.

Lauren Perkins was given no choice to leave at seventeen but now she is back if only for a little. Her grandmothers house needs to be fixed and sold. Jason her teenage heartthrob and man she gave her virginity to was the only one available. She wanted to have another chance with Jason if only for the time she was here. And things move into that direction but problems start coming there way as problems with the house start to occur and Jason and Lauren will have to work together to solve the problem and break the curse.

I liked that this was a book of second chances. The third book gives the characters chances to heal which the curse brought to the families and for old feelings to rekindle.  Phillips makes the book steamy with the sex scenes as the two characters are now grown up and know what they are doing.

Lauren and Jason’s characters were steamy and playful which kept the book light but there was a serious side as feelings and thoughts are expressed which makes the book have more depth.

I liked how Phillips created the end to have that ending you were hoping for which helped all of the Corwins and Lauren Perkins. Lucky Break was a great finish.