Gabe by Lori Foster

Going right on to the third brother in Buckhorn, Gabe.  This brother is known by the ladies.  Most of them flock to him regardless if he looked or smiled.  Gabe didn’t want to be like his brothers with getting stuck with a wife and when he met Elizabeth Parks he knew nothing would happen with her.

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Parks, the nickname Gabe gave her to annoy her, was your average women.  But she didn’t really have a style to herself, a lot of frumpy clothing.  She was work, work, work and no fun.  Her work included a thesis on Heroic men and Gabe came into that category when he saved those kids.

Needless to say Gabe was not for this interview and wanted nothing to do with her but curiosity got the better of him.  Soon Gabe found himself making a deal with Lizzy and he started to answer her questions with a little kissing.  Lizzy didn’t have much experience and because of this deal she was getting her part.  Needless to say Gabe finds himself in love but he wonders if he is good enough for Lizzy to even be with her, why would she want someone who is unemployed and doesn’t have goals?

With each book Lori Foster writes I keep reading them.  This story is a fantastic read.  I love how you get to know each brother with each book and how they are finding their loved ones.  One thing I would like is to have the mother visit.  I think she would be a great addition along with her husband.

Loving Jack by Nora Roberts

“Loving Jack” is the first book in the series Jack’s History by Nora Roberts.  In the beginning I didn’t know this was a series, I just randomly picked up the book to read.  That is my strategy when picking up books.

So this book is about Jacqueline “Jackie or Jack” MacNamara who is a woman that floats around.  She tries many things that interest her and at this point it is writing.  She rents out the house her cousin Fred told her about, this rental would be for three months.  Jack was thrilled at the house but things got interesting when the owner came back early.

The owner, Nathan Powell was coming back from Germany and looking forward to sleeping in his bed not finding a woman occupying his house.  At the very immediate meeting Jack was blown away with Nathan and knew that she was going to fall in love with him but Nathan was not opened for her.  The task for Jack was to open Nathan up to love.

The character of Jack was very well thought out.  I loved her quirkiness and stubborn streak to help Nathan is fantastic.  I also love that she is a writer and her main character is a man named Jack.  I really like Nathan’s character and love to see how his sheltered shell is steadily breaking down, which is Jack’s man goal.

Morgan by Lori Foster

This is the second book of the series Buckhorn Brothers.  Lori Foster writes another hit with “Morgan”.  The brothers continue with Morgan taking the role of finding a wife.

Morgan Hudson the second oldest brother in the group is the sheriff for this small town and quite the ladies man but when he sees her everything changes.  Setting his sights on Misty Malone was a no no.  Misty was his new sister in law sister which meant she was off limits.  Except he couldn’t stop thinking about her.  He wanted to be with her and to protect her.

Misty thought that Morgan hated her and it was just as well because she did not need him in her life.  She was through with men all together, but Morgan made it difficult to keep him out of her mind with his comments and looks.  Of course her life has been thrown a few curves with her being arrested for stealing money, which she didn’t do!, and being pregnant.  Misty wanted the baby and knew she had to figure out a plan.  That plan did not include Morgan Hudson but he decided to barge into her life and offer a helping hand as well as a little romance.

I loved how Misty decided not to let her getting pregnant and abandon get her down and give up.  She is a strong and determined to make it on her own.  And even though she does accept help Misty keeps true to her own feelings.  With the second book behind me I keep finding that the Hudson brothers fascinate me.  I love their natural characteristics and their family dynamics.

Sawyer by Lori Foster

Four brothers and a 15 year old all living under the same roof.  This would normally smell like the recipe for disaster but the Hudson family make it work.  In the first book of the Buckhorn Series “Sawyer” we meet the brothers, Sawyer, Morgan, Gabe, Jordan, and Casey who is Sawyer’s son.

Sawyer stands alert when his son Casey yells.  There was a woman who drove into the lake and she wasn’t conscious.  Now being Sawyer was a doctor immediately he went to examine her but he is blown away at the physical pull he feels when he gazes upon the victim.  Immediately she is pulled out of the car.  She wakes to say no hospital.  Grudgingly Sawyer accepts and takes her to their home.

The woman, Honey Malone is running scared from those who want to get her and running a fever.  Thankfully this man was a doctor, a gorgeous doctor one she couldn’t keep her eyes off of.  As Honey got better she got to know the brothers better and soon after she started to love them like her own family.  Sawyer and Honey begin a relationship that both tell each other will only be until she is safe.

I loved these new set of brothers.  I found them charismatic and lovable.  They were also very funny as they interacted with each other, very realistic on how brothers who are close would act.  I was surprised that Sawyer was a father of a 15 year old but I loved how Honey took to caring for Casey.  Honey’s character seemed older, more mature than a 25 year old would actually be.

Honey was great for Sawyer Hudson but now would Misty, Honey’s sister, be good for Morgan Hudson?  Find out in the next book “Morgan”.

Double the Pleasure in “Deuces Wild”

Lori Foster continues the Winston’s through the next two cousins, Dex and Hart Winston.  These brothers are identical twins, both artistic.  Hart a painter and Dex a writer.  All in all the brothers were very similar in every way of their lives.  So when Hart needed Dex to play look alike for him it was not unheard of.  Hart was leaving for training in the SBC fighters which he was trying to get into.  Dex reluctantly agreed and the next day Dex was happy to agree when he meets the neighbor Christy.

Christy has been mooning over Hart Winston since he moved in those six weeks ago and finally he was paying attention to her but she also noticed that he was different somehow.  But she didn’t mind that Hart (really Dex) was giving her attention.  Soon the two of them were becoming hot and heavy but Dex was having a hard time because he wanted to tell her the truth.  Hart pleaded with his brother to not yet, but soon.

All in all the ending works out for the Winstons.  I liked this short story with the ever steamy Winstons.  I also liked that Joe Winston made a cameo in this story.  I like hearing about the previous characters that have had their own books.  It is cool also how SBC ties many of these books together.

This was a fantastic quick read but I wonder if another story on the Winstons will be coming to print with Hart Winston as the main character?  Would love to see if something happens with the mysteries Lisa.

“Morrigan’s Cross” by Nora Roberts

Okay so I read my first romance of Nora Roberts and I thought it was fantastic but the thing that surprised me was the fact that she also produced paranormal novels.  I thought that I would try my luck and read this book.

This book is about the forces of good and evil fighting across a different time and space.  Lilith is creating her army and only Morrigan and her people will be able to stand up against her.

The story starts and ends with a person telling a story to a crowd of people.  I liked that idea of a storyteller.

In the story there are two brothers Cain and Hoyt.  Cain is turned into a vampire by Lilith and Hoyt couldn’t not save him.  Morrigan tells Hoyt that he must learn to stop Lilith.  Hoyt will learn about vampires and will have others gathered to help the cause.  Hoyt will not only try to stop Lilith but he will also travel through time and space to go to New York where his brother resides.  Here Hoyt will learn and find a way to stop Lilith with the help of Cain, King and Glenna.

The story had a mix of magic and vampires.  The characters themselves were from 1128 to present day.  I liked the old style feel of Hoyt, it made his character more believable.  I liked the magic that was displayed but I guess I wasn’t enthralled by the story.  I think that perhaps more magic needed to be included.  I am very into the supernatural and witches have been one of my favorites.  So over all the story was a good read and I will have to try another paranormal novel.

“Murphy’s Law” by Lori Foster

This was the perfect sequel to finish of “Jude’s Law”.  In this second book we are back to the characters of Ashley Miles and Quinton Murphy.  Ashley the struggling college student, 27 and hard, stubborn woman.  Quinton the tough, protector, caring, Ceo.  The two have a strong dynamic and sexual tension that is making it hard for either of them to concentrate.

“Nothing is going to go wrong.  Ashley Miles has worked too hard for her independence to let some Bentley-driving hunk named Quinton Murphy interfere with her plans-or her freedom.  Yes, the chemistry is phenomenal.  Kind of scary, actually.  But that’s it.  No emotional commitments.

But hes so wonderful-a woman could fall in love…How did that happen?  That wasn’t part of the plan!  But can she trust him?  Really trust him?  The man is just so mysterious.  There’s only one solution: put it all on the line and see what Quinton does when she tells him how she feels.  And hope everything that can go wrong..won’t..”

The story starts out with Ashley feeling being watched as she drove her car.  Thankfully when she came to the parking garage Quinton was there.  Seeing him the heat rushes to her face.  He always did this to her.  Getting out of her comfort zone Ashley was able to ask Quinton to escort her to May and Jude’s wedding.  Quinton of course agrees to this.  And the battle between their romance begins.

In this second book the same charismatic characters are back to give a steamy plot.  Still on the run is Elton and he is trying to set his claws into Ashley who ruined things for her.  But with the help of Quinton, Denny, and Tim she will be protected.

I loved the characters of Ashley and Quinton.  Both of them fought for what they needed and their steamy relationship.  The book kept me turning the pages with anticipation.

Wedding bliss in “Vision in White” by Nora Roberts

The bride and groom are all ready, flowers aligned and guest are waiting.  Everything is perfect for their day but have you ever thought about the preparation behind the scenes of a wedding?  Well that is were are four main women, Mac, Parker, Emma, and Laurel come into play.  Through their love of weddings since they were children the four of them have created a business creating the special day for the bride.  All of them play a part in the wedding, booking, the food, the cake, designing and the photographs.

Mac is our main character in this novel.  Mac is the photographer and has not lead a simple life with her mother either married or having an affair with a new man everytime Mac turned around.  Mac tries to get her mom out of her life but it is hard to do since she has been doing it her entire life.

As a photographer Mac is pretty happy with her work and in her life but when she runs into Carter Maguire while she was only in a bra and pants, Mac starts to re-evaluate her life.

Carter a shy and slight nerdy teacher back in his old school teaching is the one who has had the biggest crush on Mac when he was in high school and it seems those feelings never died.  He is determined to be with Mac but is a complete nerd when she is around.  He keeps blotching up his attempts but with every stutter and blush Mac falls more and more for him.

Nora Roberts writes her first book “Vision in White” of her series The Bride Quartet.  Since this was my first book from Nora Roberts I assumed it was to be another romance novel, which it was but it was amazing to read.  The book had humor, love, heartache, frustration, friendship and family.  All things you love in a story.  The characters were great to read.  Very thought out and well created.  It wasn’t the story where everyone was happy but there were hardships the characters had to get over which makes a dynamic story.

This novel was a fantastic read and I’m looking forward to her other books and this series.  Who will be next to find wedding bliss?

Regency Romance-“Saved by Scandal”

Reading this book, “Saved by Scandal” by Barbara Metzger I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, since I have not read any of these romance novels before.  Now I have read romance novels but those were what I considered modern.  I am finding that regency romance novels are usually in the 1700 to 1800’s and I love it.  This is the time period where I love to read about.  I think it has something to do with how the people acted and what they wore.  I like the idea of the long full dresses and riding in carriages.

Now since this is my first official romance novel are there other types of romance novels that are better or similar?   I had a friend that said Zebra Regency was good.  I guess I will just have to explore these novels.

So the plot of this regency novel is Lord Galen Woodbridge is stood up at his own wedding as his bride to be runs off with another in the carriage.  Lord Galen is not necessary heartbroken but annoyed the girls behavior, but instead of going after her he finds a new one.  Lord Galen’s goal is to create his own scandal by having an affair with the song bird herself, Margot Montclaire.  Of course this turns into him proposing marriage to the girl.

Margot Montclaire Penrose is actaully a baron’s daughter.  She is singing to save enough money to save her brother from her uncles cluthes.  Upon hearing Lord Galen’s proposal, Margot is hesitant but finally gives in as long as he can save her brother.   Galen agrees and Margot agrees to the marriage.

There marriage is anything but conventional, which is the thing I really liked about it.  Galen wanted to wait to have Margot but every minute he was away from her he wanted her more.  I liked that he  ended up actually caring, loving his wife.  Also it was interesting that there were no scenes that were steamy only implied.  I kind of liked that because all then was in your imagination.

This novel was a great romance to read.

“Halfway to the Grave” by Jeaniene Frost

“Half-vampire Catherine “Cat” Crawfield is going after the undead with a vengeance, hoping that one of these deadbeats is her father-the one responsible for ruining her mother’s lift.  Then she’s captured by Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, and is forced into an unholy partnership.”

So obviously this is about vampires.  I like all things supernatural vampires, werewolves, monsters, etc, for many years.   So I keep reading different types of vampire books seeing which ones change the rules but sometimes the topic is a little drawn out.  Jeaniene Frost wrote good characters and a good idea for vampires but it didn’t hold my attention through the entire book.  Of course then some parts were really entertaining.

So as the characters go I did really like Bones and Cat.  I thought how Cat had a life outside of being what she referred to as a freak was nice to read about.  She is an everyday girl with a mother and grandparents.  It is cool about her being a hybrid of vampires.  Bones was really entertaining on how he is determined to kill his own kind and be with Cat.

As far as the vampires they have the ususal things human have but enhanced.  The interesting part was vampires can go out in the sun but they are weak and will find sleep, and get a bad sunborn. They can eat, but don’t like it, and no wooden stakes kill them.

As the trend of vampire books come forward I wonder what will be left to kill them with?

Over all the book was a pretty good book to read.