Lori Foster’s, “Jamie”

Finally I read the last book “Jamie”.  Finally the character of Jamie would be explained.  Throughout all the books Jamie has been around giving mysteries advice.  Knowing what others were thinking and see into the future.  He was responsible for the happy couples of Visitation.

The story line is that Jamie, who lives isolated onto of the mountain finds a woman stranded in the forest huddle and shivering on the ground.  He unclothes her and carries her to his cabin.  The moment he sees her, he wants her but from experience he is caution.  The woman that Jamie was carrying to his cabin wakes up and says “Jamie”.  The woman, Faith, has been looking for Jamie.  She needs his help and much more.  As the two of them get to know each other you find out about Jamie’s time at the institute research where he was tested on and Faith’s child which she is protecting, and who sent Faith to Jamie.

Outside of Faith and Jamie there is still Alyx who is getting tired of chasing Scott around but she loves him.  There is a new comer to town Becky, who has other plans of her own.

This was a really great book to read.  I liked actually hearing about Jamie and having much more communication rather than him popping into a few scenes then leaving.  You actually got to know how Jamie came to be and about his past.  It is always interesting hearing about the characters past.  I think the book was a perfect end to the Visitation series.

“Just a Hint-Clint” by Lori Foster

Out of the other books I have read this one seemed to go the quickest, it could be due to the fact that it was the shortest or highly entertaining while a little confusing.  The book starts with Julie Rose being kidnapped.  This first concept got me confused because she was in Visitation safe, how would she be kidnapped, who would kidnap her.  Of course with those questions floating in my head I had to keep reading where I came to the character of Robert and Clint.  Robert was Julie’s fiance but she ended it him because he cheated.  Clint was the hired hand to bring Julie back.

So Clint goes and finds Julie who is being man handled.  He rescues her with the help of Red and Mojo.  Robert is relieved but he has his other worries about paying back Asa who is a business man, a man whose sister is sleeping with Robert.  A very tangled web.

Clint is told by Robert to take care of Julie for the week by Robert.  Clint is not the happy because he has feelings for Julie.  Didn’t want to but he has them and Julie is not shy of her feelings for Clint.  They become very intimate with each other while trying to protect each other from whoever planned this kidnapping.

In the end the person behind the kidnapping is shown and taken down for it.  Also the next and last book “Jamie” is set up with Jamie as he is seen holding a naked woman in the rain.

I liked this book with the new characters and old ones coming back.  It is always nice to see a happy ending when you are cheering for the characters from the sidelines.

Lori Foster’s, “When Bruce Met Cyn”

After reading the third book in the series I have been blown away.  I keep getting drawn more and more into the plot and cheering for those who need to survive and find love the most.  So as I started the book the very first page kept me glued to the pages.  Cyn who at this time is a fearful 17 year old is felling from her bedroom because Palmer, her mom’s boyfriend is coming after her and in turns plans to force himself on her.  With a swift swing with the lamp connecting to his head Cyn is able to runaway, knowing now that she killed a man she has to stay in the shadows.

Five years past and Cyn’s only occupation that was available was selling her body but after her last john that night she decided to make a break for it, a new life.  This is the part of the story that Bruce will happen to come across Cyn who is fighting off the trucker who wanted a little extra for Cyn’s fare.  Bruce pays the man and gets Cyn settled in for the drive to Visitation.  They begin to talk and he asks why here?  Cyn comments that she has seen this place, dreamed it.  Just like she has dreamt of Jamie, didn’t know his name but he told her to come here to Visitation.

Okay what keeps me questioning is this guy Jamie.  I know that in the last book called “Jamie” there will be answers to who is Jamie really, but for now I am very confused and intrigued by his manor.  He is the local psychic and matchmaker if you think about it.  Protects the people with trying not to be involved but yet he does.

So back to the story.  Bruce bring Cyn to his home.  He will not do anything to her only try to help her out but his thoughts tell you a different story.  Cyn gets settled and everyone wants to help her.  Finally she gets a job with a woman named Mary who needed help with her horses.  Cyn likes the job and she is helping with the church, which Bruce likes.

Now the bad things, it looks like Palmer is not dead and after Cyn.  He wants her like he did five years ago.  Bruce, Bryan, Joe, Shay, Luna, Julie, Jamie, and Scott all want to help and will.  Bruce will never let anything happen to her.  At the end of the book there is a little twist.

I can’t wait for the next one which I will soon be starting.  We will be on Julie’s love life this time.

“The Secret Life of Bryan” by Lori Foster

Another book down of the Visitation series and yes I know that I have posted one earlier today.  It was a slow work day.

“Jaded bounty hunter Bryan Kelly is head-over-hormones in lust with a woman…and what she does to his senses is criminal.”

Reading that little quote I had a feeling it was going to be amusing especially since Bryan Kelly was already mentioned in the last book.  He helped take down Bruno, read the first book to know Bruno.

So the story goes Bryan, the bounty hunter, is portraying his preacher twin brother Bruce.  Bruce was previously attacked by someone looking to hurt the women he looks out for.  He runs a safe house for ex-prostitutes.  In the very first chapter we meet the woman Shay Sommers who is a millionaire getting bad press for her charity all because a girl who was pregnant almost died.  Shay will run into Bryan but he will not see her as Shay Sommers, he will see her as Shay a prostitute.  She decides to play along since she is trying to help women get off the street.  Thought this would be a better way to help connect with the women.  Now as the story goes on both Bryan and Shay find it hard to stay away from each other, while this is happening danger is surrounding the safe house.  Someone is trying to get to the women, will Bryan be able to protect all of them?

The story is light hearted and you will find yourself loving Shay’s character and all her need to help the women.  The story also keeps Bruce involved with the story line.  The dynamic between the brothers is funny as they are together.

The next story will be of Bruce and him finding love in Visitation.

Lori Foster’s, “Say No To Joe?”

So since reading “Unexpected” I have checked out all Lori Foster’s books in the series of Visitation.  The first book is “Say No To Joe?”  Reading the back of the book I knew that I would be hooked, bad boy lusting after the one woman who would not give him the time of day, yeah I knew that I would like this book.

The characters of Luna and Joe will end up making you smile, blush and cheer.  I fell in love with Luna’s character due to her free spirit and drive to stay away from Joe Winston but in the end we all knew that was a sinking ship.  Joe’s character made you want him to stick around.  He played that tough guy but down underneath all the exterior he was a guy that needed to help others and be loved by the right woman.  Very touching in the way of a good romance novel.

The book itself I thought was a great story line that left you following along hoping for a happy ending.  The story line itself is Luna who is a psychic’s assistant is left two young children of her cousin, Chole.  Luna gets the help of Joe Winston, ladies whom she was trying to avoid.  Together they help the children belong to which the town has so shunned them.  And of course in the middle of everything we have strange cars following Joe and Luna, people breaking in to the house, and warnings for them to leave.

I liked the fact that the book helps set up the next books.  You meet the minor characters but will play their own major role within the next book.  So you can read the book and there will be a little information regarding what happened to the characters previously.  This is a great tactic if the reader does not have all the books in order.  Of course I try to read all of them in order regardless.

Finding Foster in “Unexpected”

Through my usual browsing of the stacks in the library of the fiction section I come across a new author, Lori Foster.  I have never heard of her or seen any of her books but I thought to try one of her novels.  On looking at the cover of  “Unexpected” I was intrigued by the image and hot pink color of the book.  Those who say “don’t judge a book by its cover” are right but sometimes it happens.  If I see something visually appealing I will pick it up and examine further, that is the idea of marketing.

“In this deliciously sensual novel, bestselling author Lori Foster creates an unforgetable heroine in Ray Vereker, a female Rambo with quick reflexes, sharp instincts, a hot body, and a bad case of morning sickness…”

After reading that small insert I wanted to know about Ray and the other leading character Eli Connors.  After reading the first few pages I could not put the book down.   I was intrigued by Ray’s character.  I liked that she was a very strong, independent woman who didn’t need any help, well at least according to her.

Eli’s character was just as strong and had his own dynamic attributes to combine with Ray, which makes good reading.  The scenerio is that Ray is hired by Eli to get Jeremy, his brother, out of Central America.  Both of them make it there with the help of Buddy who was an old mercenary friend of Ray’s.  Through bumps in the road and an unwavering attraction between Ray and Eli they come to Central America and rescue Jeremy but the troubles do not stop there for Ray and Eli.  There will be another bump in the road that will have to be shared with the two of them and family.

Overall I thought that this book was something new and refreshing to read.  I am looking forward to continuing reading her books, starting with a series of five books named visitation: “Say No to Joe?”, “The Secret Life of Bryan”, “When Bruce Met Cyn”, “Just a Hint: Clint”, and “Jamie”.   I am hoping that this series will be enjoyable as “Unexpected” was.

A Seduction in “Seduce Me”

With a title like this how could you go wrong.  Robyn DeHart did an amazing job with bringing a well known myth of Pandora’s Box to the pages of her thrilling romance novel.

“Fielding Grey is the second son of the Marquess of Eldon and fortune hunter by night. He’s on a mission for the Legend Hunters–a group of wealthy, titled, and heart-breakingly gorgeous men, each of whom are after the find of the century–he has his eyes set on obtaining the illustrious Pandora’s Box. But before he finds it, he encounters an equally alluring treasure–the woman bold enough to look inside.
Esme Worthington can’t resist taking the tiniest peek inside when fate drops the real Pandora’s Box in her lap. Thus, she unleashes one of Pandora’s irresistible curses: the curse of lust. Now, both Esme and Fielding must deal with this passionate curse–or blessing?–before unknown implications of Pandora’s Box overpower them both.” (Fantastic Fiction)

In this book the story is fast pace and characters witty and interesting to keep on reading.  Esme is one character that you hope will be happy in the end.

This is a wonderful romance novel to read.