To Tame a Duke

Lily Hawthorne is a spy for her country. She is proud to do something that helps America and her brother and her fiance. But now she is in trouble. Lily along with her little brother Michael will be taken by an Englishman as he thinks she caused his brothers death. Lily will fight the entire time but feelings of longing for her abductor will have her questioning what she wants.

James Armstrong, fourteenth Duke of Kinross is bent on having his revenge for his brother who was killed by the Gilded Lily. James will be shocked to find that the spy is a woman but nevertheless he will take her and have a new type of revenge on her. The same action will cause James to find himself not so immune to this woman.

To Tame a Duke is the last book of the Duke’s Trilogy series. I thought it was interesting that in the second book you hear about the married couple James and Lily but in the third book they are having their own story. For me this was great as Patricia Grasso keeps her characters and plot interesting with betrayals that only hurt each other. So I knew the outcome for the characters making it easier to read as there would be a happy ending.

I do like that Grasso makes her characters usually at odds but with strong passions that always lead to love with a few hurtles to jump over, this was the same for To Tame a Duke. I did think it was inventive for Lily to be a spy using her unique abilities to remember. James was gallant at times but mostly being a jackass as he wanted to break Lily down.

Now finishing the series I am contemplating which one to go for next. To prolong Patricia Grasso I might even take a small break from her. I suppose only time will tell which one I will choose and when as its the library I will be waiting on to receive the books from other libraries.

No Decent Gentleman

Continuing on the Duke’s Trilogy I picked up the next book to the series No Decent Gentleman.

Sabrina Savage and her sister have just gone through a tragedy with their father being murdered. In the eyes of the law it was viewed as a suicide but Sabrina knew better. She will find the help in her fathers friend and that man’s nephew. Sabrina will accept that help but will soon find out that is not all they will be after.

Adam St. Aubyn is here to collect what belongs to him and that is Sabrina his princess. Adam will gain her trust with helping her find out who killed her father but he is still not being truthful to her. He will find himself fighting back only to loose her more.

I liked No Decent Gentleman. Patricia Grasso keeps you on your toes with the plot and characters dynamics. I liked Sabrina’s fire that Grasso writes for her and Adam’s conviction in his own beliefs. Of course throughout the book you wanted to hit him in the head for he kept lying to Sabrina.

In this book I found that there was a lot of deceit with the couple, Adam and Sabrina. Grasso kept throwing in twists with their identities, the circumstances and the outcome. All the surprises kept you guessing which was fun to do as you read along. She did the same for the villain of the story. I wasn’t completely sure who the villain was but once the story was finished I remembered the details that Grasso had subtly placed into the pages.

No Decent Gentleman does have a happy ending which for me was needed. The last book, To Tame a Duke, is next. Can’t wait to finish the trilogy.

Violets in the Snow

Two years ago I had discovered some of Patricia Grasso’s novels due to my mom and her bookshelves. I went over a few of them liking Grasso’s style with the damsel in distress who has a little bite to her and the block headed man who is the seducer and always too cocky. I decided that as with most books it was time to start over with the author as even though I remember enjoying the books with all the frustration that went with it I can’t remember full specific details. I’m making it a project of mine to go back through all her books to refresh my mind of her stories.

I ordered several books of two series from my library and have received three books for the Duke’s Trilogy series. The Duke’s Trilogy was one I had not tried before and was excited to start Violets in the Snow.

Isabelle Montgomery never had a true friend except for her guardian angel. Isabella knows that a dark prince will someday find her and marry her but she did not think it would be John her guardian while her brother is away. Isabella knows she should not let her heart get involved but it is hard to do with every stolen kiss he gives her.

John Saint Germain did not want to marry again as once was enough but one look at Isabella and his first thought was he wanted her. Helping Miles, Isabella’s brother, might not be a chore after all. Soon John is trapped to be married to Isabella but life with her doesn’t seem too bad. Of course life is never easy especially as someone is trying to kill him, Isabella talking to her guardian angel and his daughter he never knew is shoved into his house.

I have to say going back to a favorite author is always a pleasure. With a good author you get lost in their words, the characters and plot. Going back to Patricia Grasso I was reminded why I wanted to read her books once again even if her books at times are a struggle and they are never quite the perfect romance.

Isabella and John’s story I will have to say had a few road blocks in the novel but nothing quite sever if I remember correctly how Grasso creates her plot. I really liked how she kept it simple and problematic especially when a little girl was thrown into the plot. Lily was a cute addition and gave the story more heart.

Grasso surprised me with a guardian angel as a character in the book. To me that made Violets in the Snow fall more into the paranormal romance category. This was not a bad surprise especially as the angel plays a big part to bringing the characters together.

John was your usual rogue with his woman but I liked how Grasso created him to have a big heart or open to love especially when you find he is not so oblivious to the guardian angel.

Isabella was a sweet naive girl who you couldn’t help but love to read about. I liked that she grew bolder though as I would hate for her to be quiet and weak minded throughout the story.

The villain was known pretty quickly but there are always hidden ones but they will only be revealed at the end and their motives.

No Decent Gentleman will be the second book in the Duke’s Trilogy series.

The New Tarzan

Starting the book instantly I was drawn in and not by action but by the simplicity of the story. Wild Thing will drawn you in and keep you invested to see how the story will end.

Dr. Elizabeth Holden is a very good doctor at the university and has had several problems with her personal life but now she is going to concentrate on a new project. Going into the jungle Elizabeth will find herself testing on this man who looks to be the missing link. Elizabeth will feel for this man and will try to help but is he the wild man or is he someone entirely different.

Going into this story you don’t expect Stuart to take it where the plot shifted too and I liked the little surprise with the wild man, otherwise known as John, is hiding.

The villains were a nice touch to the book which gave something for the characters to run away from.

Wild Thing will keep you on your toes with the changing plot and heated characters.

Highland Wolf

Now even though Highland Wolf did not bring in more of the Murray family Howell did bring back James. He is adopted by Eric Murray and Bethia Drummond (Jame’s half sister) and first mentioned in Hannah Howell’s third book Highland Promise. I was excited to read about James as he was taking us back to the original brothers.

Annora MacKay wants to leave her home as it is more like a prison but she stays for one person. Annora would do anything to protect Meggie, a five year old and supposed daughter of the laird. Annora knows the wrath of her cousin and she knows soon her fate will be sealed until a handsome woodcarver comes her way.

James Drummond wants his land back and his daughter. He poses as a woodcarver but will find an obstacle with Annora. He will soon find her a woman who could easily entice him. James will not resist desire for long as feelings get in the way. Now he must find a way for revenge all the while protecting his daughter and Annora.

From the last book which was alright to this I was happy to be brought back into the series. The characters were thought out and engaging throughout the book. The addition of Meggie was a nice touch. She gave the story a heartwarming feeling and something for the characters to protect from the villain. I really liked the little twist which Howell gives involving the crime James had supposedly committed.

Highland Wolf has brought back my interest in the series and I am eager to continue reading who Hannah Howell will write about next.

How to Ravish a Rake

Going after the third book, How to Ravish a Rake, I was excited to finally pick it up and find out about Amy and Will.

Amy Hardwick knew that this was the last year she could look for love and marriage. Her only suitor was a vicar whom she did not want to be settled with. Amy set her mind out and decided to change her fate with her gown designs that she reluctantly sold. She became fashionable and more confident through each drawing coming to life. Amy though was still cautious especially with Will. She didn’t trust him but soon found herself compromised and married to the rake. Amy wanted love and will find herself in love with her husband as she gets to know him but knows he does not feel the same.

Will “The Devil” Darcett knew trouble was coming his way when he lost a large blunt at gambling. To avoid telling his brother he sought an heiress and he focused in on Amy, but when it came to that time he changed his mind. Will didn’t want to compromise Amy but sooner than later they will find themselves leg shackled. Will figured they would have a marriage at a far but with a wager he is drawn to Amy and the pleasure in her arms.

Vicky Dreiling writes a really well written story in How to Ravish a Rake that I had to finish in one sitting. Her characters, plot and wit bring life to the pages.

Amy was a fantastic character and excellent wallflower who has now burst from the wall. She was strong on her own at least when it came to her designs. For her self confidence not so much but she was gaining that as well.

Now Will I didn’t really remember too much with him but it kind of makes sense as his own family makes light of him and often forget certain things regarding him. I liked that Dreiling didn’t make him quite the scoundrel it was apparent he was going to be especially when it came to compromising Amy.

The novel was well worth the wait.

A Rake’s Vow

Vane Cynster is on horseback but will have to stop in his journey as the weather throws him off course to his godmothers estate. Vane will find a small party gathered and will soon be involved in a mystery of a thief who has taken several items. Vane will help with the assistance of Patience who will entice him with every move she takes.

Patience Debbington is visiting her aunt along with her brother. She was going to London to further her brothers education which was something she could not provide. But before she could find the right man to help guide her brother a thief has found its way to her aunts house. Items are taken and her brother is looked as the culprit. Patience will help Vane discover the thief and she will discover that she is not immune to the rake.

After reading and truly loving the first book of the Cynster series I was disappointed with the second book A Rake’s Vow. I liked the concept that Stephanie Laurens did but the execution of the words or maybe the characters were just not that interesting. I was left bored at times through the novel which led me to take longer on this novel.

I will still try the next book of the series as I am still curious of this family.