Over Hexed

Two matchmaking sex therapists wizards are kicked out and have to make due in a small town. The small town of Big Knob, Indiana is everything they are not but that doesn’t mean their matchmaking days are over. They have now settled for mortals.

Sean Madigan can have any woman. They throw themselves at him. At a younger age it was great now it’s getting annoying. He wants someone to actually love to talk to. With the help of two neighbors Sean’s hot looks begin to fade. Sean is not happy as a new woman comes into his life and he wants to impress her. Now Sean has to remember what its like to woo a woman who is not throwing themselves at him.

Over Hexed is a lighthearted book. Vicki Lewis Thompson delivers on wacky characters which will leave you laughing at what will happen next.

Dorcas and Ambrose were perfect as the wizards they were odd in just the right way and the plot is something I have not read before. Thompson was smart when she created Sean’s character to be the hunk but have his looks disappear.

Over Hexed is the first book to the series Hex.

The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell

The first book, The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell, of the series McBride Trilogy was a book which is not about happiness or love that is until the past is solved for our main character.

Simon Blackwell has been given a fate worse than death five years ago and he must live with this for the rest of his life. Because of his past he has become jaded and more and more angry. But then all things change when Simon saves a little boy and meets the boys fiery cousin.

Annabel McBride doesn’t want to be back in London but she must and unfortunately because of this she meets Simon Blackwell. They do not mess well until their lips touch and embrace in a kiss which will make them betrothed to each other. Annabel is far from happy as her new husband does not care to carry on his duty with her or anyone. Annabel will find a way though to reach Simon and restart his life by healing his past.

I wasn’t sure how I would like this but truly Samantha James writes the book to pull at your heartstrings and you will hope for the best for these two characters. You will wish for love even though there is none which are pulling these characters together.

James brings in pain and betrayal through the book that as the reader you are about to give up but somehow you can’t. You want to finish this story to see how it ends.  And after finishing up The Secret Passion of Simon Blackwell I am eager to look for the other two books in the McBride Trilogy, The Seduction of  an Unknown Lady and Bride of a Wicked Scotsman. With these two books James expands into the brothers of Annabel and their problems with the ladies.

Hunger Games the Movie

After reading the trilogy, The Hunger Games, a year ago there was no surprise that a movie would be coming out. This would be once again one of those pop culture movies that would get people to the theaters, most of them teenagers, as it has been seen with Twilight and Harry Potter. Of course Hunger Games would transcend through the age restrictions and have adults wanting to see the movie as well.

The first book of the trilogy is The Hunger Games where a female and male are each picked from their district (there are twelve) and must fight to the death. The one who wins will earn their freedom and victory for their district. Katniss and Peeta are from district twelve and are set against each other but alliances will be made and more than one might survive.

I had gone to see the movie last friday and I was blown away. When I had first read the book I liked it, a lot. It was something different and Suzanne Collins certainly has a gift for the written word. In the book you are able to really understand what Katniss is thinking but in the movie you see it. Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect one to play Katniss and she did the character justice.

They did an unbelievable job with the movie. It was gritty and all about survival which was the only way people had to be in order to live. The cast that had been picked suited each character perfectly and you were sucked into the movie right away.

I am a definite fan of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) in the book and the movie. Each actor, Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz, Donald Sutherland, Amandla Stenberg just to name a few who appeared in the movie made it real and brought something to the movie which made it enjoyable to watch.

I am definitely excited how they will progress the trilogy on the big screen. So go read the books. See the movie. Both are worth experiencing!

A Matter of Class

I was recommended the book, A Matter of Class by Mary Balogh, by fellow blogger Dot, La Deetda Reads, and it was a book worth reading. As only reading one book from Mary Balogh this book by far was my favorite. Of course there are many more to read!

Reginald Mason is not a son of a gentleman but they are rich so they are accepted. Everything though is not going well for Reginald. His father is threatening to take away his lively hood if he doesn’t marry a woman from the upper class. His father wants him married and now he is being pushed into marriage to a woman of high rank who has suffered a scandal.

Annabelle Ashton is now ruined beyond repair according to the ton as she had run off with her suitor. Nothing happened she told them but her reputation was now ruined. She will now be betrothed to her fathers enemy as he would be the only one to take her.

I loved this book! A Matter of Class was a short novel from Balogh so it was quick to read but you wanted more. There was a definite finish to the novel that left you smiling and all the characters happy.

From starting out in the book I thought it would be a simple story of two young adults resisting a marriage to each other but there is so much more to the story. Balogh will have you falling in love with the characters as the story progressives.

Balogh writes the story in the present tense but she drifts off into the past with how these two had met. The past was clearly stated and not confusing as some can be. The story was told perfectly to let you truly get into the story.

With stories there are at times twists and Balogh gives A Matter of Class a twist that you did not truly guess until the very end. It was simple, clever and gave the story that romantic side that you longed to have.

A Matter of Class has me wanting to read more of Mary Balogh.


Taking a second novel from the many selections of Jude Deveraux I was thrilled to read Temptation. Jude Deveraux delivers a fiery pair of characters who are less than thrilled to be played with.

Temperance O’Neil was not a woman to mess around with. In the 1900’s she was a force to be reckened with. She gave speeches and helped those woman get a second chance. But then everything changes as her mother remarries and they are forced to move to Scotland. Temperance is horrified but is blackmailed to do her new stepfather’s bidding. His thought of a woman is to be meek and sit with the children. He sees that in Temperance’s mother.

Temperance has an out as Angus her stepfather makes her become a housekeeper for his nephew. He wants Temperance to find James McCairn a wife and then she may go back to New York. Temperance agrees as it is a means to leave but once she settles into James manor she finds it hard to leave.

I was surprised that this novel was really entertaining to read. It was entertaining to read as the characters all hid a part of themselves and were revealed slowly through the book.

Temperance was all fire and stubbornness which was needed as Deveraux creates James to be just the same. I disliked the relationship that Temperance had with her mother but Deveraux fixes the situation.

I liked how the author gives the happy ending but in a different way which you didn’t think would happen. You are left to keep guessing until the very end as a happy ending finally appears.

Overall a fantastic story full of family dynamics and growing friendships which blossom to love.

Not So Snow White

The Glass Slipper, Inc. series is new to me from Donna Kauffman but I thought I would give it a try. I ended up picking the fourth book to the series Not So Snow White.

Tess Hamilton was a top tennis player since the age of fifteen years old. She was known as the wild child for her stunts on and off the court. Tess regretted her brazen behavior but owned up to it. Two years after her financial issues and injury Tess is trying to find a way back but with all her sponsors dropping her she is out of luck. Tess will find luck at the Glass Slipper Inc. and in a sixteen year old rising tennis star but the only problem is the brother.

Max Fontaine’s job was to protect his sister and her dreams she held. She was fierce on the court and determined but Max wanted her to hold back. Max thinks when Gabby meets Tess all is lost as he thinks Tess is nothing but a wild child like the gossip column view her as. They will be part right but once Max gets to know her he will find she is the one that will be able to help his sister find her place in tennis, and not to mention help him find what he has been missing.

I wasn’t thrilled at the beginning. The story wasn’t one to grab you right away but once you really get into the characters that is when you want to continue to read. I liked the simplicity of the story. Kind of reminded me a little of the movie Wimbledon with Kristen Dunst and Paul Bettany. Not the same story line but similar in a way.

Not So Snow White is a good novel to read and is playing off a modern fairy tales with the title like that. I liked that these woman from the company were like godmothers it kept humor invested in the book. After reading the fourth book to the series I found myself interested to start at the beginning of the series to see how Donna Kauffman started it with the modern day Cinderella.

Blackmail is never good the second time around

Caleb Ventures is a man who prides himself in making the right decisions. He has avoided all trials of being a burden to his family and to stay above scandals which would haunt him like the past which follows him. But when it comes to Serenity he takes a step back while taking two steps forward. He is in over his head but something is telling him to believe in her and forgive his past. To stand up for the woman who gave birth to him.

Serenity Makepeace is her towns only child born directly in town. She has no real parents but many friends who had taught her through the years. Serenity wants to help her town and that means to get the business to grow. She finds help from Caleb but problems start happening when she is blackmailed.

Jayne Ann Krentz is a favorite of mine but I have to say Hidden Talents had me stuck at the beginning. I liked the plot and characters but it wasn’t flowing for me as well. Then you get into the story and the plot holds you and wouldn’t let go. I wanted to know who was the blackmailer and would our two characters find that happiness.

I liked that the blackmail came up again from the past to now a new person which kept it real for this family to get over with. The blackmailer is of course the same person which was another link but Krentz will try to mislead the reader.

The villain/blackmailer I had a feeling but until the end you know for sure. I liked the outcome as it was not easy love story. There were bumps and mystery that kept the book from an easy going novel and kept you involved.