Lip Service

Lip ServiceSkye Titan always had done what her father asked her to do, she proved that by dumping her boyfriend to marry a man he selected eight years ago. Now that Skye is single her father is telling her once again to marry the man of his choosing. This time around Skye is not as cooperative especially when her old flame shows up.

Mitch Cassidy did not consider himself to be a hero even though he fought and saved many. He lost a leg in the Navy Seals and thought himself finished. He will travel back home to see many things have changed except for the intense feelings for his ex girlfriend.

So already reading the first book  of the series Lone Star Sisters I already know who the villain is supposed to be in Lip Service but Susan Mallery goes further and gives us more to hate. Jed is the ever loathing father that I really am disliking especially how he pins his children against each other and of course uses threats against them. Then there is TJ who is the new suitor who I knew was working for the ultimate bad guy, Garth who seems to get worse and worse. There was also Mitch had a moment of being the villain and even Izzy had played a little of the villain by not thinking about what she was doing. In the end she was doing it to show her sister but it could have been done a different way.

Now even though I really love reading so far this series it made me cringe. My hands were curling the pages of the book as you went further and further wanting to know when everything will burst. Lone Star Sisters has no readily happy ending as there are many obstacles that keep getting in the way. I hated that Skye was a little on the weak side when facing her father but with her past it is understandable. I thought Mitch was a diamond in the rough after he got over trying to get his own revenge on Skye.There was a lot of hurt that happened throughout their interaction but they were able to heal.  I loved that through it all there was a second chance that brought them together and a happy ending for them is possible.

So the ending has two big things that happen. There is a very harsh threat from Jed to his daughter which finally severs the ties she held on to and then Izzy is in a dangerous situation where she could have been killed. Is Garth going after Izzy now? Is he going further in the plan and trying to hurt them not just their reputation? The answers will hopefully be answered in the next book which I will be starting next.

Under Her Skin

Under Her SkinLexi Titan is in a bind when the loan of two million dollars was owed at the end of the month. Not wanting to go to her father Lexi tried to think how she would get it, then opportunity landed in her lap when Cruz Rodriguez was willing to make a deal. Lexi knew it was a bad idea especially with the past they shared but it was the only way.

Cruz Rodriguez wanted the privilege that went along with the royalty of Texas. He was a self made millionaire but to those of the rich he was still a barrio boy who would amount to nothing. He was going to use Lexi to gain that what he desired. What he didn’t expect was for the old feelings to still be there.

After I read a couple of books from Fool’s Gold series I was expecting Lone Star Sisters to follow the same path of heartwarming tales. Susan Mallery surprises me with this story as it has a little more of an edge to it along side with mystery. There is of course still a heartwarming tale and heartbreaking situations.

The characters of Lexi and Cruz are strong in their own right and each have their own flaws. I felt for Lexi and all that she had to deal with in her personal life. Cruz you felt for but you wanted him to be less cold and to have a way to open up to love. At times he was a hard character to like.

The one thing they shared is sex which is the only thing they were good at together at least in the beginning. I liked that everything started to unravel making the farce of an engagement into something permanent. Of course that is not an easy path to go down especially with problems occurring from a man named Garth. You are introduced to this character and at first you don’t know what to think but it gets pretty clear its personally. I knew that Garth was the illegitimate brother of these sisters but what I wasn’t expecting was the sinister way he was being played out. He wanted to hurt this family that he was estranged from and it all stems from whatever happened to his mother. I really want to know what happened. I have a feeling that he will be the villain throughout but as he will be staring in the fourth book there has to be something redeeming about him.

Now I liked all the sisters so far but the father Jed Titan is one less to be desired. He is an ass to his children and thinks he is the one to rule them all especially with the mind games he play. He is not an easy character to warm up to.

Under Her Skin was a page turner and so far turning out to be a very engaging series. I checked out the other three books already knowing that I would want to read them all in a row. I am especially glad as I want to know what other secrets these books will be uncovering.

The Accidental Demon Slayer

The Accidental Demon SlayerLizzie Brown thought her day couldn’t get any worse when her grandmother showed up on a Harley but it did with a demon showing up in her house. With help she is able to get away but that is just the beginning.

The Accidental Demon Slayer by Angie Fox is the first book to the series Demon Slayer was an accidental find at the library. I saw the red cover and picked it up. It sounded fun and strange so I read it. After reading it my assessment was the same, it was fun and strange more on the strange. I wasn’t completely taken with the story with the strange characters, like the witches, the griffin Dimitri who wasn’t all that he said and then there was Lizzie who was a little off beat but understandable as this was all knew. The quirky behavior at times was a little overwhelming that was set in a strange magical situation. The talking dog was a funny addition to the situation. Over all the book was not bad, fast pace and had its entertaining moments.

Forever a Lady

Forever a LadyLady Bernadette Marie Burton gets into trouble with an indiscretion and finds help in a rugged man who looked like a pirate. She will be captivated by this man but she has vowed to never marry again and be owned. Bernadette will come to realize that Matthew is not all that he seems and not that easy to resist.

Matthew Milton lives by his hands and what he can come up with to steal but he doesn’t do it for himself. He has plenty looking for him to keep caring for. Lady Burton was going to be a quick way to get money but one night in her bed and Matthew knew she was the one woman he has been looking for. He knows that chances are slim as she claims to not want to marry again and how could she want an Irish gang leader.

Forever a Lady is the second book of Delilah Marvelle’s series Rumor. I had just read the first book to the series so all the characters are fresh in my mind. This made the plot easy to follow but could be read on its own.

Now I have still yet to read many books from Delilah Marvelle. My first attempt with her was not the greatest and as this is only my fourth book from her I am still trying to find if I really like her books. The plot is intriguing and its different with an Irish gang leader with a Lady. I guess the story was just okay. Now the passion and lust are drawn out and very vivid as with most romance novels I have read. I did enjoy the characters as there was that lust but also a playfulness once they allowed themselves to follow that path.

I will still be on the look out for Delilah Marvelle just wouldn’t be running to the bookshelves.

Forever and a Day

Forever and a DayRoderick Gideon Tremayne is in search of a map but an unexpected thing happened, he forgot who he was. Roderick was pursuing a woman’s purse when he was in an accident bumping his head. He will have no idea who he is or was but with Georgia by his side he doesn’t feel he was missing anything. But life is never that easy for Roderick starts to remember and everything changes.

Georgia Milton didn’t expect for her day to happen this way with a man coming home with her having no idea who he was or what he was doing in New York. She will make due with this new addition as he was willing to give her someone money for her trip west but things start to get complicated when her heart starts to grow found of this man.

Forever and a Day is the first book of the series Rumor by Delilah Marvelle. Starting her book I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. Her other books were okay but I wanted to try this new series.

For me this book didn’t pull me in how I liked. The plot of the amnesia aristocrat was a little out there for me at times. I did like that he changed within the book from a pompous man to a more noble one. I liked the other character of Georgia especially with her fiery disposition and ruff ways about her.  The two hold nothing back when it comes to passion but you can’t have that only. What I did like was how it was staged in New York. It certainly felt the time period in the book almost like it was the turn of the century.

Forever and a Day was okay and I am interested in finding out more with what will happen with Matthew and Lady Burton.

All Summer Long

All Summer LongClay Stryker an ex-model has come back home with a plan to make something of himself as a business man. He will find his time being divided between his new life and a firefighter Charlie who walked into his life. He didn’t want to start anything with a new woman but with Charlie he was going to help her out with a problem that has been hurting her for years.

Chantel “Charlie” Dixon is a tough firefighter who doesn’t let a lot of men come close to her. She is guarded as her first time was not a consensual one. She made a friend with Clay and took a chance to take the next step with healing herself.

As I really enjoyed the eighth book of Fool’s Gold I had a feeling this one I would like as well. I found Charlie to be a character I wanted to know more when she was in the eighth book. I got my wish with All Summer Long by Susan Mallery. This series really is a heartbreaking stories that have that uplifting at the end which is needed.

Immediately in the story Mallery brings you into the world of Fool’s Gold without a problem. The characters once again are all around which really lets the series grow. They float in and out of the plot but ultimately the story was focused on Clay and Charlie. Those two couldn’t be more opposite but they were both a little damaged with how people saw them and how they couldn’t open to love. Clay couldn’t as he had that love and wasn’t looking for it again. I loved that he wasn’t just another pretty face and that he truly cared. Charlie never had it and was hurt before she even had a chance. I loved that Charlie asked Clay as for the deal but the moment they started you hoped they find true feelings for each other.

On a side note of the book this was a heartwarming tale of forgiveness but I didn’t really want Charlie to forgive her mother. Her mother didn’t believe her when Charlie went to the police and filed rape charges. Her words of advice were horrible, don’t lead a man on. So with that I couldn’t really think Charlie should forgive but forgiveness is the way to grow and heal so I know why it was needed.

Fool’s Gold will be a series I will be coming back to as I want to find out how it all started but I have my eye on another series by Susan Mallery which is Lone Star Sisters.

Summer Nights

Summer NightsShane Stryker was back in his home town with a goal to build his own stables on his own land as he raised racehorses. Shane had another goal and that was to stay away from wild woman who were dangerous for him. That’s why he was going to stay far away from Annabelle but not everything is that easy.

Annabelle Weiss had no idea why Shane wanted to avoid her. She wasn’t someone that turned men heads or flirted outrageously  she was just the town librarian trying to raise money for a bookmobile.

Susan Mallery is still a new author for me as I have only read one of her books and that was a year ago. I picked up once again a random book, Summer Nights, from the series Fool’s Gold which is the eighth book and almost in the middle of the series. I had picked up another book finding out it was the ninth one. After reading Summer Nights I think I will be wanting to find more to the series. The story right away sucks you in with the likable characters and their troubled past. It is heartwarming and you hope for a happy ending.

Annabelle’s character was sweet and insecure thanks to how she thought the world viewed her. I liked that she did nothing to get Shane to watch her. I loved that in the part with her ex she was able to become stronger. Then there was Shane who was broken from his own marriage. Trust was not something to come easily and it was almost laughable that he screwed up every way with Annabelle. The ending though will have you loving Shane for finally getting it right.

I loved the town. I thought it was hilarious as they shunned Shane who hurt (emotionally) Annabelle. All the women banded together and got their husbands involved so they would not sell Shane anything. I guess this is what comes from a small town.

Through the story you find out about the Stryker’s past with a half sister and then there is Charlie, a female fireman who will be in the ninth book. I am looking forward to reading about her because of her very tragic past. I am looking for a happy ending for her character.