The Sinner Who Seduced Me

The Sinner Who Seduced MeJames Marlowe, has to go undercover to find a traitor and he will do his job at all costs. James didn’t expect to find the love of his life staring back at him or that she would be his only solution to finding the traitor.

Lady Clarissa Collins is a painter under one of the best painters. She will find herself in trouble when she faces James and he is a changed man. She will help with the problem but will be wary of ever trusting him again.

Stefanie Sloane’s third book to the Regency Rogues series is The Sinner Who Seduced Me. I liked the book. It stays true to the series with these spies in the book. There was a little more mystery and a lot more betrayal when it came to double agents.

The characters were interesting as they were both wounded and not able to trust each other completely, at least until everything is cleared between them. Clarissa was a strong character but it left her cold and not able to trust, especially the man she loved. James was full of deceit and because of this he was ruthless and guarded his heart. I liked that there was still passion even though it was hard for both of them to trust. There is a happy ending which gives our characters a second chance at love.

The Angel in My Arms

The Angel in My ArmsMarcus MacInnes, Earl of Weston, is back to his estate to find out about the ridicules idea that there were smugglers in ties with Napoleon. He will be distracted by a young woman and her little brother as they are trespassing on his land. He will be intrigued as Sarah is not the usual woman he surrounds himself by.

Miss Sarah Tisdale likes that she has no suitors. Every time they get close she acts like herself, too out spoken. Sarah will be intrigued by Marcus and find that he is not all that he seems to be and she will want more from him especially as danger hits close to home.

I had tried Stefanie’s Sloane first book to the Regency Rogues and liked the book. The second book, The Angel in My Arms, was good. The book for me went really fast. It was just under 300 pages but I was able to quickly read it. The plot was easy to follow and it was quick with the action which was placed within the story and the subtle moments. The characters were fun to read, Sarah with her outspokenness and insecurities along with her brother. Then there was Marcus who was drifting through life being an agent. I liked there was a fire between Marcus and Sarah as it gave it some heat. The enemy I knew was coming but it was well done with the scenes.

The third book to the series is The Sinner Who Seduced Me.

Reservations for Two

Reservations for TwoTilly Milek was in high hopes of a successful restaurant but it all came crashing down to one disastrous night when a food critic was at the restaurant and gave a horrible review. Tilly had to save her restaurant but she will be distracted by a stranger who started to barge into her life. Tilly started to have feelings for him but she froze when she found out he was the food critic.

Dan Meier was a freelance writer and was doing his friend a favor with writing a column on restaurant reviews. He took his mother to a polish restaurant and the night was disastrous and he gave the review under stress. He knew he didn’t make a mistake but when he meets the owner/chef he finds that he is attracted to her. He knew that if she found out things would be over before they even started, but he knew that things would come out sooner than later.

Reservations for Two by Jennifer Lohmann was one that was a fun short novel to read. The plot is set in Chicago and around the time of the Taste of Chicago.  I liked that simple fact as I am an Illinois residence.

Now to the characters I thought Lohmann did a nice job at making them realistic. I had thought at first Dan’s over analysis of his guilt playing over and over was a little over done but its realistic. Tilly was one person who I loved in the book. She was determined and optimistic but when it all finally got to her she felt defeated and then hopeful again. She was a ball of emotions but once again realistic.

The villain here was the sabotage that was happening within the restaurant. I didn’t have a clue who was the person or why they were doing this. Lohmann will give the identity of the person almost at the very end and the explanation.

Reservation for Two was a fun book to read and I am looking forward to reading about Tilly’s sister when the next book comes out.

Dreadfully Ever After

Dreadfully Ever AfterDreadfully Ever After is the sequel to the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I was looking forward to reading the book to see how Steve Hockensmith will continue the story of Darcy and Elizabeth, and once again it was entertaining to read.

Darcy is turning to a dreadful! I knew it would happen, I mean just look at the cover, but all will not be lost as there is an antidote. Elizabeth will use her fighting skills to save her husband before its too late. I liked that the Bennett’s were once again in the book and there were some interesting surprises with the some of the characters.

Well with this I think I am taking a break from Austen for now, but with so many different retelling of her stories I know there will be more to read later on.

Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Dawn of the DreadfulsAfter Bespelling Jane Austen I found the author Steve Hockensmith who writes the prequel to the series/book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which I did like with all its strangeness.

Now in Dawn of the Dreadfuls Hockensmith Hockensmith tells the tale of how all of these zombies began or began again. There was no Mr. Darcy here only the Bennett girls being trained for battle with the dreadfuls, the zombies. Alright now this was once again strange but entertaining. Its kind of makes me laugh and fascinated at the same time, either way it was a quick and fast pace book to read.

What I liked especially about the book was how the Bennett girls had to be tough and learn to fight, it was certainly a contrast from the rustic lives which Austen was going for. A part of me missed Elizabeth and the interaction with Darcy but as this takes place several years earlier than when Pride and Prejudice he shouldn’t be part of the plot.

I got the next book from Hockensmith where it will be continuing right after the wedding of Elizabeth and Darcy.

Bespelling Jane Austen

Bespelling Jane AustenBespelling Jane Austen is a collection of four stories from four different authors all using some of Austen iconic characters to tell their story with a paranormal spin to them. I read all of them but for me, since I have been following Austen’s story Pride and Prejudice, I navigated towards Susan Krinard’s story Blood and Prejudice. From the title there can be no doubt that Darcy and Elizabeth will be the main characters, but of course there is a little change going on with Mr. Darcy.

The four stories were cute and quick reads that used Austen’s characters well in fun and quirky ways. There is nothing really serious with these stories leaving you entertained. I am now looking at Steve Hockensmith to further this paranormal experience with Pride and Prejudice.

Fitzwilliam Darcy Rock Star

Fitzwilliam Darcy Rock StarSo now that I have had read Aton’s books I am going with the modern world of Austen, and found myself gravitating towards another book that certainly takes a new outlook of the classic story Pride and Prejudice in Fitzwilliam Darcy Rock Star.

Now most have heard of the famous Darcy and Elizabeth and immediately know they are from Pride and Prejudice. What you don’t think is rock star but Heather Lynn Rigaud did just that.

In a world of glitz and glamour of rock and roll there is another side away from the cameras where life is anything but easy. Slurry the band are a hit and looking for an opening act and find it with Long Born Suffering. Sparks will fly immediately as the bands come together but things will fall and come crashing down as secrets and betrayal come between them.

Fitzwilliam Darcy Rock Star is something I loved. I know it sounds a little silly but this was a fantastic remolding of the classic story in the very modern world. There is a playfulness that the author Heather Lynn Rigaud has when she writes the book and it goes deeper with feelings that are dynamic and follow to Austen’s original script. There are of course things changed and you can definitely hear Rigaud’s voice through the book.

I was reading this book at night and found that I had to stay until the very end as I new it would plague me to know what would happen. Of course reading the original story I knew what would happen but as Rigaud had changed some things it would be possible for a different outcome. Happily there was an ending that suited me to cheer. It picked me up after reading the book. Not that there was anything wrong in this book but there were a lot of ups and downs, and betrayals. There were also steamy, steamy scenes for all the characters. In this book the characters are not exactly as pure as Austen’s were.

The characters featured my favorites as the main ones who are Lizzy, Jane, Charlotte, Darcy, Charles and Richard. Rigaud blended the characteristics of these characters I loved and made them modern which pulled you into their rock and roll world. With each character the background is done well to have enough drama to make it difficult for any of them to have a perfect relationship, which of course makes this interesting to read. Darcy and Lizzy had to overcome understanding there were feeling involved but not to move too fast, at least on Lizzy’s side. Now even though my favorite couple of course would be Darcy and Lizzy I was hoping that everything would be okay with Richard and Charlotte. They were almost dangerous to each other that is until they understood what was between them and what they were afraid of. Jane and Charles were almost too perfect but there is a little rocky ground they will have to climb over. Of course when there is Darcy and Lizzy involved a happy ending as I said will happen. If it didn’t I swear I would have thrown the book across my bed.

Our story is not complete without the notorious villain of George Wickman. He is certainly more of a villain than in the original and Rigaud makes you want to hate him and you do very much. But there is justice in the world as George will be getting what is coming to him.

Now since I don’t think I am going to find another modern book of Pride and Prejudice like Fitzwilliam Darcy Rock Star I think I am going to switch it up a little and go paranormal.