On A Wild Night

On a Wild NightAmanda Cynster is going to find the right kind of man to have as a husband, not the boring men she has seen over and over the years in the ballroom. She will find the perfect man but knows that she can not be obvious in her pursuit. She will entice him to want to spend time together with her many outings that are not for the innocent woman.

Martin “Dexter” Fulbridge left society ten years ago but he was never really gone. He will play knight in shinning armor when he rescues an innocent woman at a table of cards. He will be confused by her desire to have excitement but can not leave her side so she can find another fool to be her chaperon.

On A Wild Night is the ninth book of the Cynster series from Stephanie Laurens. I go back and fourth with these books. The last one I liked, this one I loved. It was on the long side reaching over four hundred pages but I could not stop reading this book. The plot is simple with Amanda setting her sights on Dexter but it was their interaction that got me hooked. Amanda was a little silly at first which worried me about the book but quickly I found that was not how she was going to be. She was smart, had drive, and was not a weakling when standing up for what she believed. I loved that she stood her ground when it came to giving into marriage with Dexter, she kept him waiting so he understood the marriage should not be out of duty. Dexter was on the quiet side but that was just how he acted. He was easily a seducer especially when he found that being with Amanda was something he wanted.

There is the mystery that follows Dexter which is the scandal that drove him out of society ten years ago. The mystery is there in the book but it really progressed towards the end of the book when Amanda started to play detective. I loved the drive she had to solve this mystery and thus freeing Dexter from the gossip. I thought Laurens did a good job with the mystery but felt it was a little rushed, still well done. I also liked how she wrote Amanda and Dexter’s scenes together for when they were creating the lists of suspects who looked like Dexter.

Amelia’s story is up next with On A Wicked Dawn which I plan to start right away.

The Promise in a Kiss

The Promis in a KissHelena Rebecce de Stansion Comtesse d’Lisle meet a dangerous man seven years ago and he left with a kiss. Seven years later she sees him in the ballroom and he is still that dangerous man. She will be tempted but keeps him at bay though circumstances will keep him close to her.

Sebastian Cynster, Duke of St. Ives meet Helena by chance seven years ago and now that he has her in his sights once again he was not going to miss his chance. Sebastian will seduce Helena but will learn that something is going on that she is hiding.

The Promise in a Kiss is the eighth book of the Cynster series from Stephanie Laurens. I picked up a few books of the series to continue the path of reading the Cynsters. I was surprised to read it was a prequel to the Cynsters. This book is about how Devil’s parents came to be. I didn’t know who this couple was at first which is why I am very happy to see the timeline that Laurens gives in the book.

So the book was good. It was shorter than most of her books but still with a good amount of detail and intrigue to keep the reader going. I liked how strong Helena was especially when it came to protecting her sister from the blackmail of their uncle. I remember from the first book with Devil she was still that same woman being strong and resilient. Sebastian was charming and had that Cynster style when it came to the woman and doing the right thing. I liked that there was a little danger and mystery which brought Helena and Sebastian closer together without them knowing it at first.

Amelia and Amanda, the Cynster twins, will be up next stirring up their own trouble each with their own book.

Jacked Up

Jacked UpEve Monroe is all about order and precision. Going on a date with a man like Nolan was impulsive but she went for it. Eve found that being around Nolan let her relax but she doesn’t know if what they were starting would last.

Nolan Ford went into things impulsively but he knew that his feelings for Eve were for real. He wanted to get to know her and have her take a chance with him.

The sixth book to the series Fast Track is Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy. I do love this series. Its fun and quick to read. Now this book I did like a lot but it wasn’t my favorite. I was excited to see that it was Eve who was going to be the main character. I liked her but didn’t like that she was almost a doormat at times when it came to things she wanted to do like racing, which is where her heart was. Also letting her father dictate a few things in her life. I wanted Eve to stand up for what she wanted, for what she believed, but she does get better and change throughout the book. Nolan was on the impulsive side but it made you like him even more because there was charm to him. You wanted him to have that happy ending with Eve.

Once again McCarthy brings in the sex to the story and its there but this time its almost playful between the Nolan and Eve. They had good chemistry even though they were complete opposites.

I am looking forward to going back to getting the fourth book to read it and to continue the series with the seventh book where Rhett will be the main guy.

Slow Ride

Slow RideTuesday Jones has just lost her father and is trying to get through her grief. She will soon find herself being comforted by an ex race car driver and it will turn into much more.

Daniel “Diesel” Lange has had plenty loss and tragedy in his own life. He wanted to help Tuesday but also wanted her romantically and was filled with lust for this woman.

I was waiting for the fourth book but it was already checked out so I went on to the fifth book, Slow Ride. Erin McCarthy writes a steamy plot so far in all these books in the series Fast Track. So Tuesday is a blogger that can be a little harsh when writing her stories. She calls it like she sees it, but is a good person with a few little problems. Diesel is a wonderful character. He is the strong manly type but cares and can relate to what is happening with Tuesday but he is still closed off to his past. I think both characters are dynamic and actually are very much a like being flawed. Tuesday has a becoming alcoholic problem and Diesel is too afraid to move on.

Now what Erin McCarthy does in this book is getting the characters into some really steamy scenes and there is a lot of sex between these two characters, and I mean a lot. The sex is what gets them together but its overcoming their own personal tragedies that keeps them together. That is if they can get it right. The sixth book I am reading next is Jacked Up.

Highlander Ever After

Highlander Ever AfterEgan MacDonald has been given the task to protect Princess Zarabeth. He was nervous around the girl as she made him weak with desire. Egan will find that he will soon stop fighting his feelings and give in to the woman he has loved for years.

Princess Zarabeth has loved one man but she was rejected. Now five years later she’s back with that man as she is in danger and he is for her protection. She will find more than she thought staying at Egan’s castle and will find a curse on Egan’s family which she will be determined to break.

Highlander Ever After by Jennifer Ashley is the third and final book in the series Nvengaria. I wanted to read this right after the second book so I stayed in the moment of this magical world and wanted to know more about Egan and Zarabeth’s relationship ready.

The characters of Egan and Zarabeth were fun to read about especially there interaction. They had a past and Ashley explains it well and it shapes who these characters are. Zarabeth used to be carefree but now she is more cautious and she has a secret where she can read minds. She could not however read Egan’s mind which drew her towards him. I liked that she was magical. Now Egan was the laird of the castle without a doubt and took the job seriously. I loved that he was to be the protector of Zarabeth.

I had walked past this book many times before in the library but never getting it because I wanted to read the series in order. Now that I am here I really liked this series and this book. Highlander Ever After was a great finish to the series.

The Mad, Bad Duke

The Mad, Bad DukeMeagan Tavistock was helping a friend when they went to get a love spell. Meagan was told to keep the talisman by her friend and she soon finds that this talisman will work on the intended. She will be helpless to resist him even though resisting is the furthest thing from her mind, but once the spell wears off where will it leave her.

Alexander, the Grand Duke of Nvengaria, is on a mission given by Prince Damien. He is to watch the King of England but will soon be distracted when a love spell occurs and Meagan soon comes into his life. Alexander will find that he will also be discovering the other side of himself as the love spell triggers it.

The Mad, Bad Duke is the second book to the series Nvengaria by Jennifer Ashley. I wanted to remind myself what this series was about so re-read the first book. I had remembered the characters of Penelope and Damien but I didn’t remember all the details, so re-reading helped to get me back into this world of magic that the surrounds these characters. Ashley follows the same path from the first book to the second one. Magic plays a strong hand in the book as well as the creatures logosh who are magical but also thought as wild creatures.

The character Meagan is strong and fierce within the book but you could not tell that at first glance. She is more on the quiet side but will not shrink away from glares or gossip especially when it involves the man she loves, Alexander. I loved that what started this all was a love spell that was for a friend of hers. We find out more of the truth about the witch and find out who she paired up in the past with the same type of love spell. I was so happy that Meagan got the man she loved in the end. Alexander was fantastic but there was a hidden side, a more dangerous side if not controlled. It was interesting to read how he got that control and learn to cope.

What I found interesting was the logosh. Ashley does not call it shapeshifting but basically that is what happens as the logosh can look human but turn into a different form. It was an interesting way of writing about these creatures that was well done.

Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage

Lady Isabella's Scandalous MarriageLady Isabella left her husband three years ago after enduring the loneliness, love and frustration that followed being Mac’s wife. She reserved herself and went on with her life but each time she saw him it broke her heart a little more. Now she will come to him with a problem that will lead to much more.

Mac MacKenzie was an artist, not a starving one but one who lost his muse for the art. It happened around the same time Isabella left. He will take his brothers advice and find a way to be husband again to his wife.

Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage by Jennifer Ashley is the second book to her series Highland Pleasures. I finally was able to get the second book. At first I wondered if I would like this book, I knew yes I would but wondered if it would be too heartbreaking to read about Isabella and Mac’s story. There were moments throughout the story that had your heartbreaking that they could not trust each other to really be themselves, namely Mac but with the ending there are nothing but smiles.

I found Mac frustrating that he wouldn’t just open up and talk to Isabella but the same can be said about her. It was interesting to read the quick wit and banter they flew at each other and how their tempers got away from them. What I loved was Mac and Isabella were both celibate with their separation and Mac stopped drinking. They still loved each other too much to cheat, which left hope for them.

Now of all the characters I have to say I still really love Ian. He is so different from all of them and I loved the advice or his opinions he gave his brother Mac on how to be happy again which meant to be husband to Isabella once again.

The villain was written well and had some mystery to him. You knew what he was doing but not the name of the person. I did like that Mac got very protective over Isabella when danger was coming too close to her.

The series Highland Pleasures keeps growing with more stories on the MacKenzies and I am interested on where she will go next with the series.

Hot Finish

Hot Finish Suzanne Jefferson is running out of her alimony and she needs to get back to work. Wedding planning wasn’t her favorite job but if done right she could make money. The only problem was in this particular wedding her ex-husband was a groomsman and he wasn’t her ex she soon found out.

Ryder Jefferson never wanted to divorce from his wife but they couldn’t seem to not stop the fighting but Ryder will find out that it wasn’t final. He was going to take this second chance and show Suzanne that they can make it work.

Hot Finish is Erin McCarthy’s third book to the series Fast Track. After loving the first two I was ready for the ride of Suzanne and Ryder’s chaos and soon to be reunited love. Okay so first it was okay. There was certainly sex involved as McCarthy has that down but I wasn’t overly found of the couple in their book. I liked them before and still liked them but I wasn’t pulled into the book as the first two book.s It might be Suzanne’s over sarcastic side and Ryder’s laid back/non confrontation attitude he has. Of course at the end the characters have me smiling that they finally got it right and some of the barriers have been broken down.

I am still going on with the series as I always do. I am looking forward to finding out more on Evan and the rest of the race car drivers.

Hard and Fast

Hard and FastImogen Wilson is a grad student working on her thesis for her sociology degree but her mind got occupied every time Ty McCordle was around.

Ty McCordle loved racing and was not ready to settle down but when he found the chance to be with Imogen things started moving fast and he found that wasn’t a bad thing.

Hard and Fast is the second book to Erin McCarthy’s series Fast Track. So I have only read the first book but it got me hooked. This is a fun, sexy, fast paced book that I finished in one sitting that will leave your heart pumping faster especially with the sex from the two characters. Or a lot of sexual tension which will have them burning up the sheets later on in the book. Now Ty’s character is all about charm to the ladies and he is giving it his all when it comes to Imogen. I love that he can’t pronounce her name most times and calls her Emma Jean instead. Imogen was book smart with a very prim and proper look to her but with a hidden side to her that wanted Ty badly. She was fun to read about as she was the quiet one who when decided to do something she went for it.

I will say there is a little surprise with Ty’s character that I did not see coming but looking back all the signs were there. I was too engrossed in the heated romance of Imogen and Ty to really notice the signs I guess. The third book, Hot Finish, will be next for me.

A Warrior’s Taking

A Warrior's TakingBrogan Mac Lochlainn has heard of the magical stone that holds great power and he now needs this as he is in charge of the protection of the clan. Brogan will travel far into the future to find that stone at Ravenfield and will find unexpected help.

Sarah Granger is the governess to her two charges and protector. On a chance walk of the beach she will find a man on the sand. Sarah will be weary of the stranger knowing there is more to his story, but will find herself melting whenever he is near.

I have tried the second book of this series Warrior by Margo Maguire and after been blown away with the plot and characters there was no doubt I would love this book, and I did. A Warrior’s Taking was a great first book to the series and started this quest of the stone out right.

Now once again it took me a moment to get into it because the magic is not something I always read about but it was well down by Maguire. I loved reading about Brogan and Sarah’s story because I already knew the outcome thanks to the ending of the second book. Brogan is the tough warrior, the older brother and has the task being put on himself. He doesn’t understand much of these people but he will find himself helping Sarah find a future. Sarah was a character that was strong to the fault and tried to protect her charges knowing that danger could fall on her doorstep.

The mystery of this magic and the enemies that follow Brogan will have an impact in the story and of course follow into the second one. I did like the idea of time traveling and how they go about finding what they need to save them.

A Warrior’s Taking is a love story that literally travels through time and a really great two part book series.