Reckless by Amanda Quick

Gabriel was too be her knight or that is what she thought at sixteen when he tried to help her sister but everything went wrong. Now eight years later Phoebe finds a chance to meet her knight once again and ask for his hand in this quest. Will Phoebe get her knights love or will she be carried away by another. Or will her family get in the way of this quest and her love.

Amanda Quick’s Reckless was fun to read as the main character lives in her world of medieval knights and quests. I like how all the characters are connected somehow and intertwined into the story.

It is interesting to see how the villain of the story is after the same thing but looks can be deceiving because there is more to the quest of finding this simple book.

Time Was by Nora Roberts

Time Was is the first book of the series Time and Again by Nora Roberts. Now when I heard time traveling I wasn’t sure I would like it. Science fiction is fun to read but sometimes that subject doesn’t always hold my interest but with Time Was I was pleasantly surprised by the plot.

Caleb Hornblower was a pilot from the twenty third century. He crashed in Oregon but instead of his time he ended up at the twentieth century. A woman in a primitative log cabin gave him shelter, food and company. He was going to leave once he fixed his ship but found that he kept stalling as he got closer and closer to this woman.

This was about a time traveling man but in the end it was all about a romance between two people. I loved this book. The characters were fun and plot kept you involved. It was a fresh piece of work.

I liked that he was from another time it intrigued me to read further and I fell in love with the characters.

The plot was fun as Roberts created her own past and future.  She slipped in a few facts that made you smile knowing how the future was a good one for Libby’s family.

Chesapeake Blue by Nora Roberts

The fourth and final book of the series Chesapeake Bay by Nora Roberts Chesapeake Blue and was a perfect finish.

Seth had a tough life as a boy but it is something his brothers can understand. Now he is older and an accomplished artist wants to come home to be with his family. Struck by his family he remembers how much he is loved even with his past still haunting him. With his past still at his heels Seth will also find a woman he would love to know, paint and bed, and Seth will find a way to do all.

Chesapeake Blue was fantastic to read. The series really was all about Seth from the very start and it was perfect to finish with him settling everything for good that had gone bad in his life.

I love how Roberts created Seth’s character and how the ghost are now finally settling down. The ghost throughout the series was a nice touch to give a little supernatural spin.

The other main character Dru was absolutly perfect. I loved reading about her and Roberts created a very detailed traits about her. It was fun to see how the two would mesh together.

The end had a scene that was about to be a cliche moment but Roberts turned it around. She ended the series with happy couples and families having each other all was right in the world.

The series was just very entertaining to read with many witty characters and a realistic and thrilling plot.

Inner Harbor by Nora Roberts

The third book in the series Chesapeake Bay is Inner Harbor and is best yet.

With Cam and Ethan attached to a women it is Philip’s turn but he will be blindsided when Dr. Sybill Griffen comes into the picture. He falls for her quick but she is hiding something. She came telling everyone she was writing another book but her observations are all about the Quinns and the newest member, Seth.

I was on the edge of my seat while reading this novel. It wrapped up everything and left it at a happy ending but getting there was tough.

Dr. Sybill Griffen was a nice addition to the books. She was clinical but with a good heart and I liked how she was worked into the book. Her character allowed Roberts to tell the reader the information she knows which was exciting to read about.

All the characters are changing and developing with each book as they are coming closer to finding out all the truth. The third book though I have to say held the most suspense. All the facts will come out and you find out all about Seth and who Sybill is and how she is connected.

The Chesapeake Bay series is a worthwhile series to read. The last book will be about Seth as he will be all grown up.

Rising Tides by Nora Roberts

I found a great thrill to pick up and read the second book of the Chesapeake Bay series, Rising Tides by Nora Roberts.

Cam and Anna are now married and left for their honeymoon. Philip and Ethan are left with Seth for just a little while. They start a routine to help Seth the best they can but things are now changing for Ethan. Seeing his father from the dead he is trying to figure out what he needs to do to help. That help will be from Grace a woman he has loved for a long time but can’t seem to say it until he isn’t given a choice.

Reading the first one I was off in a hurry to get the second one. The brothers dynamic is perfect. The second book I got fell back into immediately the moment I opened up the book. This time Ethan is the main character but still all the brothers are there.

The past comes out for Ethan and Seth finally. It was a little surprise of how far they were both traumatized in their past. Roberts gives little details again on Seth’s mother and you finally get to read with her in the book. I can’t wait for when she is in the picture and the brothers conquer the problem.

I love to read how Roberts makes each brother with a sorted past because that is how they have bonded. I still want to know all of Seth’s past but Roberts still does not reveal. She keeps you reading until the very end and wanting to read the next.

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts is the first book of the Chesapeake Bay saga.

Cameron tough guy all around. He is a racer, a lover of women and has traveled all around Europe but now he has to come home to see his father in a coma. As he passes away he is there with his two brothers and a little boy. Cameron has to make a home for Seth, a ten year old, that is being rumored to be his father’s real child. But those are rumors and Cameron wants them gone. With the help of his brothers they will find a way to help Seth.

From the moment I opened and started to read the book I was blown away. Cameron who this book is focused on is the oldest brother and right from the first page you know exactly what type of man he is.

The whole brother dynamic is fantastic to read. I love how each have lived on their own but are coming back together to raise this little hellion.

The book holds the mystery of who Seth’s father is and I am guessing that won’t be discovered until the last book when it will all be about Seth. I am intrigued to want to read the rest of the books because Roberts gives clues about Seth’s past and what really happened with their father. But she still leaves enough out to keep you reading.

Untamed by Nora Roberts

I find that when I pick up a book from an author I tend to take several of their books to read. Just one book is not enough for me. So I picked up Untamed by Nora Roberts. I was intrigued by the plot of a female lion trainer and a lawyer getting the reigns of a circus.

Keane a lawyer who just got the papers that said  he was owner of his father’s circus. Then there is Jovilette “Jo” a female lion trainer who lives for the circus. She grew up in it now it could all come crushing down with the new owner who Jo is finding a little too irresistible.

Putting this book down was out of the question. It was a simple plot but I was riveted by it and needed to know the outcome.

I like the concept of Jo as a trainer. I thought it was a thrilling plot that felt realistic. Keane was an irrestiable character as a hard headed lawyer with a soft side for Jo.

I think the entire time I was routing for the two characters in the book but each time you thought they would declare their love you were thrown. As the reader you knew Keane was attracted but he wasn’t following through. He kept her at a distance. This fact drove me a little crazy but kept me reading from the beginning to the end. And the ending was worth reading.

Dual Image by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts for me is an author that I can usually always like and find her books intriguing. Dual Image is another book that will set you up for a romantic ride.

Ariel and Booth are two people who couldn’t be more opposites. They are both in the same field of entertaining but emotionally they are complete opposites. Ariel is fun loving and doesn’t want to hold grudges while Booth holds nothing but grudges.

They get the chance to work with each other and fireworks are ignited. Passion is overwhelming on both sides but will that be enough for Ariel to hold on to Booth and to heal him.

The moment that I started to read I was drawn into the story of this woman Amanda who you find out is really just a character Ariel plays in a soap opera. Needless to say I was excited to read the book.

I like how the characters are completely opposite of each other. Each are tough in their own ways but finally that exterior is cracked especially on Booth’s side. That action alone gives a romantic connection to the characters.

Overall Dual Image is a cute plot with entertaining characters.

One Summer by Nora Roberts

I read the first book, Second Nature, and I wasn’t too thrilled with the story but I took the chance on the sequel which is One Summer.

Bryan Mitchell is an extrodinary photographer. She is determined and always gets her picture. Shade Colby is a cynical photojournalist who is as well determined. Together they are being thrown together to gets shots around the country of what summer is all about. Both have said they don’t want to get involved. One kiss changes everything. They will be on the road capturing moments of summer and finding love in the process.

From the first book to the second I liked reading this one. There was a sense of drama and just a strong story being told. I liked that both were teamed together to capture those summer moments but finding something else along the way.

I liked how Roberts creates Bryan and Shade to be both strong characters and a simple plot.

Absolutely Positively by Jayne Ann Krentz

With Krentz I will try any book of hers. Most I will like some are not so high on my list but regardless I will read books by her.

Absolutely Positively

Molly Abberwick is a women raising her only sister since her parents died. There family’s tradition is inventors. Kelsey, Molly’s sisters, takes on that tradition. Molly is the business women.

Harry Stratton Trevelyan is an academic with two very different sides of families. Stratton’s are the rich business types while Trevelyan are the carny type. Harry’s only real connection is Josh his cousin who he helped raised from 12. Harry is estranged from all of them except when they need help from him.

Molly and Harry will find comfort in each other first as partners and then more. Molly will help Harry with his family and Harry will help her with business.

Krentz creates a realistic family dynamics. I love how Krentz creates Harry as the savior but is always pulled apart. All he wants to do is help but is punished through each of the family.

I love how Molly’s character is resourceful and is relentless when it comes to helping Harry. Each Harry and Molly have strong elements in their characters that makes them perfect opposites and fun to read about.

Krentz is known for her romance which Absolutely Positively contains a lot of but she gives twists with the paranormal.