Texas Brides

The Rancher & the Runawy Bride

Tate Whitelaw was tired of being under her brothers thumbs and wanted to have a chance at love. She will leave the family ranch and find herself living at a new ranch who will be owned by a rancher who will have her heart raising.

Adam Phillips owned Lazy S ranch and worked the land. He will find Tate on the side of the road and take her home with him and put her to work at his ranch. He will fight his attraction but the fight will not last long.

When I got this book I thought it was the first book to the series Mail-Order Bride and I was completely wrong as it contained two storiesĀ  so I made sure to order the right book from my library. So that first book hopefully I will get to read soon. Now back to this book, The Rancher and the Runaway Bride, which was a good book from Joan Johnston. It is the second book to the series Hawk’s Way Family. There was something I didn’t like about the book and that was the men were way to dominating when it came to Tate. I get that she was their sister and I get it from Adam with what happened with his sister. I thought Johnston didn’t need them to be so commanding but it will all worked out for the characters especially Tate when she works away those problems that kept her getting close to Adam.

Texas Brides

The Bluest Eyes in Texas

Burr Covington was an undercover agent who was infiltrated in the Texas Mafia. His next assignment will lead him to help kidnap the Governor’s daughter but he will risk it all and save Lindsey Major.

This was a story story from the author, actually both of these stories were rather short. I was able to fly through them as combined they reached 250 pages. So Burr and Lindsey were put in a difficult and dangerous situation but through it all they found that passion that resided between them. I almost wish this was a longer story to give the characters more time to have their say and for the plot to breath. Johnston does provide a story with them but it was very fast paced.

Overall both stories were fun to read and I am looking forward to reading more books from this author.

Secret Desires of a Gentleman

Secret Desires of a GentlemanMaria Martingale had been the daughter of the cook for the Hawthorne family since she was little but when she and Lawrence, the younger Hawthorne, thought they were in love but they were torn apart by the older brother Phillip. Twelve years have passed and Maria is long over the supposed love she had for Lawrence as her drive is all about her baking and her shop.

Phillip Hawthorne was a very important man being the Marquess but he will be shocked to find that Maria will be next door to him opening up her bakery shop. Fearing that the past will repeat itself he will make sure that Lawrence and Maria do not have a chance to form an attachment.

Secret Desires of a Gentleman is the third book from the series Girl-Bachelor by Laura Lee Guhrke. I had not intended to sample a book from three different series but as that is what I did and found some stories I loved and some that were good. This one I have to say was one that I loved. The story flowed well and you were immediately brought into the lives of Maria and the Hawthorne brothers. Now when starting out the book I had not realize I was going to be reading about Maria but I remember her character in the book Scandal of the Year which I had read the other day. I already know that she has a happy ending so now I get to see how her story got started.

Maria’s character had drive. She wanted something and she went after it. I liked the little parts that were placed into the book giving us glimpses to her life with the brothers when they were younger. What I found interesting that it had been Phillip who had Maria was interested in that is until he showed no emotion to her as she grew up. I actually really liked Phillip’s character. Sure he was a little of a snob for the most part he did things to help his brother. The only person he wasn’t helping was himself. I liked that as you went along in the book you found out the depth of Phillip’s feelings for Maria and why he did what he did. He liked her but could not have her so the next best thing is to be indifferent. To me their relationship/proposal definitely had a Darcy and Elizabeth feel to it and like their classic love story a happy ending will be just around the corner. All they had to do were get out of each others way and find what works for them which basically meant don’t follow society’s rules.

I will be back with Laura Lee Guhrke after I find more books from her other series or from the ones I have started.

Scandal of the Year

Scandal of the YearJulia has manged what most society would think appalling, a divorce. She has done the unthinkable only to survive, for if she stayed married much longer she would die. Julia will find her freedom only to have ruin one man’s reputation, the one man she cared for.

Aidan Carr, Duke of Trathen, is in need of a wife but with the latest scandal it was hard to find a woman to look past that. He will find help from the last person he thought would help, the woman who created the scandal, but the more time he spends with her he will know she is the woman he wants.

Scandal of the Year is the second book to the series Abandoned at the Alter from Laura Lee Guhrke. I was very entertained with this book and with this author. Throughout most of it I just wanted to find out more with what happened to Julia and if she and Aidan would have their happy ending.

Julia seemed cold and insincere in the beginning and that made me not want to read the book but once you get past those thoughts Guhrke will show you what type of woman Julia really was, and that was a good woman. She was kind but ultimately fearful and too scared at what life could bring her thanks to her marriage. Throughout the book I wanted to know what had happened even though you had a pretty good idea. Aidan was a good man no matter what situation he was in which was refreshing. I liked that he did have a lustful side which had him needing Julia and it created that passion filled romance between the two characters.

There was a twist that I didn’t see coming with Julia and Aiden. It made sense because of how Julia felt about the entire situation. I was glad that it happened that way as the next time it would mean something more.

I am trying another one of her books next that is from another series which I had picked up randomly from the shelf.

The Marriage Trap

The Marriage TrapJack Rigg, Earl of Raleigh, did not want to be married and least of all trapped in one. Nevertheless he will be in that situation and find that marriage might not be so bad with the right woman. He now just has to prove that his brother in law was not a murderer.

Ellie Hill or Aurora as she has gone by is a woman who was bent on surviving. She takes care of her brother but trouble will find its way to them. She will have to prove that she is not a thief or that her brother is a murderer. Jack will proved her a way out of that trouble.

The Marriage Trap is the first book to the series Trap by Elizabeth Thornton. This was a book that I enjoyed. Things were deceiving when it came to the book and not just the plot but the characters. The mystery of who murdered the actress and stole the jewels were the topic for the book and it was something that kept my interest throughout the book.

I liked the character of Ellie as she was feisty and a little rebellious when it came to following the rules. For the gambling part she is acting out of character to save her brother from creditors so its not all about her wanting to have fun. For the most part she puts on a brave face and doesn’t want to give into charity. She will take it at times especially when it came to Jack but she will still go toe to toe with him. Jack was a man who avoided traps especially the marriage kind and he will find himself being trapped twice by the same woman. There is animosity between the two but that also brought heated passion. Passion will not be the only thing that will hold their attention as there is still the mystery of the murder that Robbie was being accused of and there was a good twist that I didn’t see coming.

The villain was the mystery but they were one and the same with the murder and the theft. I was not expecting the person who was the villain but if I were to look back there were hints but they were subtle enough that they didn’t grab you and point out the bad guy.

This author sounded familiar and as I started to think about her when I finished the book. I thought about it and found that I have read one book from her list of novels long before I started this blog. With this book done I think I will definitely have to follow up with the other two books from this series.

Redwood Bend

Redwood BendDylan Childress was a popular child star who learned what life in the spotlight could make a person become. Dylan was saved by his grandmother and he changed for the better. He will have a chance once again at a movie but wonder if he should accept it as his life had changed dramatically and he has started to feel things for a woman who was anything like the woman he preferred.

Katie Malone was a widow and mother of two twin boys. She lost the man she loved who was a soldier. She kept herself together for her boys five years ago and never found a man she wanted to be with until Dylan. She will feel lust towards this man but she will also be finding herself falling in love with him even though he was not going to stay.

Redwood Bend is the eighteenth book the series Virgin River by Robyn Carr. I have tried one book from Robyn Carr and this is now my second try with the author. Incidentally I chose the book that had come before Sunrise Point. I didn’t know this as I pretty much just grabbed one of her books. So once again this was a book that I did like for the most part and end up finishing. I just didn’t love it. Redwood Bend was just something that didn’t pull me to read it. For me the characters didn’t feel that real and at times it was a little too much with feelings. I know that it seems funny as this was a romance novel but I like my characters to feel real, that way the dialogue doesn’t seemed forced or too mushy. I did like the obvious happy ending that was going to occur because I can’t stop myself for wanting the characters to be happy.

I will be trying another one of her books but I think I am going to venture out of the Virgin River series. Maybe try another one of her series or one of her standalone novels.

The Proposal

The ProposalGwendoline, Lady Muir, was a widow thanks to a freak accident taking away her husband. Feeling guilty Gwen will live her life with no one at her side as she vowed never to marry again.

Hugo, Lord Trentham, was a solider coming back to a life that is almost foreign to him. He will be instructed that it will be time to find a wife but has no real desire to do so. His thoughts though will turn towards a widow.

The Proposal is the first book to the series Survivor’s Club by Mary Balogh. Now I liked the book but I wasn’t blown away by it. It was something to read and it was good just didn’t get me overly involved with the plot.

What I did like was Hugo was persistent and both of these characters had some sort of tragedies that led them to a more solemn way in the world. They will both heal each others demons that had been plaguing them. Because of that part in the plot I thought the name of the series, Survivor’s Club, was very appropriate.

I will probably try the next book in the series but probably at a later date.

As Twilight Falls

As Twilight FallsKadie Andrews will take one wrong turn and soon find herself in a town that is not on the map. She will also find that by setting foot in this town she will not be able to venture out of its boundaries. Kadie will know something is very wrong especially when she meets Rylan Saintcrow who looks to be the man in charge, but she will find out that he is not a man.

Rylan Saintcrow will wake after thirty years of sleep all because of a newcomer, Kadie. He will want her with him and he will take her as she calls to him. He will keep her in the town that he owns along with the other vampires and humans who have stumbled in, but he will soon be seeing things differently as he gets closer to Kadie.

As Twilight Falls is a standalone novel by Amanda Ashley. I have read one other book from her and I really liked it. She is a good writer and the characters make me want to continue her story. I liked the concept of the book with a town that was not on the map but clearly there once you walked over. It was interesting that you could stumble upon the town but couldn’t get out unless you were the owner.

Rylan was the master vampire of the town and made it like a haven for those vampires. I loved his character. I liked that he came out of his sleep for Kadie that her pull to him was so strong. He was like a dictator in the town but he will soon slowly change for Kadie. He will give all he can to Kadie just not her freedom that is until he knows that will be the only way. Kadie’s character was a strong woman and she acted the part of a woman being held prisoner by a punch of vampires. It seemed unbelievable that she would fall for Rylan but of course it does happen. Their relationship is unstable to say the least but they find a way to work being in the town especially as Rylan will soften.

The ending was predicable with what happens which gave Kadie and Rylan a chance at happiness. I did like how the author helped them with the problem of Kadie’s father.

I don’t have another book yet picked up from Amanda Ashley but I will be on the look out for another one to read.