Pleasures of a Tempted Lady

Pleasures of a Tempted LadyCaptain William Langley lost the woman he had loved eight years ago. He will be surprised when the woman he saves on the ocean will be none other than Meg, the woman he loved and still loved. William will do everything he can to save her from the trouble that she is in and try to win back her love.

Meg Donovan has been taken from her home for eight years and has no desire to return to her family because if she did danger could get to those she loved. She will not be able keep away from her family as the man she loves will bring her home but she will do all she can do to protect her family and Will.

Pleasure of a Tempted Lady is the third and final book to the Donovan series by Jennifer Haymore. As this was the last book I thought Haymore wrote the story well and wrapped up this series with a good ending as all the sisters being all suited with the men they loved.

I was waiting for Meg’s story wondering what had happened to her as she was gone for eight years. She was strong in her conviction not to put her family or anyone she loved in danger. She was good at that but trouble only came to her when she wasn’t protected. William I liked. Wasn’t a fan of him when you found out in the second book about how he had a child. It was a mistake and he can be forgiven but it is a blow to Meg. Though true love which is what William and Meg have will always win.

The villain was obviously the Captain Caversham who was an evil man for the treatment he gave to his son, his deceased wife, Meg and anyone who crossed him. But as the saying goes the Captain will go down with the ship and I wasn’t upset about that.

Well as all the sisters are paired up the series looks to be over and overall I really liked this series. Each sister had their own voice in the book and they were all entertaining to read.

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess

Secrets of an Accidental DuchessOlivia Donovan looked to be a fragile woman and she was with the malaria that she survived from years ago. The fevers still come to her and weakens her but inside Olivia she wants to break out and be brave. She wants to experience life. She will find herself waking up to a new life with Max.

Maxwell “Max” Buchanan is soon to be a duke and has lived a life like a rake not caring about many things. He will place a bet to seduce Olivia but when he meets her he forgets about the bet altogether. He will just want to get to know Olivia and to be with her. He will get his wish but there will be danger that threatens to rip them apart.

Secrets of an Accidental Duchess is the second book to the series Donovan by Jennifer Haymore. I really liked this book. The story flew by for me and I was into this plot as the villain was pretty horrible and the situations were pretty dangerous for the safety of the characters.

Olivia was a weak character with her health though she was strong in her personality which shinned as a caring person with a passion that was sizzling below. Max was a rake but when responsibility comes to him he changes. He was changing already by his interaction with Olivia. The two of them were doomed to start as you know that business with the wager, between Fenwicke and Max, was going to come back and hurt the couple. Though that hurt will not stay too long to keep them away from each other and I was happy for their happy ending.

The villain was clearly Lord Fenwicke who liked to cause pain. In this book there is without a doubt of spousal abuse as he uses his wives body as a punching bag. Though Lady Fenwicke is not the only one that Fenwicke wants to cause pain. He wants to hurt Olivia for not accepting his offer as a mistress. Then there was Fenwicke’s hatred for Max as he was jealous. Fenwicke is a dangerous man when he wants something and will use any kind of violence to get what he wants. Well in this book the villain does not win but he came close towards the end.

I am reading the third book next which will have Meg coming back. She was thought to have died at sea so I am excited to find out what had happened to her and how she will be reunited with the man she loved.

Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of MidnightLaura Falkner is back in London after her fathers death. She is determined to find out who murdered him and find out the real thief of the diamond necklace that was thought to have been stolen by her father. She will disguise herself in order to find out the truth but will find herself face to face with the man she loved years ago who was also the one to turn her father in to the police.

Alexander Ross, Earl of Copley, never thought he would see Laura Falkner. He knew that she had no trust in him since he turned in her father but Alex still wanted her. He will find a way to keep her at his side and to keep those secrets he was holding from her hidden. But the more time he spends with her, he wonders if he could have been mistaken.

Stroke of Midnight is the second book to the series Cinderella Sisterhood by Olivia Drake. As a follow up book to the series I thought this was absolutely great. I really like this series so far and can’t wait to read more of the series.

Laura was strong for what she had to go through. I also liked that she was playing detective with finding out who was the real thief and there were certainly several prospects that she had thought could have been the culprits. Alex is a good man trying to do right by his godmother who wanted his help but it ruined his chance with the one that he could have easily loved. I liked that he gets his second chance but he still botches it. He botches it up with the secrets he was holding and I knew that would be a factor in the downfall. Though remember this is a romance book so our characters will prevail and get the bad guy in the end.

The book holds some twists and mystery to the story which I liked. The several culprits that were thought about by Laura were definitely who I thought were the bad guys but I was wrong. I was surprised by one of the secrets that was shared which immediately zeroed in on the true bad guy.

Lady Milford is back with the glass slippers. She arranges Laura to be in the home of Alex’s aunt which starts back the attraction and secrets that are bound to come out. Of course the slippers will once again be taken and now there will be no doubt that Lady Milford will be in the third book. I am going to wait to read the third book because I want to read the fourth book right after, which comes out in November of this year.


AllegiantBeatrice “Tris” Prior has a chance to leave her home and go beyond the fence and she and Tobias will make that journey. She will discover there is even more alarming things on the outside that will bring forward secrets and betrayals.

Allgeiant is the third and final book to the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. Like the two previous book I liked the book but I felt annoyed with this one. First thing is that I felt this book is too much like the Hunger Games series and the Matched series especially in this one where there is another government doing an uprising. It was kind of like big brother with this government watching them. Then there was the whole divergence thing where it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, so it kind of lost its uniqueness with the new information being revealed. This then follows with the serums that will be used and tested especially on Tris.

I didn’t like the book for the deaths that happened either. I get that it was going to happen but it left me with an annoyed feeling when I was finished reading the book. It didn’t help that the person who killed the one person that I didn’t want to die was let go thanks to the serums.

The good things about the book were the answers that were finally given. You got to find out about outside the fence and what was really happening and how Tris’s mother was part of things. The idea of the serums were what started revealing new information about what happened long ago and what they were trying to bring back.

So overall the series was okay. I am happy that I tried it as it got me out of my normal genre of books.


InsurgentBeatrice “Tris” Prior had made her decision to join her new family but with every choice leads to a consequence. Tris along with everyone else will find themselves stuck in a war where everyone is against each other. Secrets that were hidden start to be revealed and loved ones will start to fall. To save those around her she must embrace her divergence no matter the consequence.

Insurgent is the second book to the series Divergent by Veronica Roth. I liked this book for the most part, but I will say I was confused in the very beginning. It hadn’t been too long since I have read the book but I guess I forgot. I had a hard time remembering the names in the very beginning but then as the story quickly went on the names came back to me. I obviously remembered the main names like Tris and Four. Some of the friends got a little confusing but as I said I remembered as I kept reading.

So I felt that this book was more about revealing and getting closer to that truth which had been hidden, and how this divergence in Tris was popping up with more people. This idea of divergence is interesting and Roth is expanding on it to give us more info. I felt the story was moving along at a good speed and it kept me involved in the book. There is a lot of action and some killing that needs to happen. There is also a lot of betrayal and some that I didn’t see coming along with lots of twists. Although some that you think are bad might not be as they know more about the bigger picture and what needs to happen. The twist right at the end was a good one especially as that is where Roth leaves off in this book. So Roth leaves you with a cliffhanger that makes you intrigued to know more about what is really going on in this series and how it all relates to Tris.

I have in my possession the third and final book to this series. I didn’t want too much time between these books so I wouldn’t forget what was going on, and since it was available I figured I better snatch it up.

Scandalous Summer Nights

Scandalous Summer NightsLady Olivia Sherbourne has loved James Averill for the last ten years. She will hear that he is to go to Egypt at the end of the summer and knows that she needs to tell him of her feelings. Olivia will go forward with telling him but it does not go as planned, though all hope is not lost especially when she will find James eventually kissing her back later on.

James Averill had dreamed of going to Egypt and was finally getting the chance to go. His plan will be changed when he finds himself starting to kiss Olivia. He had never truly thought of Olivia that way but found himself wanting her more each moment they were together.

Scandalous Summer Nights is the third book to the series Honeycote by Anne Barton. This was another excellent book from the author. Anne Barton is becoming a favorite of mine. She writes with a style and its very easy. I fly through the pages whenever I pick up a book from her.

Alright now at the beginning of the book I thought Olivia was a little too naive. In the other books I liked her and wanted to read her story. Now throughout the book she grows up. She still has that charm and silliness that makes her character but she thinks about helping James with what he wants most. I love the ending and how Olivia surprised the man she loved. James is a man who has wanted one thing which was to explore. He never thought that he would be soon forced to be engaged to his best friends sister. I liked James and later on in the book he lightens up and you get to know him which of course made him more personable. I thought it was interesting how James and Olivia shared similar childhood stories which they were not proud of, though they did their best to rectify that treatment.

The romance was certainly on one side which was Olivia’s but that will change when James will continue to be at her side and have plenty moments to get closer to her. Once they are both on the same page the romance is sweet, tender and full of passion which will have you sighing and wanting more.

I can’t wait to read Rose’s story which is being released in October of 2015. I had thought that Rose’s story would be the last but then a surprise happens and the Duke, Olivia and Rose find out that they have a half sister Sophie. I have a feeling that Anne Barton will be including this new sister in the series, though only time will tell. Either way I can’t wait to read the next installment to the series with Rose.

If the Slipper Fits

If the Slipper FitsAnnabelle Quinn was orphaned as an infant never knowing her parents just that she was illegitimate. Annabelle will have a chance to leave her position as a teacher and become a governess. She jumped at the chance as this place treated her more like a servant. She will find joy helping the young Duke but will find that the Uncle of the Duke was catching her attention especially with his seductive ways.

Lord Simon Westbury had taken his nephew over as a ward when Nicholas’s parents were killed in an accident. Simon had not seen his brother in over ten years due to a betrayal and had become jaded. When the new governess is brought in he will find his eyes following her and wanting her to be his mistress.

If the Slipper Fits is the first book to the series Cinderella Sisterhood by Olivia Drake. Olivia Drake plays off the fairy tale Cinderella which I really liked. It has been a while since I have read a book by Olivia Drake and I remember liking her but when I read this book I really loved it. Her writing is fun and lighthearted.

The characters of Annabelle and Simon are well written and I liked them both right off. Simon seemed standoffish due to his past with his brother who is deceased but he does come to term with it and becomes a better man. It takes Annabelle to make him see that and change. Annabelle was like the Cinderella especially with her glass slippers. It was kind of funny as those really didn’t have any real part in the book that is except towards the end. I liked that it was the slippers that will be taken from Annabelle as she found the man she will love. So maybe the slippers are a way to bring love especially by a woman, Lady Milford, who wants to play matchmaker.

As the shoes were taken in the first book I have a feeling that you will read about them in the second book, but maybe not. I will find out as I have the second book, Stroke of Midnight, and I’m reading it next.

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover

Never Judge a Lady by Her CoverI have waited for the fourth book to Rules of Scoundrels by Sarah MacLean. I have been waiting to read this book since I read the third book. I had a need to read the book because of the big surprise which was at the end of the third book. Alright big spoiler on this one so if you don’t want to know more then I would stop reading right now! Chase is really Anna who is really the Duke of Leighton’s sister, Gerogiana, who we heard about in Sarah MacLean’s other series. I love that MacLean connects her characters like that. So now that I got that out of my system here is a summary of the book.

Lady Georgiana had suffered a scandal and paid the price but she has a secret that no one in London knows except her partners. Lady Georgiana may be a ruined girl but she is also the notorious Chase who owns the Fallen Angel. After six years of playing the part she finds that she will have to come back into society to find a husband with a title for the sake of her daughter but there will be a man who will have her distracted, Duncan West. Not only does he distract but he will discover that she is hiding more which threatens her identity.

Duncan West was a driven man and brilliant who owned a chain of newspapers. He looked for secrets and revealed them to either help or hinder. He will put it upon himself to help Lady Georgiana after his paper had wronged her but he will find that there is something off with the Lady. Duncan will want to discover her secret while he guarded his own.

I loved this book. Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover was fantastic book to read. I had been a little disappointed with the third book but there were no problems with the fourth book. I was hooked right away and fascinated by the way that Georgiana had her different identities. I thought that MacLean did a very impressive job at hiding the identity of Chase with the first three books. I had never even guessed that Chase was a woman.

Georgiana was a strong woman yet so vulnerable at the same time especially when it came to acting like herself who had been ruined. When she played Chase she was strong and determined with a vengeance streak. Now Duncan was interesting. He had his own secrets and MacLean wrote his story well. I was hooked and wanted to know what had happened to him. You of course will find out but it is closer to the end and I was surprised by the information that you find out.

The romance between Georgiana and Duncan is steamy. There is definitely sexual tension that amounts but it does not take long for them to find that lust together and when they do it is fiery.

The villain was quite a villain but I felt that he was down played and it was really about Georgiana and her secret which was alright with me. Though MacLean does make sure that the villain is known and that he is a despicable man who deserves what is coming towards him.

The ending is pure justice for Duncan and for Georgiana. They get their happy ending which I could not be happier with since they are together at the end. The ending could be considered sappy but I found it perfect. With this book the series ends as all four owners of The Fallen Angel stories have been told. I don’t know if Sarah MacLean will be writing more on the series but I do hope that she will write more stories. Maybe she will write one with Sophie who was introduced in this book. Only time will tell.

Full Throttle

Full ThrottleShawn Hamby needs a husband thanks to her grandfathers ruling. She had to get a husband so she could own and run the track which had been her grandfathers. She had little to chose from but will find herself gravitating towards Rhett Ford.

Rhett Ford was not looking for another woman to be with but will be intrigued by Shawn when he sees her at a fetish club. He will be even more intrigued with her proposal and will except. He found himself wanting this woman and made it his mission to show Shawn what she had been missing.

Full Throttle is the seventh book to Erin McCarthy’s series Fast Track. I have read all of these books and have found them fun and steamy. The seventh book certainly plays true to that fact and gets steamier. Everything about the book is steamy especially with Rhett and Shawn together.

Rhett is all about control in the bedroom but not without his partners consent. Rhett is not exactly a player but he knows how to play the game. I like that he found his match in Shawn. She was a strong woman and did not break the first moment that Rhett touched her. She fought to stay in control but soon found that it wasn’t a bad idea to given in to her hot husband.

There are of course problems that occur with the couple that will come up but when Shawn finds out news at the very end of the book there’s definitely a problem. It looked like the couple would not be walking in the sunset but McCarthy will make sure that is not the case.

I will admit that the ending was a little sappy but you gotta love that these characters are having their happy ending.

All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever WantedCallie Grey was in love with her boss but her life will turn upside down when he will become engaged to the new employee who brought in a big client. Callie was distressed and found the way to get him back was to make him jealous with dating the vet, but things will change when she will start to feel things for Ian.

Ian McFarland was the new vet in town and his business was going downhill. He will ask Callie for help but he was reserved about asking as she was much more impulsive and that scared him. He will take a chance furthering a relationship with Callie but is afraid to get hurt.

All I Ever Wanted is a novel by Kristan Higgins and I really like it. I have read three books from this author and have loved them. Her writing feels real like I could see these people in real life. The same can be said for Callie and Ian. I liked Callie and her reckless feelings that were overwhelming for her and made her sad and happy. I even liked her impulsive behavior but at times these emotions got her in trouble. Now Ian was a man who played on his emotions as well but they were moody. He never really smiled but he will get a reason to once he lets go and starts to open up.

The romance is subtle as there is fire but it is not overwhelming that is until they come to a point where they both trust each other. Of course there will be a downfall when the trust is tested and not everything will be going towards the happy ending. One factor was Fleur. I disliked her for the sole reason of her trying to ruin Callie’s relationship all because this woman has low morals and low self esteem. I wanted Callie to stand up and she did it just wasn’t to be vengeful. Then there was also Mark who was a good guy but really oblivious to what was in front of him. I didn’t like he was trying to get Callie back just for the company and trying to use her love to entice her back. He wasn’t cruel just a man who thought about his work as it was his life. Although I don’t like him so much as he almost ruined what Callie and Ian had going on.

With reading this book I smile thinking of these characters and can’t wait to find my next Kristan Higgins book to read.