Narcissus in Chains by Laurell Hamilton

The tenth book is now starting to feel the trend of Hamilton.

Anita Blake is back from her break from her men when troubles occurs with the her pard.  Anita is dragged back into the danger and is starting to change when she meets her mate Micah.  But that is not all for when the ardeur starts to come into Anita life all hell breaks loose.

So the storyline has pretty much lost a lot of the cop parts which is sad because they are well done by Hamilton.  Even Anita’s job is going down the tubes a little.  The story is now focused on what is going on with Anita and her pard.  That part is interesting and to read about Anita and how she is changing.

The person I liked was Micah even though he seemed to be a little shady but all in all he became the perfect man for Anita, so far.  He is powerful on his own but he compromises for Anita big need on that for her.

With the ardeur things are starting to heat up with the series.  It is not just desire that is playing it is lust and very graphic.  From the newest one these are still very tamed with the description.  Personally it is not bad to read.  She describes the scenes well and you are lost in the lust.  At this point it is not too much.

As the book plays out I like how Hamilton is going into the past with Jean Claude and Asher.  Those two are interesting because of Belle Mort who will be playing a key role with the ardeur.

Anita also will have a hard time understanding how she is infected but not.  I still do not quite understand that part.  It is explained more throughout the series but I can’t really remember.

But I like that she is mate to leopards and werewolves or at least part with them.  Anita is a strong woman with enemies but is always loyal to those she says are her friends.

Sadly Edward is not in the picture but all Anita’s friends are making their rounds.  Jason I have liked since the beginning is raising in the ranks to be important to Anita.  The same with Nathanial.

All in all Narcissus in Chains was a good addition to the series of Anita Blake.

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

A cousin recommended me the book.  I was a little apprehensive when I was given the book because this was not the typical book I would choose.  Sarah Dessen seemed interesting enough but I didn’t know if that was for me.  It seemed soft and whimsical which is good but this was towards the young adults. I tried the book anyways because my cousin and I have similar taste in books, and I trust her judgement.

Lock and Key

Ruby is a troubled girl.  Her mother left and now she is going to be raised by her sister who left her.  Ruby will hate the new school and want her old life back.  With a key around her neck she will have to make it in this new life being presented to her and it will surprise her.

From start to finish I was floored by the book.  Dessen is a storyteller that moves you.  I don’t think I can even pinpoint what was my favorite in the book.  I just know it was killing me to find out what was going to happen when I went to sleep.  I picked it up immediately when I woke.

It was an emotional rollar coaster from top to bottom but I was along for the ride.

The methaphor at the end was expected but Dessen did it in such a way that it was not cheesy but moving.

The character of Ruby was well developed along with the whole plot.  It was real and tragic and it touched your heart.

I recommend the book to those who want to read about tragedgy and triumph in a young girl and those who are around her.

The Mason Sisters Series by Sandra Brown

The Mason Sisters series was not one that I heard of before I picked up Sandra Brown.  This series consist of two books one each about the two sisters, Elizabeth and Lilah.

Fanta C

Elizabeth Burke’s days are filled with the business of running an elegant boutique and caring for her two small children.  But her nights are long and empty since the death of her husband two years before, and she spends them dreaming of the love and romance that might have been.  Then Thad Randolph steps into her life-and man right out of her most intimate fantasies.

Elizabeth doesn’t believe in fairy tales, and she knows all too well that happy endings only happen in books.  Now she wishes she could convince herself that friendship is all she wants from Thad.  But the day will come when she’ll finally have to make a choice-to remain forever true to her memories or to let go of the past and risk loving once more.

The first book starts off very sensual, erotic and fun to read.  I loved that the character Elizabeth is a mother of two and has an alter ego for a closet erotic writer.

Adam’s Fall

Over the past few years Lilah Mason has watched her sister find love, get married, and have children, while she’s been more than content to channel her energies into her career.  A physical therapist with an unsinkable spirit and unwavering compassion, she’s one of the best in the field.  But when Lilah takes on a demanding new case, her patient’s life isn’t the only one transformed.

She’ll never had a tougher patient than Adam, who challenges her at every turn.  Yet Lilah is determined to help him recover the life he’s lost.  What she can’t see, until it’s much too late, is that while she’s winning Adam’s battle she’s losing her heart…as Adam makes her question her most intimate beliefs about men, about love, and mostly about herself.  Now, as professional duy and her passionate yearnings clash, she must choose the right course for them both.

The sequel to the Mason Sisters series was fantastic to read.  I loved the heated arguments they got into and how Lilah is always surprising everyone with what she does and what she believes.

Sandra Brown brings love to each of these sisters but in completely different ways.

The Rana Look by Sandra Brown

They called it the Rana Look…the exotic, one-of-a kind allure that only supermodel Rana Ramsey could deliver.  Now her beautiful eyes are shielded behind tinted glasses, her famous figure hidden under shapeless dresses, her trademark wild hair falling straight down her back.  Rana knows she’ll never attract a man this way, and that’s just fine with her-until she meets Trent Gamblin.

Ruggedly handsome, charming, and undeniably charismatic, Trent is the kind of man Rana finds irresistable…the kind she’s certain would never look twice at the “new” Rana.  But to her surprise, Trent seems unfazed by her Plain Jane look.  For he is drawn to a beauty that Rana can’t hide.  But the outside world cannot be kept at bay forever.  And when tragedy strikes, Rana and Trent will learn whether theirs is just an impossibly erotic dream-or the kind of love that lasts forever.

The secret identity is great and brings some fun for the characters.  There was wit and intrigue to the plot and characters.

But the fact that you get to read about models was interesting.  It makes me sick knowing what models go through.  What the public expects to see out of them.  All it is skin and bone but it is all fake.  Nowadays it is getting better but we are not there yet.  I liked that Brown dove into that topic.

Brown creates this sexy, fun and sensuous romance that you will dive right into.

The Magnificent Rogue by Iris Johansen

When Princess Kathryn Kentyre is snatched from a life of captivity by the mysterious Black Robert of Craighdhu, she is torn between absolute terror and soaring hope.  He had been chosen to protect her from the dangers surrounding her, yet the moment he swept her away she knew this rogue of a Scottish laird would prove a greater threat than any she faced from her enemies.

Sensuous as sin itself and wild as his native Scottish Highlands, Robert MacDarren had no intention of settling down with one woman.  Yet the agreement he’d stuck to keep the peace required he marry the orphaned beauty and bring her back to his castle at Craighdhu for safekeeping.  It was to be a marriage in name only-and only for one year.  He never suspected that the meek hostage he had been promised would prove to be this firebrand of a woman who would challenge his mind, arouse his passion, and lay siege to his hear.

This was a very enjoyable to read.  There was romance, sensuous, adventure, tragedy, emotions running wild, deception and love.  A true romance.

I liked that this was not the atypical romance.  Johansen takes it further with the characters and gives more depth.  Each character has a strong dynamic attribute which  makes the story interesting and compels you to move on with the story.

Kate’s strong attitude is enjoyable to read and Roberts undenying honor to those people he love.

I like the fact that historical figures are brought into the story which gave a little something more.

The Magnificent Rogue is a book that you will want to check out.

Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell Hamilton

So far Hamilton has shown us the beginning of Anita and how she is progressing but in the ninth book she goes back with Anita touching base with what she does best.

Anita is asked by Edward to come with him on a job that he is not very descriptive about.  Anita is hesitant but has to go.  When she gets there the job is not the only thing that is a surprise.

The plot surprised me.  I have read the book one time before but I didn’t remember liking it this much.  I guess I am appreciating the story that is being told more now.  Hamilton throws Anita into the action and there is a lot.  Violence is everywhere with scary villains and men who are supposed to be the heroes.

There is no sex in this book.  Anita is staying away from Jean Claude and Richard.  I find it amusing reading the book as she does this.  But the thing that I didn’t remember until now was she was feeling this pull of sexual desire.  This hightens as Anita is transformed more with power that is coming to her.

This book was fantastic to read because of Edward.  You were shown a side of Edward with Donna and the kids.  You didn’t know about, don’t know if it will work but I am cheering for a semi happy ending with this group.

The toughest part of the read which Hamilton does well is with the torture.  The kids are strong but now different.  They are not the same children.  You feel for them.

One point in the book one of the cops said that she was waiting for the right guy because then love would not seem so scary.  I liked how Hamilton referenced this idea because it reminds me when Micah comes into the picture.  He makes everything easy for Anita.  Is this what she was waiting for.  But he is not here yet.

Obsidian Butterfly is one of my favorites of the series because it shows Anita back in her element but also Edward is right beside her.  He is still one of my favorite characters of the series and I liked how Hamilton focused this story on Edward and the secrets he is carrying.

You will enjoy the book with the intense action and how Anita is getting back into the field playing one of the boys but with her own twist.