Mistress By Mistake

Mistress by Mistake (Courtesan Court, #1)Charlotte Fallon was considered a spinster and one with a reputation that could not be fixed thanks to her past. She will be thrust into a new scandal thanks to her sister who will flee her potential new lover for the man that wants to marry. Charlotte will be told to be the substitute mistress. Charlotte will not agree but before she can tell Sir Michael Bayard she will be swept up into a life of pleasure.

Sir Michael Bayard had lusted after his soon to be mistress and cannot wait to make her his own. Michael will find his lusty mistress but will be shocked to find that she is not the sister he paid for. Michael will be furious at the deceit but he cannot dismiss Charlotte from his life, that is until a part of his past comes to make trouble.

Mistress by Mistake is the first book to Maggie Robinson’s series Courtesan Court. Alright now she is still a very new author and from the last book I read I figured I would like this story. Now I really did like the book but for me it was a rough beginning as it was a little absurd with how they acted and the situation. The book gets better and I find myself turning each page to the end to find out what will happen to these two, the sister and this crazy ex wife.

I got to like the characters of Charlotte and Michael throughout the book and wanted them to find that happiness with each other. Now the romance between them is nothing but sex and they are very compatible in that aspect.

You saw the villain coming and I was kind of shocked at the scene towards the end where Michael is the one in trouble. I wasn’t so sure I was okay that the person involved wasn’t really punished but at least Robinson gave Michael and Charlotte a chance. Robinson wraps up Charlotte and Michael’s story and I can see myself going after more from the author.

Season for Scandal

Season for Scandal (Holiday Pleasures, #3)Jane Tindall wanted a scandal as she wanted to be noticed. She will soon find out that having a scandal is not all that she wanted to be. Jane will have to change her way of thinking and save her marriage the man she loves while trying to make their marriage real.

Edmund Ware, Baron Kirkpatrick, needed a wife and Jane would do well but he wasn’t ready for her. She was impulsive and was caring but he could not confide in her. In order to have his marriage work he will have to atone for his sins.

Season for Scandal is the third book by Theresa Romain from her series Season. So after reading the first two books I was excited to read the next one especially as Jane was going to be in it. I was a little disappointed with the story. It was still well done and had built up enough intrigue but I wasn’t drawn into the book as I was with the other two.

Jane is an interesting character as her drive to be in a scandal is almost a number one desire. At times I find that she was a little too childish but I came to like her because she was a good person. She was trying to make her marriage real, she just might not have been doing it the right way. Edmund is the nicest man in London especially to wallflowers and widows but he has in demons that plague him. I found the intrigue with what happened to Edmund was a definite draw into the book because you want to find out. Edmund’s atonement is played up a lot throughout the book. It didn’t necessarily bother me but I wanted at times to have Edmund suck it up and share his secret with Jane so she could help.

I am taking a break from Theresa Romain and moving on to another author, but I will be back for more.

Season for Surrender

Season for SurrenderAlexander Edgware, Lord Xavier, was given a wager to invite an innocent lady to one of his party’s. The innocent happened to be Miss Louisa Oliver but he will not be wanting to ruin her, he will play protector to keep her reputation safe.

Miss Louisa Oliver was given an invitation to a party that is known for the scandalous activities and she was going to take a chance as she figured she was going to be a spinster forever. She was going to have some fun but she will find out that her invitation was given to her with strings attached.

Season for Surrender is the second book to the series Season by Theresa Romain. This is the second book I have tried by the author and I have to say I once again enjoyed her writing.

I was happy to read about Louisa and how she was going to not cry off because of these two guys were making her part of a wager. She was getting stronger in the book with showing a side of personality that she kept quiet. She was also able to bring out a better person in Alex as he kept questioning his life now. Alex was a decent man but underneath all the scandal that kept him in the wager books and newspapers. Personally throughout the story I really didn’t know why Alex’s reputation for scandal was really all that important to him. He does realize it towards the end but he was pretty stubborn to not show defeat through it all.

Their romance started out very slow and there were obstacles in the way as Louisa had to get over being angry at Alex for something she thought he did. As that obstacle was dropped they were able to embark on their feelings and the tension that was between them. Of course it is never that easy as the bad guy will show up. I wasn’t all too surprised by the person as it made sense with how clues of how this character was described by Romain. I liked how Alex and Louisa had thwarted the bad guy in the book towards the end. It was pretty great how they got the upper hand and giving themselves a happy ending all at the same time.

I am reading next the third book which will have Jane as the main character whom I found funny but know that with her behavior she will be getting into trouble.

Season for Temptation

Season for Temptation (Holiday Pleasures, #1)Julia Herington was happy for her sister, Louisa, but there will be a problem with her new soon to be brother in law has her heart beating for him. She wants him but will have to stay away as she knew that James was not for her.

Viscount Matheson, James, found his betrothed and thought she would be perfect for his wife to be. Everything would be perfect if Louisa’s sister, Julia, wasn’t so appealing to him.

Season for Temptation is the first book from Theresa Romain’s series Season. I was honestly not sure if I would like this book at first. I didn’t want the story to be with having these sisters come to hate each other over a guy. It didn’t end up like that thanks to Louisa as she knew her own mind, and thanks to that I really did like the book.

So I did think at times Julia was a little silly. The thing is I couldn’t help but like her character. She was lively and animated with pretty much always with a smile on her face. You wanted her to find a man to love which happened to be James. Now James was a good man and would go through with his betrothal as it was the right thing to do even though it was Julia that he loved. My heart broke for them because to be together they had to hurt other people, but Romain will give them a chance to find happiness.

I liked Louisa’s character as she was a soft spoken person who did not like going into London and having to play a role, but there is fire. I am interested in how she will change or come out of her shell when having to deal with Xavier in the next book which I will be reading next.

Sleeping with the Entity

Sleeping with the EntityDaniella Delaney wanted to make cupcakes and make her store successful but one man was making it very difficult, Nick St. George. He did not make her feel welcomed and wanted her gone. Daniella had no idea why but she was here to stay and determined to dislike him. That was difficult as she was finding him irresistible.

Nick St. George did not want any more humans in his town but it seemed that Daniella wasn’t going to budge. He was shocked that his usual techniques did not work which made her a mystery to him. Nick was determined to find out about this woman and the trouble that seemed to follow her.

Sleeping with the Entity is the first book to the series Entity by Cat Devon. I liked the book. It was kind of quirky with kind of being a little absurd but in a good way because you liked the characters.

This story is set in Chicago all around vampires and a cupcake baker. Daniella is a determined woman with a very sunny disposition especially when it comes to her cupcakes. I liked that when facing Nick she doesn’t fall over him even though she finds him very appealing. I loved the fact that Nick who was a pretty powerful vampire could not use his powers to compel Daniella to do what he wanted. They are kind of like adversaries in a way but obviously they get over that problem as they will be heating up the pages.

The supernatural aspect is a little strange. There are obviously vampires but Daniella is not just a normal human and Devon will explain more as the story goes on. That plays into a part with the bad guy as Daniella was to be a prize worth having.

Based on this first book I will be back to revisit Cat Devon’s series.

Merry and Bright

Merry and BrightFinding Mr. Right

Meggie has been and always been the smart one, the nerd and she is now finding she wants to break that mold at least with who she is dating. She wants a Mr. Wrong and she finds him, Jacob, but courage is not her strong suite. She will find a way with Jacob and get her one night with Mr. Wrong but it turns out that she wants more and will get more of him by her side as she is being stalked by an unknown person.

Bah Handsome!

Hope has little time to repay the loan from her stepbrother and he wouldn’t take an extension. Edward, the stepbrother, will send in Danny the CPA to assess the property. Danny is not a bad guy as he wants to help Hope which is a lot harder to do than he thought but with help from her two intervening friends he will show Hope that he cares.

Ms. Humbug

Cami has always been the organized one which has made her obsessive about it. She will be however taking a walk on the wild side with her boss, Matt, who tempts to break her need to a perfect organized life at every moment of the day. But first they will have to find out who was the leak in their office.

Merry and Bright is a collection of short stories by Jill Shalvis. Reading books by this author you know that there will be some humor and compassion when it comes to these characters and it was true for these stories. All of these stories centered around the Christmas season which brought out the wishes for finding someone to love. Now even though it was the Christmas season there was still danger that drifted through these stories. The danger was not bombs exploding but harmless stalkers, Colorado’s wildlife and a half kind of crazy girl. For me I thought the danger was a little silly at times but it gave the hero and heroine something to survive and to bring them together.

Overall I thought these were cute and fun stories.

Christmas in Lucky Harbor

Christmas in Lucky Harbor (Lucky Harbor, #1-#2)Kissing Santa Claus

Sandy was heartbroken still after several months of Logan leaving. She was not expecting him to be gone so long but will be shocked when he shows up and she is in a Santa suite. She will not welcome him with open arms but Logan will charm her and her defenses will start to crumple. Logan will be determined to not let Sandy go this time.

Under The Mistletoe

Mia was floating on a cloud as life was good. She was doing well in life, was loved by both her parents and was in love with her boyfriend, Nick. She was also excited about going away for her Aunt’s wedding with Nick but he was not excited. Nick was terrified about the idea and will refuse devastating Mia. She will be surprised to find him coming after her and she wonders if they have a chance.

These were two short stories that followed the Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis. They were grouped together in Christmas in Lucky Harbor which is with the first two books of the series. I have long since started this series and have really liked the stories. The newest books I am not as thrilled, still like them, but they do blend together sometimes. These two stories bring us back to the beginning characters who I loved reading about. I thought these two stories were very good at invoking the emotion that Shalvis is very good at creating, love and lust. That was a common theme in both of the books.

The first story is with Sandy and Logan. I couldn’t remember Logan but then Shalvis reminded the reader that he was Tara’s ex-husband. There interaction is explosive. Sandy holds out for as long as she can. Logan you can tell is a changed man and you hope he doesn’t screw it up again.

The second book was with Mia, who was Tara and Ford’s daughter. You met her in The Sweetest Thing. I really liked when Mia came on the scene and was excited to read her story especially it brought me back to the original three sisters of this series. Mia wanted one thing and that was to be picked as she had picked everything in her life. She does not give in but makes Nick fight for what he almost lost. Nick makes good on his mistake by staying and helping, and at the same time convincing Mia that he loves her.

After I finished these stories I always want more from these short stories, and I still do, but I feel that they were left off in the right spot. You knew that they would all have a happy ending.

Lady Anne’s Lover

Lady Anne's LoverLady Imaculata Anne Egremont needed to leave London immediately to get away from her father. She will disguise herself as a housekeeper. She expected an elder man but her boss was a lot younger with a missing arm. Anne will do her job and will find herself falling in love with him as he will protect her.

Major Gareth Ripton-Jones wants to live in his own misery but it seems that his new housekeeper wouldn’t leave him alone. Gareth will come to know Anne and quickly come to want her more than he has wanted anyone before. She makes him become a better man but he wasn’t exactly ready for that. He still had to figure out who killed the woman who he once loved.

Lady Anne’s Lover is the third book to London List series from Maggie Robinson. First time trying out the author and I have to say that I will be coming back to her. The story caught my attention as Anne was recapping her scandal but what got me was why she wrecked havoc on her reputation. She wanted herself ruined as her father was trying to get a little too friendly towards her. Needless to say this was a touchy subject but I thought Robinson wrote it well but it didn’t completely concentrate on that subject. This story was really about Anne finding a way out and for someone that she could trust and love.

So Gareth almost seemed like a worthless cause as he was a drunk but he changed overtime in the book. He was a confident man and a master at seduction when it came to Anne. Of course he does fall back to drinking to hide and not confess his feelings which could ruin his chances to keep a hold onto Anne. Now Anne was a strong character as she was a fighter. She would not stop fighting until she was free. I liked that she was letting down her guard each day with Gareth and she was letting herself fall in love with this man. Through all of this they will also help solve the murder of Gareth’s first love. I was actually surprised by the murderer as I wasn’t not suspecting this person.

As I said above I will be coming back to this author. I wouldn’t mind reading the first book from this series which was the start of this paper that revealed scandal by certain members of society. If I can’t get that one I can always look for another book from Maggie Robinson.

When She Said I Do

When She Said I DoMiss Calliope Worthington will stumble upon a large house, walk in and help herself to some jewelry. She wasn’t going to take it as she just wanted to try it on. She will be caught by the master of the house and she will be shocked by what he demands.

Mr. Ren Porter caught a woman red handed and instead of kicking her out of his house he tells her to pay him back she would have to spend one night per pearl on the necklace around her neck. Ren is humored by this thought but will be shocked at the next day that she agrees to his demands.

When She Said I Do is the first book to the series Worthington by Celeste Bradley. Bradley is not a new author for me as I have read her before but it has been about two years. The lapse in time is not due to Bradley’s writing as I like her as an author. The problem is I like a lot of authors and there is only so much time I have available to read. That being said I very much enjoyed this story. Think Beauty and the Beast but this is not a G rated, think more x-rated at times at least during those moments Callie and Ren are exploring their desires. It makes sense that this book was going this route as Callie had to give one night to Ren for each pearl from the pearl necklace.

What I liked about this story was that the characters of Callie and Ren were more than they appeared. Ren with his work as a spy and Callie’s view on romance which had stayed hidden from her family. Together they should have crashed but they were able work together, to find that peace as she was his light. There was also the raw desire they made each other feel which helped the situation, and because of Callie’s willingness Ren becomes stronger.

The family was not the ideal one that you would want helping. In fact they really don’t help all that much as they let Callie take the brunt of it. At the core of these family members they are good people, if not misguided, but they did annoy me at times. You wanted to shake them and stop them from anything else that could happen.

Now what would a love story be without your obstacles and villains. Obstacles were clearly Callie’s accidents that kept happening around her. It looked like she was mad but someone was clearly after her. The person after her was pretty clear but there were others that could have been dealing in this mischief that would be the downfall of Callie’s life. Now Callie was a Worthington and now Porter, and she would not go down without a fight.

Towards the end this book talked about a Liar’s Club and as I looked around I found one of Celeste Bradley’s series called Liar’s Club. The workings of spies can sometimes be a tad bit boring for me but I think with how Bradley spins her tales this would be something to try. Not to mention I will have to try out the second book to this Worthington series even though I am hesitant as this family drives me a little crazy.

The Trouble with Being a Duke

The Trouble with Being a DukeAnthony Hurst, Duke of Kingsborough, is hosting the annual ball that has not been seen in his house for the last five years. He will be obligated to dance with potential brides but only one will stop him in his tracks. He will pursue her and end in an embrace that is until she runs out on him. He will look for her and find her fairly easily but she will not leap into his arms. Their happy ending will take some persuading.

Isabella Chilcott was meant for another but she wanted a night to forget what was needed to be done. She will find that night at the Kingsborough ball and in the arms of the Duke himself. She knows that the fairytale cannot last and she will flee before she wants more. She thought that night with the Duke would be the last she saw of him but he will be persistent and she will have to decide to follow her honor or her heart.

The Trouble with Being a Duke is the first book to Sophie Barnes series Kingsborough Ball. Overall I liked this book. At first that was not the case as I was almost indifferent, I just wasn’t getting into the story. I guess the beginning didn’t really capture my attention but as I kept turning the pages of the book I was pulled into the story of Isabella and Anthony.

The couple were very different in status and it would be unthinkable of a Duke marrying so low beneath but Anthony will fight through what society thinks and pursue the woman he has come to love. So as I am a sucker for romances Anthony was an ideal man for wanting Isabella despite her ranking. Isabella I liked for the sole reason was that she was honorable. She was going to marry a man she didn’t love to help her parents. Even when she started to have feelings for Anthony she would still do her duty to her family, but not too worry as this is a romance novel and a happy ending will come for the characters.

There are bumps in the road that happen, one is status but the other is the villain aka mean girl. Lady Harriett is a definite mean girl who wants Anthony and will do what she can to ruin Isabella. Barnes will not let Harriett prevail. Barnes also gives a little twist that is something that you could have guessed thanks to some clues.

I will be back for more from Sophie Barnes.