HeartbreakerLaurant Madden is worried about her brother but she will find out that she will need to be scared for herself. There is a killer that is targeting her and wants her dead.

Nick Buchanan has come to his friends help which in turn was to really help out Laurant. He will have to stay close to her and pretend to be more to keep her safe from the killer who is after her.

Heartbreaker is the first book to the series Buchanan/FBI by Julie Garwood. She is one of those authors I have walked by without a seconds glance. I am fixing that with this first book and I have to say I liked it. There was insistent intrigue with the very first chapter with the killer telling Father Thomas Madden that he is coming after Laurant, Thomas’s sister. After that part I was kind of hooked with wanting to know who the killer was and what was going to happen next. I will say at times I just wanted to have the story move along as it was a little long in some places.

The idea of a killer after a woman is not a knew story but I thought Garwood wrote it well and she gave some deceit to go along with the plot to make it more. Laurant for me was weak at times but that was her demeanor at least on the outside. She is strong and a fighter with wants and needs. She shows it more and more throughout the book as is letting go. Now Nick was a charismatic man but a dangerous one at that. I did like that Nick was kind of a romantic but not always good at showing his feelings. Being an FBI agent came in handy but was also a curse because it was also a reason that the bad guys might come after him.

There are some good amount of twist and turns in the book with some people who could be suspects. The real suspect was one I didn’t see coming. In hindsight it makes sense which is always the case with suspense books. Other than the true bad guy there were some pretty messed up people who were villains in their own way. I can see myself going back to this series or trying another one of her books. I do want to make sure that I at least try the second book to this series as it will be with Nick’s brother. I am interested in knowing more about these Buchanan’s.

The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild

The Experts Guide to Driving a man wildBrenna is a free spirit and is determined to live life with little to no attachment, whether that is relationships or material objects. She will meet her match when it comes to Grant. She likes to rattle him and loosen him up but when she volunteers to play the fake girlfriend she will notice there is a lot of sex appeal to him. She does not want a relationship but the more time she is with Grant it starts to turn into one. That will have Brenna running scared.

Grant is a man who likes order and everyone to follow the rules. Brenna was a pain in his side as it seems to be her one job was to rattle him. But when he is faced with his matchmaking mother he will be surprised when Brenna pretends to be his girlfriend. He will be even more surprised by the passion that flares between them. He will want more with Brenna but he will find that she is not willing to give her heart to him.

The Expert’s Guide to Driving a Man Wild is the third book to Bluebonnet series by Jessica Clare. I liked the book as Jessica Clare writes steamy, yes, but also characters who can be lighthearted, funny, serious and troubled. I was pulled into the book right away as Brenna was going about doing her job with destroying certain parts so Colt’s dad would have something to fix. It was a fun beginning and Jessica Clare keeps it going throughout the rest of the book.

I liked Brenna as she was truly a free spirit but her loose way of living was starting to drive me crazy in the book. She was getting too out of control and I didn’t like what that was doing to Grant. Then you get to know why Brenna is the way she is and it all makes sense. She is still a little too flighty but combined with Grant’s control they do make a good match. Okay now the character of Grant who is the opposite of Brenna in most everything. He is and will always be in control but with Brenna the control slips through his fingers. It is good for him to loosen up but when you find out what he had gone through it does make sense for his behavior. With these secrets they carried they were actually perfect for each other as these secrets defined who they didn’t want to be.

This is one passion filled, lots of sizzle kind of book because basically Grant and Brenna are having sex and lots of sex on many pages of this book. So this is not a new theme in the series as the previous books had a lot of sex between them. I am going to assume that trend will continue with the fourth book, which stars Elise and obviously Rome, that came out this June. I want to read their story but will let the series grow a little more first.


Nicholas: Lord of Secrets (Lonely Lords, #2)Nicholas Haddonfield does not want a wife but due to his ailing father he has promised to find one. Nicholas will come to the rescue of Leah Lindsey and make her his wife. He will be direct when telling her that he will never love her and never want children with her. He knows this will break his wives heart but it is the only thing he could do.

Leah Lindsey needed to escape from her fathers clutches. She will find a savior in Nicholas as he will marry her knowing all about her father. She will come to love her husband but the problem will come when it will not be returned. Her home will become her prison until she can show her husband to love.

Nicholas is the second book to the series Lonely Lords by Grace Burrowes. As I wasn’t too impressed with the first book I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this book. Remember Burrowes writing is very well done it was what was going on with the characters that I wasn’t loving. So in the second book I was more compelled to read this book. For me I liked this one over the first book.

Leah is a woman in a bad situation and its not getting any better. She has traded one prison for another it seemed. I liked that she fought for her husband and how Burrowes wrote how Leah felt it nearly broke your heart. In the end I wasn’t sure Nicholas deserved a second chance with his wife but as I wanted that happy ending I was willing to forgive Nicholas stubbornness. Now Nicholas was a stubborn man for not telling Leah what he feared or what was going on in his life.  You wanted to shake him for being an idiot and not explaining everything as he was ruining a good thing. I do get his fear and it would be terrifying especially if you didn’t know all the facts.

The villain is obviously Leah’s father who was a vile man who needed to be shot. That doesn’t happen but there is some justice at the end.



JusticeJessica Ford was finding it difficult to work in a new firm especially when she is starting to feel that something is wrong. Jess will have to watch her back and find herself coming face to face again with Mark Ryan who broke her heart. She will be reluctant when he inserts himself in her life to protect her but when the danger gets too dangerous she will be accepting.

Secret Service Agent Mark Ryan will have  a second chance to get into Jess’s life as he will make himself her protector when danger comes too close. Mark will have to find the murderer who is after Jess and as they start to investigate things start to unravel quickly.

Justice is the second book to the series Jess and Mark by Karen Robards. So first off I really loved this book as a sequel. I was wondering how Robards would be taking Jess and Mark, and what they would need to be running from.

Now even though I said I loved this book there are a couple things I was pissed at which was namely Jess and Mark. I thought at the end of the first book they were going to be living happily ever after and then I found out he was found kissing her boss which pissed me off. I do know why it happened as Robards gives us a explanation namely Mark was afraid as things were moving to fast and wanted out. Stupid mistake on his part and I was pleased that Jess did not welcome him back in her arms right away. She made him wait and wait and wait some more. She was scared of a relationship as well and didn’t fight more but with how Robards ends the book I feel they were on the right track. Of course things could change if another book is written but for now I am content that they have that happy ending. And to be honest even though I didn’t like that they were broken up in the beginning it was good for the story as it gave more conflict and created that never ending sexual tension that was always sizzling between them.

Getting away from the romance aspect lets get to the action. There was some good plot deception with what was going on with these murders and how it relates to the trial that Jess was working on. I guess I wasn’t too surprised with what was going on. Certainly some of the characters you are surprised at for being part of this conspiracy but it was a little predictable. Now that being said I didn’t care about that because the story kept you interested, kept you wanting to know more. I liked the build up of the plot and how it all was connected. For the ending I was kind of shocked, not of how Jess and Mark ended which was great, it was how the murderer was going to be getting away with murder but with one last paragraph Robards will change that and give justice. Robards is a great storyteller and I can’t wait to read more from her.


PursuitJessica “Jess” Ford was sent by her boss to help out the First Lady when the unthinkable happens they are in a serious car crash killing all but her. Jess will find herself in immediate trouble and doesn’t know who she can trust. She even has doubts about Mark Ryan who came to her rescue but will find out he might be the only one she could trust to keep her safe from the people who want her dead.

Mark Ryan is a secret service agent and is torn with guilt as the First Lady has been killed in a car crash when it was on his watch. He is on a mission to find out what happened and that will lead him to a woman, Jess, who was in the accident and it looked like the danger of that night might not be over for her.

Pursuit is the first book of the series Jess and Mark by Karen Robards. This book was really fantastic. I love thrillers that have that nonstop action, mystery and a bad guy they have to get. For me  Karen Robards writes those kind of books well. Every time I pick up a book from hers I am flying through the pages engrossing myself into this world.

So the plot is simple with a horrible car crash, people died and one survived but that is only the starting point. The mystery is why was the First Lady running, who was chasing them, and who is after Jess now that she survived? These were all questions that were running through my mind as I was reading the book and Robards gives us subtle clues about what is going on and who the bad guy or guys might be. The nonstop action will be throughout the entire book as Jess and Mark have to hide from who might be after them which could be the people who were swore to protect when they took their oath.

I liked the character of Jess as she was very realistic with all the thoughts that were running through her head. Worrying about who to trust and how she was going to survive. It was frantic and realistic and I liked that she doesn’t go running into Mark’s arms and trust him completely even though he was one of the good guys. She didn’t know if he was part of this and could not chance walking into a trap. Mark’s character was a man mourning with guilt for that he wasn’t there to protect but that guilt has to be pushed aside as trouble was not over.

I can’t wait to read the second book which is Justice and I am reading that next. At the end it looked liked a happy ending was there for Jess and Mark so I will have to see what trouble comes next for these two.

No Strings Attached

No Strings AttachedTasha Riordan went wild seven years ago with a man who turned out to be a drug dealer and because of circumstances she was thrown in jail for two days in the Bahamas. Now seven years later she will find that he is a half brother to her friends boyfriends. Not able to trust this man she keeps him at a distance but the chemistry is still there to tempt them back together.

Luc Bradshaw was a DEA agent and was undercover. During his stay in the Bahamas he finds a woman he wants and connects with. When he leaves for a meeting he will find her disappeared. Seven years later he will find the woman and see that she is not happy to see him. Luc will find out the reason and understand and hope to start again but he first has to get her trust again.

No Strings Attached is the third book to the Razor Bay/Bradshaw Brothers by Susan Andersen. I liked the book and thought it went well with the series. You are drawn into the plot and even though elements of the book are predictable I was enjoying the story.

The chemistry is steamy between Tasha and Luc and always will be it seems but it bugged me that Tasha would just give in. She had seven years to get over those two days and she kind of had but it seems that she holds quite a grudge with Luc and then she falls back into bed. Well it is not that simple as she does make peace with him but with the amount of anger she had you would think it would take some more time. But I really did like Tasha because she was a determined and kind person who was doing what she needed to do. Luc was the same way, a little more cocky with his attitude, but a good guy. I did like that they were able to get that second chance as I wanted them to be happy.

There was no real villain except who ever put Tasha in that prison and that does get solved. Basically the person was an ass and making sure that she would not get in the way. I was happy that the person who did that to Tasha was finally called out for it and gave closure for them.

Will this be the last of the series or will there be another half siblings out there that is a Bradshaw?

The Mediator-Twilight

The Mediator-TwilightSusannah knows that something is going on with Paul as he keeps dropping hints that he is going to do something to Jesse. She will find out he is going back in time to save him so Jesse didn’t die and become a ghost. Susannah didn’t want to live a life without Jesse and will find a way to stop Paul by going back.

Haunted is the sixth and final book from the series Mediator by Meg Cabot. I was so happy to start reading the book because I knew how it would end which would be the perfect happy ending to this series. Rereading it again I felt still the same way. It is something with these young adult books that make you feel like a teenager again and want to feel that love or that need for it as only teenagers do.

Of course love is not the only thing about this book even though it was a big part because for Susannah and Jesse love was forever, there was also some action and more on mediators. The action happens much later in the book when Cabot will take the characters back and one wants to right a wrong but not for purely unselfish reasons.This character is obviously Paul who I still can’t stand.

Then the mediator business gets a little dicey with time traveling. When rereading I remembered this part but it was interesting revisiting how Cabot was able to make them travel through time and all it needed was an object from that past and for you to image yourself at the location. I thought that was kind of cool feature in the book.

So with the final chapter of the Mediator series I am wanting more with Meg Cabot. I am now making it my mission to find the other series that I read as a teenager which was the 1-800-Where-R-You.

The Mediator-Haunted

The Mediator-HauntedSusannah will find that someone from her past will be showing up and causing problems. She is annoyed by Paul Slater but knows that he understands certain things about them that she needs to find out.

Haunted is the fifth book to Meg Cabot’s series Mediator. I say it every time but I love this book. The growth of this supernatural powers is fascinating to me as I have always loved this topic. I liked that within each book Cabot gives us more to read about mediators and what powers come with that gift.

We are learning more and more thanks to Paul as that is really the only thing I think he is good for. So we learn that Susannah and Paul can shift which basically lets them go from one realm to another. This is an interesting concept especially when there is another little talk about transferring souls which opens many new opportunities for the last book.

Okay so Susannah screws up in this book and lets herself feel like a teenager especially when she is vulnerable. All of it is PG rating but this will cause problems with her and Jesse as Susannah is not always truthful. But thanks to Cabot there will be one more book which will give Jesse and Susannah a shot, even though the ending looked like they were doing pretty good, and to explore more about this shifting that was learned. Twilight is the sixth book and I will be starting that one next.

The Mediator-Darkest Hour

The Mediator-Darkest HourSusannah thought life was hard enough but now she has to endure a summer job due to Andy’s, her stepfather, rule for all the kids. So she gets a job caring for kids at the resort and will find herself in a predicament when she meets a little boy, Jack, who is a mediator but that will not be the worst of it. Susannah will find herself dealing with Jesse’s past when the ghost of Maria visits.

Darkest Hour is the fourth book to the series Mediator by Meg Cabot. The series is building and building which will keep you very entertained with what Susannah must face and I am smiling as I can still remember the details even after all this time.

I find that Susannah is growing with her ability to handle things a little better but she is still a sixteen year old who will have her own problems beside being a mediator. Jesse is in the picture as well and it seems that they are getting closer and the ending made me happy as they were getting a lot closer to something more. Though for those who have not read the book you wonder how would a girl who is alive and a ghost make it work. Even though I know the answer I can’t wait to read it again but that will still have to wait.

The supernatural aspect is getting bigger which I liked. Cabot writes Susannah going into a tricky situation when she will have to go where the ghost go which is the unknown for her. It was pretty interesting how the area is described and how things are revealed with other characters that will lead us to wanting to know more.

Okay villain is certainly Maria and Felix as they are ghost on a mission to destroy Susannah and they will be getting close to that goal. There is another guy who is not a villain but a pain in Susannah’s side which is Paul, Jack’s brother. Paul is not really evil but he is arrogant and a pain in the butt. Paul looked to be liked he would be gone but as I have read the series I know that he will be back. He will be back and making trouble for Susannah and Jesse in the fifth book, Haunted, which I will be reading next.

The Mediator-Reunion

The Mediator-ReunionSusannah will find herself in trouble when she has to now face four very angry ghost who were killed going over a cliff. She will have to find out the truth and stop them from trying to kill the boy they think is the cause for their accident.

Reunion is the third book from Meg Cabot’s series the Mediator. I love revisiting books I haven’t read for so long but know that they were really fantastic when I first read them. This series is very much like that. I love this series. With each book Meg Cabot builds and builds Susannah’s character up and you are learning more and more about her.

This book was all about these four students who were killed and wanted their revenge. Susannah takes it upon herself and tries to save the boy. You wonder sometimes if she thinks she is in over her head in these situations. I will say that this time there is more violence in this one or at least more action than the others. I liked that about the book because I like action in my stories. It keeps you on your toes and wanting more.

Jesse’s character is playing more of a part with helping her with the other ghost which I liked because he was around more in the book. There was also a little more info about Susannah and this mysterious psychic who told her that Susannah would find a one great love and it would be forever. This bit of information brings out some facts about the priest’s past when he was a young man, I wouldn’t say what information this was, but it was interesting. Now as I already know what will happen in the last book this is a big foreshadowing moment which was done well.

I am continuing with the fourth book, Darkest Hour, next.