One in a Million

One in a MillionCallie was a wedding planner who moved back home to help her grandmother. She will be shocked to find Tanner, her high school crush, living there. She will be even more shocked when he finds her attractive.

Tanner was an ex-Navy Seal and businessman. He was also a father but had very litter interaction with his son, though not because he didn’t want to. He will get a chance to have that relationship but it will be trying. He be will tested by his sons attitude but also by Callie who moved back to town.

One in a Million is the twelfth book in Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor series. I loved this book. I started the book early in the morning and since I had to work I had to put it down and actually work. Though on my lunch break I was back reading it. I finished the book later into the evening and when I go to the last page I was thrilled. The characters of Callie and Tanner were flawed but so perfect for each other, if they gave each other a chance.

I loved the fact that Callie was the granddaughter of Lucille. Lucille has been a fun character throughout the series. She has been a little pushy at times but you can’t help but like her character. Now Troy who is Tanner’s son was a great character. You needed to have Troy in the book because it gave some more depth to Tanner’s character and Troy’s character was well written.

The last book which I have to read is the 12.5 book which is actually a novella that is revisiting with Chloe and Sam.

He’s So Fine

He's So FineOlivia Bentley saw a man she thought was drowning and ran to save him. Olivia didn’t realize that the man was not drowning and he in turns saves her. She will find herself starting to have feelings for this man with every moment they spend together but she is hiding a part of her.

Cole Donovan had been betrayed by the people he loved. With Olivia he found something again and was scared but wanted to be with her. Cole though will learn that Olivia was hiding herself and things will change for him.

He’s So Fine is the eleventh book to the series Lucy Harbor by Jill Shalvis. With Shalvis you can fall right into her books which I love. The characters are believable, a little whacky and full of emotions. I really loved this latest addition to the series.

Olivia was living a lie in Lucky Harbor but it was to start a new life. Her lie is not anything horrible, she is a child star. You will feel for Olivia but cheer her on as she is finding her real self and I liked the real Olivia. She was a timid woman, had trust issues, wanted to love and to live life. I thought she was a believable character. Though you knew that her past would no doubt come out and ruin what she had. So yes it was predictable though you can’t help but love it. Now Cole was a strong man who was hurt and betrayed. He had some definite trust issues when getting into a relationship. I liked that he went all in with Olivia. He trusted her and opened up. I wished that she did the same as there were so many moments but that is how the story goes.

Alright now there were plenty of characters that have been introduced like Cole’s friends but his ex was a piece of work. I really didn’t like her. Her little speech with Cole was actually annoying and made me dislike her even more. She was too smug even though I know that she was just letting Cole know what had went wrong. I liked Cole how he was and didn’t think he really needed to change too much. Well he does change a little but he will be very much the same man, though now will be a man in love with a woman.

I am reading the twelfth book next.

It’s in His Kiss

It's In His KissBecca Thorpe needed a change of pace from her life. She found a small town and was determined to make it work. She will find a routine but it will be interrupted when the man she lusted after wanted her back. It will get complicated when he becomes her boss and her past catches up to her.

Sam Brody was a boatbuilder and good at his job but needed help with the everyday business. He will fight Becca from helping since as her boss he would not be able to be with her the way he wanted.

It’s in His Kiss is the tenth book from Jill Shalvis. I thought this was another great book from the series Lucky Harbor which is a series I can always count on for a heartwarming story. I haven’t read anything from Shalvis since last July. With her I wait until I can read several of her books in a row since I find her writing enjoyable, which is what I am doing now. I have the 10th, 11th, 12th and 12.5 next to read.

So Becca is a gifted piano player but left due to panic attacks when she would play, though that is only one reason she had to get away from her old life. You felt for Becca because even before she shared her past you knew it was something horrible that happened to her. Now even though she had to endure a lot in her life she was a very optimistic person. Because of her cheerful disposition you like Becca right away and hope that she gets her happy ending with Sam who was in serious need of someone to love him. Sam had a hard life with his dad and still was having a hard one which made life hard to get close to someone. He does get close to Becca and it really isn’t a struggle for him but he does put up his own barriers that block his own happiness. Don’t worry Shalvis will make sure the couple find that happy ending even through the obstacles.

I am continuing the series with the eleventh book.

One Night…Nine Month Scandal

One Night Nine Month ScandalKelly had felt heartbreak four years ago when the man she loved left her four years ago. Now he was back in her life when she was trying to get rid of the last reminder of the man. She will soon be swept into that life once more but this time she will have a child to think about.

Alekos had loved Kelly but he could not be with her. When he sees her four years later he finds that they still had that fire between them. He will still want her in his life but he needs to work some things out in his life.

One Night…Nine Month Scandal is a novel by Sarah Morgan. I have only read one other book from this author and loved it. I wanted to try another book from the author which led me to this book. I will say that I did not read the summary before starting the book. I just opened the book and started reading. Now from the title you can pretty much guess the plot so I knew what this plot would be basically about.

As far as the story I liked it. I thought the story pulled me in right from the beginning and I wanted to know why Alekos left Kelly to begin with. It was a question that left you guessing but Morgan will give answers and things about Kelly and Alekos’s past will be revealed.

Alekos’s character was very controlling but not in a cruel way. He was just a force to be reckoned with and one who got his way. Kelly was the sweet and somewhat naive girl who was swept away with love. She grows up in those four years and is more jaded but I liked her spunk and she was able to stand up against Alekos.

When you read the book you wondered what Kelly and Alekos have in common. It’s simple, sex. They lust after each other no matter what they are doing. Morgan will write their scenes well but you know that the couple needs more than just sex. She will write a complication which is with their past. I liked that Morgan gave the couple something they could share which was a similar past. This helped both of them heal to get their happy ending which was sweet.

A Wallflower Christmas

A Wallflower ChristmasRafe Bowman was summoned to England to marry the woman that his father had chosen for him. Rafe will do his duty but then he will meet the companion of the woman he is supposed to marry. He will want Hannah as she was different from every other woman he had met.

Hannah’s sole job was to be her cousin’s companion. She will meet Rafe Bowman and know that he was not for her cousin because of he was a rake. She will be unnerved when she starts to feel things for Rafe and will want him.

A Wallflower Christmas is the last book to the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. After finishing up Daisy’s story I wanted more books to the series and with luck on my side there was one more book to read which was all about Rafe Bowman. Now even though this was Rafe’s story the wallflowers are definitely around and will be helping out. You will also read a little about how their matches are fairing which I was happy to read since they was all still very much in love with their spouses.

Now back to the story with Rafe who was a character I really liked. He was a rake without a doubt but he wanted more and he only realized that when he was with Hannah. He wanted only to be like that with Hannah and as they grew closer it kept getting hotter between them. I liked Hannah who was smart and was one who wanted love, though she kept that to herself. I wanted her to go after what she wanted and not stay in the background. She does get the courage but heartbreak is close to her as she knows that Rafe could never be hers, though I knew that Kleypas would never let our hero and heroine be miserable. They would get their happy ending.

The character Natalie I didn’t really hate but didn’t really like. She was too spoiled at times which made her annoying. I didn’t want her to be with Rafe because they would be a disastrous together. I was happy with how Kleypas wrote the ending, so there were no complaints.

I have come to the end of the books which I have in my pile to read from Lisa Kleypas. There are only a few more that she had written which I haven’t read yet and I know that I will be back for more.

Scandal in Spring

Scandal in SpringDaisy Bowman is being forced to wed in two months to a titled gentleman otherwise her father will make her marry is protege, Matthew Swift. Daisy has no desire to marry Matthew who was just like her father. Though as she spends time with him she will find that he is not the overbearing man she thought.

Matthew Swift has wanted Daisy Bowman since he began working with her father. He knew that she would never be his which is why he never tried to pursue her, though that will change. He will take that step towards Daisy but is still afraid his past will find him.

Scandal in Spring is the fourth book to the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas which was another fantastic book. The story is simple but the characters are entertaining which is what I always look for in books. I like my characters to have some life in them.

Daisy was probably the nicest member of the wallflowers which made me want to cheer for her all the more to find the perfect man. I was happy to read that she would be finding that man, it just happened to be in an unexpected person, Matthew. Now Matthew’s character was one of a very good man. I liked that he was not at all sinister like the sisters described him to be, instead he was a good man who was kind, had some humor and was in love with Daisy. I liked their banter back and fourth which was little but memorable especially when they played a game together. What they had going for each other, other than strong feelings, was the attraction which sizzled between them though at the same time it was sweet.

Alright now the mystery of Matthew’s past was something that was hinted about but nothing was never revealed until that moment at the end. I was wondering what was so bad in Matthew’s past that he was afraid of it coming out. When it was revealed I thought it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I was happy that the secret did not reveal that Matthew was a bad person.

I am finishing off the series with the last book, A Wallflower Christmas, which I am reading next.

It Happened One Autumn

It Happened One AutumnLillian Bowman was an American who was searching for a titled man for a husband because that was what her parents wanted. She will be surprised when that the man that has her attention is Marcus who is one person she could not stand.

Marcus, Lord Westcliff, believed in order and Lillian disrupted that order. The only thing that could be done was to give in but there will be problems that will occur.

It Happened One Autumn is the second book to the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book which is a common phrase that I am using when expressing my like with Lisa Kleypas books. This book held more banter which was primarily from Marcus and Lillian. They were constantly bantering through the book but you knew that they liked each other, they were just too stubborn to admit it. They were actually similar in many ways. Lillian said what she wanted to say no matter what and Marcus did too but he was a little more reserved. I also liked that they pushed each others buttons to the point that almost went too far, but  it didn’t.

Alright now I have read the third book previously which is Devil in Winter and I enjoyed the book. I remember thinking that the main character St. Vincent was not exactly a villain but neither was he a good man. Well in this book you got to see him more as a villain, and personally I really wanted to hate him for what he was doing to Lillian. I know that the next book will bring a happy ending but it is kind of hard to see that with him acting like that. The other villain was the mother of Marcus. She was a piece of work but thankfully she was going to be out of the picture from now on.

So I am going to be rereading the third book, Devil in Winter, and then move on to Scandal in Spring.

Secrets of A Summer Night

Secrets of a Summer NightAnnabelle Peyton was desperate to find a suitable husband as her family would soon be on the streets. With the help of three friends they will help her land a husband before the season was over. The only problem was Simon Hunt who made no mistaking his desire to have Annabelle as a mistress.

Simon Hunt was the son of a butcher but left the family business and became an entrepreneur. Simon had become very wealthy but because of his status he was not always entirely welcomed among the peers. His goal lately had been to become closer to Annabelle which was becoming real as he was persistent.

Secrets of a Summer Night is the first book of the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. The previous book I suppose was an introduction to the series which was important as you got to know Marcus a little who will be in the second book. The series is about four woman who became friends due to their wallflower status which brings a certain amount of entertaining.

Annabelle was a woman who needed to marry and marry anyone who was a peer because she needed financial help. You couldn’t blame Annabelle for pursuing Lord Kendall because he fit the guidelines but you wanted her to chose Simon who would at least make her happy. Now Simon was a man who pushed for more. He would never give up. You would think he was a bad guy for wanting Annabelle as a mistress but he wasn’t a bad man, just one who got his way a lot of time. It was good for him to get rejected by Annabelle. Now Annabelle and Simon were different in status but due to circumstances they will become much closer. I liked them together especially as it turns to more, it always was but they were afraid to admit it.

The villain was a peer who was an evil man but thankfully he will get what is coming towards him. The attacker of the villain was a surprise but it brought a smile to my face knowing that the victim would no longer be in danger of the villain.

I am reading the second book next where Marcus and Lillian will finally square off.

Again the Magic

Again the MagicLady Aline Marsden had loved one person and one person only but she would never have him again after she had hurt him. She will see him twelve years later and know that he is there for business but also revenge. She will go along with it as she owed that to John.

John McKenna was of low birth and had found a woman that he loved but knew it would never work. It did not hurt any less when she told him to leave. Twelve years later she still haunt his dreams and knew that he had to find some revenge but he will find that everything he knew might not have been correct.

Again the Magic is a book from the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. I have only read one other from this series, The Devil in Winter, which I will be rereading so I will read the entire series in order.

In this book there are two people who belong together and would have been if not for their birth. The beginning is very happy for the couple so you knew that the fall would come very quickly and Kleypas will make sure the couple are broken up by blackmail and betrayal. You end up hating the villain which is obvious the father but their story is not over because Kleypas will continue their story twelve years later. There is hatred on one side but there is longing on both their sides. I wanted to shake the characters every now and then for being stubborn and not to be truthful. I wanted John to find out the truth about Aline for why she did what she did in the past and present, and I wanted Aline to be truthful and to get over her fear. What she feared was not as bad as she thought. I knew that John and Aline would work it out in the end. I think throughout the book I cheered for that happy ending which I knew would be coming but I wanted the details of that event.

What I thought was interesting was that there was another story being told which is Livia, who is Aline’s sister, and Shaw, who is the partner of John’s from America. They are both flawed characters, one with scandal and one who has a drinking problem. It was sweet how they brought out a new side of each other.

I am continuing on with the series with Secrets of a Summer Night.

Because You’re Mine

Because You're MineLady Madeline Matthews hatched a plan to get herself out of a marriage to a man who was older than her father. She was set out to ruin herself and knew the perfect man to do the job, Logan Scott.

Logan Scott did not trifle with young unmarried woman. He did not trust woman but there was something about Madeline that made him want to forget his rules.

Because You’re Mine is the second book to Capitol Theatre series by Lisa Kleypas. I really liked this book. Kleypas keeps you entertained with the couple eventually finding love and the little banter back and fourth. I liked that I got to read more with the actors that worked at the Capitol Theatre.

Kleypas writes the character of Madeline to be very entertaining. She is young and naive but she was also a very strong willed girl. Although when facing off with Logan she will find her courage and ache of love die as he does not reciprocate. Kleypas writes Logan sometimes to be a villain in a way. Though the reason for Logan’s anger is because he was betrayed by a woman, as I thought from the previous book, but there was more that was hidden about his life. Logan will be betrayed again and he will have to learn to forgive or ask for support. That support comes from Madeline even though he does not want it, he does but he wouldn’t admit it.

It’s hard to have the hero act like a villain sometimes because that will interfere with the happy ending. Although if there are not problems then the book can get very boring. For me Kleypas does not have that problem as all her heroes or heroines are flawed in someway but will always redeem themselves in the end. The romance reader in me cheers for those moments.

I am off to read another series from Lisa Kleyas which is Wallflowers.