Let Me In

Donna Kauffman gets adventurous with her two characters Tate and Derek in Let Me In.

Tate Winslow has had enough with adventures and guns. She doesn’t want that life anymore and so she decides to retire. But of course things don’t end up how she expects especially when her ex-boss Derek Cole.

Derek Cole is one of the best agents and he has gone rogue on one of the biggest missions he has had. But he needs help and Tate’s door is the place he ends up. With the two on the case stakes get hot and heavy and covers are blown.

Let Me In is filled with adventure and passion which has been built up and ready to explode.

Breakfast in Bed

The two book series Breakfast in Bed are two shorter novels which are a delight to read for any romance reader. Sandra Brown creates these three friends and splits them up only to see how there lives change with a single action.

Breakfast in Bed

Sloane owns a bed and breakfast that is going down hill but she has to make it work especially in the off season. But now that is not her only worry as her best friend’s, Alicia Russell, fiance is coming to stay at the inn to finish his book. Carter and Sloane are instantly attracted but they know it is impossible until they give in. Love blossoms but guilt is strong as both are cheating their best friend. Neither knows how they can live without the other but they know they can’t stay together.

The book was touching to read and very steamy in Carter and Sloane’s relationship. You felt for both characters as how they could not end up together but the end will surprise the reader as a happy ending will come out for all three parties involved.

Send No Flowers

Alicia Russell has to boys to worry about and if that is not bad enough a storm is making her vacation with her boys impossible. That is until she ends up meeting their nearest neighbor in another cabin. Pierce Reynolds does not want to get involved, can not but he ends up becoming attached which makes everything harder. Neither wanted to become involved but it happens and there is a secret which will destroy Alicia that Pierce is hiding. But Alicia will know what to do as the time comes.

Reading the book right after the first was a nice transition because you felt for the widow Alicia and you wanted her to be happy. Pierce seemed like the guy but as you find out what is wrong your heart will drop. Sandra Brown keeps you in suspense until the very end which makes the ending that much more exciting.

Get Drilling with the Tyler Family in Texas!

The Texas! series by Sandra Brown is a blast to read. The two brothers and one sister trying to get their drilling company back running but there are bumps along the way as each sibling have to face problems in their personal life.

Texas! Lucky

Lucky Tyler is a man who lets his lust lead which got him in trouble with a woman he meet at a bar. After a night of pain and pleasure Lucky’s mystery lady disappears but the problem is she is his alibi. Devon Haines is torn from that one night. She knew it was a mistake but felt right. Of course nothing could happen as Devon is not an unattached woman. But when Lucky needs her for her alibi she has to decide what is right.

Texas! Chase

Chase Tyler lost everything when his wife and unborn child were killed in that fatal car crash. He blamed God and no one else especially not Marcie but Chase’s anger told a different story. His hatered for life was soon shattered as all the people who loved him said they were finished and it was up to Chase to get back on track. But Chase wouldn’t be a alone in this adventure as Marcie will be along with him. Marcie Jones has loved Chase for most of her life and she just wants to see him happy again. Her ploy to help with the business was to get him back on track and hopefully ignite something between them. Passion does ignite but Chase is not ready for it.

Texas! Sage

Sage is done with her masters and apparently her boyfriend is done with her. Rather have her family pity her she does not tell what happened and Harlan Boyd who witness the scene keeps quiet. Harlan and Sage instantly are butting heads but passion sizzles underneath and love blooms. But there is a secret that Harlan is not telling and that will change the outcome and reveal a whole new side to Harlan.

The entire series is worth reading with its ups and downs especially in Texas! Chase. Sandra Brown created wonderful characters who were driven and real from a family point of view.

Prelude to a Scandal

Lady Justine is willing to pay for what she needs most of all. Her father’s release from prison. The Duke of Bradford is willing to help her but on the condition they marry. Justine knows what she is getting into with Bradford but she is determined and soon finds out that there is more to the man.

Delilah Marvelle is bringing Prelude to a Scandal as the first novel to the three book series of Scandal. The first book sets the mood. I wasn’t sure of the story at first. I was a little lost. It takes the reader to get into the story to enjoy and understand what is happening.

Marvelle is a unique writer with her sensual scenes and intriguing plot.

A Scandal Waiting to Happen

Get caught up in Heartless by Kat Martin which is the first book of the series Heartless. Martin brings in a lively cast of characters which will bring nothing but frustration for the reader but there will be satisfaction as the plot unfolds and passion is found.

Ariel Summers made a bargin with the late Earl of Greville. If he would pay for her education she would become his mistress. Of course Ariel did not expect him to pass on or that his bastard would now take over. With a few days almost out of school she meets her prince, Philip. But things are not what they seem as Justin the new Earl of Greville will explain.

A love hate relationship forms between Justin and Ariel twisted with supposed betrayal but that is not the case. They will find what they need to find each other even with villains lurking in plain sight.

Kat Martin keeps the reader invested in the story as she harbors on the act of trust and betrayal but she does squeeze in love when your not looking.

When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn

After reading about Eloise I was eager to read about Francesca Bridgerton the next one to find her way to the alter, again. When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn is the sixth continuation of the series Bridgerton.

Michael Stirling is in love with his cousins wife. From the moment he saw her he loved her but it was too late. Francesca Bridgerton would now and forever treat him like a friend. He loved his cousin John and would never betray him but now John had passed. Still he could not be with Francesca until one night they kissed.

What struck me was this book was a lot more passionate than the others which I found interesting because it was the daughter who was wicked. She had the appetite that could not be ignored along with Michael.

I love how Quinn created the back story so you know how Michael feels watching the happy married couple. You feel for him and at the end was sweet with the letter. I like that Francesca is also different from all her family being a little more closed off, or really needs to do things on her own.

Quinn creates these characters to be lovable, smart and witty. The youngest sister is next which will prove to be entertaining.

Here Comes Trouble

The title reflects perfectly to the character Donna Kauffman has created in Here Comes Trouble.

Brett Hennessey is down on his luck and needed to get away from Vegas and all the gambling. He is a professional gambler but his luck went south that is until he meet Kirby Farrell at the B & B in Vermont.

Kirby Farrell is the owner of the B & B and is also down on her luck that is with customers. But she knows her luck will change as Brett comes to stay. Around ten years younger than her she knows it can’t go anywhere but that doesn’t stop them from a fling. A fling which turns serious as feels get involved and trouble comes knocking on the door.

The dynamics between the two characters were enduring to read. The action which followed Brett was subtle and not in your face. The story Kauffman tells is sweet and really about the characters facing with the fact that feelings are involved.

Doing It Right

MaryJanice Davidson writes quirky material which will make you laugh. In this one book holds two novellas which are very funny.

Thief of Hearts

Dr. Jared Dean is a great doctor and believes he would help out anyone which he was going to do for this woman. That is of course until he saw she needed no help. This woman was a one man ass kicking machine. She is is the Avenging Angel her job is to stop mobsters right now and the doctor is now in the way. Her job will now also be to protect him which would not be hard to handle.

Wild Hearts

Kat doesn’t back down especially when a man is trying to steal her car. She is thrown to say the least that the man is gorgeous. With an intense kiss Kat takes the opportunity to throw the car thief in her truck and drive to her brother who is the D.A. Kat doesn’t know that the man in her trunk is actually an undercover cop and knows Kat’s brother. The two will embark on a mission which will prove dangerous to say the least.

Both stories are short and too the point. It’s always funny to read about the woman being the ones to kick butt. The Avenging Angel will also make an appearance in the second story. MaryJanice Davidson will have you laughing at her quirky characters and strange plots.

To Be A Mistress Or Not

To be his mistress Catriona would give up everything. She has enough pride to stay away from his clutches but that seemed not to matter. As Catriona’s life goes from bad to worse with her father dying to living with her Uncle who hates her to being kidnapped.

The Earl of Strathconan, Neil, who wanted Catriona from the start but as he is kidnapped as well things change. Neil falls for Catriona. They marry but Catriona is less than happy to be in a love less marriage and to belong to a family which wants nothing to be with her.

Nicole Cornick writes Kidnapped: His Innocent Mistress one of her many novels. This is a love story that is truly a test to those who love. Cornick creates Neil’s family to be horrible people, people you would love to hate.

Catriona’s pride is something Cornick created well. She is a strong character that you hoped would never give up her conviction to fight. And Cornick makes sure that her character has to fight.

Kidnapped: His Innocent Mistress is full of passion and fire. Readers who enjoy Nicola Cornick will be thrilled.

A Socialite and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks

The attraction started eighteen years ago and Kate thought it would have gone away but as she saw him standing there she knew it would never. Donovan MacLeod was the man of her dreams but she knew he would never think of her anything but a spoiled princess even though she was not one.

Donovan MacLeod lead a tough life and now he is back in front of the one woman he never was able to be with because of her status. But things have changed. She needs help and he is going to help her. Donovan will find out that she is not just the spoiled princess he thought her to be.

At the beginning of The Black Sheep and the Princess I was not blown away. Donna Kauffman can write I know that but the story did not catch my attention from the very start.

As you get into the story understand the characters there is more of a connection the reader can make and Kauffman gets you to enjoy the story. There is sexual tension and passion between the two characters and an underlining threat that is coming after Kate. As the mystery is solved our characters will also find that story book happy ending.

The Black Sheet and the Princess is the first book of the Unholy Trinity series.