Sex and the Single Vampire by Katie MacAlister

After getting through the first book of the series of Dark Ones I was ready to try the second book. Sex and the Single Vampire brings back the original characters from the first and adds some.

Allegra or Allie is a summoner and is good at her work but it can get annoying especially when she thinks a spirit is trying to make time with her. Of course she didn’t know at first that he was a Dark One named Christian. Christian wants his Beloved and knows she is out there and with Joy and Roxy’s help he will find her in Allie. Of course they will have to tell Allie that. There will be troubles convincing her of this new relationship.

The sequel was a clever continuation. I was happy to read about Joy and Roxy who are still in the picture. It was also nice to have the book focus on Christian who is in search for his soul mate.

This one was easier to follow at the beginning. The second book flowed easier in the very beginning and continued throughout.

Katie MacAlister brings out Allie’s wit and Christian’s dry humor in Sex and the Single Vampire which will keep you coming back to the pages.

A Girl’s Guide To Vampires by Katie MacAlister

Immediately as I read I remembered that Katie MacAlister’s books have flare and a little quirk to them. She is not the normal romance writer of women in trouble and they need men to save them which is great but at times it can be a little hard to get into. The book I thought to try was A Girl’s Guide To Vampires which is in the series of Dark One.

Joy and Roxy are going for a vacation to find the man that is their soul mates. Joy doesn’t believe it can be a dark one but it seemed that was were she was heading. With Roxy’s help Joy will find her soul mate but it isn’t with the vampire that thinks she belongs to him.

Starting to read the book I was intrigued what Dark Ones were of course from the title it should be obvious. I liked that it was in Joy’s perspective. It made an interesting narrative but still I was confused if I would like it. The vampires you thought were, were not. The humans were in fact vampires. It got confusing.

Joy’s character was very quirky with her dilemma she got herself into. I wasn’t sure how I felt about Christian but definitely Raphael was the winner for me. But there was a little heart break at the end that you hope in the series MacAlister will fix.

The start of the series for me was a little rough start but once I got involved and figured out the characters I followed the story. MacAlister will surprise and confuse the reader but in ways that will make you want to keep reading. A Girl’s Guide To Vampires is a good start to the series of Dark One.

Face The Fire by Nora Roberts

I was liking the direction in the Three Sisters Island series for the first two books of the series. In the last book, Face The Fire is a fantastic finish for the trilogy.

Mia Devlin is a witch known by all. She does not hide what she is or who, she embrasses it. But Mia is loved by all and she takes fate very serious. The love of her life Sam Logan walked out of her life ten years ago and it broke her heart now he is back. Sam is not just anybody he is also a practicing witch and knows he needs and wants Mia. He regrets what he left behind but now he is going to make up for it. Mia is battling her restuarant and rekindling he friendship and bond with her sister witches. Mia will need all the help to keep those she loves saves and to find if she can let Sam back into her life.

I liked that the witchcraft added to the elements of the story. Each story went further into the history of these witches who all went through tragedies. The present descendants all had a second chance to make up for their mistakes.

The relationship of Sam and Mia was fun to read. It was tragic and seemed real even with the realm of witchcraft in their corner. It made you angry and hope that they would find a way to be together.

The story Face The Fire was a sweet and thrilling story that finished up the trilogy of the Three Sisters Island.

Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts

Coming off of the first book of the series Three Sisters Island I was brought immediately back into these three women’s lives but this time the witchcraft came out stronger. Ripley stars in Heaven and Earth by Nora Roberts.

Ripley Todd is a descendant of the witches back in the days of Salem. She knows it and most of the town knows it but she doesn’t want to admit it. Being the Deputy she is used to being strong but Dr. Booke, Mac, is going to test her strength. The friends will be put to the test as their powers are going to be needed.

It seemed to me that in the first book witchcraft was tamed now it is blasting out of the pages. I love Ripley’s character who is the Deputy and doesn’t want to admit she is a witch but now things are changing.

I think having Mac now in the books is comical with his klutzy style and very academic ways. The two of course have the heat and will do something about that but there are twists.

Roberts is bring the past to the present and the powers and spells are being used more now. They are needed to help fend off an enemy who was locked away.

Heaven and Earth was thrilling to read and a good continuation with the Three Sisters Island series.

Dance Upon The Air by Nora Roberts

Dance Upon The Air will break your heart and have you cheering for Nell as she has to go through the struggles of finding her destiny on the Three Sister Island. Roberts starts off the story with the first woman Nell in the three book series.

Nell came to the island to runaway to change her fate. By escaping she was doing just that. With little time and friendly people Nell was able to do that. Ripley and Mia will be there to help along with the handsome Sheriff Zach when the trouble starts to come back to Nell.

I liked the subtle idea of witchcraft within this series by Nora Roberts. It was all about fate and destiny that is bringing these three women together. It was a clever plot to make these women the descendants of these powerful witches that were around in the 1600’s.

The very beginning of the story grabbed your attention immediately as a young woman is running away from her life to start again. I love how Roberts creates Nell’s persona and has Helen drift away.

This book was also all about witchcraft and I liked that there were no powers that were overwhelming. This story would seem out of place with a burst of magic. It is about Nell’s challenge of finding herself and Roberts does that well. But of course magic was not lost in the book. There were parts that is was used to make the story move along and come alive.

Dance Upon The Air is a great first book of the series Three Sister Island. Romance readers who love fire and magic in their characters will devour the pages.

Divorced, Desperate and Deceived by Christie Craig

The last book, Divorced, Desperate and Deceived gave a little surprise of the characters. You were waiting for what Kathy would have to go through but I wasn’t expecting for the truth to spill out so quickly.

Kathy Callahan is the last surviving member of the Divorced club but she wants to bring something in her life, sex and that will be in the form of her sexy plummer Stan Bradley. She resisted for two years and now she is going for it but Stan is not cooperating. Kathy takes matter into her hands and that is when the trouble starts. Stan will give Kathy a surprise that she will never forget.

This really was a great finish to the series. Christie Craig wraps up all the friends lives with happy endings.

Stan aka Luke was a blast to have in the series. He was the typical man with charm and desire but he came undone to help and protect Kathy at all cost.

I also loved how Craig unraveled each of their past as the story was told.

The thing I liked with this story is it was a surprise to find out about his background. And even at the end when all seemed okay there were still a few surprises that I didn’t think of which made the book fun to read till the end.

The series Divorced, Desperate is a quirky series to read that will make everyone believe in love again.

Divorced, Desperate and Dating by Christie Craig

The second book in the series Divorced, Desperate is Divorced, Desperate and Dating by Christie Craig.

Sue Finley plots murder and does her research all for her books she writes. But something is happening. Threats are coming to her in the form of a dead rat and phone calls that wouldn’t stop. Jason Dodd will be there to help. They had a moment, a brief kiss but nothing else. Jason now getting a second chance will change that. Sue hopes that as well but she wants more and hopes that Jason will understand that.

I love Sue’s character. She is a mystery writer and takes her research seriously. She has a lot of secrets which gives Jason something to find. I like how Craig creates Sue’s character to witty and sarcastic and Jason’s as charming and a little pig headed. Together they make the pages sizzle.

The added in cats and dogs makes the story charming and sweet.

Divorced, Desperate and Dating is a great second book to the series. The next and last friend will be Kathy. The sole divorced women of the group but that will change.