Perfect Storm

Liking the last three book of the series Edge of Honor I figured I would like A Perfect Storm.

Arizona Storm has had a tough life, one she wants to be able to handle. Her way is to find trouble and stop it but she needs Spencer’s help. She is wary of him as she does feel things when she looks at him, but she is not ready to let him in. Of course curiosity sets in and Arizona will take the plunge while they will be in the midst of danger.

Spencer Lark a dangerous bounty hunter has tangled before with Arizona and finds himself agreeing to help her once again. He doesn’t like that she is endangering herself but knows that she would do it without his help. Having her close puts Spencer in a spell as every time he sees her he wants her. He holds back to that possibility until neither can’t take it anymore.

After I read the book I found myself loving the characters that Lori Foster created. I often love reading her books. This series however has characters that are more complex and in the fourth book I could not put it down.

I loved the story of Arizona and how grown up/naive she really was. She was only twenty one but with the experience of someone twice her age. You want her to find happiness with Spencer but also peace. I liked how Foster built Arizona’s character up through the entire book as there was no dull moment.

Spencer was something else. In all Foster’s books there is the strong man, the man who would do anything to protect the damsel in distress. Its the oldest story but Spencer will be challenged as Arizona is not a weeping willow. She will take the punches that is given to her. Spencer though is also withdrawn from real connection but of course Foster will make sure that is drawn out in the book.

The villain was obvious but there is a twist at the end that was not necessarily seen and surprised me. I liked that Foster had given that twist on the bad guy as it gave more intrigue and mystery.

Now finishing the fourth book I have to wonder if their will be another book from Foster which of course I hope that there is. Perhaps with Quin who will grow up and help in his own way?

Bite Me If You Can

Lucian Argeneau is on of the older vampires of his family as he has reached over 2000 years old. For most of that time he has been alone but now that will change when a newly turned woman is dropped into his lap. He didn’t know what to do with Leigh as she began to change but slowly he caught on and found himself enjoying the tasks. He was learning to eat again, to care about another person, and to enjoy life. It helped that Leigh was his life mate but there were problems especially from the one who made her.

The grumpy vampire has found happiness! I really liked Lucian’s story in Bite Me If You Can from Lynsay Sands. She created Lucian’s character to be one you could never truly hate as he was naive in the way of the world even if he has lived for 2000 years. It was enjoyable reading as Lucian succumbed to Leigh and her every want but while he still stayed in control, the teacher.

Leigh’s character was one I wanted to know about. Sands gives her a background description and this molds her character well. You feel sorry for Leigh and hope that the life mate will bring her happiness.

The matchmaker, Marguerite, was there once again but for only a short period. In that short period though she makes an impact to bring Lucian and Leigh together.

Now the villain took a back seat of this story, although always being thought about in the background. The story concentrated on Lucian’s teachings for Leigh and how to cope with becoming an immortal.

Next will be Victor, Lucian’s brother, to find his life mate in The Accidental Vampire.

Irish Rose

Erin McKinnon is a long way from home. A native to Ireland Erin is wondered by all that is in America. She was skeptical working as a bookkeeper for Burke Logan but Erin needed to leave her home. She needed freedom and a way to make something of herself. But Erin wasn’t expecting to fall for her employer.

Burke Logan knows what he wants and goes for it. Hiring Erin, marrying Erin and taking her all seemed right. But Burke doesn’t trust Erin as he should. He doesn’t know if she is there for his money or not. Burke will find out what Erin wants when he opens his own heart.

Irish Rose is the second book from Nora Roberts series Irish Hearts. As sequels go this one was a sweet yet frustrating book to read. Roberts continues with Dee and Travis but she focuses on Dee’s cousin Erin. Erin is another fiery Irish and Burke is a gambler. Both are hot heads and impatient so the scenes were intense with arguing which kept you wanting to turn the pages.

The villain is clear and the reader will be interested in to see what will happen as the heroes are faced in a crisis.

Irish Rose is a fantastic sequel and second book to the series.

Head Over Heels

Since starting to read the series Lucky Harbor created by Jill Shalvis I fell in love with the characters of the sisters and the guys. They all were compatible but it took a while. The third novel is Head Over Heels.

Chloe is a free spirit but lately she is trying to tone it down for her sisters who are begging her to grow up. Chloe wants to but she is just too impulsive. It doesn’t help that a certain Sheriff will have her acting even more out of control to get his attention. Chloe knows her limit when it comes to her asthma but when it comes to Sawyer she gets out of hand.

Sheriff Sawyer knows trouble and Chloe is it for him. As an ex-wild child Sawyer knows about the impulsiveness but he is drawn to her. Sawyer will find himself involving himself more into her life and how he can help her even as the sparks are flying every where.

Sawyer and Chloe bring a whole new sexual desire to the pages and you will want to read until the very end to see how they turn out. I liked that Chloe was the impulsive one but has asthma which should hold her back. Of course it does but she is too stubborn to take it slow.

I also liked how Shalvis created Sawyer to be the reformed bad boy but he is not completely with Chloe.

The plot was simple and kept telling the story of Lucky Harbor and the people who are living there. At first I thought this was just going to be a trilogy but Shalvis is giving the series more life with new characters who will also be part of Lucky Harbor. I can’t wait read the next lucky couple.

A Summer to Remember

As I have now read the last book of the Bedwyn Family series I wanted to read more. Rummaging through the books from my parents house I found A Summer to Remember. At the time I did not know it was connected to the Bedwyn Family series which I was happy to discover. A Summer to Remember is the second book to the series.

Kit Butler is a confirmed bachelor but is now the heir and knows that he has to marry, but he doesn’t want to marry the woman he used to love. The woman who gave him up for his brother. Kit will find a woman to help him in Lauren.

Lauren Edgeworth has been left at the alter a year by the man she loved but was not in love with. It hurts that she knows that they are blissfully happy and she knows that will never be her until she makes a deal with Kit. They will pretend to be betrothed and she will get an adventure for the summer instead of her dull life. Then she will break the engagement and leave but it wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds.

By not reading the first book I don’t know all that went on with Lauren’s heartache but you will definitely feel for her throughout this book. Mary Balogh creates Lauren’s character well with the wounded victim who now only wants adventure before she is able to be on her own and continue to be the perfect lady she is. I like that the dull lady was able to find adventure and to let loose with the rake. I am interested in reading the first book as I think even though Lauren gets hurt, just to see how her relationship with her ex-fiancee was dissolved. You of course know by reading the second one that love will come to Lauren and make her whole which is the perfect ending for a lover of romance.

Kit Butler was a perfect character as the rogue. You wanted the charade to be real and for him to tell her the truth as his feelings went from pretend to real. The past which Balogh intertwines within the story developed who the character of Kit was and it made the story that much more enjoyable.

I also liked the Bedwyn family in the story and look forward to reading more about them in the following books. As I have read the eighth book I already know about the eldest but I am interested in knowing about the rest of them and where they will find happiness.

Don’t Get Kidnapped

Finishing up the third book I was able to find the last part of the series, The Barefoot Princess, the second book of Christina Dodd’s series. I was excited to see what would happen with Amy, the youngest sister.

Princess Amy is on her own after leaving her sister two years ago. Her mission was to help solve the injustice of the isle of Summerwind. With the help of an elderly spinster Amy kidnapped the Lord who was personable responsible for the people’s livelihood. Amy was all ready with her plan but she didn’t expect to find Jermyn to be handsome.

Jermyn Edmondson never thought he would be kidnapped but here he was shackled to a manacle. He is enraged but strangely he finds this Amy to be enticing. His goal is to flee but he finds himself wanting to help Amy and at the same time lure his Uncle into a trap.

This was a story in started a little slow as you were finding out what was going to happen and then Jermyn gets kidnapped. You are drawn to what Amy is doing and her reasons. You want the two immediately together as they are nothing but fire when put together.

Amy is spontaneous and stubborn as a younger sister has to be. It was funny how Amy actually kidnapped Jermyn to help those who needed her help. I like how she also compliments Jermyn’s own traits of suspension and being stubborn as well.

You easily hate the Uncle and I like how the misery of Jermyn’s trust plays throughout the book and of course will play at the ending especially.

Reading these books out of order you already know what was to happen with Amy and Jermyn but I found that I liked knowing how things were going to end. I also didn’t mind finding out the details of what happened.

The Lost Princesses series was a fun trilogy from Christina Dodd and one that concentrates on strong female leads.

A Bite To Remember

Continuing on with the Argeneau Family series the next one is A Bite To Remember the fifth book.

Vincent Argeneau is a four hundred year old immortal. He is tired of life, tired of acting but there is a problem. The people around him are starting to get into accidents. Vincent’s problem will be solved with the help of a PI, but knew problems will occur especially how attractive his PI is.

Jackie Morrisey is a PI for her fathers firm and now the owner. She takes her job seriously. She keeps her distance from immortals as she had an encounter with one years ago. But with one look at Vincent she found herself loosing the battle. She wants him more that she knew, but as the bodies keep building Jackie will have to watch out for herself before she becomes a target.

Since starting this series I have found that it is one that pulls you in and I of course have my favorite characters, Marguerite’s children especially. The series is witty and has its own humor along with adventure. Vincent’s story was very much like the rest of the others but nevertheless I liked how Lynsay Sands writes the story. Sands delivers a small twist with life mates that will have readers angry until they find out what happens next.

I liked the back stories that Sands gives each character but especially Jackie as you feel for her character and the trouble (an immortal) that she found herself in at eighteen. Through that trouble you want her to find some kind of justice and love which will make up for her struggle.

I liked once again how Marguerite played as a matchmaker. I still hope that Sands will give her a chance to find her own true life mate. I guess I will hold out as this is only the fifth book of the ever going series.

Getting Claimed Never Felt So Good

The third book of the Sons of Chance will leave you wanting your own cowboy. The eldest brother will be getting his second chance with a woman he made a mistake with.

Jack Chance lost his dad and it was his fault he wasn’t there with him. Jack decides to give up the one person who gave him happiness, his girlfriend Josie. Jack went on into his work and became a shell of what he used to be.

Josie lost the man she loved and she was hurt as he gave her the one explanation that hurt the most. Their relationship was all about sex nothing more. Josie moved on but she still loved Jack and when she had a chance to take riding lessons from him she was hesitant. Josie knew her body wanted him but her mind told her to keep him far away.

The third book, Claimed!, was worth reading as Jack had his chance as the main character in the book. The two characters together sizzled the pages.

Jack’s attitude made sense through the books and it was interesting to read what really went through his head as the other two books alluded to that.

Josie was as well a well rounded character and I liked her acceptance but only to a point when it came to Jack. Her trust did not come all the way until he gave back.

Vicki Lewis Thompson brings the Chance boys to an end but she will be moving on to now other characters who are in this Wyoming town. I liked the three books for the Chance boys so I am interested in how she will bring in new characters.

So far this series is filled with scorching scenes and irresistible characters. The next book is Cowboy’s Like Us.

Pride and Pleasure

Anything titled with the word pride in it I have to check out as my love for Pride and Prejudice. The word triggers that love of the book and I make myself look further into what this particular book has to offer. Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day did not disappoint as I have already read a few books by Day I know that I like her style of writing and stories she creates.

Eliza Martin is in need of a man to protect her. Her life is not be threatened but her freedom of choosing a man she could spend a life with. For Eliza becoming an heiress was not all that it was cracked up to be so now she will resort to hiring a man to protect but what Eliza got was completely the wrong man as she required. The man was everything she wanted but could not admit to.

Jasper Bond is a thief and is good at his job. Taking the job for Eliza seemed relatively easy except when he keeps thinking about how beautiful Eliza truly is. He wants to perform his job but passion is getting in the way until finally he will give into the passion which Eliza and himself create.

Day brings these two character who are the most unlikely to get together and she creates a plot which will have the reader cheering them on. There was a good couple twist in the plot which the reader only discovers towards the end which was a surprise.

Overall Day brings in creative and a lively cast of characters which will entice the reader to finish Pride and Pleasure.

Tall, Dark and Hungry

Bastien Argeneau has been the one vampire that everyone can turn to. He goes out of his way to help but now helping out Kate’s cousin will have feelings surface which he had buried long ago.

Terri Simpson has had tragedy in her life and hoped to be past it but letting her live again was hard. She found life again in New York with Bastien who took out the time to spend with her. Soon she felt alive again but when she found out Bastien wasn’t telling her something old fear started up again.

I liked that the premise of the plot for Tall Dark & Hungry was on two lonely people. Each had suffer in their own ways with loosing a person they loved. I liked that Terri was not the normal young naive girl but a mature woman who still had an innocence about her. Bastien was another who was naive in the sense that not all woman were the same.

With Lynsay Sands series The Argeneau Family there is always a happy ending but through the fourth book there was a little traveling they had to endure to find that happiness.