Cozy up with The Perfect Blend

The Perfect Blend is a very good description for how Trish Perry writes. There are highs and lows which blend perfectly through out the book. Trish Perry is a new author I am trying and her story line is simple with simple characters but there is charm to the story.

Steph Vandergrift has been dumped and not just in a small town but by her fiancee who left her at the alter. Now with no place to live, no job Steph is panicking and needs help. She finds it in the form of Milly and her Tea Shop. With some help from the town Steph tries to get her live back but is in a bind when Kendall James sets eyes on her. What is worse is when Rick her ex-fiancee comes back to town and wants her back. Steph makes up her mind on whether to forgive or give a new love a chance.

Throughout the story Steph asks for gods assistance which is very little but this is not a religious book. Steph’s character is a scatterbrain on how she is dealing with her life but her quirky attitude will leave the reader loving Steph.

Trish Perry creates a sweet modern day romance novel.

The Gift by Nora Roberts

Looking for two quick romances try out Nora Roberts The Gift. These are two short novels that are both one hundred pages each.

Home For Christmas

Jason Law is coming home for Christmas and to see the girl he once loved ten years ago. But all is not how Jason left. Faith has changed and Jason will only get to discover how much.

All I Want For Christmas

Twins Zeke and Zach have been good and all they want Santa to give them is the mom. A woman who would love them, smells good, bakes and will love their dad and dog. The twins find her, Nell who is the new music teacher for the small town.

As you read you will fly through these two short engaging stories of love and acceptance. You will smile as Jason finds a way back and laugh along with the twins of their scheme they have plotted.

Nora Roberts gives two sweet stories which will be good to read anytime of the year.

Taken by the Prince by Christina Dodd

Victoria knows who kidnapped her, she recognizes his voice but she is not terrified. She is furious. His kiss kept her up nights and now her she is again but on his terms. Victoria was kidnapped by Prince Saber who is inline for king in his country.

Saber Lawrence wants to help his country but is conflicted when he finds himself by Victoria once again. He knows he wants her and takes her not only to see if the passion is still there but to keep her hidden from his enemies.

Taken by the Prince is the latest book out of the governess brides series in 2011 by Christina Dodd.

The fiery characters left the book intriguing and fun to read. Victoria is strict and believes manners are very important to society. Saber has a fire in him as well and readers will love to read how that fire is sparked between these two heated characters.

Dodd brings wit and humor to the pages of the book as the characters consistently challenge each other.

My Fair Temptress by Christina Dodd

Miss Caroline Ritter was ruined according to society four years ago but she had to find a way to make due so she went to work and used what she knew best. To flirt. She would teach others to flirt and find a spouse. Her latest job is with Jude Durant who seemed helpless with his fashion sense. But behind closed doors Carolina sees a different man.

Jude Durant dresses in the most colorful clothes and is determined for those around him to think of him less. Jude has a mission which this display of character must be kept but Caroline threatens his cool and the real Jude starts to appear.

In My Fair Temptress Christina Dodd writes a delightful continuation of the governess brides series. The characters are rich with detail and back story that you are immediately intrigued with what will happen as they collide.

I love Jude’s character as he acts the idiot but is very smart and cunning when it comes to helping out his fellow spies. The outrageous attire was humorous to read about.

Caroline’s character was fun and soft but there was a deeper part that was slowly revealing and it was not just the harmless flirt she had been four years ago.

Readers will enjoy My Fair Temptress as Dodd brings you into the plot with the turn of the first page.

Lost in your Arms by Christina Dodd

As far as the governess bride series goes Lost in your Arms is a fast paced book which will have you keep reading as adventure, amnesia, love, and spies will fill the pages.

Enid MacLean has lived without her husband for nine years and she does not mind being without. She is a nurse and likes it that way but a message will bring her back to her husbands side.

Stephan MacLean has been injured and does not remember what happened but in truth he is not Stephan but his cousin Kiernan. Enid will be horrified that she has feelings for this laird which sent letters excluding her from the family.

I got frustrated with the character of Stephan/Kiernan because at times you want to slap him and give Enid some satisfaction but it changes as he remembers more. It was nice to read that he was not the dreadful man that was described.

The characters of Enid and Kiernan were a blast to read as their fiery arguments kept each on their toes and thinking about each other. I liked also Dodd’s humor at the end as Enid will have the upper hand but will use it to maintain the new life she wants to lead.

Lost in your Arms is a romantic adventure that will leave you smiling.

In My Wildest Dreams by Christina Dodd

Reading the first couple pages of In My Wildest Dreams I was immediately taken back to a movie I loved watching, Sabrina. The story is very much alike but set back in the 1800’s.

Celeste dreamed of one thing and one thing only it was to marry Ellery Throckmorton. A boy of the house where her father was the gardener. She loved him as a child but now she is a woman and back from Paris and Russia. She is everything a man like him would want. The spark was there but Ellery was getting bethroded.

Garrick Throckmorton is the oldest son and wants his brother to settle down but in comes trouble from the gardener’s daughter. She is stunning and needs to be kept away. His plan is to seduce her. Little by little the seduction turns serious and love is entered where it was the most unlikely.

The tale is truly compelling to read. Christina Dodd brings old and new characters to the story and you want to keep reading.

I love the older brother and the younger one you hoped he would grow up. Celeste’s fire is fun to read as she knows what she wants but then everything changes as feelings become real but for the wrong brother.

Readers will laugh and cheer for the older brother to get the girl in In My Wildest Dreams.

Rules of Attraction by Christina Dodd

Hannah Setterington has been a companion and governess for nine years. She has her secrets and wouldn’t tell anyone until she is in front of the man she left nine years ago, her husband.

Dougald Pippard waited nine years for this reunion. He hated that she left and would teach her a lesson. Make her fall in love then leave but there was still passion there and he will be blindsided.

The third story is with Hannah the last remaining governess who owns the Academy. I liked Hannah’s character as she is still very much able to take care of herself but she remains in the past because of the hurt he endured and was part of.

Dougald’s character was someone you disliked very much. He was stubborn, bad temper and had the biggest ego. Woman were not really to be noticed was his reasoning. But as Dodd unravels the book the character of Dougald soften expect he still makes you upset by his old fashioned ways. But nevertheless a happy ending will come as the two learn all about love.

Rules of Attraction will make you believe in second chances.