AustenlandJane Hayes has lived for Pride and Prejudice and it has become a thing of dreams from the moment Colin Firth came into the picture. Thanks to an unexpected addition in her Great-Aunt’s “Will” Jane will have the chance to live the life she always wanted.

Austenland by Shannon Hale is exactly what I imagined, a little quirky and filled with women who want to life the Jane Austen experience. This was the perfect book to read for the Jane Austen fan. It was only 195 pages so I went through it pretty fast but enjoyed every page.

There are little surprises throughout the book especially with who some of these people really are in their own lives. I liked that Jane grew up through the book and knew she had to take charge and live her life. The part at the end with Mrs. Wattlesbrook’s and Jane was priceless and perfect. There were times that it got confusing who was good for Jane and who wasn’t. It was a tug between Martin and Nobley. I couldn’t make up my mind, secretly I was going for Mr. Nobley. The truth will come out in the end and the right man will be paired with Jane. The ending was what you wanted in a happy ending filled with romance and hope of a new beginning.


KarmaOfficer Dare Barron has had a crush of Liza McKnight since he was a fifteen years old. He has been seeing her pop up every time she bails out her brother. He will find himself getting closer as he sets out to protect her.

Liza McKnight got used to the police waiting room as she got her brother out on a regular basis. She is very protective of her brother but wants him to get help. She will soon be pulled into more trouble than she can handle and will get her own kind of help with Dare.

Karma is the third book to the series Serendipity from Carly Phillips. I grabbed the book knowing it was the third book but as I was reading it I felt it was a standalone novel. The brothers connections were not lost in the book and you knew pretty much the history between the brothers whether it was in one sentence or one scene.

I could not get into the book in the very beginning but once I got through several more pages I got into the book. The interaction between the brothers was great and makes me want to read their stories. I liked Liza who was the caring one but was finally being taken care of, with the exception of her brother saving her that one time, by Dare. I liked Liza and Dare together. They weren’t instantly in love and it took some time and some trust.

The guilt behind the accidental death back when Dare was fifteen comes into play. Phillips tells the story of the accident well and puts in the guilt on both sides. The character Brian, the brother, is not such a bad guy that is once he comes clean and sobers up which is done with some help.

Karma will not be the last book I will be be reading from Carly Phillips.

Not Even If You Begged

No even if you beggedTraci Evans did not trust men thanks to her husband who died while cheating on her. Things will start to change when her neighbors adult son start to change her mind.

Ryan Gilmore wanted his mothers neighbor but she kept rejecting him. He will start getting her attention and sparks will fly but he will have to convince her that they are good together.

Not Even If You Begged was a book I picked up from Francis Ray. This is the fourth book to the series Invincible Women which of course I didn’t know at the time of reading the book. There are some characters like Justine and Brianna and I wonder if their story was before in the series but really this could have been read as a stand alone novel. This was a good book to read with some humor of the women from the club and there were certainly plenty of steamy scenes with the two couples that were part of the book.

What I liked about the book was that it was uplifting for these women to find love. For Traci it was to find love in the first place and for Maureen who finds it again. I liked that both these women were the focal point, Traci perhaps a little more. It could have been told with just one of the characters but with the two of them it gave a little more.

I liked Traci’s spitfire attitude but she leaves her heart out of relationships after being with Dante. It takes Ryan, a younger man, to get her to love again and to trust a man again. The story turns when a stalker is brought into the situation which is a little scary with how crazy she appears in the book. Maureen was a women who had loved but was finding it again with a man, Simon, who was ten years younger. The book was written realistically I thought with the problems these women felt who had loved and lost, and how they started to try again by living their lives.

Run To You

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Stella Leon has had a rocky path and it wasn’t getting any better with her boss being punched out by a stranger who wants to talk to her. Stella will find out from him that her half sister wants to meet. Beau Junger was doing a favor for his friend’s fiance to find her half […]

One Lucky Vampire

One Lucky VampireNicole Phillips is a successful artist but going through a divorce that is leaving her with too many problems. She will get some help with a new cook/housekeeper but she will be getting more than she realized.

Jake Colson is on a job thanks to a family member but it is not the normal security job. He has to play a role to help protect an artist who is being threatened by her ex-husband. He will keep an eye on her but his lust will take over even when the accidents gets too close.

One Lucky Vampire is the nineteenth book from the Argeneau Family series by Lynsay Sands. I have read all of the books of this series and it keeps me going with every book I have read. Lynsay Sands brings this series with a interesting twist with the nanos. This was another good book to read. She keeps growing the series with new family members and it looks as if she is giving more options going to the Notte side of the family. There is a side of me that still loves the very beginning books the best but no matter what these books are very entertaining.

I liked Nicole’s character in the book. She was an artist and stressed over all that she has been happening to her with the divorce. I liked that you found out more info on the soon to be ex husband which gives several answers to several situations that happened. Now there is of course our hero who is Jake. He was turned only seven years ago and doesn’t really like it. He does understand more now and stops hating what he is.

There will be plenty of sex between Nicole and Jake once they understand they are life mates and it doesn’t really stop. Their relationship goes fast pretty quickly but that is like most of the couples in the series. It gets a little humorous with Jake’s family intruding on them. I thought that getting to who is behind all the accidents took a while to have it all wrapped up together. There is a twist with this person that kept you guessing towards a different direction.

Rumor Has It

Rumor Has ItGriffin Reid was back in his hometown once again for his sisters wedding. He will soon find himself staring at his sisters best friend Katie. He knew she was off limit but he went for it. It was supposed to be a one night stand but soon he will find he can’t stop thinking about her.

Kate Evans is a second grade teacher in her hometown. She has the chance to leave home for a year but can’t seem to accept because of fear with leaving her family alone. Kate will soon find another thing stopping her when she sees her childhood crush Griffin is back and her feelings have never changed.

Rumor Has It is the fourth book to Jill Shalvis’s series Animal Magnetism. The nice thing about these books are you can read them easily on their own. A little background is given and you wouldn’t get lost if you just picked up the book. Out of all four books that I have read I have to say I really like this one. They were all good but there was something about Kate and Griffin that had me wanting to read more and more. Kate had a unique situation with taking care of her family which she used as an excuse for not leaving. I liked that she grew stronger in the book and took charge even though it was not easy. Griffin was a war hero and it felt he was in a rut the entire book that is when he wasn’t with Kate. They each fought the attraction but could not keep apart especially as they each took that first step forward.

There is a little surprise that happens at the end that causes a little turmoil but Shalvis makes sure that the situation does not cause permanent damage. There is a perfect happy ending that left me smiling for Kate and Griffin.

There is a girl named Olivia in the book that is mentioned. I wonder if she will be the next one in the series or if Jill Shalvis will end it with the fourth book? Only time will tell but I will keep looking out for book from Shalvis maybe trying out another series other than Lucky Harbor series.

Highlander Most Wanted

Highlander Most WantedGenevieve McInnis is no longer the woman she was when she left a year ago. She will find salvation as she will be freed by another clan but it will not be easy to get away. She will be kept there by Bowen who will give her a chance to have a normal life than the one she had been given the past year.

Bowen Montgomery came to the opposing clan expecting a fight but most men have fled along with their leader. He will help the ones that were left behind but will mostly concentrate on Genevieve who needs to have a champion after all that has happened.

Highlander Most Wanted is the second book to Montgomerys and Armstrongs. Maya Banks follows up right after the first book with Genevieve and Bowen’s characters meeting at McHugh’s land where Ian is dead and Patrick has fled. As a sequel this was a great follow up story. As before I was pulled into the story, perhaps not as fast but still quickly enough and I stayed entertained throughout the book.

Genevieve was one who had a brutal past year as she was taken against her will and was used by Ian over and over. No one dared stopped the treatment but the torment stops when Ian is killed. There is a surprise that shows she was part of Eveline abduction but things are explained and she is not the villain. Although from all that you learned there was little doubt she was a villain for even a second. Now with all the ill treatment you will smile when she discovers true happiness in the arms of Bowen. Bowen seems like a harden warrior but he falls hard for Genevieve the moment he sees her, scar and all. I liked that when he found out the news at what she had done there was not complete judgement. He looked at the situation and then asked the rest of the story from her.

The villain is Patrick who ran away in the beginning but he wouldn’t be forgotten. The other villains of the book are his clan members who shunned Genevieve as a person but all will be rectified at the end.

A complete happy ending did not happen right away but at the very end of the book Genevieve and Bowen would have that perfect ending they deserved.

Can’t wait to read the next book. It will be with Brodie and Taliesan unfortunately it wouldn’t be out until November which is a long time away but there are always more books to read.

Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a ScotEveline Armstrong has let those around her think she was unwell for the last three years to avoid a marriage to a horrible man. Now she is being sent to another bad man to be his wife. Eveline will soon learn that the man himself was not bad and he was one that she could love but it would be struggle as his clan was avid about mistreating her.

Graeme Montgomery did not want to marry the daughter of a sworn enemy clan but he would do his bidding. Graeme will meet his intended and will be shocked at her beauty. He will not have a problem with her especially as he finds out what is really wrong with her. Graeme will fight his clan to make sure his bride is protected but he wouldn’t be able to stop all the treachery.

Never Seduce a Scot is the first book from the Montgomery and Armstrong series from Maya Banks. I have seen this book on the shelves as I walked passed down the aisle of the romance section. I knew it was to be part of a series but the second book wasn’t out. Now with the second book out and available I snatched them both up.

The first book to the series Never Seduce a Scot was what I expected from Maya Banks. A good setting, interesting characters and steamy scenes. I really loved this book. It was easy to get into and you stayed interested from start to finish. This story reminded me of her other series Highlander. This one was made differently with Eveline being deaf. It added an interesting element to show how clever she was and led you to feel for the girl. Though you felt sorry for Eveline she was not one to be backed into a corner. When she wanted to she could defend herself. Her new clan did not make her life easy as she was challenged at every turn. Graeme was a man who did what needed to be done. He was strong and loyal to his clan. At first I didn’t know if he was going to be a really tough guy but instead he was well balanced between strength and generosity.

From all the hurt that the clan gives to Eveline a love blooms between Graeme and Eveline that will melt your heart. It is really sweet to read the progression of Graeme as he fought the feelings that started to develop for Eveline. Now Ian was despicable as a villain. What you learn about him you want him to have a miserable ending and justice will happen but not until the very end of the book.

Highlander Most Wanted is next.

Not Quite a Lady

Not Quite a LadyLady Charlotte Hayward had made a mistake ten years ago and for that she knows to remain unwed. She will have accomplished that task but now a neighbor is showing her things could be different. She will start to relent and find that her past is catching up with her.

Darius Carsington is a smart rake who knows when to stay away from an innocent but with Charlotte something inside him changes. He will be pulled into the families life and will be getting to know Charlotte better and better.

Not Quite a Lady is from Loretta Chase. This book is considered to be part of two series Fallen Women and Carsington. I have read two books from this author beforehand and loved them. After reading this one I wasn’t loving it. It was entertaining and kept me going but I wasn’t pulled into the story as I would have liked to be.

There was nothing really wrong with Charlotte with the exception she just gave up her child. Of course at sixteen in her time that would make her an outcast but with her families support it would have been something that could have been handled. Darius was a good guy even though he was a rake. I guess the thing is it was a little on the dull side every now and then.

Now although this was not my favorite from Loretta Chase I am looking forward to getting the third book from the Dressmakers series which will be released in June of this year.

So Tough to Tame

So Tough to TameCharlie Allington had been wronged and had come back home to scrap her life back together. She will find that her high school crush will be living next door and she wouldn’t be the shy girl anymore. Charlie just hopes that he wouldn’t think she is like the girl the news said she was like. Walker Pearce needed work now that his job was down the drain thanks to some moments of weakness. He will get a job but his thoughts will go straight to his friend who he is seeing in a completely new light.

So Tough to Tame is the third book in Jackson Hole series. Victoria Dahl is an author I like, she has good characters and it seems even more steamier scenes with this book which has scenes that will make you want to fan yourself as you read about them. I really liked the book with the secrets behind those closed doors with the main and side characters. There are some good small twists that come forward within the book as the secrets are revealed. At first I wasn’t sure I really liked Charlie or Walker. They had their faults that made them human but it was all about cheating that they had done not in the distant past. Charlie didn’t know but Walker was going in with his eyes wide open in his situation. You know they are not bad people but ones who just made bad choices. In the end justice is given for those who have done wrong and Charlie and Walker do have that happy ending that they deserve. I am on the look over for the novella where Eve will take center stage but until then I keep reading.