PersuasionAmelia Greystone loved Simon Grenville ten years ago but when she faces him at his wife’s funeral she knows her heart had not let him go all those years ago. Amelia will find a way to get into Simon’s life to help his children but she will find out much more on the man she used to know.

Simon Grenville, Earl of St. Just, is a double agent and thought he was safe for a little while. He will find himself struggling to keep himself and his children safe but he will find more than one obstacle when Amelia thrust herself into their lives.

Persuasion by Brenda Joyce was thrilling to read for me. I was instantly brought into the story with the scene from the prison and even though I am reading the second book from the series Spymaters’s Men I had no trouble following. I really enjoyed sitting down and reading the book.

Amelia was a character you loved as she was compassionate for anyone. She put her heart and soul into dealing with people and rarely thought about herself. She grows as a character with more backbone but kept the compassion. Simon was the complete opposite as he was dark and brooding as he cared for few as it would be a liability in his life. It was interesting to learn about Simon and his life and choices through this thoughts. Danger is at every turn in the book especially with Simon as a double agent.

The romance and passion were among the pages of book. What I thought was interesting was the actual act of sex was behind closed doors which I have not read in romance books for a while now. It was a change of pace which let you concentrate on the characters and the problems that were coming their way.

This series has me intrigued and I will definitely be looking into finding out more from the other two books from Spymasters Men.

An Invitation to Sin

An Invitation to SinCaroline Witfeld wants to be an artist and she is close to her dream. Caroline will only need to find a model of an aristocrat and then comes Zachary. She will get him to pose for the portrait but she will find that is not all she will be wanting from Zachary.

Zachary Griffin was with his aunt because of his older brother. Zachary’s new goal was to join the army but that soon changes when he meets the Witfeld girls, well Caroline Witfeld. Zachary will want seduction with Caroline and succeed but he has to convince her that he will not stop her from her own dream.

The second book to the Griffin Family series is An Invitation to Sin from Suzanne Enoch. This follows well from the first book of the series. It was enjoyable as the first and something you wanted to take your time reading. This time Zachary is the main character and he lives up to his name being carefree. He was one to jump around to different ideas but you wanted to love him as he was a good person. Caroline was fantastic with her dream of being an artist. She was sensible but had a hidden fire in her.

The family of Caroline really played into the story and gave the charm and laughter. There are seven girls in all and they are all silly and giggling girls looking for a husband. Caroline was really the only sensible one. The girls mobbed any suitor leaving the suitor terrified. They kept the story going.

Now Sebastian played the part of the big brother but he was cruel in how he handled the situation which left me annoyed. He kept Zachary and Caroline apart but he did redeem himself at the end leaving me liking him once again. I will say at the end of the book I did love how Zachary and Caroline were reconnected and how paint was involved with their reunion. It was sweet and funny with the passion that they had in the beginning and never lost.

Return of the Viscount

Cecilia Mallory needed to marry to be able to control her money and take care of her brother and the estate. Cecilia imagined her husband to be an elder man and is stricken when she meets a young vibrant man. She will rethink the marriage to her husband but with every touch will send shivers down her spine. She will be distracted as she fears her life is starting to be in danger when accidents keep happening to her.

Viscount Michael Blackthorne was intrigued by the letter to marry his commanders daughter. As he felt he owed his commander Michael agreed. He was speechless six months later to be facing his wife he married by proxy. She was a beautiful woman and not an aged spinster he thought she would be. Michael will want to make this marriage real in all ways as every moment he spends in her company, but soon his mind will be on the accidents that keep happening to Cecilia.

Return of the ViscountSo I once again judged a book by his cover but it wasn’t for the picture only the name of the author. I thought it would be fun to read this author who spells her name as mine. When I was younger everyone of my friends and teachers would always spell my name Gail never Gayle, and I would hardly ever see my name spelled that way. So a few years ago I kept finding my name spelled Gayle of authors for their first or last name. This was the first time I saw Gayle Callen’s book and took in on a whim to read.

Since I had not read the summary page of this book I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the book. I thought the characters seemed real like the relationship between brother and sister along with the only just meeting husband and wife. Oliver the brother was spoiled and guilt ridden which made his character interesting. You wanted him to grow up but as Callen uncovers the truth about Oliver you cheer for him. Then there is Michael who was very much the solider but who was also just a good man. He had hidden guilt which you can guess. Now Cecilia I really liked as she was a woman on a mission. She got things done and took care of everything. I was intrigued by the fact who would want to hurt this woman. Now the plot was simple as it was mainly about Cecilia doing what she can to help her brother. Callen brings in a sinister part when the accidents start happening. Personally I had no idea who would be plotting to harm or kill Cecilia so Callen did a good job at the surprise. I will definitely revisit Callen for another one of her books.

The Governess Affair

The Governess AffairSerena Barton wants compensation from the Duke of Clermont for what he had done to her. She would not back down especially when Hugo Marshall, the Wolf of Clermont was directed to get rid of her. Serena kept her guard up and determination but soon found that the wolf was not as bad as he seemed.

Hugo Marshall or known as Wolf of Clermont to the people as he does not back down from any job, but Hugo will meet his match. He will find that harming this woman is not in his nature though. Hugo will find other ways but finds that he can’t get rid of Serena as she has become more to him.

I had already tried out Courtney Milan with Proof of Seduction so I knew that The Governess Affair would easily have passion laced through the book. I was not expecting The Governess Affair to be a novella. Usually I avoid them as I am left wanting. I like my plot drawn out with detail and character development. I was surprised that I found it in Courtney Milan’s novella. The Governess Affair was a fantastic book and great prequel to this series. I definitely want to find out more after the epilogue with the two brothers meeting.

Serena and Hugo are interesting characters as they come alive in the book. There is banter back and forth almost like challenges every time they are together. They are each fighting their own battles to make their lives better. I love the strong way Serena sticks to her convictions no matter what the cost. Hugo was described well for being a man you would not want to mess with. Each of them had a vulnerability because of their past making them well rounded characters. You will end up cheering for them to find love and a way to have a better life.

The villain is clearly the Duke of Clermont who you would not mind seeing getting his head on a platter. Milan makes sure he gets what is coming to him for all that he has done. I can’t wait to read about Robert, who is Clermont’s son, and hope he is not like his father in The Duchess War.

Now as The Governess Affair was a novella it was a quick read and something I could not put down. I had liked the previous novel I read of hers but for me so far this book was better. I am excited to read more from Courtney Milan especially on the Brothers Sinister series.

Potent Pleasures

Potent PleasuresCharlotte Diacheston is in a bind when she follows her friend to a masquerade ball. Charlotte will meet a man and loose her virginity all in one night. Charlotte is confused and has vowed she wouldn’t marry now. Three years later Charlotte is making her way into the world but finds herself facing the man who she lost her virginity too only he doesn’t recognizes her.

Earl of Sheffield and Downes, Alex Foakes has been away for three years since meeting the woman of his dreams at the masquerade ball. He was never able to find her. Now he has found a new woman that has his mind turning lustful, and Alex will have this woman. He will not realize that his dream girl and this woman are one in the same.

The Pleasures Trilogy series starts out with Potent Pleasures by Eloisa James. This book was very quick to read with passion stirred into the pages and had a certain charm thanks to Charlotte’s character. I liked her own determination to go on with her life after her certain ruination, she did what she wanted. Alex was a character you wanted to like even as he was a stern man who really couldn’t trust people. He treated his daughter right which was enduring part of his character especially when he was usually glaring. When it came time to trusting Charlotte he continued to fail in that department. I got annoyed towards the end when the downfall was to happen. I thought that Eloisa James didn’t give Charlotte enough to time to really fight back but the scene that was created was written well and you felt for the characters.

Eloisa James gives us a truly happy ending especially with the scene in the epilogue which brought back the passion in the beginning of the book.


Duncan has been by his Sire’s side for decades but now it is time for him to branch off on his own. Duncan will go to Washington D.C. and make a power play by eliminating the Lord Vampire Victor. Duncan will accomplish this task but another will be thrust on to his shoulders when Emma comes to his doorsteps pleading for help.

Emma Duquet’s best friend is missing and she knows that its serious as Lacy would never leave without phoning where she was going. Emma went to the Vampire Lord Victor but instead found a new Lord, Duncan. She will find help in Duncan and his men as she is pulled into a world she only heard about from her friend.

DuncanD. B. Reynolds brings us the fifth book, Duncan, in the Vampires of America series. I have been waiting for Duncan to have a staring role since the first book. Duncan has always been the lieutenant for Raphael and usually very serious but you saw that there was a softer side to him. Now you get to read about him and see almost a different Duncan, which I loved. He was more playful and strong now that he was on his own. Emma was a spitfire when she got going and she was strong but still needed help. I liked their banter together as it goes to lustful to almost an old married couple bickering.

What was different with this book was Raphael and Cyn were only in the very beginning and very end. Their names were spoken so not to forget them (as if they could be forgotten)  but it was really Duncan’s story, which was nice as you certainly got to know him.

Now Reynolds keeps you involved with the question of who is the bad guy. You discover some and then are mislead to another person. Reynolds keeps you going in twist and turns to find out the bad guys and especially who the mystery woman is. For me I instantly thought of one woman who would be the bad guy, of course I was wrong. Reynolds will give a final twist on who the woman behind all this mess.

Vampires in America is one series that will have me reading again and again and hope that it is an ever growing series.

Sin and Sensibility

Lady Eleanor Griffin wants freedom away from her brothers who restrain her every move. They want her wed and pregnant. Nell wants to explore what life has to offer. She will in list the help of her brothers friends Valentine Corbett to help form her education of freedom. Nell though will soon find herself in way over her head as she starts to feel things for Valentine and she knows that if a word of scandal follows her name she will be married off to a suitor of her brothers choosing.

Valentine Corbett, Marquis of Deverill has been friends with the Griffins since his time at school. He has treated Sebastian like family but he was horrified at the notion to watch over Sebastian’s sister, Nell. Valentine will be blackmailed into the task but once he sees the new Nell in a different light Valentine wouldn’t think this as a task anymore. He will help Nell’s need for freedom and showing her how to sin.

Sin and SensibilityI loved Sin and Sensibility from Suzanne Enoch. I have read only several books from her and each time you are pulled into the story. Enoch designs the plot surrounding the Griffin family but mainly their little sister Eleanor. Enoch like many authors have used a siblings or large families to make a series. She does that with the series Griffin Family which ensures four books, each sibling their own story. This kind of series always brings me back to Julia Quinn’s Bridgertons which I loved.

So for me what made the book was of course the sensuality of the two characters but it was also Nell’s need for freedom. She is a loving sister to her brothers but wants space. I love how the brothers are over protective. Now because of this new freedom she gets into a tight spot with the villain which I hoped he would get what was coming to him, and he does. She is a character you wanted to win a type of freedom she thrived for. Valentine was the rogue you wanted. Enoch describes him well and he acts on his roguish ways. I liked that she puts a conscious on the rogue. He will save Nell more than one time in the book and you get to hear his side, his thoughts through the book which makes you love his character.

The brothers were fantastic. I can’t wait to read more about them and what trouble they will get into. There is the eldest, Sebastian, who is the one in charge and then there are Zach and Shay. I think all of the brothers are interesting but I am interested to read about Sebastian especially as there was a little surprise at the end involving him and matchmaking his sister, and that he has a daughter nicknamed Peep.

Lord of Darkness

Lord of DarknessLady Margaret Reading has come back to her husband she married of two years to get the one thing she desires, a baby. Losing her love and her unborn baby was devastating for Megs but now she is ready to have that happiness again, she just didn’t expect to find it with her husband.

Godric St John is a man who works well in the dark, he thrives on it. He is shaken with the arrival of his wife especially as his first encounter with her, she is  trying to kill him, as she sees him as the ghost and not her husband. Godric will go along with the intrusion and will find himself leaving the dark little by little.

First off I love this series. The Maiden Lane series is one of the best regency romance ones out there, at least for me. The series stays away from the glamour of the balls and society and stays in the dark shadows of the slums of London. Now I had wanted to start Lord of Darkness a couple nights ago but there was another book I had to finish as it was due, but once that was finished I quickly jumped into Elizabeth Hoyt’s world.

Now having read the series in a row the fourth book explained who the ghost was but there was a surprise as he was not the only one. Godric also plays the ghost in the series which was fantastic as it let the series continue with the mystery of the ghost. I liked that you learned more of an origin of the ghost at least from Godric’s perspective. He was a really well drawn out character and Hoyt describes him well and his past. He was mourning for the life he used to have and was living in the past. Megs was his salvation.

At the end of the fourth book I wasn’t sure if I would like Megs but in the first few pages I found I loved her character. She was sweet, energetic, determined and above all good for Godric. Hoyt weaves their story very well that you will cheer for them to have that happy ending.

The mystery of the lassie snatchers was well written as it integrated with Roger’s murder two years ago. You couldn’t place the murderer right away as Hoyt gives you several possibilities.

Now what I didn’t expect was there are more ghost than Winter and Godric. I should have guessed as the idea of the ghost had been around for years. This is a great way to keep the story alive and fresh with more possibilities.

The next story is coming out in October which is a while away but this series is certainly worth the wait. You are given a few pages to Duke of Midnight at the end of the fifth book. I was thrilled to find out that it was going to be with Artemis which wasn’t hard to guess as she was featured more in this book. From reading small parts with her in them I found myself wanting to know more especially with her twin brother, and of course the new ghost who will be interacting with her. My guess is of course the Duke Penelope is after as Hoyt showed him talking cruelly about Aretmis.

For those who haven’t read this series I recommend it and try to start in the beginning with Wicked Intentions where it all started.

Waking Up With The Duke

Waking Up With The DukeRansom Seymour, Duke of Ainsley is astonished at the request of his cousin. Ransom is to be used as a stud for his cousins wife to get her pregnant. Ransom has wanted Jayne since he saw her but she was already taken. He will give pleasure for Jayne knowing that will be all he will ever get.

Lady Jayne Seymore, Marchioness of Walfort is mortified at her husbands request. To sleep with the very man who was the cause of her husbands injuries. Jayne vowed she would not take pleasure from him but every moment in his arms tested her strength.

Waking Up With The Duke is the third book from Lorraine Heath’s series London’s Greatest Lovers and a first time author for me. I read tons of romance books and I have to say I really enjoyed this one. It was not just a fluff story but had backbone and heartbreaking situations laced through the book. I knew the outcome I wanted for Ransom and Jayne but found it impossible for them to be together as Jayne is married. At the end I wasn’t surprised what happened as it was the situation I guessed but before you get to the happy ending you find out much more with the characters. Heath does a fantastic job breaking down the characters to who they really are. Ransom was a good man under the scandalous ways he is portrayed. Jayne wants to be cherished and loved or even touch by her husband but will know the difference when Ransom touches her. I liked she had spirit and didn’t concede right away especially as she is supposed to dislike this man.

My least favorite character would have to be Jayne’s husband. I felt sorry for him but then I found out about what he was hiding and with that betrayal I couldn’t warm up to him. I didn’t like that he put Jayne through the situation just to wash away his own guilt. I wasn’t too choked up with what happened to him.

I will be interested to read more on these infamous brothers now reading the last book of the series.

The Heart of a Hero

The Heart of a HeroJulie Campbell has had a string of bad luck but she is doing her best to get her life together along with her siblings. Being the children of the town drunk was no picnic nor having a less than perfect reputation. Julie was innocent of the lies her ex-husband spilled but not many believed her. Julie had to work that much harder to prove herself. She would not let anything get in her way especially a meddling security guard for the resort.

Nicholas was living at the resort for a year finally coping with this new century. He will find himself playing the knight in shinning armor for an employee who certainly fell into that category. He will take it upon himself to save Julie from the things that have been holding her down and to give her more.

The Heart of a Hero, the fourth book to Janet Chapman series Spellbound Falls, just got to my library and quickly I snatched it up. The series Spellbound Falls is one of the more unique series I have read and so far it captivated my attention with the lighthearted stories mixed with magic, the fourth book was no exception. Nicholas has been a little mystery in the series and here we find out more on him. I like his kind and gentle ways as he was making it easier on Julie. The added part of his cats were cute to read and added some humor to the normally stoic Nicholas. Now Julie was a damaged woman walking around the town, but determined to do better. I liked how her character kept going and didn’t turn to violence with hitting those people who ruined her reputation. She kept cool and went on with her life. You will feel for her character hoping for her to find that happiness. Within the book you are also treated to reading about the previous characters in the series. I liked that they were not forgotten in the story.

I found the story charming and had some humor especially with the women who were all married or dating to these magical men. Peg was among the funnier ones with the attitude she consistently has in the story about children. I liked that they were all banded together in dealing with the strange things that were happening. It was cute at the end when they all seemed to be in the same predicament and held promise for future books. I wonder who will be next in the series.