Fangs But No Fangs by Kathy Love

Kathy Love brings her second novel to the pages and brings in Christian the middle brother who is having a problem with his identity.

If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I’d swear it couldn’t be true: my brother, Christian, living in a trailer park and working at a karaoke bar.  We’re talking about the snob who’d probably sniff plasma packets and send’em back in a huff if the blood type wasn’t the right vintage.  But after centuries of living in the undead fast lane, he’s made up his mind that is exactly where he needs to spend the rest of eternity, atoning for his many, many, sins.

But sometimes things just don’t work out like you think they will.  Sometimes your hell can turn into your heaven. And thanks to Christian’s chatty neighbor and boss, Jolee, things seem to be getting a whole lost nicer in Shady Fork Mobile Estates.  Not that either of them has the first idea how to have a normal relationship-we are talking about a woman who’s only dated dead-beats, and a guy who’s dated the dead.  Well, nobody’s perfect.

The vampire brothers are back!

The sequel to the series Young Brothers was fantastic.  I loved seeing how Christian was trying to be a better man or vampire.  Trying to make up for all that he has done but it will take Jolee to let him really see.

Love brings these two characters the chance to have something.  Very unlikely couple but perfect at the same time.

There chemistry is unbelievable.  The steamy love scenes are incredible and thrown into the whole mix there is some humor between the characters situations.

Kathy Love brings Fangs But No Fangs to the pages in this enticing and enjoyable book.

Fangs For The Memories by Kathy Love

I’m watching my brother swagger through our New York City apartment…smiling.  Rhys, the detached, surly man who turned brooding into an art form.  But he’s not brooding now.  No, he’s practically threatening to pistol whip me for shaking hands with the beautiful, half-dressed creature named Jane who just tried to sneak out of his bedroom.  Weird.  Brother Grim has a sex drive?

That’s not all that has me freaked out.  Something terrible happened last night, something that made Rhys break his own rule and save the life of a mortal.  Trouble is he doesn’t remember anything from the past two hundred years.  Like that he’s a vampire, not a Regency viscount with an English accent.

All I know is this mortal woman has manged to touch my brother’s frozen heart, and I, Sebastian Young, will do whatever it takes to help him keep her…

I loved this book.  Fang For The Memories was entertaining, interesting and with some light humor.  Kathy Love has created a fantastic first book to the series of the Young Brothers.

The characters are entertaining.  I like that you get to hear about each of them even though the book is focused on Rhys who is only thinking in the past.

Her plot is intriguing and the scenes are very steamy between Jane and Rhys.

Kathy Love brings a knew take on vampires living in the modern world.

Danger in a Red Dress by Christina Dodd

Dodd’s fourth and final book for the Fortune Hunters series.

Down on her luck and desperate for work, beautiful Hannah Grey finds herself in a mansion on the wild Maine coast, caring for a longely elderly woman.  On her deathbed she entrusts Hannah with a dangerous secret.  Now Hannah’s on the run, pursued by killers, and she desperately needs the one man who can keep her alive.

Gabriel Prescott has hunted for a home his entire life.  Now he’s on the verge of finding his long-lost family.  Only one person dares to stand in his way-Hannah Grey.  Yet the delicate, determined woman who threatens his search for truth may be the only woman who can save him.

This was an incredible ending for the series Fortune Hunters.  Dodd brings the book to a happy ending.

Gabriel finally comes into play with his own book.  He is there to find the last of his brothers only to be thrown from a woman from his dreams.  He knows that she is the enemy but he can’t help but want her.  But is his brother the right man, the better man.  Is he as good as his other half brothers.

Hannah is a fantastic character.  I like that she is strong and will help her patients even it means going through multiple obstacles.  She is a nurse and wants to help but ends up having a problem and has to run away from  the law.  And Gabriel.

The ending of the book is heartwarming as all the half brothers end up coming over.  But Hannah does not make it easy on Gabriel, which I love.  He lied to her from the start and she doesn’t forget that.  She is a strong character and won’t cower in fear.

Christina Dodd finishes the series and it was fun, enjoyable, enticing and exciting to read.

Thigh Heels by Christina Dodd

Nessa Dahl lives a sensible life-until, that is, Jeremiah MacNaught comes to town and enlists her help to investigate a string of bank robberies.  Only Mac realizes that beneath Nessa’s no-nonsense exterior exists an outlaw spirit, and between them burns a passion far hotter than a sultry summer night.  But when she discovers that the handsome investiagator is undercover, lying to her about his identity and convinced she’s involved with the crimes, he’ll learn what thigh high in trouble really means…

In Christina Dodd’s third book she brings the next half brother to the plate only to get tangled with Nessa a woman who is loved by everyone.

I thougth this book had a little more humor to it as Nessa’s great aunts were here in the book to make things a little more difficult for Nessa.  But she didn’t know until too late.

Dodd brings these characters into a steamy situation only to find trouble.

A fantastic third book to Dodd’s series the Fortune Hunters.

Tongue in Chic by Christina Dodd

Christina Dodd brings her second novel of the series Fortune Hunters.

How can one little lie land Meadow Szaras in such trouble?  Sure, Devlin Fitzwilliam catches her breaking into his mansion to steal a priceless painting.  And, yes, in sheer desperation she tells him she has amnesia.  But then he claims she’s his wife.  As Devlin’s own treacherous agenda comes to light, Meadow finds herself locked in a match of high-stakes deception.  She doesn’t dare take her eyes off him, and doesn’t want to; yet the danger is just beginning.  For a third player has entered the game, and is trying to kill them both…

The second book was fun to read.  I loved Devlin’s character and Meadow was amazing in her own way.  They were interesting people that started out this unbelievable relationship in a lie and of course all lies come to an end.

The first book though I think I liked a little better but nonetheless it was enjoyable.  The next half brother got his appearence, Devlin.   Little by little you find the half brothers from a man who left them all behind.

Christina Dodd ends her second novel of Fortune Hunters with a new future for Devlin and Meadow.

Trouble in High Heels by Christina Dodd

When Brandi Michaels discovers her fiance hopping a flight to Vegas to marry his girlfriend, she pawns her engagement ring, buys herself a fabulous outfit, and spends on sultry night in the arms of a gorgeous Italian stranger named Roberto Bartolini.  When Brandi becomes the mark for a killer, she has no choice but to turn to Roberto-a man who’s destined to be either her savior or her downfall.  But one thing’s for sure:  She’s not going down without a fight…

Christina Dodd is really a fantastic storyteller.  I fell in love witht the series Stepp Sisters and now I decided to try the Fortune Hunters.  I was not disappointed.  The first book of the series brings imaginative characters and an interesting plot.

Brandi is a fun character created with her timidness but ultimate strenght which she proves.  Then Roberto with his accent and savy ways.  But he is not all that they think he is and Brandi will be the one who will find out.

I thought it was interesting with the detail of how Roberto does not know his father and he wants nothing more to know who he is.  And as I look ahead to the next books this will be a factor for many of the men.

Christina Dodd starts the Fortune Hunters series with a bang.

Brazen Virture by Nora Roberts

Grace McCabe was shocked to find her sister Kathleen living in a grungy D.C. suburb, supplementing her income as a phone sex operator after a bitter divorce. But with the company Fantasy, Inc. guaranteeing its employees complete anonymity, how dangerous could it really be? Grace was soon to learn the answer when she returned home one night to a horrifying scene that might have come from one of her own novels. Ignoring the warnings of cool-headed detective Ed Jackson, Grace sets her own daring trap to rouse a killer out of hiding. But what can protect her from a brilliant madman whose lust for murder stops at nothing…and no one?

Roberts delivered this sequel perfectly.  I loved that Ed Jackson was now the main character but you still got to have Ben and Tess in the picture.

The story had suspense, some thrill and of course romance all together.  Roberts gave hints about the killer but you weren’t sure until they named the person who had an alibi and then you knew.

Another great book to read of Nora Roberts.