Falling For Rachel by Nora Roberts

Falling For Rachel is the third book of the Stanislaski Family series by Nora Roberts and I have to say it is getting hard to put down. I want to know how the romances are developing and what is next in store for the family.

Rachel works for the public defender and is great at her job but her family worries. Zack Muldoon is an ex sailor trying to look out for his step brother. Nick is being charged with burglary and Rachel and Zack are doing their best for him but things are going to get tricky when attractions are running wild.

The third book was an enjoyment to read. I started at night and immediately I opened the book in the morning to finish it off. There is something about Roberts that draws you in with this family.

I love the that Roberts moves the characters forward so the reader knows what is going on with other members of the family. Who is pregnant, how much Freddie had grown. Things like that.

Nick will have his own book on the fifth one and I am excited to see who he will give his heart too.

Luring a Lady by Nora Roberts

The second book of the Stanislaski Family series leaps a few years ahead to kno have Mikhail and Sydney Hayward find a romance.

Mikhail is an artist and a carpenter. He loves his family and the tenents at the building. Sydney Hayward is a cold woman on the outside. She is now the head of her grandfathers real estate business and she wants to make a difference. Sydney does that with the help of Mikhail but that is not all they will accomplish in this partnership.

I really liked the second book. Mikhail is very charming and he pulls the reader in. Sydney is cold and confused but you know there is more.

The Stanislaski family is still around and trying to make sure everyone is safe and loved. There is something simple and warm about them that you wish all families were like that.

The second book, Luring a Lady was a perfect sequel but the stories are not over.

Taming Natasha by Nora Roberts

Taming Natasha by Nora Roberts is a great first book to the series of The Stanislaski Family. Romance readers will love to read how Natasha and Spence will come to terms and find more than comfort in each others arms.

Natasha Stanislaski is the oldest daughter with three other siblings. She once was a ballet dancer but now she owns a toy store. Spence Kimball is a famous composer now turned teacher. Each have been burned by the ones they thought they loved. Now they will find love in each others arms but will Natasha be able to let go of her past to invite love again.

I wanted to keep reading. Nora Roberts I find goes very quickly. I keep turning the pages wanting to know what is going to happen. The first book of the series was not a disappointment.

I love Natasha’s character and how solumn she is but still very warm. Spence is practical but filled with love. The Stanislaski family is perfect. A real warm loving family that will do anything for each other.

I liked how Roberts created the family to be Russian and kept it going with the broken English.

Taming Natasha a fantastic first book to the series The Stanislaski Family. Romance readers will fall for Spence and Natasha’s love story.

Dawn in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz

The second book, Dawn in Eclipse Bay, of the the series Eclipse Bay is fun and entertaining to read by Jayne Ann Krentz. A good follow-up to the first book of the series.

As Rafe and Hannah find love together the feud is being let go but there will be another feud between Gabe Madison and Lillian Harte the older siblings of their families. Gabe wanted to make something of himself and he did but now that he was richer he wanted a wife. Lillian seemed like the perfect solution with her matchmaker business. But things were not meant to be with the matchmaking business. Gabe and Lillian found themselves at odds but that will not stop them from finding a new relationship with each other. But there are problems that are going to be happening when the two of them get back to Eclipse Bay.

I loved the first book with how the feuding Madison’s and Hartes came together but I loved it when Gabe and Lillian were brought together creating their own new relationship.

Gabe is a fun character that colaborates with Lillian. There relationship is steamy and filled with a lot of wit. The crazy characters are still around like AZ who brings humor to the book. Krentz does a good job creating the feud with the families and the dangers of blackmailers.

A good sequel to the series of Eclipse Bay.

Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz

A family feud that has been going on for years is about to be broken when the two grandchildren will have to colaborate with each other in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz.

Rafe Madison was a tough kid and now is still a tough man but with more ambition. Hannah Harte was a determined girl and still a determined woman but has learned more. The two will have to come together thanks to her Aunt Isabel and her will that leaves each half of Dreamscape. But there will be problems from eight years ago which will come back to haunt Rafe and Hannah and with some help they will be able to solve the murder.

This is the first book of the series Eclipse Bay. I think that this book held my interest through the unique characters who seemed very real and the ongoing feud. The feud of the two families kept my interest in the book. I wanted to find how and if the feud would end. Also how the feud even started with them.

As the reader you are not disappointed. The characters are witty and stubborn leading to an enjoyable time reading. Mitchell Madison was fun to read about as he is the grumpy grandfather who has a stubborn streak a mile long.

Krentz will have the reader devouring her work as Rafe and Hannah have to come together and solve the murder. Eclipse Bay is a great first book to the series.