Dash of Peril

Dash of PerilLieutenant Margaret “Margo” Peterson was working undercover to stop an abduction ring who were taking girls and abusing them while they recorded the encounter. Margo was sickened by this and wanted it to be stopped. She knows that she is getting closer when she is being threatened personally by these thugs.

Dashiel “Dash” Riske was helping out Margo with undercover work but things will get dicey when she is being threatened. Dash will do all that he can to protect her and help stop these men and he will find himself in direct contact with these thugs.

Dash of Peril is the fourth book to the series Love Undercover by Lori Foster. From the moment I picked it up I knew that I would like it because Lori Foster had written it. She is one of my go to authors and one I can count on for a good book. She didn’t disappoint me with this book.

So these characters are pretty much complete opposites in pretty much everything but with that sexual tension that Foster writes so well they are wanting each other whenever they are near. Margo is a woman who is used to be in charge and has to be tough as nails. I liked that she stayed defiant especially to her family who didn’t treat her right. They were too harsh on her and showed no real love. Now Dash had that growing up and was given what he wanted. But Dash is now in a tough situation by wanting to protect Margo and stepping back for her to take charge as it is her job and her preference. He lets her be who she was and was not intimidated by her strength of character.

So the villains are known certainly in the book and Foster gives us a good plot that makes us wonder what they will be doing next to get to Margo. Now there will be another villain who is in the background. I didn’t see this person coming and I liked that as he made Margo’s life a little more difficult they were brought to justice along with the other villains.

It seems that the series is over and I thought Foster wrapped it up nicely. Now to me Cannon seemed like a character who had more to tell with his own story especially when she brings in the SBC fighters whom he will be joining with. I liked the reference to the SBC Fighters series. Once I finished up this novel I looked on her website and found this series is over but Cannon will be staring in his own series called No Limits which is also the title of the book. Well needless to say I will be reading that book.

Wildest Dreams

Wildest DreamsStephanie Grant was not used to selling herself or at least give the appearance of selling herself but she needed to. She needed to find her sister who had stopped calling after she let out her secret of becoming an escort. She will enlist the help of an ex-cop bartender to help find Tina.

Jake Broussard was an ex-cop who became a bartender when he lost his wife. Racked with guilt Jake keeps to himself but when he spots Stephanie in the club he is determined to help.

Wildest Dreams is a novel by Toni Blake. I have only tried the series Destiny by Toni Blake and have really liked it so I figured I would try another book of hers. I liked the book. It was a quick read and filled with some mystery and an atmosphere is very sexual especially as the night is filled with escorts.

Stephanie is a fish out of water in this world of escorts. She finds help with Jake who is attracted to her but can’t move on. I liked these two characters together but knew that until they found a way to move on they would never be able to find happiness together. Now between these two characters there is a lot of sexual tension that floats between them but when they find a way together they will sizzle. Though that sizzle might not last very long.

So as I said I liked the book as it gave a little mystery with where Tina was and who she was with. The person she is with is definitely a shady person but you don’t know how much until much later. There will be a twist that Blake writes which will wrap up everything for Jake to get closure towards the end giving him a chance at that happy ending with Stephanie.

The Perfect Couple

The Perfect CoupleZoe Duncan was living a normal life as she could when the unthinkable happens. She will come home to find that her daughter has gone missing. Zoe is frantic with worry thanks to her past and fears for her little girl. She will find help in a private investigator, Jonathan, but leads will be scarce and Zoe will be worried that she wouldn’t find her daughter.

Jonathan Stivers is a private investigator on a job trying to find a missing girl. He will do all that he can for Zoe to find her daughter with searching every possible clue that he can think of. He will come up with very little until he starts to think closer to Zoe’s home and wonder about the perfect neighbors.

The Perfect Couple is the fourth book to Last Stand series by Brenda Novak. First thought after reading this book was wow, that was messed up. I really loved the twisted characters and plot that occurred as Novak wrote the book well but still it was messed up.

Zoe was a fighter through and through especially with all that she had to go endure in their lifetime. She is given another problem with her daughter being taken. Okay now throughout this book since you knew who the bad guys were you wanted to shout at Zoe to see them. They were right in front of her and she had no idea. That was the most frustrating part of the novel but it did bring in that element in the book that made it that more intriguing. With Jonathan who you heard about from the previous books gets his own book. I was interested to know more about him as his name was mentioned. I liked Jonathan’s character in the book. He was an investigator and good at his job but he was flawed with his own demons to battle. They do make a good team with chemistry and helping each other in this mission to find her daughter. Well maybe in the initial search it wasn’t going very well but when things started to fall into place they were there for each other.

The villains were very clear in the book. This doesn’t always happen when you know right away who the bad guys were as it is a mystery. I was worried that the book might not be intriguing as I already knew who the villains were, but by knowing these people you were given the insight to their twisted world. It was a plot that kept you going, you think when a child is kidnapped they take them far away. You would not expect that the villains would be the neighbors next door. So since you knew the villains were the neighbors that opened up the plot and let you find out more on these neighbors which was disturbing. Colin was a sadist and so was Tiffany but she was submissive to Colin. They were twisted keeping these kids and treating them like pets. There was a point when Zoe was in danger by Colin and because of what happened to Zoe in her past I was really hoping that she would be alright, she was but it was a close call.

Well with The Perfect Couple now finished I am done with the Last Stand series and I have to say it was a series to read. There was no easy plot as they were all victims but these were strong woman who fought to survive and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Watch Me

Watch MeSheridan Kohl was coming back home due to new evidence that was found about the shooting she survived while Jason Wyatt did not. Sheridan is guilt ridden over that night as she only went out with Jason to make Cain jealous. Coming back home she will be given a surprise with an attack that will leave her almost dead but she will survive thanks to Cain. Together they will try to find her attacker and ultimately who attacked her twelve years ago.

Cain Granger was the troubled kid, the unwanted kid once his mother had died. Then he got the chance with a popular girl and knew he the day after he made a mistake by not calling her. He knew they had something but he pushed it aside. Now twelve years later Cain will be playing protector for her as they try to find out what happened exactly twelve years ago.

Watch Me is the third book from the series Last Stand by Brenda Novak. Like the other two books this story was very captivating. It intrigued me with all the deceit and the hatred the characters shared for each other and who this murderer was. Needless to say I was on my couch reading each page with anticipation.

Sheridan is ridden with guilt and a broken heart from twelve years ago. It was not easy for Sheridan coming back but she was determined. I liked her bravery with coming back to the place where she almost died. That shows how strong her character was and I liked that about her. It was pretty horrific with what happened to Sheridan when she comes back home, almost beaten too death. She will stay to find the murderer. She still plays the good daughter but I am happy to read that she was becoming more than just her parents daughter and wanting something or someone for herself like Cain. Now Cain is considered the outsider of the family and really only works with his dogs, away from people. He was more comfortable with animals than with people. I liked Cain as he was flawed thinking he was worthless and he had some bumps in the road. When it comes to Sheridan he still that scared kid thinking they couldn’t make it work. They get it together but it will be far from perfect as there needs to be trust that is to built. There is also his ex wife of 3 months, divorced 10 years ago, was still obsessed with him and it was not healthy. I didn’t like Amy and she caused a lot of problems and was the instigator for Cain’s problems. She will be having her own problems later on in the book.

So bad guys are overwhelming in this book. Maybe they are not true villain but they are mean spirited people with lost of hatred or followed the hate that was attached to Cain. With all of that hatred it was hard to guess who would be the person who attacked Sheridan, both times. I had a guess of the attacker but then I decided to change my mind. I guessed again but after that time I stopped trying because even though Novak was giving clues it wasn’t conclusive as it had you guessing from one to another. When the villain is revealed I am not shocked as that person was my first guess but what is shocking is the amount of hatred they had for both Cain and Sheridan.

I am reading The Perfect Couple which is the fourth book to the series.

Stop Me

Stop MeRomain Fornier has lost everything he held dear in life and became a shell of a man. He will not be interested in looking back on his daughters murderer but he will find himself being pulled into the case by Jasmine Stratford. She claim the wrong man was killed and that his daughters murderer and her sisters kidnapper are the same person.

Jasmine Stratford has been searching for her sister for sixteen years and she will never stop until she finds a body to bring home. She will be lead to New Orleans and find that the case might not be dead and that her sisters abductor was now taunting her after all this time.

Stop Me is the second book to the series Last Stand by Brenda Novak. So from this series I have read the first, the fifth and sixth book. I will say I am captivated by this series because it is not simple. There is a lot of violence that goes through this book and a great deal of mystery and suspense where you will be wondering what will happen next.

I very much enjoyed the book with Jasmine’s character as she was a psychic you could say. Her gift will be used in this process of trying to find the man who is taunting her. I liked her feelings or her dreams she had as they were vivid but didn’t happen every time and she was even wrong some of the time. This gift was not an exact science. Romain was a man living in his own hell. He is brought back thanks to Jasmine who gives him a purpose to live again and to find the true murderer of his only daughter. Now there is that steamy connection that happens between Jasmine and Romain and it will get intense but because of their situation it is not very easy. I will say it was interesting when Jasmine was able to tap into Romain’s dream and that got very steamy.

The mystery of Kimberly and was she alive or not was the major question through the whole book. You really don’t know much but as the story goes along more clues on what happened to Kimberly were revealed little by little. I thought Novak does a good job with Kimberly and you will will find out for once and for all what happened at the end of the book.

The villains are pretty clear in the book as Novak lets us in on their parts in the book. They are some pretty horrible people and sick minded with what they were doing. You wanted justice for all those victims who could not find justice for themselves. Now what is unclear is this mystery person who is kind of like the guiding force of this group. There are several possibilities and I was shocked to find out the identity of this person because I was not expecting that person.

I am reading the third book, Watch Me, next which is with Sheridan.

Tempted at Midnight

Tempted at MidnightLady Emily Stapleford wanted romance and love just like her friends had found in their marriage. No suitors were coming to her side except for the American Logan Jennsen who put her father in debt. She wants nothing to do with him but soon will find her thoughts changing about the man she knew very little about especially as he helps her.

Logan Jennsen was curious about Emily Stapleford. At first he thought she was a spoiled little girl but that will change when he finds more about her. Logan will want to be close to her and will but will soon find that her life might be in danger thanks to him.

Tempted at Midnight is the fourth and final book in the series Mayhem in Mayfair by Jacquie D’Alessandro. As the last book in the series I was very entertained like all the rest of the books. D’Alessandro writes characters that I like and want to read about.

Logan was a mystery and one you wanted to solve especially with what happened back in America and how he changed his fate. I liked how D’Alessandro created Logan’s past and how it came back to haunt him, thus causing a problem which the hero and heroine must solve. Now Emily was a Lady through and through yet a poor one at the moment. I liked that she was a good person and not the spoiled person that Logan thought her to be. She was kind especially to her younger brother. Then passion will soon ignite with each kiss between Logan and Emily. The two of them can’t help but to be attracted to each other but fight it every step of the way.

The villain is the man in Logan’s past. You find out little by little each time Logan talks about his past. It was interesting to learn more and more about Logan as the book went on. D’Alessandro wrote a mystery around Logan and I wanted to know all that had happened to him back in America. She won’t disappoint you and the past will be revealed along with the villain who wants to see Logan dead.

Alright so the ending was a little corny as it was all wrapped up with a very happy ending for all four women, but I loved it regardless.

Confessions at Midnight

Confessions at MidnightCarolyn Turner, Viscountess Wingate, was never going to love or marry again, but thanks to a book she was ready for passion. The man who would show her that passion was none other than Lord Surbrooke.

Daniel Sutton, Lord Surbrooke, had wanted Carolyn for too long and will see his chance to get her in his bed. Daniel will have to work hard to seduce the woman as she does not fall at his feet like so many others. As Daniel sets out to seduce he will also play white knight as someone is after Carolyn.

Confessions at Midnight is the second book to Mayhem in Mayfair series by Jacquie D’Alessandro. I was excited to read Carolyn’s story after reading the first book. I wanted to know more about her and hope that she opened up and found some love. I really liked this book. D’Alessandro writes her character to be entertaining and I really like this group of friends. They are all a little different whether it is social class or in appearance but they are the best of friends.

Carolyn was getting back into the world but she was scared and didn’t want to dishonor her beloved late husband. I liked that she found that great love but I loved it when she became stronger and started to live again. Daniel is a womanizer but he is a considerate one. He does not harm anyone and is considered a very good seducer yet when it comes to Carolyn, which is kind of funny. He does make it his job to get Carolyn and he wouldn’t have to wait too long.

The passion that was between Carolyn and Daniel was explosive and it kept going which will lead to love. It was clear that Daniel loved her, he just didn’t want to admit it. Carolyn took a little more time to get it in her head.

The accidents that happened were looking to be aimed at Carolyn. The murders that happened were making Daniel look very suspicious. The villain is trying hard to ruin some lives but with Daniel and Carolyn they are hard to bring down.

I am rereading the third book, Seduced at Midnight, but then I will be going to the fourth and final book, Tempted at Midnight.

Sleepless at Midnight

Sleepless at Midnight (Mayhem in Mayfair, #1)Miss Sarah Moorehouse is her sisters companion and has come with her to a house party. She is not looking for a man, only to be with her sister and friends, and in the quiet hours of the night her friends will discuss scandalous books. Sarah’s active imagination will lead her to wonder about their host Matthew Devenport and what he was doing late at night.

Matthew Devenport, Marquess Langston, had a limited time to do his fathers bidding and his time was almost up. If he couldn’t find what he needed he would have to marry a wealthy heiress whom he didn’t love. It becomes difficult when his thoughts will be only surrounding Sarah.

Sleepless at Midnight is the first book to the series Mayhem in Mayfair by Jacquie D’Alessandro. I absolutely loved reading this book. It was fun with with characters that you wanted to read about. I wanted to know about Matthew and Sarah as they were characters that captivated my attention.

Sarah was a spinster and knew it. She didn’t dream of finding a man wanting her but low and behold she will find a man who will want her. The problem is the man needs an heiress. The good thing is there is an attraction that is on both sides. Sarah is an artist and has an active imagination but she is right that Matthew is up to something. I liked that D’Alessandro gave us only little hints to what Matthew was up too. That kept your attention on the book. Matthew was a good man in a bad situation. I loved how he wanted Sarah but he fought it knowing he could never have her. Well that good intention will go out the window when Matthew kisses her.

The villain you knew would be a member of the house party. It was just a matter of figuring out which one was the person. I liked the conclusion D’Alessandro gave to the villain which results in a very happy ending for this unlikely couple. I was really happy with how D’Alessandro ended the book with Sarah and Matthew, it was the perfect happy ending that had me smiling as I closed the book.

I will be reading Carolyn, Sarah’s sister, next.

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha MaleBeth Ann Williamson was done with her ex-fiance but no one in the town believed her. She was getting tried of it and when she finds herself stranded she will be bold and ask for a one night stand with Colt Waggoner. No one would believe that she would associate herself with him and she is even more surprised with the passion that flares between them.

Colt Waggoner was ex-military and hated that he had to quit due to injury. He will be even more pissed when he has to rescue the towns princess, Beth Ann. Colt will be shocked that she did not act scared and even more when she asks for a one night stand. Colt will go for it only to be shocked that he wants more.

The Care and Feeding of an Alpha Male is the second book to the series Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare. With the first book read I knew I had found an author I wanted to read more. So I got the second book just to keep going with the series and I really liked it. The second was just as good as the first book.

Beth Ann is not your typical spoiled rich girl. She is determined to make it on her own. I liked the strength she had for herself. She needed to prove that she could do it. Colt was a man who was rough around the edges but was someone you could count on. He makes a mistake and lies to Beth Ann, it was innocent but I knew it would blow up to be a bigger deal as Beth Ann is all about trust.

Once again there is tons and tons of sex in the book. It is fun and steamy between these two characters who were enemies turned lovers. I liked them together as it was sweet and felt real. Now there are obstacles which are namely in the form of one man, Allan. He was a bastard really especially as you find out what he was doing. But he will not stop that ultimate happy ending for Beth Ann and Colt which was a perfect ending for them.

The next story is with Grant who is the third friend of the group and it will more than likely be with Brenna as there is a tension between these two characters. I am going to try and get the book as quickly as I can since I can’t wait to read Grant’s story.

The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting

The Girl's Guide to Man HuntingMiranda Hill will soon be plotting against the man who had broken her trust now that he is back in town. She will seduce him and when he is in a compromising position she will take photos and post them online. She wants him to feel just like she did especially as this small town made her feel horrible with their assumptions and rumors.

Dane Croft was done with woman as he had been burned. The reputation he had was deserved but he was not a home wrecker. Dane will start up a business with his best friends back in his home town. He will be surprised to see Miranda at the class and even more as the passion they felt did not disappear.

The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting is the first book to the series Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare. I liked this novel. It was a very fast read for me and Jessica Clare entertained me with her plot as this was all about revenge for Miranda and she had her sights set on Dane thanks to what happened with them nine years ago and a camera.

Miranda was an interesting character. She had gone through nine years of hell with the stares and whispers from her hometown, yet she stayed. She is moving on with her life now and gets a chance to get back at the man who ruined her. I was cheering for her but for most of the time it didn’t seem right. I didn’t feel that Dane was the bad guy that Miranda thought him to be. The question is now, who took the pictures? It wasn’t hard to figure out and I liked the certain justice that was made in the end. I liked Dane as Clare writes him to have grown up since high school. He learned his lessons and became a new man. He was still a man who enjoyed the good things in life but his life was  now more simple with wanting to work in survival.

So this book, holy cow! There is a lot of sex that is going on with Dane and Miranda. When they were with each other it was nothing but heated glances and lots of passion. Passion that would sizzle and sizzle until it burned.

Now with the ending I wasn’t sure how it would end. Obviously I knew it would have a happy ending but I wasn’t sure how the ending would happen. With how Clare concluded the book it was sweet and funny with how Dane had to fight for Miranda and it left me smiling.

I have the second book which I will be reading next. The second book will be with Beth Ann and Colt which in the first book you could practically hear the sizzle between them.