Get Swept Away with a “Knight of Desire”

Margaret Mallory created a hit with the first book, Knight of Desire, from her series All The King’s Men.

Catherine Rayburn gave her body to a husband she did not desire but in return she would leak secret information to the King. She endured this relationship for five years. Now her husband is dead and she thought she would be free but the King has other plans.

William FitzAlan keeps his word to his King and in return he gets a piece of land and his own home which comes with a bride to be. He could turn her away to the tower or marry. William does not want to treat the woman as such even if she did betray her husband. William will be shock to find the young woman in front of him. She was the one that tormented his dreams five years ago.

The two marry and have to endure how to get along. Passion will ignite along with deceit as other players become deceiving and misleading the newly married couple.

I liked how Mallory creates her characters to be stubborn and for Catherine to be fearful because of her previous marriage. There is hurt and no trust but soon it forms. Mallory gives the readers many highs and lows in the book which will make you want to read as you don’t know how William will screw up when he talks to his wife. Or how she will react as there is passion but no trust.

The villains are clear in the book but there is a hidden one that Mallory waits to the end to reveal.

Knight of Desire was filled with passion and desire along with witty characters which will have you turning the pages to find the conclusion.

Swept Away By A Kiss by Katharine Ashe

Viscount Steven Ashford goes by many identities and only few know his true one. He uses each for a purpose and that one is to find a criminal and punish him. What he did not think would happen is the beautiful Valerie Monroe walking onto his ship in the heart of danger. He is dressed as a clergy and must keep the charde up or all is lost.

Valerie Monroe needs to get back home. She winds up on a ship which is held captive by a vile man. A man of the cloth saves her and tempts her at the same time but all is not what it appears to be. Valerie will be betrayed by the man as she find his true identity or one of many. Her heart is already in pieces as he tramples upon it but she will be able to pick up the pieces. She will find the solution as she becomes involved in the very plot Steven was hiding from her.

As far as a plot goes it was good. There was interesting turn of events but I was not floored by this book. Swept Away By A Kiss by Katherine Ashe is well written and the sensual parts were steamy. I think with Steven Ashfords ever changing attitude was a little confusing and frustrating that it turned me off as a reader at times which was truly for me the only problem.

The continuous plot of sabotage was interesting to read and you wondered how it would end and who would be caught in the cross fire.

Get caught up with “My Favorite Countess”

Reading all about Simon and Sophie in Sex and the Single Earl you are introduced to Bathsheba who is the villain of the book. You pretty much despise the woman throughout and don’t really feel sorry for her but Vanessa Kelly changes that in My Favorite Countess.

Bathsheba Randolph is in need of a man of wealth. Her cousin is letting her stay there at the manor but their finances are in grave danger of being poor. Bathsheba sets out to seduce a new husband even though she has no real desire to do so. A husband is something she could deal without or a love affair but then she gets terribly ill sitting with her sister and a doctor comes into play.

Dr. John Blackmore was fascinated by Bathsheba from the moment he set his eyes on her. The moment she was violently ill he stayed and nursed her back to health ending their interlude with a passionate kiss that left them breathless. With intimacies shared and some on their way John wanted to be with Bathsheba. He knew she felt the same thing but the Countess was hiding things from him. He would use seduction to find a way to break through.

Having the book to be on  Bathsheba was actually pretty fun to read about. The seduction and passionate scenes scorched the pages but what will get to you is the story. She does not play the character of helpless damsal, she hides everything and that makes her character more intriguing.

I liked that as the reader you got to see her side of the story and saw she is not such a bad person after all only had a rough past.

My Favorite Countess is a delight to read and is all about looking beyond the rumors.

Sex and The Single Earl by Vanessa Kelly

You would think that you have read enough of high strung earl’s but Vanessa Kelly does it right. Sex and The Single Earl will have you cheering for the Earl even as he is being obtuse and you will smile in triumph as the young lady fights for what is right.

Simon St. James is the fifth Earl of Trask and is now in need to marry. He knows who he has chosen since she was a young girl and he knows that she will be a liability but it would look good to society and their families.

Sophie Stanton is in love with Simon but he only sees her as a child. He is always there for her and scolds her like a child but things have now changed. She gets tangled into a mess and Simon is there to protect her but that is not all. He vows marriage to her. She loves him but knows he does not love her. She even suspects he is still with his mistress but Sophie gives in only to have the ground shake underneath her feet. All will change when blackmail and deception come into play.

A marriage of convenience is not something unheard of in the regency romance but Vanessa Kelly writes it smoothly as the convenient marriage will be anything but.

The passion was fiery and desirable but I honestly loved the plot where Sophie was getting into trouble and wanted to help out these children. Or when she rejects the one she loves in order to save him. Sophie is our heroine but is helped along with Simon who is hero but at times villian for his traits are not always truthful.

Readers will love to read the banter between these two characters and that of the families.

Don’t get stuck on the ice with “Icebreaker”

The newest addition to the New York Blades series is Icebreaker by Deirdre Martin.

Sinead O’Brien is a top lawyer and a partner in her firm. She has a few rules and one was never date a client but that all changes when she comes to toe with Adam Perry.

Adam Perry needs a lawyer as an assault charge is filed. He knows it was not assault but he needs a lawyer. He is quiet spoken and says little but a fire builds between them and soon more than lawyer/client relationship is built.

I liked this story, not as much as The Penalty Box but I liked it. There was a good story involved and the characters were well built.

I thought it was interesting with the ending as Martin creates it to be anything but old fashioned. Its kind of a sad situation if you look at it from one specter but it works.

Sinead’s family is wonderful and there are old and new characters which pop back up. I did like Adam’s attitude and its because of his past which created his attitude that kept him strong now.

Take a chance and pick up a book from the New York Blades series.

Take a time out in “The Penalty Box” with Deirdre Martin

Thumbs up for The Penalty Box. Deirdre Martin creates another book in the series New York Blades which will touch your heart as a nerd and ex-hockey player will find love.

Katie was always considered heavy and was teased always in school but school is out. As Katie begins to write her novel she comes back home for some research. She ends up going to her reunion and is surprised by the many people who are actually nice and admit they were mean to her expect her nemesis Liz. But that is not all that happened that night because Paul finally noticed her.

Paul, an ex hockey player taken away from the game before it was time. He hated it and settled for coaching but it was not in the league he wanted. Coming back to his home town was not what was expected especially when he finds a much prettier Katie.

The two start dating but it is rocky as he already slept with Liz again and he is the coach for the little league of Katie’s nephew and Liz’s son.

With stories that are about bullying for me they are so much more powerful. It should be discussed because it happens to many. I loved how Martin creates Katie to be stronger but inside she is still hurting.

This story was a roller coaster. There were great highs and the lowest of the lows. I didn’t know how the story would end up but I hoped with a happy ending.

All the characters from bad to good guys were very realistically written and entertaining to read. I loved the story on Tuck, the nephew because it seemed so real.

The Penalty Box will pull at your heart strings and make you believe in second chances.

Get schooled with “The School for Brides”

Cheryl Ann Smith is a new author with so far two books that are published. I got my hands on The School for Brides. The first book to the series Schools for Brides  is worth reading. It is engaging, entertaining and sensual. I loved the story for the simple plot and witty characters. She brings in a new vibe to the older regency romances.

Miss Eva Black has been on a mission to save any courtesan that needs help. She changes their habits and finds suitable husbands for them but only if they desire that. Her mother was a courtesan and although her mother and father loved each other they could never be a true family because of society. But trouble comes knocking on her door in the form of Nicholas, Duke of Stanfield.

Nicholas is outraged as his mistress, the one he was able to steal from another is gone. He searched and finally came upon a Miss Eva Black who has taken her away. He seeks revenge and the only way he finds she will crack is to make her what she saves, his own courtesan.

I was amazed by the book and could not put it down. The character of Eva, her two identities was thoughtful. She was not the willing at first but she did so to save her school and her mother but then a fire is built and desire is replaced.

Nicholas is cold in his attractions but soon thaws as he spends time with Eva. I like the turn around in the society’s rules in the end. Nicholas’s mother was a lovable character.

I am anticipating the next book where Noelle will be finding herself in a bit of trouble. Schools for Brides by Cheryl Ann Smith is worth checking out.

Taking a break with “Just A Taste”

Got a taste for passion open up one of the books to the New York Blades series from Deirdre Martin and find out how two chefs will heat it up in the kitchen.

Anthony Dante is head chef of Dante’s for years. Its his families business and he loves it. Over a year now he has become a widower as his wife was killed in the line of duty. Sparks will soon fly as a woman from Paris will try to make her way into his block.

Vivi Robitaille is from Paris but she can’t be there and have her dream, a dream of creating a Bistro where people will fall in love with the food and each other. With the help of her half sister Vivi will strive to make this Bistro work. What she doesn’t not factor in is how her heart will find it to another, Anthony. But as the two battle for their restaurants will there be any room for love?

As the first book I read from Martin I liked it. It was cute and the characters were real in being stubborn with their feelings and they had to be worked on to realize what they truly wanted.

The back story on both Vivi and Anthony led to further their character development which added to the appeal to the plot.

Just A Taste is the seventh book in the series New York Blades.

Getting “Wild” with Margo Maguire

There is nothing tamed about this story from Margo Maguire. Wild is a sensual story that is set in the nineteenth century which you will fly through as a journey for revenge is interrupted as desire is pushed forward.

Anthony Maddox was abandoned at age 11 in the river of Africa. He has lived there for the past twenty years in hated of the man who was his father who just left him but Anthony does not understand all that happened. He is found and taken to see his grandmother who wants to restore his right to his Earldom. Anthony has no interest in that expect when Grace appears.

Grace Hawthrone is the companion to Lady Sutton for a year now. Lady Sutton is requiring her to play tutor to her wild grandson. Abandoned by her fiacnee and left empty by her mothers death Grace is willing as Lady Sutton is very dear to her. But playing teacher is causing Grace to view this wild, untamed man as not just the grandson but someone she could fall in love with. Grace knows she can never as he only wants to go back to Africa.

As far as a story goes this went by very fast. The untamed Anthony left the pages filled with passion and drive to accomplish his revenge. I liked how Grace was strong in her conviction that she would have to marry for a home, she knew that it would not lead to love. Of course she then understands her own heart and realizes a loveless marriage is not for her.

The savage is tamed by love and readers will like the play by play between Anthony’s rekindling of his relationship with his old life and the new one he is creating with Grace.

Temptation of the Warrior by Margo Maguire

From the first page of the book I wasn’t sure I would like it to be honest. Temptation of the Warrior looked to be a story in progress in the very early days. I felt like I was coming in as it was already in process and felt that I could not follow. This book is the second and final book of the series Warriors. But then you start to read more and you are traveling to the future to the nineteenth century. My interest started to peak and began to read.

Merrick Mac Lochlainn is the chieftain of his clan and must travel 1000 years in to the future to England to find the stone which would save his people. He arrives at England in the nineteenth century only to see a woman in need. He saves her only to have his head knocked. He looses his memory only to see flashes.

Jenny Keating is in trouble with these men attacking but a man comes to the rescue only to get hurt in the end. A pack of gypsy’s come and help them and Jenny lets them think that this man is her husband. She would explain to the man when he woke but she finds that he has no memory and instantly the man is tempted to lay with his wife. Jenny will have no idea what this man is after but she will be the key as they are looking for the same thing.

After getting into the story you are blown away by the characters. I loved how the plot unraveled and you got to understand the characters that much better as the story went along.

Margo Maguire creates a steamy plot and characters with Merrick and Jenny pretending to be husband and wife.  I liked that the strong warrior was at a cross roads as he did not know who he was but he knew what he felt for Jenny.

Readers will be cheering for Merrick and Jenny to stay together and to find the stone to save Merrick’s people.