How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)

How to Seduce a Vampire without really tryingVampire Zoltan Czakvar has lived for eight hundred years and never found out the truth of the day his mother was killed. He wanted the answers which will lead him to a group of secretive woman who are no ordinary woman.

Neona has lived for over a thousand years. She has lived in her home where her job was to protect the Living Water and to continue their female line. Their secrets will be in danger when Zoltan enters into her life.

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) is the fifteenth book to the series Love at Stake by Kerrelyn Sparks. I found myself really enjoying the book. I thought it was fast paced and it held true to the style which Sparks has been writing.

The character of Zoltan was like many of the vampires within the series but I was drawn to his compassion especially when he was dealing with Neona. What I also liked about his character was his ability to talk to animals, which is part of the big secret. It all made sense once you knew the facts about these women. Now Neona was an amazon warrior but she was not as strong as her fellow warriors. She did not push aside her pain of losing her sister which made her weak. I thought her power was interesting. She was a healer but she felt all the pain as she healed the other person.

I liked the mystery which was taking place within the book. There were several mystery’s, one was what happened to Zoltan all those years ago and the other was what were the woman hiding. Those secrets pulled you into the story and those secrets wouldn’t stay hidden forever as Sparks will make a big reveal.

There was a lot of action which happened in the book and there was a lot of interaction with the other vampires and these warriors. I liked that Emma was in the book and she got a nice surprise towards the end which made me smile. Another surprise was what happened to Zoltan which personally I didn’t see coming.

I am reading the sixteenth book which will conclude the series.

Vampires Gone Wild

Vampires Gone WildVampires Gone Wild is a collection of several books. I picked this collection mainly for Kerrelyn Sparks as it was another story from the series Love at Stake.

So Kerrelyn Sparks story, V is for Vampwoman, was fast and entertaining. Since reading about Roman’s harem from the beginning I wondered if any of these ladies would become more, not just living in their past. I got more with this one. Pamela was the Victorian vampire. She seemed helpless in the past but wanted to do something about that. I liked that she was really trying to help in a crazy way by becoming Vampwoman. Her superhero identity brings humor to the book. Then there was Mikhail the other main character who has been part of the series for a while. I liked him and was happy that he got his happy ending. Now with all short stories I did feel that more could be written about these characters but Sparks gets to the point and tells us a humor and action filled story.

I only have two more books to read from Kerrelyn Sparks which will finish up the series as it is officially done.

Now back to this collection. Since I had the book I figured I would try out the other three authors and their short stories. There was A Forever Love by Pamela Palmer, First Dates are Hell by Amanda Arista, and Blood and Water by Kim Falconer. I thought all three were interesting and of course filled with many vampires that are deadly and in need of love. Though my favorite of the collection was from Kerrelyn Sparks.

A Very Vampy Christmas

A Very Vampy ChristmasMaggie O’Brien has loved Don Orlando but was crushed to find out he was a womanizer which made working with him difficult. Though Maggie will soon find out that Don Orlando was hiding a secret that will change things between them.

A Very Vampy Christmas is a novella that is after the second book of the series written by Kerrelyn Sparks. When I was starting the series I did not realize this novella was part of it, though I did realize that Maggie and Pierce (Don) were mentioned in the third and fourth book. I guess I just never thought to look for a novella which told their story. Well that being said I enjoyed this novella. I thought it was a good addition to the series.

What I liked about the story was that Don Orlando was more than he appeared which made me like his character a lot more. As a womanizer who was a little over the top he was not a favorite of my characters but then you find out he has amnesia. You will learn just what kind of man he was and you will like him better. Now I know that the amnesia idea is done a lot but I thought with how Kerrlyn Sparks wrote the amnesia plot and how it came to be was well done. It was different which made it entertaining.

So as I said this was a novella and it was a very fast read. I felt like I was flying through the pages. I wished that Sparks wrote this into a novel instead of novella so the plot could be embellished. Though with how she wrote it the novella covered all the plot points and made it fun to read.

I am continuing with more books from Kerrelyn Sparks which will finish up the series Love at Stake. I only have three books left to read.

The Perfect Witness

The Perfect WitnessTeresa Casali has always been different which made her an asset in her father’s business but with a new man taking over she was in trouble and her life would soon be forfeited. She will escape with the help of Andre Mandak. She will have to change her name to Allie Girard and be out of the spotlight but knows trouble is never far behind and after seven years she will be in trouble once again.

Andre Mandak helped Teresa escape from the men who would kill her or hurt her. Andre could not let that happen since he needed her gift. He will train Allie and make her stronger in control so she would be ready to battle when he needed her.

The Perfect Witness is a novel by Iris Johansen. I liked this story a lot. It was a gripping thriller that got me right from the start of the story. I was intrigued by the powers which Teresa/Allie had, as well as Mandak.

Allie is a strong character. She has to be because of her environment which she had been brought up in. Mandak is a man on a mission and would not stop until he gets revenge. They are both driven. I thought it was interesting how Allie got stronger in control, she wasn’t perfect with her control, while Mandak got softer when it came to Allie. He started to care which made him lose sight of his goal but not entirely as it was still his main focus.

I found it interesting that the two men who were considered villains did not want to use Allie but kill her. I would have thought they would want to use her powers but she was too much of a threat. Then there is the mother who I considered the worst villain as she doesn’t even care if her daughter were to live or die.

Now throughout the book it is all about action and control of their powers. There is a sexual tension that floats between Mandak and Allie but nothing ever happens between them. Johansen makes sure that the characters will get together. Sometimes when this happens it is not placed in the right spot within the book but I thought Johansen placed the scene well. It did not make the plot weak but gave strength to the characters.

When I got towards the middle of the book there was two characters mentioned Megan and Grady. I have read plenty of Iris Johansen books over the years and remembered these characters from the novel Pandora’s Daughter. I like how Johansen revisits some of the characters she had written previously.

Some Like It Wild

Some Like It WildPamela Darby needed to earn money fast for herself and her sister. To solve their problems they needed a man who perhaps was more brawn than brains. They needed the man to play the part of the long lost heir to a powerful duke. She will find the perfect man, Connor Kincaid.

Connor Kincaid was a notorious highwayman and in all his years being one he never was propositioned to play a part of a long lost heir. He will agree to the scheme but will find that when Pamela’s task is up he wants to keep her close and will make sure she stays around.

Some Like It Wild is the second and final book to the series Kincaid Highland by Teresa Medeiros. I really loved the book. There was some humor, mystery, some action, and of course romance. I thought it was a good conclusion to this short series.

Pamela was the daughter of an actress and did not know her father. She has done everything she could to make sure her sister and her survive. Now Pamela was not a villain by any means but she was a woman who did what she needed to do which meant she would have to lie to get what she needed. Connor was a good man but he had given up on life it seemed. With the scheme it seemed that Connor was back with some fire and definitely passion when it came to Pamela.

The villain was obvious even before I knew the twist. There was just something devious about the character that had you guessing they were up to no good.

This book had a surprise which had me questioning if it was even possible. Medeiros explains the situation rather well throughout the end of the book and it makes sense. I liked the twist as it made it all the more possible for a happy ending.

Some Like It Wicked

Some Like It WickedCatriona Kincaid has thought of Simon Wescott as a hero as a young woman and when she needs help she will turn to him five years later. She needs someone to escort her to Scotland to find her brother, who is believed dead and for her to claim her land.

Sir Simon Wescott was not the hero that Catriona thought and he was determined to prove that point. The problem was that he was starting to feel things for his wife but he was still not brave enough to show it.

Some Like It Wicked is the first book to the series Kincaid Highland. This was an engaging story that was really fast paced and I can’t wait to read the next installation which happens to be the last book of the series.

I love Catriona’s character. She is a brave woman who was a little naive but was not a weak woman. She believed in what was right and saw the good in other people. Catriona is just a very likeable character. Now Simon is not a villain in any sense. He is also a good man and is a hero in his own right especially when he will do what he can to help Catriona. It might have started with a bargain but Simon will find more and want more. I was happy when Simon got it together and the ending was very sweet between these characters.

Medeiros follows up with an epilogue that will show how life is for Catriona and Simon. They are extremely happily married with a growing family but then a letter comes and you will find out that Connor who was thought to be dead was really alive, at least for the time being. I will be reading the second/final book of the series next.

Strings Attached

Strings AttachedStrings Attached is a novel that was chosen for my book club which was co-written by Joanne Lipman and Melanie Kupchynsky. I really did like this book. It was inspirational and evoked many different emotions in me while I was reading this book. The emotions of sadness was definitely towards the end of the book but the happy or at least memorable were in the beginning and middle of the book.

So the story is about a Ukrainian music teacher Mr. K who calls up an old student, Joanne Lipman, who is a journalist. He tells her that his daughter, Stephanie, is missing. Joanne asks him to tell his story. You are then brought back to the beginning when Melanie, Mr. K’s daughter, and Joanne were five years old. You get a look into these two woman’s life and how Mr. K changed them to be gifted musicians.

This story reminded me about a teacher I had for two years in high school and she was the hardest teacher and did not back down. She gave me a low grading on a report and told me I was better than that grade. I wanted to prove her right and I worked hard. I improved and I believe if she wasn’t tough I would not have succeeded. Tough teaching is a touchy subject but I believe that those teachers are looking out to help the student. Teachers nowadays would not be shouting like Mr. K but they can definitely still strict.

The end of the book left me with tears in my eyes. It was a sad ending but written very well, though there were still questions I had like about Stephanie. Melanie’s sister was missing which you find out in the very beginning of the book. She does not survive and her body is found seven years later. Well I wanted to know what had happened. The book did not give me complete answers. I looked up who the killer was and found out it was the maintenance man in Stephanie’s building. I had found out this information in an article where Melanie Kupchynsky was talking about the book and I really respected why she did not put more information about her sisters disappearance/murder. Her reason was that she wanted to write about her sisters life not her death.

Strings Attached is an inspirational book that was worth reading, and I was happy to step out of my normal romance books.

Desire Becomes Her

Desire Becomes HerGillian Dashwood had enjoyed her first marriage in the beginning but her husband had changed and he became a different man, a man that she did not love especially as he offered her up to pay a wager. Gillian will find freedom when her husband will be murdered and she is suspected but never accused. She survives the rumors but two years later the rumors are there and someone knows what had happened about her husbands wager that night. She will find help from Lucien Joslyn who is a friend of her uncle’s. Together they will find out what happened that night and more.

Desire Becomes Her is the sixth to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. I absolutely loved this book. I liked the previous one but it didn’t grab me. I was grabbed right away into the plot with the sixth book and only wanted more which propelled me to continue with the book. I kept flipping the pages wanting to know who was the murderer.

I liked Gillian and how strong she had to make herself become especially with her first husband. She built a tough exterior especially with the rumors but Luc will break through them. His seductive ways will help him in that task. Within the last book you got to know him but now you get to read about his character and yes he is charming and seductive but you liked him because he wasn’t a bad man. I was cheering for Gillian and Luc to find a way to be with each other and of course they do. I also liked that they were a team especially when it came down to finding the murder but Luc still kept things from Gillian and she was the same way. That will not stop love from blooming and when trust happens their happy ending is not far behind.

There was more mystery within the novel which got my interest because there was something to solve. I will say that I did not guess the villain but it made sense once they were revealed.

As I am done with the series it is time to move on to another author.

Rapture Becomes Her

Rapture Becomes HerEmily Townsend took it upon herself to save her family from ruin and she started smuggling goods where she was the leader. She will find herself entering dangerous waters especially when her men bring back a man who appeared to have almost drowned.

Barnaby, the new Viscount Joslyn, had been almost killed by drowning. He will do whatever he can to find out who had tried to kill him. He will find help from the woman who had helped save him. Together they will find out the villains.

Rapture Becomes Her is the fifth book to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. Throughout reading this series I have liked these books and I will say that I liked the book but it wasn’t my favorite among the others. There was nothing wrong with the book. The writing was well done and I liked the characters of Emily and Barnaby. I thought the idea of the smuggling ring was interesting plot especially with how Emily played into the smuggling.

This story had several villains that drifted around the book that were some for Emily and some for Barnaby. Well needless to say our hero’s were able to get rid of their villains with the help of each other and others around them.

I will be reading the sixth book next which is the last book of the series.

Passion Becomes Her

Passion Becomes HerAsher Cordell has lived a life of crime to help support his family. He will be be ready to walk the straight and arrow but he will do one last theft which will have him finding Juliana in the same study searching Ormsby desk. He is intrigued with why Juliana was searching in the study and when asked to help he does not hesitate.

Juliana Greeley was desperate to find her sisters letters in Ormsby study. She will not get the chance as he had followed her into the room but Asher who had already been in there saved her by hiding her. She will enlist the help of Asher to find the letters which will lead them down a dangerous path.

Passion Becomes Her is the fourth book from the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. Another great book from the author.

I was right about the gentleman from the previous book who had abducted Isabel being the main character in this book. You know got to know his identity and more about this thief who was not a terrible man, he did what he had to do for his family. Juliana was very much the same way as she was doing what she could for her family who was being blackmailed, really her younger sister who was being blackmailed. She was brave to take upon the task but will find help from her old friend, Asher. Between these two characters there will be plenty of passion that is explosive with them and love will quickly blossom between as they band together to stop the blackmailer.

The villain is obliviously the blackmailer, who is Ormsby. He is a vile man who only wants what he wants and will do whatever he needs to get what he wants. There will be more to him but it is not to make him look good, in fact he will be viewed even worse if that was possible. I liked the twist that Busbee gives which will lead to another twist in the book that will bring forward a realization of a truth that had been hidden.

I will be reading the fifth book next.