Burning Up

Burning UpJack Donovan is a smoke jumper and was asked to come home. Immediately he dropped everything. He will be back to work on fires that were starting up for the summer but some will be connected to the woman he walked away from.

Lily Cortez left San Francisco and driven out by a stalker who wants her. She had no idea who the person was but thought going home would bring peace, not knowing that is where her stalker lived. Lily will find comfort in her childhood crush but knows that she has to stay away as she could not risk loving him and losing him.

Burning Up is the first book to Anne Marsh’s series Burn. From the looks of the cover you would immediately think sex and strong sexy men and pretty much that is what is going on in the book, and if its not sex there is the sexual tension between Jack and Lily. Now it was good but it didn’t pull me in right away, of course at the end I was all for the series. I think what didn’t pull me in right away was the almost too cocky attitude that Jack had and was a little too dominating with Lily. He was doing it that way because he is the tough Jack and doesn’t hold back but it took a little to get use to.

What I thought was done well by Marsh was the way she described the job in the book for these smoke jumpers. It was interesting to read about and it held that danger making you want to read more. There was also the angle of the stalker which again was well done. You don’t find out who he is until more than half of the book is written but it takes them to almost the very end to stop the stalker and the fires he is obsessed about.

At the time I  picked up Burning Up I got the second book which is great as I definitely want to read more on this series and find out about the rest of the brothers. Ethan will be next in Slow Burn.

Finding Perfect

Finding PerfectPia O’Brian was the mean girl in high school but she grew up a lot in those years and now faced with a giant decision that will change her life forever. She will find herself getting help from an unexpected man in Raoul Moreno who runs a camp for kids and knew little about her. She will take the help but soon will find herself in over her head especially as love blossoms.

Finding Perfect is the third book to Fool’s Gold series from Susan Mallery. Reading about Pia gave a new insight to the character and I found myself liking her more than before. The situation that she was put into because of her friend Crystal gave her more chaos but also a chance at true happiness. I did love the interaction between her and Raoul because it felt real like most of the characters Mallery writes. Once again there are tons of side characters that grab you and I find that I am waiting for their stories especially the triplets who will be next in the fourth, fifth and sixth book which I can wait to find in my library and read.

The story was heartwarming with some heartbreaking things that happened giving more to the story. Now even with all that happening I found myself not as pulled into the story as the last one. This of course will not stop me from reading more on the series especially because I did like the story just not as much as the previous one. I will have to go out and find more on the series especially as more men are now moving to Fool’s Gold.

Almost Perfect

Almost PerfectLiz Sutton is back in her hometown to help the nieces she never knew. She will be thrown when she sees the love of her life who had hurt her all those years ago. She will do her best to stay away but it will be hard to do as he will soon be wanting to meet his son.

Ethan Hendrix had made his hometown his home once again a couple years ago and life had been okay but it will get strange when the woman he loved in high school is back. He will find that she was hiding more than he could ever believe.

Almost Perfect is the second book from Susan Mallery series Fool’s Gold. I started this book and soon found that I could not put it down no matter what I did. So I sat and read. The second book in my opinion was better than the first because there was so much emotion into the story that had you connecting to the main character of Liz. Almost Perfect was an up and down heartbreaking and heartwarming story. Now even though this story has been told many times in books over the years it was very engaging, and that really just has to do with character development which Susan Mallery did really well.

Now the characters there were ones you love which was Liz without a doubt. I loved her ability to survive and fight but with a rational head on her shoulders. Her story kept you wanting her to have that happy ending that she deserved. The other characters were not always ones you liked. Pia was on the list for what she had done in high school and how she treated Liz. Of course Pia will be forgiven but not right away, but she is a different person. There were many single minded people who were cruel to Liz because they only saw the side where she took Ethan’s child away from him, they didn’t know the other side where Ethan was too ashamed to be in love with this woman. Ethan was one of the characters who you wanted to shake or pull his hair and shout at him to fess up and actually admit to the woman you love her. To stop hiding behind the image and take a chance. Now for all the romance readers Susan Mallery will give a happy ending but it was a very close call leaving it to the very last few pages of the story.

Finding Perfect is the next book I will be reading which will be featuring Pia. Seeing that she has changed I think I will like her story.

Chasing Perfect

Chasing PerfectCharity Jones is new in town and looking forward to helping out the town with her new job.  She will find herself in trouble when she comes face to face with the town’s celebrity Josh Golden and sparks will soon be flying.

Josh Golden is back in his home town still recouping and trying to move on from the demons that were in his past. Meeting Charity he knew that she would be off limits as she was the girl you married but he could not stay away especially as she helped him heal.

Chasing Perfect is the first book to Fool’s Gold series. I had started the series in the middle only reading two books. I was intrigued and wanted more which only meant that I had to start at the beginning. Since I loved the two books I had read I was thinking this would be another fantastic book from Susan Mallery and it was. There was charm and great back story with the characters of Charity and Josh, also with supporting characters, with a few added surprises.

What this series has going for it are the many characters that fill the book. Susan Mallery keeps the characters developing and with that this series can keep going. I picked up several of the books wanting more than just the first one so the next book on my list is Almost Perfect and Finding Perfect. I am really excited to keep going with the series.

The Mystery Woman

The Mystery WomanWith the Arcane Society new series have been branched off with the author Jayne Ann Krentz and her two other pen names. I have been reading Amanda Quick’s book since I found them and so far devoured everyone of them. She has a way with writing her novels that pull you into the situation and weaving that web of mystery. The Mystery Woman is no exception to that rule which is the second book to the Ladies of Lantern Street series.

Beatrice Lockwood is under disguise as a paid companion working on a secret mission for her employers. She will soon find herself tangled up with a mysterious man who leaves in the shadows of the night, Joshua Gage. He will not be an easy man especially as he is after Beatrice for more than he lets on.

Before reading the book I went back to Crystal Gardens and reminded myself of the series. I then read about Evangeline’s friends Beatrice and Claire, so I figured the third book whenever it comes out will be on Claire which is great as I was intrigued by Evangeline’s two friends. So back to The Mystery Woman with Beatrice and Joshua. I have found that this story was more on the mystery which was not a bad thing. It was a little darker and pulled you into the story immediately and what kept you going was the mystery behind the characters. On their own Beatrice and Joshua were great especially with their own secrets that they held from each other, but together they were fantastic and you wanted more.

I can’t wait to read Claire’s story.

These Three Remain

These Three RemainI finally got the book These Three Remain which tells the second part of the classic novel Pride and Prejudice that Pamela Aidan has taken and put the classic story from Darcy’s point of view. The story takes up immediately where Aidan leaves us and takes us to Rosings where a proposal will be given and of course rejection, but the story is far from over.

From the first book I fell in love with how she told the story from Darcy’s side because I was always curious what he would be thinking through this courtship and the whole mess with his enemy. I loved that you heard his voice clearly through her words.

Aidan keeps the story once again true to Austen’s world making you feel truly part of Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s world. When I had finished the first book I hated the fact that the story was left in the middle but drove me to find the next one and to finish it even though I knew what would happen from the original. Pamela Aidan was a great find and very enjoyable to read.

Run the Risk

Logan Riske is on a mission to find out about his friends murder. He has to first locate the witness which seems to be harder than he thought. Logan will go after the witnesses sister who appears to be be undercover as well.

Pepper Yates has a knack for looking over her shoulder as she has been running with her brother for years. Now the danger is higher and she has to be careful of everyone, especially the new tenant who can’t take a hint to leave her alone.

Run the Risk

Run the Risk is the first book to Lori Foster’s series Love Undercover. Pretty much whatever book Foster writes I will like. Run the Risk keeps with that tradition. The series reminded me of Edge of Honor but a little less intense. Love Undercover has a little more lightheartedness, lots of sex and sexual tension, but still with danger lurking at every step.

Within the series there are six people you get to know. The main ones are Logan and Pepper but I felt that Foster does a good job so you know who the others are. The other characters will be following this book with their own story in the series Love Undercover, which I am excited to read.

Within the story I really liked the cloak and dagger situations Logan and Pepper were in. They were both playing a false role but parts of them could never be hidden, especially how they go above and beyond in protecting those around them.

I loved how mousy Pepper had to play when in reality her character is anything but plain. She craves life and that does show especially during the steamy scenes between herself and Logan. Now Logan is the man you want watching over you. He is tough, attractive, and good with his hands.

Bare It All is the second book to the series Love Undercover and came out in April while the third book, Getting Rowdy will be coming out in September. I am taking a break from the series until the third book comes out so I can read the second and third right after each other. This way I wouldn’t have to wait.