The Unexpected Wedding Guest

The Unexpected Wedding GuestReese Michael had been married ten years ago and it nearly broke her as she loved him. He was back now and Reese can’t deny the chemistry but she doesn’t want to feel that as he was her past.

Mason Hicks was back facing his ex-wife wanting closure but it was hard to have a conversation when she was glaring daggers at him. He was the reason for her now fiance walking away. He wants to make things right which is why he will have to stay away from her as the chemistry between them is still alive.

The Unexpected Wedding Guest by Aimee Carson is the first book to the Wedding Season series. This series is written by four different authors all about these four friends finding love. I liked the story. It didn’t grab me right away but it was sweet in the end as it was all about second chances.

Reese needed to grow up and figure out what went wrong in her marriage which does happen giving her clarity. I thought Reese was a little naive with the idea of going through with this other marriage as she clearly had some issues thanks to her first marriage. Mason was a solider who had been been through a very traumatic time in war. He was broken now and looking for closure. I wanted Mason to stop dragging his feet and really talk which is what he wanted to do. Instead he just avoids the topic and walks away. As the story went on I was happy that they were able to have that time to talk and get their second chances.

I have all four book in my possession so I will be reading the second book next with Cassie.

One Night With You

Lady Jane Guthrie has been in mourning for over a year and needs to be out of the black dresses. There was no love for her late husband as there no love match. Jane has only loved one man who fell for her sister but now he is back. Jane will be determined to find Seth and have that one chance to be with him, but things are never that easy.

Seth Rutledge is back and has found out that he has become titled as his brother had died. Seth knows that its his duty to find a bride and marry. His only objective is to find a woman who likes his sister. Seth did not perceive to be enthralled with a woman at a masquerade ball but his true surprise will be who the lady is underneath. His only goal is now not to fall for Jane.

For me Sophie Jordan is a fairly new author as I have only read one of her books. I decided to revisit her as her name popped up in one of my searches. Picking a book at random I selected One Night With You from the Derring series. This book is the second one from the series. I have to say One Night With You was a really good story. The plot resembled many of the regency romance novels but you are drawn in with the characters throughout the whole story.

I loved and hated how stubborn Seth is with his feelings. You wanted to slug him for not letting Jane in or realizing his feeling until its too late. Jane was a fantastic character. She was strong when she needed and I really liked how Sophie Jordan developed Jane to become stronger throughout the story.

The villains were actually the family of Jane which was made very clear in the book. You wanted to hate them the moment they made their appearance in the book or insulated Jane.

After One Night With You I am on the search for more of Sophie Jordan.